Extra Love Needed: Bug a Boo the Hydrocephalus Kitten

hi friends!
Where did Bug a Boo get her name from?
Bug A. Boo was named by one of the board member’s of Joa’s Arc.  It’s what she called her first grandchild when he was a baby – just a cute name.
How did she come to Joa’sArc rescue?
(- Joa was a paraplegic kitten that inspired us to start a rescue just for special needs pets)  A friend contacted us saying a friend of hers knew of a slightly funny-looking kitten living on a farm.  As soon as board members, Joyce M and Jen W, saw a photo of the kitten, we knew she was special needs and looked like she may have been born with hydrocephalus.
When did someone notice she was a bit different?
When she was just a few weeks old.
Is she able to walk on her own?
Bug A Boo can walk on her own, but she’s a little off balance when she gets excited, which – as a kitten – is pretty often.  Being off balance is some times typical with hydrocephalus pets.
Does she require any additional medication or therapy?
At this time, Bug A Boo is on Omeprazole (Prilosec), which reduces the cerebrospinal fluid production on her brain.  Depending on how she does as she develops, there are other medication and surgical options down the line, if need be.

Does she have a special diet right now?
She’s just on kitten wet & dry food.  She’s not really picky about either, but will stick her whole head in the tubberware I keep the wet food in if, in her opinion, I’m not fast enough serving it to her – that long beautiful hair ends up with wet food encircling her little face.
Is she in a foster with other pets, if so how do they treat her?
She is in a foster home with other pets and goes to work with me at a vet hospital, so she runs into other pets frequently, though she is caged separately when need be to keep her from running into things unsupervised.  For the most part, she’s nervous around other pets still … but runs right up to them as soon as they turn their back 🙂
What would you like to tell people about Hydrocephalus?
I think people seem to be the most surprised so far that pets can be born with this, just like people.  Pets have lots of conditions like people and this happens to be one of them.  Just like with people, there’s different medication and surgical options too.  It also develops differently in every individual pet.  Bug A Boo could live a long life or not… We’re hoping to find her a home prepared to care for all her needs, whatever they might be, and, as always, Joa’s Arc will love her like she’s our own for as long as she’s with us.
Is there any more information you would like to share about Bug a Boo’s condition?
 I guess just that she’s special, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve to live.  Lots of people don’t give special needs pets a chance and we have already gotten lots of questions like “Is she in pain?” or “Look at her face! How can you keep her alive with the way she is?”  Although Bug A Boo is a bit different, she is still a happy little kitten who plays, chows down, snuggles, wrestles and purrs like 90% of the time.  She deserves every shot at a good life.
Is there a way people can help pay for her medical expenses?
Make a donation to Joa’s Arc – PayPal and/or snail mail.  It all goes to the animals, who are all special like Bug A Boo and every donation helps!

Author’s Note:

Many thanks to Bug a Boo and her foster mom for answering the questions. . Pictures were used with permission. Please stop by Bug a Boo’s Facebook page and say hello. 

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