Extra Love Needed: Meet Amadeus, Aphrodite & the Kitty Posse

Amadeus & Aphrodite, I read that you were both born missing a part of your back legs,how did you two learn to walk?
Crinkle ball time!
At first we struggled, trying to use our “nubbin”, as Momma calls it, to walk. But with lots of practice and encouraging words and kisses, we adapted to our “nubbins”. Before we moved to Momma’s house we didn’t have much opportunity to walk, we primarily just laid around. But once we got to our new home we had so much open space, it was amazing!!! After the first day of struggling and falling a lot, with the encouragement from our new family we kept trying and finally got it! After all, cats are the superior species and we have no limits to what we can overcome in life!  Sometimes we get too excited about things and accidently hit our “nubbin” on something, Momma believes its similar to hitting your funny bone. Because we are crying for a few minutes, but then we are back at it within minutes!
Was it scary being a house with strange cats when you were taken to your new home?
At first it was a little scary because they were SO big!!!! And they moved so fast, it was hard for us to keep up. We were introduced slowly, so it wasn’t so overwhelming, since our family isn’t a small one, MOL! Momma introduced us to one kitty at a time, so we wouldn’t be so terrified and surrounded by sniffing noses. But they all welcomed us with open paws, and snuggled with us, they also comforted us and told us we were in the best home a cat could ask for! And life was only going to get better from here on out! And boy, were they right!!! Our family is truly the best! We feel so blessed!
I read you two love Joe your doggy fursibling, what happened when you two met?
Holy cat, was he the scariest one of our new family!! He was SOOOOOO big, we thought for sure we were going to be his dinner! We puffed up our fur and hissed at him, but that didn’t seem to bother him, he just laid down next to us, and nuzzled us to show us he wasn’t a threat. Once we realized he was not a threat, but a giant fluff ball to snuggle with, we were quickly friends! We have spent countless afternoons snuggled up with him on his dog bed. He is a true cat lover!
What are your favorite movies to watch with your mom?
Cat napping after catnipping
Oh my cat! We have so many favorites!!!! We love the animated movies! Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Despicable Me are so pawsome! We love to watch Bolt as well! The hamster is our favorite character in that movie! We also enjoy some action movies as well. All the fast movement and action makes us sit on the edge of our seats! We watch a movie almost every day with Momma, its our way to unwind from the day and get lots of snuggles before bed!
Are you both able to climb up cat trees without a problem?
Amadeus disapproves of chick flicks
We can do anything that a cat with all four legs can do! Once we mastered running, that was our only speed for the longest time! We would just sprint in and out of each room at top speed! Now that we have mastered scaling our cat towers, there is nothing that holds us back! We even surprised Momma the other day by making a 6 foot jump across the room! She says we never stop amazing her with our abilities! Each day we get bolder about things, we know no limits!
Do either of you require additional medication/therapy or care?
We do not require any additional medication or therapy! Momma gives us the best food and we are on a strict holistic diet, with no grains or by-products. We also get daily vitamins to keep us fit and healthy. But Momma believes that with a nutritionally balanced diet, we will never require any additional care or medication!
What advice do you or you mom want to give to people who are concerned about adopting tripawd pets?
Momma has quickly realized that a tripawd pet is no different that any other pet! The first few months of us becoming adapted to our nubbins was difficult, and there were days Momma cried because it was so hard for her to see us struggle and know there was not much, if anything that she could do to help us. But she stuck with us, some days she held our sides to stabilize us as we tried to walk, which helped a lot! But overall her encouraging words, and positive attitude is what got us through those difficult first few months! We would occasionally have accidents, where we were trying to do too much, and thankfully she was always there to catch us when we fell. Now you couldn’t even tell we are three-legged kitties! We cruise through our house and up our 6 foot cat tree like it is nothing! Over time we struggled less and less each day, and now we don’t struggle doing anything! Momma says that it has been an incredible journey to see us mature over the last 7 months and she knows that more incredible moments are ahead of us. She would say to anyone interested in adopting ANY special needs pet, that we have a way of amazing you in ways that you never knew was possible! And the Facebook community for all of us pets is just amazing!!! We have gotten to know so many extraordinary pets that have fought battles similar to ours and ones that were every worse.
Shhh.. it's nap time
Is there anything else you would like to share?
Momma here: I would just like to say that anyone with a pet, should become active on Facebook! The pet community on Facebook is the best!!!!! We have the greatest fans who have encouraged the kitties from day one to be the best that they can be! Each day we get to interact with people and pets from across the world! And it has never felt more amazing to be so accepted as a “Crazy Cat Lady”. Honestly, when taking these two little balls of energy in, I needed another cat, like I needed a bullet to the head. But I am a softy for animals in need, and knowing that two three-legged kitties, whose other siblings did not survive, would never be adopted together. I knew exactly what I had to do. And there is not a single day that I regret taking them in. Each day they brighten my day with making muffins and purring so contentedly. Having a cat posse of this size has its challenges, but there is honestly not a single day that I don’t think how thankful I am to have these amazing pets in my life.  They truly are a gift from God. And I would not hesitate to take in another special needs kitty!
Most of the kitty posse

Author’s Note: Thank you so very much for the interview Amadeus, Aphrodite & the Kitty Posse & mama. 🙂 Pictures were used with permission. Please visit them on their facebook page – Amadeus, Aphrodite & the Kitty Posse
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  1. You’re gorgeous, A. and A. And you’re DEFINITELY in “the best home a cat could ask for”. Your fur siblings weren’t exaggerating about that. Sometimes, I walk on 3 legs when my feet are too cold in the snow.

    Love and licks,

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