Extra Love Needed: Meet Dolly A little Disabled Rabbit

Hi everybun!

How old are you Miss Dolly?
Mys is 7 years & 1 month olds.

Where did your name come from?
Mys is not sures. My mom & dad did nots name be cause Dolly was my names before dey adopted mys.

How did you become a part of your family?
Mys was adopted from da local small animal rescue (Bird & Small Animal Rescue) on November 30th/2010.

Have you mom & dad had rabbits before?
Yups, my”husbun” Mr. Toes is 8 years olds & mom & dad got hims when he was 6 months olds.

Mom & Dad bought mys a tiara. I finks I makes a pwetty princess

When did you mom & dad learn about your birth defect?
Abouts a years an halfs agos(January 2013). Mys did nots loose the use of mys back legs until January 2014.

What adjustments have your mom & dad make to your home since you become unable to walk on your own?
None cause I is buntastic in mys cart

Are you a part of a support group to help share information?
Wes learned everything wes knows from disabledrabbits.com, and mys Facebook page www.favebook.com/dollyalittledisabledrabbit was made to shows eberybun how happy a disabled bunny likes me can libe.

Are you on any medication?
I is on a very low dose of Metacam twice a days which treats any inflammation and pain I mights haves.

Mys & mys husbun

What would you like to say to people who are hesitant on taking in a small pet that’s disabled?

(Dolly’s parents answering)
I would like to tell them that it is a lot of work, but in saying that, it is VERY rewarding work.

What are some of the things you’ve learned since having Miss Dolly?

(Dolly’s parents answering)
I have learned that disabled animals are so grateful for everything you do for them. Dolly is very very affectionate.

Are there any links or any other information you would like to share about yourself?
I has my berry own facebook page –www.facebook.com/dollyalittledisabledrabbit

Hanging out on my heating pad


Miss dolly, what is your daily routine?

My day starts wiff a diaper change at 7 am, followed by critical cares for breakfast den a little zoom in mys cart and lubs wiff husbun, den I usually goes outside in da gwass and noms flowers :). Den I gets another diaper change n critical cares for lunch den I goes for a nappy with mys blanket and some tweat hays mixed wiff Timothy hays. Den I gets up from mys nap and zooms some more and gets some tweats/veggies. Den it’s supper times – more critical cares, den another diaper change, more zooming wiff husbun, den I watches TB wiff mom n dad on my heating pad, den a massage, diaper change, goji berries & critical cares for my bed time snack and den I goes to bed wiff a hay Buffett 🙂


What is your favorite thing to do?

Zooming in my cart & nomming gwass n flowers wiff husbun.

Zooming time


How long did it take for you to get used to your cart?

Not berry long at alls, a few days 🙂


Was your husbun scared of your wheels when he first saw them?

Nopes. He just ran over and chinned dem and gabs me kisses <3

Wes cute


When is your anniversary with your hubby?

December da 15th/2010 <3


Do you have any marriage advice?

Always gibe lots of kisses <3

Dolly’s Story:
Dolly is a 7.1 year old spayed female bunny who married to an 8 year old neutered male bunny (Mr. Toes aka Husbun). We adopted Dolly On November 30th/2010. Dolly was not always “disabled”, her disablitiy comes from a birth defect that only started causing her issues as she has aged. Her birth defect is in her spine – she has 3 fused disc, spondylitis,scoliosis & mild arthritis. At first when issues started to arise, she still had the use of her back legs but now (as of January 2014) the issues have caused her to loose the movement of her back legs, so she uses a cart that we made to get around, which she has adjusted to quiet well. To keep her clean and comfortable she wears baby diapers along with taking a low dose of metacam twice a day to help with inflammation and pain

Different is beautiful, Dolly is proof if it.

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Dolly’s parents and Miss Dolly for letting me ask millions of questions. 🙂  Pictures were used with permission. Please visit Miss Dolly and her husbun on her facebook page – Dolly- A Little Disabled Rabbit.

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  1. Dolly and my Flemish giant Sweetie have been friends for some time and we both love to see her and Mr. Toes every day! Their parents are lovely and they spread a lot of joy and very good examples of how to care for a beautiful pair of bunnies!

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