Happy Tails (Feathers): Meet Charlie

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Miss Latonia for letting me ask about Charlie. Pictures used with permission. Sorry about the delay in editing I had some computer problems. Stupid Windows updates.. grrrrs


Buzzsaw is her nickname

She’s between 7 and 9 years old.

We got her from a pet shop, she had been surrendered by her previous owners.

She’s not trained. Her old owners didn’t take very good care of her.

She can say a bunch of stuff, with hello being her most prominent word. Pretty bird and what’s up are also favorites. Occasionally she’s say shut up but we discourage it.

She requires a large cage or her feathers come in bent. I usually change her cage twice a week.

Water is changed daily because she likes to put her food in it to soften it.

She usually is out of her cage all day and goes bed when I do. She is currently using an old rabbit hutch as a perch till we can buy or make her a new one.

She not our first. We previously had a blue and gold, but had to give her away when my mom lost her job when nasa did cut backs.

Blue and golds (unless raised from a baby) are very territorial of one person. She only allows me to hold her and is very aggressive with anyone else.

If considering getting a macaw, keep in mind they need a lot of stimulus and attention, and can outlive you if given the proper diet. However they’re very lovey to their selected person, just today we had love time on the bed where she sat on my chest and “groomed” me while I attempted to free her new incoming feathers from their stalks. (Not an activity she enjoys as they are sore from pushing through). Her idea of grooming is checking out anything she wants on me with her beak. She’s usually very gentle, but on occasion does hurt me, however never on purpose unless she’s warned me several times to stop doing whatever it is making her angry.

Happy Tails: Poof, Biscuit, Gunny & Abby

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Miss Savanah for letting me ask questions about her pets (and finance! 😉

How old is everyone & what are their names?

Poof, my domino boy is almost two years old;

Biscuit, my Siamese is a year and a half,

and Absinthe our black kitty is almost a year old.

The dog, Gunny will be four in November and my fiancé is 21 in December.

How did they come to live with you?

Poof was found by a neighbor in California who asked me if I’d take him once he was 8 weeks. Biscuit was saved at 3 weeks old from freezing weather, and Abby was a kill shelter save as a kitten. Gunny was actually taken directly from a neglectful home.

As for my fiancé, I found him gaming. Haha.

How does everyone get along?
Gunny is very much a cat in spirit, so they all get along famously. Tony, the hooman gets testy sometimes but the actual animals all love each other dearly.

Who rules the roost the cat or the dogs?
The kitties definitely rule the roost, although Gunny likes to tattle when they’re misbehaving. He’ll bark at them and chase them away from being bad kitties.

What is everyone’s favorite things to do?
I think they all love eating the most. Eating and napping.

Are there any tips/tricks you would like to share about having a multi pet household?
We keep everything very clean and the dog sleeps separate from the kitties at night; it really keeps the peace between the brood so everyone gets alone time. I’d suggest slow introductions and persistence to any new multi-pet household.

Also, lots of positive behavior rewards.

Happy Tails: Meet Boogie

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Miss Natalie for letting me interview her about Boogie. Pictures used with permission. The professional photos were taken by Erin Leigh Studio.

How old is Boogie?


Where did Boogie’s name come from?

My cat’s name is Boogie. It originally started out as Elmer, but that only lasted a few days. Within days of having him, he started hiding in corners and jumping out at us and scaring us. I started calling him Orange Booger as a nickname, and then my husband started calling him Boogie Man, which changed to Boogie. There isn’t a better name out there for him because it just fits so perfectly. Boogie has stuck ever since and he responds well to his name!

How did he come to live with you? 

I got Boogie from a rescue group called Kitty City Kansas Rescue. Originally we adopted the most beautiful little fluffy brown and black tabby named Timber. Timber was so sweet and always was by my side, but unfortunately 6 weeks after we got him he developed FIP and had to cross the rainbow bridge. I was devastated by this loss because Timber was so special – it was like he was made JUST for me. Immediately I let Kitty City know about what happened, and they felt so sad for me that they told me I could adopt another cat for free if I wanted. The lady I was working with emailed me a couple of pictures of Boogie (back then they called him Sundance) and asked me if I liked red/orange cats. I had told them I was really looking for a long haired and Boogie was the cat who happened to come across my screen. At that time, after seeing his face, I knew no matter what that I couldn’t say no to him. I went to his foster mom’s house and there were other kittens there that were up for adoption that were really cute. For some reason, even though Boogie didn’t seem to take to me right away, I knew he had to come home with me. I took him home and he has been with us ever since.

Do you have any other pets?

I have an all-black German Shepherd named Wicket (female) that we had owned prior to getting a car. Boogie “adopted” Wicket as soon as he came into our house and quickly took to following her around, chewing on her tail, sleeping on her, and always being right beside her. It was really sweet to see how close those two became and how quickly it happened.

What is his favorite thing to do?

Boogie’s favorite thing to do is play with sparkly pom pom balls. He has more than 20 and they end up all over the house. I LOVE coming home and finding out where the balls end up because every day it’s a new adventure. Usually a couple end up in our bed. I think that is his way of letting us know that he is catching us some “prey” so he is offering it in our bed as a gift. He’s such a good boy!

Does Boogie have any unusual habits?

Whenever he doesn’t get fed when he thinks it should be food time, he throws a huge fit and then starts pulling on, and eating the carpet. He does a lot of normal cat things like opening cabinets while we are gone, laying on his back with all 4 paws in the air, chirping at birds, and running around the house as fast as possible chasing nothing.

How has your life changed since having Boogie?

Boogie brings so much humor and joy into my life. I could not imagine life without him, and I often tell him that although he and I did not “bond” right away, he is my favorite kitty I have ever had and I love him more than anything. He is not much of a cuddler which is a bummer, but on the rare occasion when he does cuddle, it makes me so ecstatic.

Is there anything else you would like to add about your cat?

I wasn’t kidding when I said he adopted the dog. He actually thinks that dog is his. One time my husband went to tell Wicket that she was being a bad dog because she pooped in the house and he gave her a little butt spank, and Boogie got so upset that he went right over to my husband, hissed, and scratched his arm. He is protective of his doggy big sister!

Happy Tails: Meet Mrs

    Author’s Note: Many thanks to Miss Georgina for sharing her story about Mrs. Also she wanted to share some information about toddlers & cats. Pictures used with permission. 

How many pets to you have?

We have one beautiful cat called Mrs, were unsure of her age because she’s a rescue, the shelter said 3 but the vet said 5! That was over a year ago when she came to live with us.

How is she with the kids? 

She is amazing with the kids, our Freddie is 3 1/2 and Tobias is 3 months.

How did she come into your life? 

When we wanted to get a cat we took Freddie with us, we decided to take whichever cat didn’t run away from him! We walked through about 4 pens with 15+ cats in each and they all ran! In the last pen the inevitable happened then this beautiful little black and white DSH strolled up to Freddie and curled round his legs! She was perfect for us! We were told that she’d had children in her previous home but they had moved out and abandoned her. ☹

What tips/tricks would like to share about having Mrs in the home with toddlers?

We firmly believe in leading by example so treat Mrs with respect and love, grooming her frequently and snuggling whenever she feels like it!

Freddie can sometimes get overexcited but he always apologizes to her if he’s a little heavy handed. (He’s never hurt her just stroked a little too hard etc) She has never growled, hissed or raised a paw at him, she will happily sit whilst he runs trains up and down her back! They have such a wonderful relationship she sleeps in front of his bedroom door and is always near him when she’s not outside basking in the sunshine!

We groom her as a family, we feed her and change her water together, he knows she’s a part of the family just like he is.

When we were expecting Tobias we put baby clothes near her so she could get used to his smell. I actually sat down and explained that she was going to have another little brother to watch over! Probably sounds ridiculous! She wasn’t phased at all when he was born! It took her a few weeks before she went near him and smelt him, nothing changed!

Our best trick to keep her happy is keeping her food away from the boys in the kitchen where there are gates protecting her from being annoyed whilst eating! She also has her catbed away from them but rarely uses it! She comes and goes as she pleases but always ends up infront of Freddie’s door at night ❤
I’d love to have another cat join the family but in all honesty she’s the perfect addition and we wouldn’t want to risk making her unhappy so she’ll probably stay our only one

Also, we didn’t want a kitten as they’re too erratic for kids and could find having children in the house stressful, adult cats with previous experience of children are more relaxed and know how to deal with kids! Plus who needs to deal with toilet training a cat as well as a toddler!!!

Happy Tails: Meet Toonces, Toddley & Tigger

Author’s Note: Thanks so much to Miss Jill for letting me bombard her with questions about her cats. You can follow them on Toddley’s Facebook page.

Can you tell me what got in interested in adopting rescue cats?

My dad adopted my first cat, Slapshot, when I was 5. It was love at first site and I have loved cats ever since that day. I am especially passionate about rescue cats. They are innocent, beautiful animals that deserve love and wonderful homes. If I can do anything at all to improve the life of an animal, I will do it. They all deserve love and good lives.

How many cats do you currently have, what are their names and ages?

I have three boys. Tigger is 17 (black kitty), Toonces is 11 and Toddley is 4.

I inherited my dads and brothers 2 girl kitties when they passed away recently. They now live upstairs with my mom in a separate apartment. There is Sally Mae who is 13 and Bella who is 2 1/2.

Can you explain how Toddley got his bare belly?

Toddley has had health issues since he was a baby. He’s had bladder surgery because he has bladder stones and also has very sensitive skin. A year ago he had a specialized surgery that basically made him a girl cat. His stones were blocking him, so they removed part of the penis and opened up his urethra so the stones can pass through easily. They shaved his belly and bottom and the hair never grew back 😹

His tantrums are quite famous, what sets them off?

Toddley likes to have things his way all the time. If any small thing changes, watch out! He will throw a huge tantrum. He threw his first tantrum the day I brought him home from the shelter. He had found a piece of plastic and I took it away from him. He threw himself upside down, screamed and flailed his legs. He continues to throw tantrums almost daily.

Why does he like to root through garbage?

I think Toddley is part pig 😹. He has a giant nose and is constantly rooting around through everything. I clean out his nose every week and find all sorts of nonsense in there.

Why is Toonces always surprised?

Toonces is the sweetest rescue kitty I’ve ever met. He’s always happy and loves everyone. His face is permanently “surprised”.

Why is Sally always face planting?

Sally is sick of her brothers nonsense and needs to take naps on her face to get a break.

What tips do you have for someone wanting to foster a rescue cat?

Do it! It was the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. Being able to give an innocent animal a chance at a good life is very rewarding. Millions of innocent animals are killed every year. If I can save one, then my life has had a purpose. You will never regret it!

Do you have any additional tips or tricks you have learned over the years with your cats?

They bring me so much joy and laughter. I’m not sure if I have any tips, but I can tell you that cats bring me so much joy and love. I can’t imagine my life without them.

Anything else you would like to add?

Thank you so much for wanting to hear about my furry family!



This article is dedicated to the loving memory of Jill’s father John and brother  Jason who both loved her cats very much.

Happy Tails: Meet Brat, Geo & Rags

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Vicat Furrington   for letting me interview her about her furry family. Pictures used with permission. 
How many pets do you currently have? What are their names? 
I currently have 2 cats,  Brat and Rags, and 1 dog, Geo
How did they come to live with you?
All 3 were rescues. Geo came first. He was the dog of a guy about to go to jail for several months, they were homeless and living out of a van in winter in Nebraska. I had a giant NOPE, and immediately took him home with me. He was a year and a half old.
About 6 months later, one stormy night Geo and I heard a mew from outside but in the deluge couldn’t locate where. The next moron we found Rags stuck in the mud beneath the propane tank and Brat under the bushes. They were 9 werks old, and had been born to a semi-feral cat who lived down the road, but the rest of the litter had died. I had delivered them, so I guess when things went badly, those 2 struck out to find me.
Does Brat have asthma or another medical condition that causing him to have problems breathing? What is normally used to keep him calm?
Brat was born butt first, and got stuck. I was able to pull him out and save him and the mom and the other 4 kittens. But there was damage to his lungs, causing what I now know as Non-Contagious ﹰBirth ﹰTrauma-Induced ﹰFeline ﹰAcute ﹰRespiratory ﹰDistress ﹰSyndrome. It is rare, and before Brat no cat ever made it past 2. His 7 now…
It is really rare because there is no real research about it. There was 100% mortality rate, so why research something we can’t cure? But we can. He can go from peppy snarky demanding bratty to losing 15% oh his body weight overnight, fish gasping on the floor and drowning in his own fluids. He gets into the crouch with full neck extension, which is a very bad sign for any cat with respiratory issues.
But. He has lasix and prednisone for during the episodes, we do steamies in the bathroom with sweet peppermint oil in the water. When coughing I hold him upright and massage his chest to stop spasms or he would cough himself apart internally. His triggers are stress, heat, and pollutants so we try to avoid those. It is an ongoing battle and worth every minute.
What breed of dog is Geo?
His coat looks so shaggy he looks so pettable.
Geo is half Westie and half Bichon, and in perpetual need of trimming because his fur grows so fast! And the sweetest doggy I’ve ever met.
How many pets have you rescued?
I’ve lost count, really. There have been hundreds, including raccoons, squirrels, a snake, cats, dogs…
What tips/tricks/suggestions do you have for others looking to rescue/adopt?
Never rule out an older animal or one with health issues. Sometimes those are the most fulfilling experiences of your life.
Is there anything else you would like to add about your furry children?
They save me just as much as I save them.

Happy Tails: Meet Cheezle

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Miss Catherine for letting me ask her questions about her famous freckled feline. Pictures used with permission.

How old is Cheezle?

He will turn 16 Wednesday June 21.

 How did he come to live with you? 

Cheezle’s mother was a stray cat, and pregnant. My sister’s took her in and she took to me even though i wasn’t a cat person at the time. A few weeks later, we had kittens.
He lived at my parents house until 2011. That’s when I finally got a place I could have him. When he lived with them he had a dog brother and sister and a cat brother named Giovanni. He hates Giovanni!
How did he get those awesome freckles?
Orange cats can get freckles as they get older. This article explains it a little more http://www.catster.com/lifestyle/5-remarkable-facts-about-your-cats-nose-freckles
He just got more and more freckles, the older he got
He is so expressive, was it always like that?
I think Cheezle has always had an expressive face. Maybe more so now since I am constantly photographing him
When he was younger and lived with my parents he was an indoor outdoor cat. He loved eating rabbits. In the summer he could catch one every day. When he came to live with me, my parents said the rabbit population exploded!
He was keeping them in check
Does he have any furry brothers or sisters?
Right now he is the only pet. He doesn’t like other cats. I would love to get another cat but Cheezle won’t allow it. I don’t want to stress him out.
Yeah. He isn’t big on sharing
Anything else you want to share about Cheezle?
Well… He is very vocal. He does not have a normal meow, it’s more of a howl. Even though he looks angry all the time, he is actually a very sweet cat. He doesn’t bite or scratch and is quite social, at least with me. He hates when I leave him. He greets me everyday at the door when I get home from work.

Animal Interviews: Meet Spootz


How old are you? 


Where did your name come from?

A puppet my mom’s Spanish teacher used to use in puppet shows to teach her kindergarten class Spanish stories

How did you end up in your forever home?

My mom saved me after her sister adopted my brother and sister a few months earlier. Mom’s sister would not let her play with the new kittens, and mom was a spoiled brat so she asked Grandma if she could get her own kitten and she came to get me.

Was it scary moving ?

I have moved twice- i was driven up to Massachusetts by Grandma with my brother Archy, my sister Sigmund, and by canine friend Ace. The car ride was rather loud but not scary. I was flown back to Florida later with mom. Besides peeing on her leg on the drive to the airport there was nothing scary about that part. The plane ride was very loud but mom and the flight attendants paid me lots of attention and told me how good i was being and how handsome I was.

What are your favorite things to do?

Meow, sit on mom’s lap, have my belly rubbed, sit on the porch with mom, catnip


What kind of food to you like?

Iams brand senior cat

Why do you like being on the fridge so much?

It gives me the best viewpoint from which to oversee my domain

Do you ever get lonely being by yourself?

I was lonely when i first moved back to Florida because i did live with my sister Sigmund back home but i have become quite independent and keep house when mom goes to work


Now for some questions for your mom:

I know you were having a problem with Sir Spootz peeing on your clothes, how long has he done this? He has been doing this since he was moved up north- when he gets offended or if we have visitors for to long he will pee on something. Or the few times it has been too long since i cleaned his litter box

Happy Tails: Meet Opossum

Author’s Note: I want to thank Opossums mom for letting me pepper her with questions about this little girl. She’s such a cutie! According to the about section on her facebook page she was found at a four way intersection starving and terrified. Pictures were used with permission, please visit her official page The Abandoned Opossum


Meet Opossum


Where did her name come from?

We called her Opossum because the first time I touched her she played dead. She weighed less than a pound. Someone had dumped her at a local intersection and she had been scavenging for food. My oldest daughter and I persistently followed her until we could pick her up. With her coloring, she kinda resembled a young opossum


How old is she?

She is between 3 and 4 months old by the vet’s estimate, but also small for her age

How many fur siblings does she have?  

She lives with a husky service dog in training and a saint Bernard service dog in training. To be honest, both pups adore her. It actually took her longer to adjust to them. I think she had previously been attacked by a dog or dogs. She also lives with Watson who has taken to her.


Was she on a special diet when you first found her? 

The vets did  suggest small meals multiple times a day instead of leaving out a large supply because she would inhale it like it was going to run away. She was on wet food and regular food.


Is she easily scared of new things?


It depends on the thing. For example, she has embraced the children from the moment she joined the family. The dogs she bullied until she had them dominated. I forgot to mention my tomcat as her sibling. Watson took her under his wing. I have rescued many cats over the years and many kitten litters and Watson embraces newcomers. Halloween, she didn’t bat an eye at costumes or decorations. She loves to be around water, never had a problem with toys, the broom, or anything really bothering her. She is fearless for most things. She is not big on strangers. She personally despises the UPS man.


Why the UPS man?


I don’t know why she distrusted the ups man. I know he’s here because she is in the window growling at him with her ears pinned. When I open the door she runs under the bed immediately, she wants no confrontation.


Do the pups try to play with her?

The pups love to play with her but she is usually not interested. I let Banner play with her to a point before I separate them. Aponi is too big and I’m afraid would hurt her by accident so I don’t let those two play much.


Does she get to go outside often?


Not often, only while being supervised. I had to flea bomb the house the other day and it was her first day out since we brought her home. She enjoyed it but was ready to go back in. She is very clingy, where the other pets are exploring and playing, she was within ten feet of me at all times.
What is her favorite things to do?

Her favorite thing to do would be finding a lap to curl up in. Any of the kids laps, my lap, or my fiance’s lap. We are all reserved seats. She rather curl up and purr than do anything else.

A fleece blanket works too. She has claimed an old Christmas blanket at this time


Does she have any favorite toys?


She has a catnip toy she is extremely fond of. She hides it under the dresser so no one else can play with it.


Does she talk a lot?


She is very talkative. Usually when I am sleeping or am not currently petting her. If I shut the bathroom door she protests. She prefers to bathe with me. She gets in the tub and lays on me.


What’s her favorite food?


She loves baked chicken and she was introduced to a little Turkey breast this week. She enjoyed it tremendously. She always tries to steal whatever we are eating. It was a little difficult to introduce her to actual cat food, but we reached success with Meow Mix




Opossum has an odd fascination with Rick from The Walking Dead. She watches Netflix with me but during that show she actually sits on my laptop and is completely immersed. I have never had a cat like television before.




Happy Tails: Meet Binks & Yoda

How old are you two?

Hi Chris We iz 5 Yearz Old diz year on our birfday we willz be 6. Our Birfday is Chwismaz DAy *wink wink* in case gewz wanna buy uz a toy or some tweatz. Tweatz did gewz say tweatz, why yes we would lubz sum! (Momma here sorry Chris the boys have a one track mind, Treats)

Hi Chris. We are 5 years old. This year on our birthday we will be 6. Our birthday is Christmas Day *wink, wink* in case you want to buy us a toy or some treats. Treats, did we just say treats, why yes we would love some! 

Were you litter mates?

Jes we iz Liter matez

Yes we are litter mates.

Where did your names come from?

Our daddiman named uz after Star Warz Jar JAr Binx and Yoda

Our daddy man named us after Star Wars Jar Jar Binks and Yoda.


How did you come to live with your mom?

Well da daddiman bought da Binkie and bwought him home as a early mudderzday gift fur da Ol Bag *oops did dat slip oud?* anyways herz had been oudda town on budnezz so da daddiman went and gotted me da Binkie, mommaz comed home dat night and we all went shoppin fur da doggie stuffz I needed as momma had been doglezz fur 1 year since herz had to put down her 16 years old Pomeranian Munchkin, herz wuz berry sad. AnywayzI cried all night and da momma said we no can habz jes 1 doggie so herz called da lady to see if her still had da last puppy still, herz said yep so mommaz went to se him and fell in lubz wif da Yoda and bwought him home. I neber cwied again. I lubz my bubba.

Well the daddyman brought me (the Binkie) and brought him home as an early Mother’s Day gift for the Old Bag * oops did that slip out?* any ways, she had been out of town on business so the daddyman went and got me. Momma came home that night and we all went shopping for doggy stuff that I needed as momma had been dogless for a year since she had to put down her 16 year old Pomeranian, Munchkin, she was very sad. Anyway, I cried all night and momma said we cannot have just one dog, so she called the lady to see if she still a the last puppy. She said yep, so momma went to see him and fell in love with the Yoda and brought him home. I never cried again. I love my bubba. 

sitting pretty for momma
sitting pretty for momma

What are you favorite things to do?

Our most faborite fing to do iz bug da momma and da daddima fur tweatz. But we also lubz to aggwivadez da squirrels in da back yard. I Binkie likez to sleep and da Yoda lubz to play wif toyz!

Our most favorite thing to do is bug the momma and the daddyman for treats. But we also love to aggravate the squirrels in the back yard. I (Binkie) like to sleep and Yoda loves to play with toys. 


Why did you decide to start pawing it forward and what organizations do you support?

We stawded pawin id forward 3 yearz agao when a stway doggie momma named Good Girl showed up at our house, but da weally big one wuz when da Sweet Pea her weal name iz Sammie bud da momma callz her da Sweet pea needed life savin surgery and herz momma could nod afford id and wuz gunna gibz momma da sweet pea if herz would save her life! We saved her life bud da mommaz insisted dat herz momma take her back once her wuz well herz libed wif uz fur 4 monthz while herz was in a body cast. Moommaz pwomised da sweet pea dat herz would try to save az many livez as herz could fwom den on. We support Lonestar Shih Tzu & Lhasa Apso rescue, Safe Haven Small breed Rescue in PA and Safehaven Rescue in Oklahoma, Save Our Souls Rescue in Claxton GA The Humane Society of Tulsa

We started pawing it forward 3 years again when a stray doggy momma named Good Girl showed up at our house, but the really big one was when the Sweet Pea (her real name is Sammie, but momma calls her Sweet Pea) needed life saving surgery and her momma could not afford it and was going to give her to our momma if she could save her life. We saved her live but our momma insisted that her momma taker her back once she was well, Sweet Pea lived with us for 4 months while she was in a body cast. Our momma promised Sweet Pea that she would try to save as many lives as she could from them on.  We support Lonestar Shih Tzu & Lhasa Apso Rescue, Save Haven Small Breed Rescue in PA and Safehaven Rescue in Oklahoma, Save our Souls Rescue in Claxton GA and the Humane Society of Tulsa

How can people help?

We can always use donated idemz fur da aucshunz

We cal always use donated items for the auctions.

We like treats..
We like treats..

Is there anything else you would like to share about yourselves?

Hmm Did we tell gewz we likez tweatz??? Mommaz sayz we iz da bestest boyz eber cause anyone can bwing a doggie in and we gedz alonfg fine wif all ub dem.

Hmm, Did we tell you we like treats??? Momma says we are the bestest boys ever because anyone can bring a dog to into the house and we get along fine with all of them.  

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Binks & Yoda for letting me interview them. Pictures were used with permission. You can find them on their facebook page – Binks & Yoda.


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