Extra Love Needed: Meet Aerostotle the Blind Vat Philosopher Cat

Just me laying around

How old are you?
Presently, I am 8 months and 2wks old. My birthday is July 4th.

Where did your name come from?
I was given the name Aristotle, after the Greek Philosopher, when I came into the shelter, but mum changed the spelling to Aerostotle.

How did you wiggle your way into your forever mum’s heart?
I think it was the other way around. Mum didnt see me until after I had both eyes removed and all I did was face the back of the cage. But when she came in to meet me and she said my name, I turned around and went straight to the front of the cage (that was the very first pic mum took of me). It was then I knew I was going to a forever home. We both fell in love with one another hearts. Mum rescued me at 5wks <3

May I ask if it was scary to have the surgery to remove your eyes?
I was itty bitty and had them removed at 3-4 weeks old…so, I don’t remember anything

How long did it take for you to adjust?
It only took a few days..I had to learn my new surroundings, the new sounds in my environment and to learn my new siblings: Sobe da ONE Kenobe, Hannah and LillyBelle.

Who can resist this face?

What tips does your mum have for fostering a blind cat?
It takes a lot of time and patience and trust. We may be blind, but we can live a very happy and stable blife with the proper care. Always do research..adopting/fostering/rescuing a specially-abled kitty may sound cool and awesome, ye have to have the committment and ye want to do it–feel it in the heart.

How did you win the Most Kissable Kat Contest?
Who can’t resist kissing this cute face???

What are some of your favorite things to do?
I like to play with my turbo scratcher, and kitty bunk box, play with my siblings…be wif my mummyand give her hugs and kisses. I like to make my “pawsies” smile and laugh when they watch one of my  videos or see a pic. I have lots of cwinkly and noisey toys, so i play with them also.

You pose so well, did your mum teach you or are you a natural?
I am a naturale

I’ve got my bowtie on and I’m ready to share my philosophies on life.

How did you become a philosopher?
I take a picture I have and add a morale to the end..like how we should “pay it forward”, or always take the challenges

What are some of your philosophies so far?
Life is too short so learn to “let go and move on” Always help out the ones who has no one. My blindness doesn’t keep me from doing anything, it may be more challenging, but in the end, I am a winner.

Is there anything you or your mum would like to add about you or blind cats?
Just do the research and realize it is a life time committment, just like any animaux ye adopt/rescue. Just because Aero is blind, he has other senses that helps navigate him through life–his hearing is heightened and he can follow sounds real well, he has a good sniffer. My mission in life is to educate people that blind cats can lead a normal life given the proper care and love. Everyday is a challenge for specially-abled and handicapable animals of all species and breed.

Sun puddles are awesome

I am still amazed what Aero can do on a daily basis. He has no fear…none.


This article is dedicated to the loving memory of Miss Amber. Fly free sweetie.

Many thanks to Aerostotle & his mom for answering the questions. Pictures were used with permission. Please visit him on his Facebook Page Aerostotle Smith or on the group page Aero’s Treehouse. This article is a part of the Extra Love Needed theme, please click on the badge below for more articles on pets that need extra love & care.


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