Extra Love Needed: Blind Dog Jack


How old is Jack?
Approximately 10- we’re not sure. The puppy mill didn’t give the shelter that originally saved him any papers.

Where did his name come from?
The rescue, Smaller Paws & Pomeranians, had named him Pedro. It didn’t really fit him! My mom came with me to pick him up from them, and they told us he had a “bad” right eye and possibly was blind in it. My mom came up with Jack after “one eyed jack”. Later we learned he was going completely blind from progressive retinal atrophy.

Belly rubs?

How did he come to live with you?
Originally he was my foster dog. After 3 days, on my birthday, I decided he was mine forever! Best decision I’ve ever made!

When did they detect the cancer?
I found it in the beginning of November, 2012. Jack was chewing on a treat and his mouth started to bleed. I opened his mouth and found the tumor. He had just had a dental 2 weeks prior and it wasn’t there then!

How long did it take for him to adjust to being blind?
Since he went blind gradually he adjusted over time!

Aren’t I a cutie?

Did you have to make any adjustments to your house for him?
Nope! I carry him down the stairs, but that’s more because I’m paranoid than anything! He jumps on and off of furniture and does everything a sighted dog does!

What does his “work” at Parkers entail?
Jack has a very serious job- at least in his mind! He tastes tests potential new products, sleeps behind the counter, gets love from customers and helps us teach about rescue dogs! His specialty is schooling annoying large breed puppies who try to harass him!

More snuggles please!

What would you like to tell people about puppy mills?
Puppy mills are terrible places- they treat the dogs inhumanely and they breed with no regard for health or temperament!

He’s won a lot of awards, what are some of the perks with those awards?
He doesn’t really get perks… More that they turn into new Facebook and Instagram fans, which hopefully helps get his word out!

Which one are you two most proud of?
I’m proud that he was featured in a The Huffington Post!

Ready to travel

What would you like to say about canine cancer?
Check your pets! When you pet your dogs, make note of any lumps or bumps and get them checked out. Check inside their mouths and ears, too! Beware of what you feed your pets and what chemicals you use on them!
Is there anything you or Jack-Jack would like to add?
If you could mention that we sell his motto “suck it, cancer!” Apparel to raise money for other pets with cancer that would be great! It can be purchased at shop.blinddogjack.com.

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Jack’s mom for letting me bombard her with questions about Jack. Pictures were used with permission, you can find him on his facebook page – Blind Dog Jack.

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