Caveat: Writing Vet Reviews Online

I’m breaking out of my “behind the scenes” mode for a moment to tell you a cautious tale of what happens when you leave an honest review of a vets

I left a Google review for one of the vets I used for my cats- Pasco Animal Hospital. This was my first vet experience in Pasco County where I had just moved after relocating from Tallahassee. So this was back in 2011 and they were the closest to where we lived at the time. Everyone got their vaccinations and was signed up for the “Free Vaccinations For Life” program that was offered so everything was going great.

Miss Bitty started developing cracked paws, so she went to see the vet, after getting a biopsy and no real diagnosis and the head vet admitted he was more of a dog vet than cat, I got a second opinion with another vet, Animal Care Center of Pasco.

Buggy started to have really bad breath, so I took him to Pasco Animal Hospital and was told  again but the head vet that he needed a full teeth extraction and the total would be $2,900 plus cleaning and x-rays for my other cat, Bubby  at the cost of $298 . I posted the bill online and was encouraged by many of my pet loving friends to get a second opinion because the review was too high and that all his teeth should not need to be taken out. So he went to Animal Care Center of Pasco as well with the paper that had the price of $2,900 to which the receptionists were shocked and made a copy for his file.


Not only did he not need all his teeth pulled, the price was less than $1,000 and I got to take him home later that day.

So all this background information leads up to today, when I have finally checked my voicemails and received a call from Pasco Animal Hospital about my cats. Thinking something was wrong I called and the receptionist couldn’t find a note on the files, but said I would get a call back.

This afternoon I got a call back from the head vet to find out it wasn’t about my cats, but about the review I had left on Google. Mind you I left them a 4 of 5 star rating.

Here is the review. Click to biggify



He explained that it was not him, but another vet under his practice that gave a “worst case” scenario of  the extraction for Buggy’s teeth. Which is total b.s. because I have the pictures and documents and it did not say estimate.

As for Miss Bitty he said that he recommended me to a specialist because that was what wanted, he wanted to continue treating her.


So I wanted to share that story to warn everyone that when you leave a review of a vet, please be prepared for a call back.

As for Pasco Animal Hospital, they won’t be seeing another dime from me, especially after he concluded the conversation with asking me to rewrite my review.

I left the review for others and if my honesty is a problem then that speaks volumes about the type of person he is as well as the type of business he runs.


I say never be afraid to reach out to the pet community when something seems off, post vet bills and estimates, ask questions, get second opinions. If the vet isn’t willing to hear you or answer these questions, get a second opinion. I felt bad at first for going to another vet, but now I am very glad I did. I got to enjoy Miss Bitty’s presence, Buggy got to keep some teeth and I get to ask questions and feel comfortable and confident with the care my cats are receiving.


10 Replies to “Caveat: Writing Vet Reviews Online”

  1. have you considered rewriting the review to say that they will call you back and harass you if you leave a review? 🙂

    Wow, that really is nerve.. I mean it is one thing to call to try to make things right, but what he did was just wrong..

  2. I thought your 4 stars was way more than generous. You did have some positive things to say. And did you notice your 4 stars was about their average of 3.8 stars? Wonder how many people they called? He probably has no idea who you or your cats are even.
    I would be temped to add @ least that they called & disputed your review & asked you to change it.
    I thought reviews were supposed to me anonymous. How did he know it was you?

    1. Unfortunately the review was done on Google, and I have Google+ account because I have a gmail account, so it doesn’t allow you to be anonymous anymore.

    1. I rated them 4 stars because the customer service is great and their free shots for live program is great. I had two instances where I went to another vet for a second opinion. I have no complaints about their service overall I just wanted to share my experience with 2 of my 4 cats.

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