Extra Love Needed: Meet Axel Alleycat

How old are you?
 I am 2-1/2 years old

hi! ~ Axel
Where did your name come from?
I was known as ‘the porch cat’ when I lived outside. After my accident, mom wanted to give me a good name. She found a definition for Axel, that was something like “the divine source of life”. It seemed to fit, as there didn’t seem to be any other explanation for why I was still alive after my trauma. I had the worst head injury the vets had ever seen (on a cat that lived, of course).  Some people think I was named Axle because a car hit me, but that’s not why.

Do you remember what your life was like before you found your forever home?
Yes. I had an owner in our neighborhood, but they did not take care of me. I was always outside and starving. I started coming to my forever mom’s house when I was about 8 mos. old. I really wanted to live there! My forever mom already had 4 pets, and was hoping my owner would get a clue – it was winter, and cold!  I kept coming back, though (I was very persistent!). I would sit on the back porch and cry until she came out to feed me. I was very scared, and wouldn’t let her get near me (she thinks maybe someone was not so nice to me). It didn’t take too long, and she made me a bed from an old down pillow, some blankies and a box, and put it behind some potted plants so I was out of the wind. I just moved into that corner. Mom felt really bad about me being out there, especially when I started getting skinnier, even though she was feeding me 4 times a day! I was not neutered, had fleas (even though mom tried to medicate me – I ran off and didn’t come back for 3 days when she put that scarey liquid on me!). It turned out that I had a lot of parasites, and was very anemic also – not in good condition at all!
I'm a cutie ~ Axel
I read that you were in an accident, how long were you at the vet’s?
 I was at the vets for about a week, until I stabilized. I was neutered because I had terrible stinky tom-cat pee all over me, because I couldn’t get up to use the litterbox. With two other males cats already in residence, the vet didn’t want to send me home unaltered. During my surgery, another vet bonded my canine teeth together with a dental material (with my mouth partially open, in case of regurgitation). This allowed my broken jaw to heal. I also had a feeding tube placed through my side. Mom brought me home and I stayed on a heating pad for about a month – I only got up (after a couple of days), to use the litter box – then straight back to my bed. My teeth were bonded together for about two months. Mom fed me with a mix of high calorie canned food & water (and medication when needed) through my feeding tube 6 times a day until my teeth could be unbonded.

I love playing peek-a-boo with mom ~ Axel
Do you need any additional care or medication now?
I don’t need any medication at the moment. I seem to have residual nerve damage issues, that may become more of a problem over time. I also have some sinus issues that I didn’t have before my face, skull, and palette were cracked.

Do you live with any fursiblings?
Yes! I have my kitty furiend Tiger that I plays with every day. Then there is crabby-cat Monkey (who doesn’t like Tiger and sort of tolerates me!), and my doggy Brandy.

What is your favorite thing to do?
I loves snuggling on, or near, my mom and dad. I also really like to go outside, but mom and dad will not let us kitties out by ourselves.

Singing the song of my people ~ Axel
Where is your favorite place to nap?
My favorite place is the kitty bed that I shared with my mentor, Mako, who left for that rainbow bridge place. He showed me the ropes, after I came out of my isolation room. I still like to sleep in our bed every day. When it’s cold, my mommy puts a heating pad in it for me (she thinks it makes me feel better – the cold seems to bother me).

Is there anything else you or you mom would like to add?
I love where I live now! I was very sad and scared when I had to live outside all the time by myself and no one showed me any love 🙁 I wish all kitties had humans who loved and cared for them!
I'm pretty good at kitty soccer ~ Axel

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Axel Alleycat for answering the questions (with the help of his mom) Pictures were used with permission. You can follow him on his Facebook page Axel Alleycat.
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