Extra Love Needed: Meet Colt

May I ask how old you are?
Mez turned one in Feb

Where did your name come from?
Mom changed it from Cookiez and cream to Colt

How did you find your forever home?
Mez was brought to Mom as a foster and mom adopted mez on July 22nd 2013

How long has it been since you were diagnosed?
It willz be a year on July 30th

What is liver shunt?
“Portosystemic shunting” (PSS) or liver shunt is a condition in which the blood-flow to and from the dog’s liver has been compromised. Specifically, canine liver shunt causes blood to flow around the liver, not through it, resulting in blood bypassing the liver.

Do you take any medications for it?
Not yetz. Waitin to raise fundz for mez special doktor

Are you on a special diet/workout regime?
Mez is on an Hepatic diet

Do you have any fursiblings you live with?
Mez have 4 fursiblings and 3 foster fursiblings

Is there anything else you or your mom would like to say?
Colt is a Great addition to our family. He loves new friends. Come meet him on his Facebook Page – Save Colty.


Author’s Note: Many many thanks to Colt’s mom his story. Pictures were used with permission. You can find his facebook page –  Save Colty.
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  1. Colt you are beautiful my new anipal. AND I absolutely <3 the picture of all of ya'll in the living room camping out. That's great! XOXO – Bacon

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