Extra Love Needed: Meet Duke the Munchkin Kitty battling FIV

First, may I ask how old you are?
Where did your name come from?
Can you explain a bit about Feline Leukemia?
Are you taking any medications?
Do you have any other fursiblings you live with?
How are you doing now?
What is your favorite thing to do?
What would you or your mom like to say to people hesitant on taking in cats who have Feline Leukemia?
Is there anything else you would like to add?
May I do a dedication to your littermates and parents at the end of the article?


1. I turned 5 on March 30th 2014. This is a huge deal because a cat like me who is not being treated is not expected to live even more than 1 year.

2. I was Named Duke because I had a twin sister named Daisy. The two just seemed to go together quite well.

3. Feline leukemia virus is a transmittable retrovirus that can severely inhibit a cat’s immune system. It is one of the most commonly diagnosed causes of disease and death in domestic cats.
Because the virus doesn’t always manifest symptoms right away, any new cat entering a household—and any sick cat—should be tested for FeLV.

4. I am not taking any medications. The medications for Feline Leukemia are very expensive and research has shown they do not cure the Disease just prolong life. I am on a natural diet with real meat, whole grains and vitamins needed for my body’s well being.

5. I Have 2 Fur~Brothers from other Mothers! The oldest of the 2 is Reid he is a 2 and a half year old Yorkshire Terrier. Him and I are in total competition for my Momma’s attention at all times! The other Brother is a 1 and a half year old Shi-Poo named Rocco. He is a big goof ball who enjoys sniffing my butt. He has too much energy for my taste but I love him anyway.

6. I am in a good place right now. I am weak and very aged. I sleep a lot and when I am awake I am loving on anyone who will take it. I take full advantage of everyone babying me and catering to my every need. It could be anytime that the Big Ol’ Kitty Master in the sky calls me home to take that trip over The Rainbow Bridge! I am at Peace and Momma gives me her Blessing every night before she sleeps. I am determined to live life with whatever energy I have left.

7. My favorite thing to do is lounge around the kitchen either in my Momma made fort or my bed are on top of the dryer. I don’t get around too quickly so if I want to move I usually holler as someone walks by and all my humans have learned that this means I want to tag along!

8. My Momma fell into a situation where she had to either love 19 terminally ill kittens or put them to death before their time. She felt she had no business ending lives so young, precious and ALIVE so she vowed to love us all and let us go as we needed to. She is so strong!! Here I am all these years later still living. She would say to anyone taking in a cat with Feline Leukemia these words:::…..”You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.”

9. Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.

I would be honored for a dedication to all my littermaters and feel free to use whatever pictures you like.
Please share onto Duke’s facebook page and to this email once you have posted your blog. Thank You so much for this opportunity!

~Jennifer & Duke~

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