Current Events: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Two Current Events Related to Pets I wanted to touch base on:


Kitten Thrown from  moving van in Tarpon Springs, FL

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Yes, this happened  on April 11, a kitten was thrown from a moving van three towns south of me. Thankfully someone saw this and picked up the kitten and got it to the vet. The poor little kitten was dehydrated, covered in fleas and has a limp. He will have to have his leg amputated but he will live.

They are still looking for the person who drove the maroon van that was spotted to have thrown the kitten out of the window.

Don’t worry this story has a happy ending, Smokey has a foster home.

Woman who says she couldn’t afford vet awaits sentencing

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This is a very sad story of unintentional neglect just one town south of me. A woman on a limited income didn’t take her dog to see a vet to take care of ongoing health issues, her dog Harley had tumors, heartworms and earmites.  By the time the dog was taken in by the authorities, the poor 14 year old chow mix was unable to stand without support and was helped to the Rainbow Bridge as there was nothing that could be done to help him at this stage.

The owner was sentenced to 6 months of house arrest, 200 hours of community service and 3 years of probation.

The article does have some additional information on where to get affordable vet care:

Options for more affordable animal care

Some clinics offer low-cost options for spaying, neutering and basic pet care:

  • PetLuv NonProfit Spay & Neuter Clinic, 7348 Broad St., Brooksville, (352) 799-9990
  • Planned Pethood, 5053 Gall Blvd., Zephyrhills, (813) 779-7000
  • Pasco Animal Welfare Society, 11720 U.S. 19, Suite 18, Port Richey, (727) 819-1910
  • Animal Coalition of Tampa, 502 N Gilchrist Ave., Tampa, (813) 250-3900

Breed-specific rescues, non-profit animal groups and local animal control agencies can also help.

It saddens to see pets suffering because people don’t have the funds to take care of their pets (as in Harley’s case) or simply don’t want their pets anymore (in Smokey’s case). Please please know that pets are a lifetime commitment, if you ever feel overwhelmed by their care or can’t afford it, there are options out there. Don’t let an animal suffer needlessly. You can always take the pet to a shelter and surrender them. That is the most humane thing to do.

I myself am guilty of not taking pet ownership seriously and that’s why I cannot stress enough to do your research before getting a pet, they depend on you for love, food, shelter and care.

Pets are not like toys that can amuse you and then you can toss them away, they have feelings and need care.

Always consider if you can afford a pet before getting one, this includes food, toys and vet care.

In all honesty my cats have seen the vet more than I’ve seen the doctor because I want them to be healthy, they can’t tell you when they are hurting or in pain or don’t feel good. That’s why you have to keep an eye out for any strange behavior.

  • Are they eating okay?
  • Are they doing their duty like normal?
  • Are they sleeping more than normal?
  • Are their eyes half closed?
  • Are they sneezing?

I want to also thank the many responsible pet guardians that not only take care of their pets, but take on the causes of others and those that take care of their pets special needs. I cannot thank you enough for going above and beyond when others would have given up. *hugs, snuggles & purrs* to all of you.

Oh and a big big thank you to Rumpy Dog for making more conscious and aware of animal welfare issues, please check out his blog. They have very great thought provoking posts.

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  1. You are so right about doing the research before you take on any animal. The costs are considerable but you’ve also got to commit the time and energy to making them happy. Careless ownership is shabby. Great links to help with vet care.

    1. I wish there was a program that could go to schools and teach kids about responsible pet ownership. I know some parents try, but I really think that having kids involved with local animal shelters and humane societies or animal rescues would greatly boost the numbers of pets adopted and lessen the numbers of owner surrenders.

  2. I can’t read the stories, it makes me sick to think how people can do this to innocent animals. We have in the Netherlands since a few years a special vet for people who can’t afford it, so there can’t be any excuse anymore not to go, but still there is. Mostly they also put there priorities on another level. For example: I had a friend who’s cat was sick, so I gave her the money to go to the vet. She did, but first she bought herself a new dress instead of saving the money for the next visit 🙁

    1. I know. 🙁 That’s why education is so important. If I had known the things I do back when I had my first four-legged friends things would have been a lot different.

  3. Once again the cruelty of Humans shines thru!!! That poor kitten is going to have to live without a leg because of some idiot being so heartless & needlessly cruel!!! As for the dog…don’t get me started!!! Poor dog is better off put to sleep & free of such suffering!!!
    I could go on for hours about this topic…but I won’t! I will just say my cat is my #1 priority ALWAYS!!!! She has been for almost 7 years! I would eat mac & cheese for a month before she would go w/out meds & proper Vet care! Period!

  4. Our Dodger was also flung out of a moving vehicle. she was the runt, had ringworm, was dehydrated and hungry, and after hitting the pavement roadrash was added to the list. I spent alot of money and 6 months getting her health back in order. It wasnt a big problem. Dodger is a lover cat, we are soooo grateful we rescued her. luckily when she landed, no bones broke. To this day she hates men. Wonder who tossed her from their driver side window, hmmm. Sadly these stories occur every day. I just couldnt handle working for animal control. Too many sad stories, and I couldnt take all my rescues home. Thank you Christina for the stories you post!!!! <3

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