Pets that Blog: Meet Bella from According to Bella

Author’s Note: I had the pleasure of meeting Bella’s mom Trista at Barkworld back in November.


How did According to Bella start?
My husband and I have always been dog people. We both had dogs growing up and adopted a Golden and a Rescue mix a year or so into our marriage. When they passed at 17 years old, I thought I would never have another dog in my life. I had a lot of healing over the next 2 years and my husband and I had started talking about talking about rescuing. On our trip to VA for Thanksgiving (a year ago this week!) I was scrolling through Facebook on my phone and this awesome dog with the coolest coloring pops up. Would you judge me if I told you I welled up at the sight of her? My heart knew she was mine before my brain did.

Where did Bella come from?
Bella was rescued from a kill shelter in NC by Crate Escape. They placed her in foster care where she lived, learned, acclimated for about 6 weeks until she was adopted.

How did she get her name?
When she is happy she prances and dances so her foster family named her Belle for Bellerina. We tweaked it to Bella when we adopted her.

Do you know what breed she is?
She was listed as a German Short Haired Pointer mix but the Vet says she is an Australian Cattle Dog. This breed is called a Heeler b/c they bite at the heels of cattle when herding them. There are RED Heelers and BLUE Heelers. Bella is a rare mix of both, referred to as a Purple Heeler.

What inspired you to write in her voice?
Her HUGE personality! She is the most opinionated dog I have ever met. And really good at communicating her feelings too. We spend a lot of time together so I have gotten good at understanding her.

What has been your favorite post so far?
Her first. “Prepare Your Pup for Winter – From a Clothes Averse Heeler Mix” This was the moment when her voice finally came out and it was loud and clear. I decided to write about winter prep and the kinds of things your dog needs to be happy and healthy for the cold winter months. As I wrote it remembered how much Bella hated to be in coats last year. I felt so torn as I prepared to write the post, because I knew Bella would never stand for most of what I was recommending based on research and things I had picked up since we adopted a short-haired breed. I realized Bella wasn’t the only short-haired dog that hates wearing clothes. And that point of view would probably be really helpful for owners of these types of dogs. So I decided Bella should be the one to talk about it first and then I added a section from me with advice about how to compromise between hating to be clothed and needed to be protected from the elements. I’m really proud of it.
Here’s a link:

What has been the most rewarding thing about having a blog?
I love giving Bella a voice and helping others with the information I am learning. I’m not an expert, a trainer, a specialist. I’m just a dog owner learning how to deal with a dog that is much smarter and energetic than I bargained for. So many dogs in these categories (working dogs, herding dogs, etc.) are “returned” after adoption because the family can’t handle the responsibility of these breeds. I hope I can help these families so they and their new pup can be happy ever after together.

Does she do Periscopes as well ?
Yes! She does =) We have scopes of her playing with sticks, chasing bouncing balls and learning tricks. She also does pet product reviews.

Is there anything you wanted to add about her, yourself of the blog that people should know?
Through our experience with adopting Bella I have also learned the importance of Fostering. There is much education needed for successful fostering experiences and so that’s another big part of our blog and website. We hope that by helping increase foster education more dogs can be rescued and saved.

May I borrow pictures of her for the article? I will state they were used with permission and share the social media links.

Pets that Blog: Meet Random Felines

Author’s Note: I met the wonderful woman (Jeanne Kudich) behind Random Felines at Barkworld last month and below is the email interview I did with her. What a pleasure to catch up with her again and pester her with questions about her blog, fostering and adopting. Thank you so much Jeanne! Pictures were used with permission. 


How did you get inspired to blog?
I wanted a “journal” of sorts to keep track of the cats. I was fostering as well and it made for a good way to keep memories of the kittens.

What has been your favorite post(s) so far?
There have been so many….I think for me it is about having an impact on others. I posted about how hard fostering can be, how applications work for rescues, and probably announcing when my special needs foster Bourbon was adopted.



What have you learned since you started your blog?
About blogging? That I know just enough to keep from blowing up my computer. 🙂 Seriously though, becoming part of a community has been a wonderful thing. I kind of stumbled into it and then discovered there are so many more bloggers out there. The opportunity to share things back and forth and support each other is the best thing.

What advice do you have to other pet bloggers?
Find a voice and go with it. I started out talking as “myself” and eventually changed over to a group cat voice. I didn’t want to pick one cat to be the voice of the blog – what happens when that cat passes away? Though there are times when one cat will take over for a day. And I will post as myself if it is something that the cats wouldn’t talk about or is personal. Skip the “cat speak” – it is just too hard to read and I think it turns people off. And talk about something you love. You don’t have to post every day, but be consistent.


How many pictures do you take on average to get a “perfect” picture for your blog?
I don’t know if I have ever gotten the perfect picture. 🙂 That would be the one thing I would like to improve but I think it would require an upgrade to a much better camera and that isn’t in the budget right now. I will say that like most bloggers, I take WAY more than I actually use. For me it is about catching the cats and kittens doing natural things. And sometimes I get lucky and get a really great shot (or video).

How did you get started fostering?
It was totally by accident. A pair of adult male cats came into the humane society where I was volunteering at the time. It’s a long complicated story ( ) but the short version is they needed a foster home and I suggested our special adoptables program. I showed up to a meeting and my friend in charge of the program said “sign here you can pick them up Saturday”. It went smoothly and that spring I got an email asking for kitten fosters since they needed help. I took my first litter of kittens, it worked out well with my cats and that was it.

What has been the most reward thing about fostering?
Seeing sick kittens get better and seeing some special needs kittens get homes. ( And of course getting kittens and their moms adopted.


What is the hardest thing about fostering?
Some people say sending them back to the rescue to be adopted out. And while that can be harder with some kittens than others, for me it is taking kittens into my home and then having them get sick and die. That loss is heartbreaking every time. And it never gets easier….I know that it happens but after putting so much love and work into these kittens, it is just so hard.

What should people know about fostering that they may not think about?
You can’t keep them all. Know your limits. Ask questions. Know what the rescue expects of you when it comes supplies, time commitment, adoption events, and emergency contacts. Keep in mind too that you don’t need a huge space. A separate bedroom or bathroom is fine. I like using my bathroom since the floor is tile and easy to clean (and I can joke that I haven’t showered alone in several years).


What supplies do you recommend people to have to get them started fostering?
Most rescues will have food and litter available. Since our rescue is small, I just buy my own (keep track of your expenses – if you volunteer for a 501(c)3, your expenses may be tax deductible). You will need a separate space for kittens and cats to adjust (if your rescue allows your to co-mingle your fosters with your resident animals – some do, some don’t). Bowls, litter box, toys, and towels/blankets. Especially with kittens – you are going to be doing laundry. I also have a couple of pens I can set up for restricted play time and finally bought a cat tower.


Do you have any tips to share about fostering that my help others?
Start slow (small litter of kittens that only need a couple of weeks to gain weight). Again – ask questions. See what system the rescue you are with has in place. Talk to other fosters with the rescue and other fosters online – we are all happy to answer questions. Be aware that while it is fun to have kittens, it IS work and requires a time commitment. And it isn’t all fun and games all of the time. It can be hard…but it is rewarding no matter what.

Who was your first foster?
Technically it was Tim and Tom who are now permanent residents. My first litter of foster kittens was a group of 3 that I took in that needed a couple of weeks to get big enough for surgery.


Is there anything else you would like to add that I may have missed?
Be prepared to fall in love. But again, know your limits. I tell people that most of my fosters aren’t screwed up enough to stay. 🙂 Know that there are no dumb questions – we have all been there from time to time. Have a good resource that you can go to….I’m lucky that several friends within the rescue also foster plus I have met some great online friends who foster as well.


To follow the adventures of the permanent and temporary felines, visit: Random Felines or check them out on Facebook they are also on Instagram & Twitter and most importantly they are on YouTube because cat videos the best way to waste time. 🙂


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Pets that Blog: Meet the Piggies of Living the Squeak Live

First I must ask how old is everyone?
Whee have a whole range of ages here at ‘Living the Squeak Life’ our oldest member being 5 years and a month and our youngest being only 7 weeks.
Mop is the eldest. She turned 5 at the end of April.
Dusty comes next in terms of age. He is Mop’s son and was born in August 2009 which makes him 4 and 10 months.
Billy turned 3 years old in May.
We estimate that Pip was born in September last year, making him 9 months old.
Cupcake was born in December and is only 6 months old.
Cocoa, being our youngest member was 7 weeks old yesterday.
Mop, did you get your name because of your fur?
Yes, I did get my name because of my fur. After loosing a pair of guinea-pigs the hoomans were wanting to get another pair of sows. They visited the local petstore and saw me and my friend, Muffin. Whee had only just been put out into the shop when the Grandmummy Hooman came in so were not ready to go that day. Over the next week until whee reached the right age many names were discussed and, at first, I was going to be called Pippa. However, when they got me home they changed their minds. I have long shaggy grey and white hair which, naturally, makes me look a bit like a mop!
Do you get groomed?
I don’t get groomed often as my fur is generally kept very short. It is easier for both me and the hoomans to be trimmed reguarly, cutting my hair down to a length that stops matting. However, I do get brushed from time to time when I need it but whee tend to have a hair cut when whee need it as both me and Dusty don’t like the brush. Him because he has very sensitive skin and me because, well, I don’t like being fussed with really.
Since you are the “older” guinea pig, do you have any advice for new piggy owners?
Ooh, this is a tough one. Let me see. When it comes to getting a new piggy I suppose the hoomans must take everything into account. I have heard of many stories of people getting a pair of little pigs to then get bored or not have the time to look after them. On the grand scale of things whee are quite low maintinence pets but whee here believe that people need to consider effurrything before taking us on. Whee can get poorly and will need veterinary care if whee do. Space will be needed for two guinea-pigs as whee like to live in pairs. Here at ‘Living the Squeak Life’ whee eat good quality hay from the local Blue Barn and eat pellets to stop us from picking and choosing. Veg is always good as whee do love our greens but it is always best to check what whee can and can’t eat to keep us safe from posioning, especially if whee go out on the grass.
Dusty, what is the best way to bribe you for a trimming?
When it comes to trimming there is only one thing that can make me sit completely still. Carrot! I love that vegetable it is, quite literally, my favourite thing in the world. I always make the hoomans laugh when they bring out carrot as I do a little wiggly dance from wherever I am in the cage towards them to collect it. I never come straight over like a normal pig but I wiggle my bottom from side to side as I come over. Nothing can make me sit still quite like that vegetable.
How often do you get baths?
Whee get baths when whee need them. Whee rarely have baths in the winter as it is quite cold and it is harder for us to warm back up as whee can quite easily get cold when wet, even if the water was warm. Me and Mop get the most baths as, due to our long fur, whee can quite often get mucky, especially around our bottoms!
Cupcake, how do you manage to take care of all the little ones?
It was hard at first, believe me. Whee guinea-pigs only have two nipples which made feeding four quite difficult. Luckily, as they were being born, they were born with big enough gaps inbetween to allow me to clean each one as, often, having pups in quick succession to each other can make us mummy pigs confused and so whee might accidently leave one and not clean it off. Another good things about little pigs is that they very quickly begin to eat ‘adult’ food. They were eating hay later that day but didn’t start eating pellets until later. When it came to feeding them it was really up to the babies who managed to suckle. They would wriggle their way in and latch on. Fortunately, I had four babies of even size and strength meaning they all got their fair share of milk and were able to grow up big. Once they moved onto proper food I weaned them off me and everything became much easier.
What are baby guinea pigs called?
They are called pups.
What advice do you have for hoomans who would like to get baby guinea pigs?
First of all, it is a very big thing to consider if you are palnning on breeding guinea-pigs. So many things can go wrong and my overall advice would be, don’t. I was one of the lucky ones, I had four healthy babies and was fine myself. I have friends, however who weren’t so lucky. My mother, Biscuit, had a sister who died while pregnant as she couldn’t handle it and I know of another guinea-pig who had a miscarriage. Though whee are fantastic mothers once the babies are born whee are notoriously bad at actually carrying the babies and problems like pregnancy toximia can arise and kill us. You should always be very, very careful if you want to breed a sow and, after all, there are many guinea-pigs in the world who already need a home.
Billy, I read Carrot loves her uncle Billy cuddles is she still cuddling?

Hey and, sadly no, she isn’t. Carrot when to her new home with her sisters last wheek. She went to live with one of the Grandmummy hoomans friends with Cookie and Cinnamon. The hoomans decided to keep Cocoa as she fitted in the best with me and Cupcake due to her easy going temperament. 

I will gladly offer to try to find you a nice sow to settle down with, what do you like/dislike what are you favorite foods?
Ah, I’m quite happy as I am, thank you. I like to flirt with the ladies but I’m not the sort of boar who will settle down with a lady. I am perfectly happy with my Cupcake and Cocoa, and act as a father to them both. It is my job to protect and look after them and I am quite happy like that. I don’t know if I’d ever be able to settle down with a single girl.
Thank you for the offer but I don’t know if I could handle too much lady attention!
Pip, first I want to say I love your name, it’s so cute
Thanks! The hoomans are always going on about how perfect it is for me. My full title is Pipsqueak but people call me Pip. Basically, the name suits me as I am small, hence the Pip, and rather squeaky – squeak!
Where do you find all your energy?
Hmmmm, I don’t really know… I do have buckets and buckets of the stuff though. I never really stop! I love to explore and, if I’m put on the floor inside the house I trundle straight off. Though I live outside at the moment, due to it being summer, I seem to know the way around the house like the back of my paw. The other day the hoomans let me have an explore while they were watching me and I ran straight from the sitting room, into the bathroom, then back out and into the piggy room. I just don’t stop! I love to sniff around and meet everyone.
Can you spare some for me?

Of course I can, you are most welcome to some of my energy! I reckon Mop would definately agree with this as she seems to think I have too much. I disagree of course but, well, she’d let you have all of my energy if she could, tehe!

How often to you popcorn?
Not a huge amount, actually. I spend more time rumblestrutting around than I do popcorning. I do it occasionally but Cocoa is the real popcorn-er around here, she’s almost constantly running around and jumping up and down. I suppose it comes with youth. Ah, listen to me, I’m hardly ancient myself, am I? Nah, I just prefer to run and rumblestrut.
Cocoa, have you been on anymore adventures since the herb garden?
Nope, the hoomans have been keeping a very closed lid on my adventurous side by making sure I stay very much where I am supposed to stay. The herb garden was fun though, I managed to find the perfect little place to sit with rosemary branches on both sides where the hoomans couldn’t reach me without knocking me off the wall. As you can see they managed to remove me safely but it was very fun indeed!
The hooman and her pigs xx

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Mop, Dusty, Cupcake, Billy, Pip & Cocoa and the hooman for answering my many questions questions. You can find them on their blog, Living the Squeak Life. Pictures were used with permission.

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Pets that Blog: Meet Cupcake

Nurse Cupcake reporting for duty
Nurse Cupcake reporting for duty
How old are you?
I turned 7 years old this past September. Mom adopted me when I was 3.Where did your name come from?
When I was in foster care, my name was Ka-Ka. That’s kind of disgusting, so Mom decided she would name me Cupcake because I am so sweet. She is very perceptive. And also, I think she’s kidding when she says she should’ve named me Cuckoo. Or Sneaky.
Cupcake in a tutu
Cupcake in a tutu
How did you meet your mom?
I was sitting quietly in a cage at a very noisy, crowded adoption event at PetSmart. I was NOT what Mom was looking for. I was older than she wanted and smaller than she wanted. Mom looked at me and walked away and came back and walked away. She took me out of the cage and put me back and took me out and put me back. She looked at a LOT of other dogs. In a little while, it turned out that even though I was all wrong, I was PERFECT for her!
Cupcake riding in the car
Cupcake riding in the car

May I ask what breed you are? I know for sure that I am part Jack Russell. The vet says maybe also part beagle or part daschund. Mom says maybe part monkey because of my long monkey tail.

In her dress
In her dress

How do you help her with her writing?
Mom writes for an hour a day. I have to be a good girl while she’s working. No running. No sliding. No stealing. And no dropping toys on her feet every 5 minutes. Besides that, I try to be as cute and adorable as possible so Mom will write more stories about me.

When did the blog start?
I started my blog on January 5, 2011.

What has been your favorite post so far?
That’s a tough one. I love everything I write. I chose one fun post from each year…

Just being a goofball
Just being a goofball

What do you like most about blogging?
I love all the bloggy friends I have made. There are moms, writers, illustrators, book reviewers, librarians, teachers, photographers, dogs, cats, pigs, guinea pigs, hamsters, and even a couple of stuffed animals. They are all fun, funny, fascinating, and creative.

At the library during read to a pet night
At the library during read to a pet night

What other blogs do you follow?
I follow too many blogs to even count.

My cupcake dress!
My cupcake dress!

Do you or your mom have any tips for other bloggers/writers out there?
Mom’s advice for writers is never give up. Rejections happen, but when your story gets to the right place at the right time, the rejections will not matter one bit. Keep writing. Keep revising. Keep submitting. Also read, read, read. My advice for bloggers is blog whenever you have something to say. Read lots of blogs and comment whenever you have something to say. If you have nothing to say, don’t feel pressure. Just stay quiet. Also, if you fall asleep on your iPad, your ear might type QQQQQ. That happened to me once.

Working at a veteran's home
Working at a veteran’s home

Is there anything that you or your mom would like to add?
Mom wants to say that rescuing me was the best thing that ever happened to her. Bar none. I would like to say that being rescued was the best thing that ever happened to me. Bar none. After studying at obedience school, I was certified as a therapy dog, and now I get to visit the library for Read to a Pet Night where I listen to stories. And the Veteran’s Home where I make people smile. Mom teaches me lots of tricks and I take her for walks every day. Mom and I both want to say thanks for featuring us on your blog!!

photo 2


Author’s Note: Many thanks to Cupcake and her mom for letting me ask questions . Pictures were used with permission. You can find Cupcake on her blog Cupcake Speaks

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Pets that Blog: Meet Tabby of Furry Tails of PDX Pride

Miss Tabby, may I ask how old you are?
Tabby:  I am 8 1/2 years old.  I’ll be 9 in June.
Where did your name come from?
Daddy had helped a friend of his choose two cats from a shelter a few years before Carbon and I were born, and we looked just like them so we were named after them.  My full name is Tabitha, and the cat I was named after went by both Tabby and Tabitha as well.
How did you find your forever home?
Carbon and I were born in Clatskanie, Oregon, which is Daddy’s hometown.  Mommy and Daddy were on their way to the beach when Mommy saw a sign on the feed store that said they had free kittens.  All the way to the beach, and all the way back from the beach, Daddy kept on telling Mommy to remind him to stop so he could look at the kittens.  It was one of the hottest days of the year, mid-July, and I was only four weeks old.  Carbon was five weeks old (from another litter), and we were out on the porch in a wire cage!  Daddy picked up Carbon and Mommy picked me up, and the rest is history!
When did you or your human “mom” realize you would be a good therapy cat?
As soon as I got in the truck, actually!  I wanted out of the cardboard box right away, and spent the whole car ride watching out the window with my paws on the window sill.  Well, either that or trying to climb on Daddy when he was driving so I could look out his window, but Mommy kept me out of his way!  I was definitely a people-cat right from the start!  The real beginning of my therapy cat work, though, was the day that Grandma had a visit from a therapy dog in her cancer support group.  She realized that I could probably do the same work as that dog, since I was so calm, so she told Daddy and Mommy about it and gave them some information that she’d gotten from the dog’s person.
What has been the best reaction while on a visit?
Ooh, that’s a tough one!  There have been so many great reactions to me while visiting!  Probably the lady with the broken arm who could only move her fingers, so I lay right against her arm.  She moved her fingertips in my fur and smiled.  Either that, or the lady who was in hospice and wasn’t reacting to anything, but her breathing changed when I snuggled with her.  Mommy told her a cat was there to visit, and she held her breath for a second and then went back to breathing normally.
If I may ask, what places do you visit?
I visit nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, and retirement facilities.  I also visit hospitals on request.
How long are you visits?
It depends.  I normally spend about 5-10 minutes per person.  At first, I spent a total of an hour at a time at the facility, but now I can spend up to two hours.  It just depends on how many people want to see me and how much energy I have on any given day.
I read that you do modeling, what is your secret?
My modeling secret is wearing clothing with armholes.  The ones with armholes feel like a blanket!  If an outfit has shoulder straps, it feels weird to me so I try to get out of it.
When did the blog start?
Our family started blogging when we were members of Catster, so we actually started in 2007.  However, the blog at http://pdxpride.blogspot.comdidn’t start until January 2009.
What has been your favorite post?
Well, that’s another tough one!  You know, I really can’t choose!  Maybe my modeling one, or the one where we announced the adoption of Freya & Heimdall, or moving into our new house.  With 634 published posts, there are so many good ones to choose from!
What do you like most about blogging?
We love that we can share day-to-day life with others in the cat blogosphere and keep up with what’s going on in their lives, too.  The feeling of community is wonderful!
What advice do you have for other bloggers?
Blog about whatever you want, but be consistent.  If you are going to post on a certain day, your audience will come to expect that.  That doesn’t mean you can’t deviate from your blogging routine, topic, etc., but consistency is the main thing.
Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself or the blog?
The PDX pride, my family, consists of 11 cats right now.  Some of us are forever family, some are ferals or semi-ferals, and some are fosters.  We all love blogging about our life together!
May I borrow pictures for the article? I will state they were used with permission.
Yes, you may, from our blog and/or my facebook page.  Please credit “Trace Elements Art”, because that’s Mommy’s business name.  Thank you!
Author’s Note: Many thanks to Tabby and her mom for letting me ask questions . Pictures were used with permission. You can find Tabby on the blog – Furry Tails of PDX Pride.

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Pets that Blog: Meet Zorro of Swiss Cat Blog


How old are you?

I’m almost 2 years old (in August)

Where did your name come from?

My name is Zorro because I’m black (except a mini tie) and because Dad loved the TV series !

How did you find your forever home?

I’m born in a farm, 40 km far from here. I arrived home middle of February 2013. I lived with an old lady since 2 months when it happened that she couldn’t take care of me any more. A friend of her daughter launched a SOS on a Facebook’s cat lovers group, Claire and Momo saw it, and decided to adopt me because I was tooooo cuuuuuute !

How did the blog start?

The blog started in April, 2012. It is Angel Loupi who began to publish messages from time to time. It was very occasional at the beginning, reason why Claire and he completely spent next to the first anniversary of the blog.
After my arrival, the publications were more frequent, and we had more cat friends which visited us. It’s a pity whom Loupi is not any more there: he can be proud of his blog! Good thing I was able to learn a little with him to be able to continue; I also hope that I shall not be alone too long!

What has been you favorite post?

My absolutely favorite post is the one when we decided with Loupi to have a multilingual blog : Switzerland is a tiny little multilingual country (3 official languages : French, German, Italian), so The Swiss Cats had to be multilingual kitties too. We added English because most of our furriends speak English. All translations are our own translations.


What are some of your favorite blogs to read?

I luv luv luv Glogirly ! I like blogs that post short stories, not only pictures. I try to follow 100 blogs with Feedly and comment at least once a week. There are so many nice blogs !


Do you have sneak peek of any upcoming posts?

Hmmm…. OK, for you, I can : I’ll try not to miss the Blog The Change Day, and our Blogoversary !



What is something you would like to share with other bloggers out there?

Have fun with blogging ! Mum is trying to « increase » the Swiss Cat Blog, with social media stuff and more regular posts (twice a week), but I totally agree with her : the most important is to have fun sharing nice stories or advices or product reviews.

This article is dedicated to the loving memory of Angel Loupi. Fly free little one, know you will always be loved.



Author’s Note: Many thanks to Zorro & his mom for letting me ask questions. Pictures were used with permission. You can follow Zorro’s adventures on the Swiss Cat Blog.

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Pets that Blog: Meet Curlz & Swirlz

Can you tell me a bit about Cornish Rexes and the difference between them and Syphnx cats?
The Cornish Rex breed began in 1950, when a barn cat in Cornwall England gave birth to five kittens and one had wavy fur. In the beginning, they were outcrossed with breeds such as Siamese and even Persians! They are called ‘The Greyhound of the Cat World’ as they are built like a Greyhound. Here is a link to my Furrydance Cornish Rex Cattery page which describes them very well: Sphynx breed was discovered in 1966 in Canada and the genetics and looks of the Sphynx breed is quite different than the Cornish Rex. They are not long and racy, but have sturdy boning, are muscular and a bit of a firm belly as if they just had a full meal. They have also been outcrossed with various breeds, including American Shorthairs.There can be some very naked Cornish Rex, and some very furry Sphynx but if a Cornish Rex and a Sphynx were bred together, the kittens would all have normal fur like a domestic shorthair cat.
Disco, Coco & Brighton
How old is everyone?
I used to breed and show Cornish Rex and Brighton and Coco were born in my house. I retired from breeding in 2011 but will always share my life with these special cats! Brighton was born April 23, 2006. Coco was born September 29, 2005. Disco was born December 29, 2004 and Sammy was born June 13, 2001.. Sammy used to be a stud cat and is Brighton’s father.
Where did everyone’s names come from?
I named all my Cornish Rex after places in Cornwall, England. Brighton is a town there. His registered name is Furrydance Brighton and his nicknames are Bright One and Brighty. Coco is also named after a place in Cornwall, Colours Cove, and her registered name is Furrydance Colours Cove. Her nicknames are Coco and Coco Puff. Disco came to me already named, though I so wish I could claim coming up with it! His registered name is Majikmoon Disco NoFurNo and his nicknames are Diskers, PissKo (for obvious reasons… he spray marks sometimes). And Sammy’s registered name is Angelwaves Undeniably Sentimental and he has always been Sammy to me. His nickname is Sam the Man!How did the blog start?
I started my ‘human’ blog first, in July 2008, as a way to keep in touch with family and friends. In December 2008, I started Curlz and Swirlz, Life with Cornish Rex Cats and a Sphynx named Disco NoFurNo with a post about a cute kitten I was showing. It grew into the day to day life with them as well as some posts focusing on behavior, health and nutrition as well as our fashionista bent, too.
What has been the most popular post so far?
I’m not very adept at tracking stats, but the most popular posts have been either on breed info or product reviews, but also news about my cats garners attention, too.A post with an info graphic on cat breeds got 15,953 views.
A silly Toesies Tuesday post got 6724 views. I won a Kindle Fire from PetMoz and posted about that, it got 4177 views.

And when I posted about my cats, feral cats and making a feral cat house, that post got 2076 views.

Brighton & Coco

What are some of your favorite blogs to read?
I love to learn about cats especially from a veterinary perspective, and I love art that has to do with cats, so I would say most of the blogs I follow regularly have to do with that, but some of my favorites are just plain ‘wish I was there’ kind of dreaming. Here’s a very short list of my favorites…as my friends will tell you, I have been very lax about visiting this past year, with all the changes going on in my life, but I hope to turn a new leaf now that things are settling down!

Housecat Confidential
Our Life by Eric and Flynn
The Creative Cat
Paws and Effect
Brian’s Home
Sparkle the Designer Cat
The Cat on my Head
The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey
The Cat Post Intelligencer


Do you have sneak peek of any upcoming posts?
Well, Coco and I will be traveling to Las Vegas to attend our 5th BlogPaws Pet Blogger Conference and we are going to be involved in a session about Creative Fundraising for Rescues. That is a direction I would like to take with Coco and her Coco, the Couture Cat blog…to have her help cats in need by fundraising. So we will be blogging about our adventure at BlogPaws!

What is something you would like to share with other bloggers out there?
Try to stick to a schedule, whether it be every day or three times a week. Your followers will know when to stop by if you only post on M-W-F and they will miss you if you skip too many! Also, it’s wise to keep an editorial calendar if you post frequently, so you aren’t repeating yourself and you have a plan for the month. And make plans to go to BlogPaws! I always come away with nuggets of useable information and it’s the most fun a blogger can have being surrounded by true animal lovers who want to be part of ‘Be the Change for Animals!”. And take advantage of the BlogPaws Community and the forums and the great tutorial videos they have on YouTube!

May I borrow pictures of you and the furry family for the article? Certainly!

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Teri for letting me ask questions about her cats and the blog. Pictures were used with permission. You can learn more about  her cats (and their fabulous wardobe!)  on their blog – Curlz & Swirlz.

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Pets that Blog: Random Felines

First of all, can you please introduce yourselves?

Maestro: age 19, (fly free sweetie, RIP 5/1/2014)

I am the mighty Maestro ~ Maestro

Tim & Tom: brothers, age 10,

Tim and Tom
We’re here ~ Tim & Tommy

Mozart: age 7,

I am a holy terror at the v-e-t. ~ Mo

Ivy: age 5,

I was called a watermelon the other day, not sure why ~ Ivy

Spud: age 5,

Lasers on full power ~ Spud

Junior: age 3
Plus we have a momma cat Jade and five kitten being fostered here right now.

What? ~ Junior
Momma Cat Jade & her five beautiful babies
Who is the outspoken one of the group?

It depends on the situation. The blog is kind of written from a group perspective, but some of us will speak up individually from time to time. Junior and Spud are pretty shy though.

Where did everyone’s names come from?

Maestro was the first kitten mom ever adopted. She likes music and it just kind of came to her. Tim & Tom had their names when they came to us as fosters and mom didn’t want to change them. Mozart was a foster and since we do themes, it was an art thing (his brother was Picasso). Ivy was also a foster and she and her sisters were named after flowers (Rose, Iris, Daffodil & Lily). Spud just kind of happened – mom needed a name at the vet’s office to get him tested and he kind of looked like a little round brown ball. Junior was named on the fly as well….he was live trapped as a  kitten and mom wasn’t sure if he was staying so didn’t put too much thought into it but needed something for the clinic form to get him neutered.

Does everyone get along or are there a few hisses now and then?

Maestro doesn’t seem to care one way or the other. Tim & Tom have the brotherly love thing going on. Mozart is pretty laid back as well. The three younger ones don’t get along too much – Junior has weird social cat skills and annoys Spud and Ivy. Spud is jumpy but also sometimes stalks Ivy. And we think Ivy just finds the boys annoying.

A few questions for mom: Why did you start fostering?

It actually started with Tim & Tom. They were brought in as a pair and due to circumstances were going to be separated. Mom suggested putting them in a special program at the humane society and putting them in foster. Next thing she knew they were here. After four months mom knew they weren’t going back and adopted them. From there is was on to kittens as we only have limited space (and have found out over the years the Tommy isn’t so good with new adult males in the house).

What has the been the most rewarding thing you’ve experienced so far while fostering?

Most recently had to be Licorice. Normally we get kittens from our rescue, but this girl was in front of mom’s office one day last summer. She weighed 4 pounds. It took lots of time and love and work but she got healthy and then it took some more time, but she was just recently adopted.

Whose idea was it to start blogging?

Mom actually. If you read some of the first posts, she is writing them – just kind of as a diary to keep track of us and the fosters. From there we took over.

Does everyone take turns putting in their two cents?

Sometimes, but mostly it is a group effort

What has been your favorite post?

There have been lots, but we love introducing new kittens and telling about happy adoption stories. Not everything we post is good news as fostering isn’t always easy, but we want to keep it real.

What are some of your favorite blogs to read?

we love other foster blogs….it helps to see how others are doing it. mostly pet blogs since that is what interests us most

Do you have sneak peek of any upcoming posts?

well with new kittens, the next couple of months will be an adventure watching them grow….

What is something you would like to share with other bloggers out there?
Keep at it. mom says that she loves reading comments and everything, but also enjoys going back and reading some of our own posts as a reminder.
This article is dedicated to the loving memory of Butterscotch & Tigger & Maestro
Please know you will always be loved & missed
Butterscotch is in the middle. Fly free sweet angel
Sweet Tigger, you left us too soon



Author’s Note: Many thanks to Miss Jeanne for letting me ask questions about her cats and the blog. Pictures were used with permission. You can follow them on their Facebook page – Random Felines or on their blog – Random Felines

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Pets that Blog: Carmine, Jewel & Milita of Fur Everywhere

This IS my happy face ~ jewel
Jewel, can you tell us a bit about your medical condition?
Jewel:  I have what they call chronic renal failure (CRF).  I have my good days and I have my bad days, and I know I worry the Mom when I am not doing well.  I am still quite bossy and social despite my illness, though, and that seems to make the Mom happy.
How did you come to live with your forever mom?
Jewel: The Mom tells me that I came to live with her when I got sick because my dad (the Mom’s friend) could no longer take care of me.  It took me some time, but I am starting to trust and love the Mom like I did with my dad.
Carmine, how long did it take for Milita to warm up to you?
Carmine: When I came to live here, I was just an adorable kitten.  Milita did NOT like me at all, but all I wanted to do is play, play, play!  It took her about a year to get used to such an energetic kitten running through *her* space.
See, I told you I was adorable ~ Carmine
Milita, if you had to choose only one toy, would it be catnip mouse or a laser pointer?
Milita: Me thinks me would like my laser pointer best.  The red dot cannot be caught, but it sure is fun to try!
For the record it took a long time for me to decided between the laser pointer or catnip mouse ~ Milita
How did the blog start?
I started the blog as a way to share information with other kitty parents and to share my experiences with my own furry children.
What has been your favorite post?
Hmmm….we don’t really has a favorite post, but we really like when we get to celebrate our birthdays with all of our wonderful friends.
What are some of your favorite blogs to read?
We love The Island Cats, The Cat in the Fridge, Playful Kitty, Animal Shelter Volunteer Life, Brian’s Home, Hannah and Lucy, Glogirly…there are sooo many great blogs that we could spend ages naming them all!
I think I will get my beauty rest in now before the party ~ Carmine
Do you have sneak peek of any upcoming posts?
Carmine’s Gotcha Day is coming up in June.  Jewel has a birthday in June, too, and Milita has a birthday in July.  Lots of celebrating coming up.
What is something you would like to share with other bloggers out there? 
Connect with other bloggers.  The best thing we’ve gotten from our blog is all the amazing friends we’ve made.  I never expected to find such a wonderful community when I started blogging.  We love all of our friends dearly.
Oh, and just so you know…Carmine is our handsome mancat 🙂
Carmine, Milita, and Jewel

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Carmine, Jewel & Milita for letting me ask questions about them. Pictures were used with permission. You can learn more about them on their Facebook page – Fur Everywhere or on their blog – Fur Everywhere and you can find them on Twitter, their handle is @FurEverywhere.

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Pets that Blog: Meet Bad Cat Chris

First of all, is Chris really such a bad cat?
He is a bad cat by human standards but I think much of what he does is normal cat behavior. I think he has just embraced his “wild side” more than most domesticated cats.
How did he come into your life?
I was volunteering at a shelter near Myrtle Beach, SC and cleaning cages one morning at Petsmart. I let all the cats out of the top row and began cleaning them when Chris jumped from the floor to my back and scaled me like a rock climber. He then started licking and biting my ear and nose. I eventually convinced Rose that we should adopt him.
Our cats Chris and Puck napping.
Puck and Chris before Frankie
Where did Puck’s name come from?
My sister-in-law raised Puck as an infant and named him Chow man because he loved to eat. Rose and I didn’t like the name so we called him Puck because he was black and shot around the room as fast as a hockey puck. He was also into food like Wolfgang Puck.Do you have any tips to share about taking pictures of black cats?
That’s tough. I think you need to have even lighting. If the background is too bright, the black cat will lose all detail. In those situations a flash would help. 

Chris, Puck & Frankie eating together

How long has it taken for Frankie to finally settle into his new home?
It took about three weeks but Chris still fights with him sometimes. Frankie will sometimes even whack Chris first because he must feel that the best defense is a good offence.

Our cat Frankie is relaxing on the chair.
Frankie is quite comfortable in his new home

What kind of camera do you use for your pictures?
I have a canon Rebel T1i. I got it for Christmas in 2009, which make it ancient by today’s technology standards, but I think it takes excellent pictures so I am in no hurry to change it.

How did the blog about Chris start?
I read a couple of books about cats; one was Dewey which I bought for my wife and then I read it. The second was Homer’s Odyssey. I realized that stories about cats could be interesting and I knew Chris was a very interesting and funny cat.

Bad Cat Chris and Puck outside.
Chris & Puck outside together

I saw you have other blogs, do you get people who view your personal blog and the blog about Chris?
I think the only people that read more than one blog are my Facebook friends. To be honest, my time is very limited and I bit off more than I can chew with so many blogs. I try to make sure I get two or three posts a week on Bad Cat Chris and my other blogs take a back seat. I have ideas for more blogs but need to wait until I can somehow acquire more time.

What has been you favorite post?
I wrote one called “Are Gold Cats Friendlier,” which I liked because of the response I got. I think my favorite story about Chris was called “The Great Escape.” It was about how he escaped from our screened third floor balcony when he was still young.

What are some of your favorite blogs to read?
There are so many good ones. I would hate to name some and leave others off the list. I do like the ones that are humorous but I also like to be informed about pet issues.

Do you have sneak peek of any upcoming posts?
Hmm… Would it stink if I talk about litter boxes?

Puck rolling in litter box
Puck takes a dust bath

What is something you would like to share with other bloggers out there?
I would like to say that I appreciate the feeling of belonging to a family that other bloggers give to me and other bloggers. I feel like if I was in the neighborhood, you and most other bloggers would invite me into their homes.

Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself or the boys?
I’m not good at talking about myself but I will say that everyone here is happy and healthy and I wish the same for everyone out there.


Author’s Note: Many thanks to Charles for letting me ask questions his cats and the blog. Pictures were used with permission. You can learn more about Chris, Puck & Frankie their Facebook page – Bad Cat Chris or follow the blog – Bad Cat Chris

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