Happy Tails: Meet Cheezle

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Miss Catherine for letting me ask her questions about her famous freckled feline. Pictures used with permission.

How old is Cheezle?

He will turn 16 Wednesday June 21.

 How did he come to live with you? 

Cheezle’s mother was a stray cat, and pregnant. My sister’s took her in and she took to me even though i wasn’t a cat person at the time. A few weeks later, we had kittens.
He lived at my parents house until 2011. That’s when I finally got a place I could have him. When he lived with them he had a dog brother and sister and a cat brother named Giovanni. He hates Giovanni!
How did he get those awesome freckles?
Orange cats can get freckles as they get older. This article explains it a little more http://www.catster.com/lifestyle/5-remarkable-facts-about-your-cats-nose-freckles
He just got more and more freckles, the older he got
He is so expressive, was it always like that?
I think Cheezle has always had an expressive face. Maybe more so now since I am constantly photographing him
When he was younger and lived with my parents he was an indoor outdoor cat. He loved eating rabbits. In the summer he could catch one every day. When he came to live with me, my parents said the rabbit population exploded!
He was keeping them in check
Does he have any furry brothers or sisters?
Right now he is the only pet. He doesn’t like other cats. I would love to get another cat but Cheezle won’t allow it. I don’t want to stress him out.
Yeah. He isn’t big on sharing
Anything else you want to share about Cheezle?
Well… He is very vocal. He does not have a normal meow, it’s more of a howl. Even though he looks angry all the time, he is actually a very sweet cat. He doesn’t bite or scratch and is quite social, at least with me. He hates when I leave him. He greets me everyday at the door when I get home from work.

Animal Interviews: Meet Spootz


How old are you? 


Where did your name come from?

A puppet my mom’s Spanish teacher used to use in puppet shows to teach her kindergarten class Spanish stories

How did you end up in your forever home?

My mom saved me after her sister adopted my brother and sister a few months earlier. Mom’s sister would not let her play with the new kittens, and mom was a spoiled brat so she asked Grandma if she could get her own kitten and she came to get me.

Was it scary moving ?

I have moved twice- i was driven up to Massachusetts by Grandma with my brother Archy, my sister Sigmund, and by canine friend Ace. The car ride was rather loud but not scary. I was flown back to Florida later with mom. Besides peeing on her leg on the drive to the airport there was nothing scary about that part. The plane ride was very loud but mom and the flight attendants paid me lots of attention and told me how good i was being and how handsome I was.

What are your favorite things to do?

Meow, sit on mom’s lap, have my belly rubbed, sit on the porch with mom, catnip


What kind of food to you like?

Iams brand senior cat

Why do you like being on the fridge so much?

It gives me the best viewpoint from which to oversee my domain

Do you ever get lonely being by yourself?

I was lonely when i first moved back to Florida because i did live with my sister Sigmund back home but i have become quite independent and keep house when mom goes to work


Now for some questions for your mom:

I know you were having a problem with Sir Spootz peeing on your clothes, how long has he done this? He has been doing this since he was moved up north- when he gets offended or if we have visitors for to long he will pee on something. Or the few times it has been too long since i cleaned his litter box

Happy Tails: Meet Opossum

Author’s Note: I want to thank Opossums mom for letting me pepper her with questions about this little girl. She’s such a cutie! According to the about section on her facebook page she was found at a four way intersection starving and terrified. Pictures were used with permission, please visit her official page The Abandoned Opossum


Meet Opossum


Where did her name come from?

We called her Opossum because the first time I touched her she played dead. She weighed less than a pound. Someone had dumped her at a local intersection and she had been scavenging for food. My oldest daughter and I persistently followed her until we could pick her up. With her coloring, she kinda resembled a young opossum


How old is she?

She is between 3 and 4 months old by the vet’s estimate, but also small for her age

How many fur siblings does she have?  

She lives with a husky service dog in training and a saint Bernard service dog in training. To be honest, both pups adore her. It actually took her longer to adjust to them. I think she had previously been attacked by a dog or dogs. She also lives with Watson who has taken to her.


Was she on a special diet when you first found her? 

The vets did  suggest small meals multiple times a day instead of leaving out a large supply because she would inhale it like it was going to run away. She was on wet food and regular food.


Is she easily scared of new things?


It depends on the thing. For example, she has embraced the children from the moment she joined the family. The dogs she bullied until she had them dominated. I forgot to mention my tomcat as her sibling. Watson took her under his wing. I have rescued many cats over the years and many kitten litters and Watson embraces newcomers. Halloween, she didn’t bat an eye at costumes or decorations. She loves to be around water, never had a problem with toys, the broom, or anything really bothering her. She is fearless for most things. She is not big on strangers. She personally despises the UPS man.


Why the UPS man?


I don’t know why she distrusted the ups man. I know he’s here because she is in the window growling at him with her ears pinned. When I open the door she runs under the bed immediately, she wants no confrontation.


Do the pups try to play with her?

The pups love to play with her but she is usually not interested. I let Banner play with her to a point before I separate them. Aponi is too big and I’m afraid would hurt her by accident so I don’t let those two play much.


Does she get to go outside often?


Not often, only while being supervised. I had to flea bomb the house the other day and it was her first day out since we brought her home. She enjoyed it but was ready to go back in. She is very clingy, where the other pets are exploring and playing, she was within ten feet of me at all times.
What is her favorite things to do?

Her favorite thing to do would be finding a lap to curl up in. Any of the kids laps, my lap, or my fiance’s lap. We are all reserved seats. She rather curl up and purr than do anything else.

A fleece blanket works too. She has claimed an old Christmas blanket at this time


Does she have any favorite toys?


She has a catnip toy she is extremely fond of. She hides it under the dresser so no one else can play with it.


Does she talk a lot?


She is very talkative. Usually when I am sleeping or am not currently petting her. If I shut the bathroom door she protests. She prefers to bathe with me. She gets in the tub and lays on me.


What’s her favorite food?


She loves baked chicken and she was introduced to a little Turkey breast this week. She enjoyed it tremendously. She always tries to steal whatever we are eating. It was a little difficult to introduce her to actual cat food, but we reached success with Meow Mix




Opossum has an odd fascination with Rick from The Walking Dead. She watches Netflix with me but during that show she actually sits on my laptop and is completely immersed. I have never had a cat like television before.




Happy Tails: Meet Binks & Yoda

How old are you two?

Hi Chris We iz 5 Yearz Old diz year on our birfday we willz be 6. Our Birfday is Chwismaz DAy *wink wink* in case gewz wanna buy uz a toy or some tweatz. Tweatz did gewz say tweatz, why yes we would lubz sum! (Momma here sorry Chris the boys have a one track mind, Treats)

Hi Chris. We are 5 years old. This year on our birthday we will be 6. Our birthday is Christmas Day *wink, wink* in case you want to buy us a toy or some treats. Treats, did we just say treats, why yes we would love some! 

Were you litter mates?

Jes we iz Liter matez

Yes we are litter mates.

Where did your names come from?

Our daddiman named uz after Star Warz Jar JAr Binx and Yoda

Our daddy man named us after Star Wars Jar Jar Binks and Yoda.


How did you come to live with your mom?

Well da daddiman bought da Binkie and bwought him home as a early mudderzday gift fur da Ol Bag *oops did dat slip oud?* anyways herz had been oudda town on budnezz so da daddiman went and gotted me da Binkie, mommaz comed home dat night and we all went shoppin fur da doggie stuffz I needed as momma had been doglezz fur 1 year since herz had to put down her 16 years old Pomeranian Munchkin, herz wuz berry sad. AnywayzI cried all night and da momma said we no can habz jes 1 doggie so herz called da lady to see if her still had da last puppy still, herz said yep so mommaz went to se him and fell in lubz wif da Yoda and bwought him home. I neber cwied again. I lubz my bubba.

Well the daddyman brought me (the Binkie) and brought him home as an early Mother’s Day gift for the Old Bag * oops did that slip out?* any ways, she had been out of town on business so the daddyman went and got me. Momma came home that night and we all went shopping for doggy stuff that I needed as momma had been dogless for a year since she had to put down her 16 year old Pomeranian, Munchkin, she was very sad. Anyway, I cried all night and momma said we cannot have just one dog, so she called the lady to see if she still a the last puppy. She said yep, so momma went to see him and fell in love with the Yoda and brought him home. I never cried again. I love my bubba. 

sitting pretty for momma
sitting pretty for momma

What are you favorite things to do?

Our most faborite fing to do iz bug da momma and da daddima fur tweatz. But we also lubz to aggwivadez da squirrels in da back yard. I Binkie likez to sleep and da Yoda lubz to play wif toyz!

Our most favorite thing to do is bug the momma and the daddyman for treats. But we also love to aggravate the squirrels in the back yard. I (Binkie) like to sleep and Yoda loves to play with toys. 


Why did you decide to start pawing it forward and what organizations do you support?

We stawded pawin id forward 3 yearz agao when a stway doggie momma named Good Girl showed up at our house, but da weally big one wuz when da Sweet Pea her weal name iz Sammie bud da momma callz her da Sweet pea needed life savin surgery and herz momma could nod afford id and wuz gunna gibz momma da sweet pea if herz would save her life! We saved her life bud da mommaz insisted dat herz momma take her back once her wuz well herz libed wif uz fur 4 monthz while herz was in a body cast. Moommaz pwomised da sweet pea dat herz would try to save az many livez as herz could fwom den on. We support Lonestar Shih Tzu & Lhasa Apso rescue, Safe Haven Small breed Rescue in PA and Safehaven Rescue in Oklahoma, Save Our Souls Rescue in Claxton GA The Humane Society of Tulsa

We started pawing it forward 3 years again when a stray doggy momma named Good Girl showed up at our house, but the really big one was when the Sweet Pea (her real name is Sammie, but momma calls her Sweet Pea) needed life saving surgery and her momma could not afford it and was going to give her to our momma if she could save her life. We saved her live but our momma insisted that her momma taker her back once she was well, Sweet Pea lived with us for 4 months while she was in a body cast. Our momma promised Sweet Pea that she would try to save as many lives as she could from them on.  We support Lonestar Shih Tzu & Lhasa Apso Rescue, Save Haven Small Breed Rescue in PA and Safehaven Rescue in Oklahoma, Save our Souls Rescue in Claxton GA and the Humane Society of Tulsa

How can people help?

We can always use donated idemz fur da aucshunz

We cal always use donated items for the auctions.

We like treats..
We like treats..

Is there anything else you would like to share about yourselves?

Hmm Did we tell gewz we likez tweatz??? Mommaz sayz we iz da bestest boyz eber cause anyone can bwing a doggie in and we gedz alonfg fine wif all ub dem.

Hmm, Did we tell you we like treats??? Momma says we are the bestest boys ever because anyone can bring a dog to into the house and we get along fine with all of them.  

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Binks & Yoda for letting me interview them. Pictures were used with permission. You can find them on their facebook page – Binks & Yoda.


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Happy Tails: Meet Oscar the Human Whisperer

I'm Oscar and I'll be your human whisperer today
I’m Oscar and I’ll be your human whisperer today

How old are you?


The vet says that, judging by my teeth and assuming that I’ve never had a cleaning, I’m about five human-years old. My fifth birthday was on the tenth of February (Mommy chose the date). We celebrated with chicky nuggies and Animal Planet’s “Too Cute!”

Where did your name come from?


Mommy tells people that she named me after Oscar Meyer wieners, but that’s not true. I’ve had this name since before I met Mommy, or even before my last mommy. We’re not sure where it came from.


How did you come to live with your mom & dad?


That’s kind of a sad story. See, Mommy is my third Mommy. My first mommy gave me up because her boyfriend was allergic to my fur, and so he didn’t like me. So, my second mommy took me. But, my second mommy stopped having enough time to give me the attention and exercise that I need, and she felt awful. Then, she found out that her sister was looking for a doggy, but wasn’t ready for a puppy. Her sister became my new mommy, and has been my Mommy ever since! She drove from Omaha, Nebraska to Louiseville, Kentucky to get me, and then moved me out here to Hawaii with her and Daddy!

I trained them to let me on beds..neat huh?
I trained them to let me on beds..neat huh?


I saw you need lots of exercise, can you give me examples of what you do?


Mommy taught me how to fetch, so we play a lot of fetch. And tug. But, I can’t leave the yard unless I’m on the leash because I’m a runner. But, Mommy and Daddy take me for walks and hikes!


How was the move?


It was slow. It felt like it took forever. First, we drove from Omaha to Washington to mail our car to Hawaii. I didn’t know they sent cars through the mail. Then, we went to Oregon for a while where I met Daddy’s family. Then, They put me in my crate and we came to Hawaii, but I didn’t live with Mommy and Daddy right away. I lived in a cage with a bunch of other doggies.


How do you like your new place?

So very happy here
So very happy here


I’ve been so happy since we got our home! It’s cozy, there’s more than one room, and Mommy is usually home with us!


Do you have a furbrother yet?


Yes! We got him two weeks ago. His name is Frank. I’m still not sure that I like him much. He’s such a Mommy hog. She can’t even wash her fur without him sitting outside the bath whimpering like she’s gone forever!


What is your favorite thing to do?


Full body snuggles! I love crawling between Mommy and Daddy on the bed and getting fully snuggled up!


Can you share how you became a human whisperer?

Getting pets just because
Getting pets just because


I was watching Cesar Millan with Mommy, and I realized that I trained Mommy and Daddy the same way he trains those doggies!


How many humans have you tamed so far?


Let’s see, there’s Mommy, Daddy, Auntie Trish, Auntie Meg, Auntie Jenn, Granny… six fully tamed so far. Partially trained probably another seven or eight.


Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself?


I am a relatively little known breed of dog, a German Pinscher. When people hear that, they think GSD/Doberman mix, so Mommy usually gets asked who would rent to a family with such a large dog. My breed has only been recognized by the AKC for the last few years.

Other interesting facts: I’m very touchy about my front paws. One of my paws was obviously broken at one time. I’m highly allergic to fleas, so despite Mommy’s hatred of chemicals, Frank and I have to be given oral flea preventative monthly. Also because of this, Mommy is very selective about where she takes me to get groomed or what dogs she lets me be around.

Getting ready to take over the world as human whisperers
Getting ready to take over the world as human whisperers

I am taking my little brother, Frank, under my paw. He will also be a Human Whisperer. We hope to take the world by storm!

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Oscar for letting me interview him. Pictures were used with permission. You can find him on his facebook page – Oscar the Human Whisperer


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Happy Tails: Meet Mimi



How old are you?

Actually nobody knows exactly. Probably 2,5 years old.

Where did your name come from?

Originally my name was Mia. I ever since liked to talk to others – when I moved to my new home I talked even more. On the second day at my new home daddy asked me – just for fun – what is your name and I answered mi – mi (in English it would sound like me – me). But you might know I have a second name and that’s Boromia – Mum and dad are mad about Lord of the Rings and so every one of us has got his LOTR name

How did you find your family?

My family found me on Facebook. Mum was looking for a companion for Gandi and one day a friend of her reposted my pic. A private organisation in Lower Austria was looking for a home for me – and my babies. Mom showed my pic to dad (as every other cat she found) and suddenly he said “okay, contact them and ask for her”. Mum did and they had to provide a lot of informations about where I would live, about themselves etc. Then mum and dad came to visit me and we liked each other from the spot. So it came that I was allowed to move to my new home.

How do you and Samy get along?

Grrrr – Samy is a little VERY annoying little baby. No just kidding – she is a baby but much fun. I like to play with her. There is just one problem: she doesn’t know when to stop.

Do you go outside often?

Definitely yes! As often as possible. We have a wonderful garden in a great area with nearly no traffic.

Kalt? Mir? Nie, nicht bei diesem tollen Fell (Cold? Me? No, not with this great coat)
Kalt? Mir? Nie, nicht bei diesem tollen Fell (Cold? Me? No, not with this great coat)

Do you stay inside when it snows?

Have a look at my fur I don’t care about snow. I love being outside even when it’s really cold.

What is your favorite thing to do?

Sleeping, chasing Samy, Gandi and Poldi and cuddling with mom and dad

Mimi und Gani (Mimi and Gani)
Mimi und Gani (Mimi and Gani)

Where do you sleep?

It depends. At the moment I prefer to sleep in a little colder place – everywhere else it becomes too hot for me. But although I try to sleep in my mom’s bed for a couple of hours every night.

Can you tell us a bit about where you live?

I live with my step siblings in a beautiful part of Vienna/Austria. It’s the suburb with small hills and vineyards. It’s Green everywhere, nearly no traffic. So we can go where ever we want and don’t have to look for cars. I have a very good friend named Eddy – he lives in the next garden but one. We visit each other very often. The problem is Gandi and Eddy don’t like each other at all – they always start fighting when their paths cross. I’m said to be partly a dog. Every time mom and dad go for a walk I accompany them for a while. When they go to visit neighbours I go with them and stay there as long as they do. A problem in winter because then I have to wait outside. Either they have cats on their own or – and that’s just one neighbour – they don’t like cats. There also live foxes, (last spring a baby fox and all of us where totally exited), weasels, hedgehogs, squirrels– but the nice ones. Live is really worth living with my family.

Pawsome kisses Mimi

Author’s Note: Many thanks (vielen dank!) To Mimi’s mom for answering the questions and for letting me borrow pictures of Mimi. You find Mim on her facebook page named: Mimi.

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Happy Tails: Meet Thomas & Brunson

Brunson (top) Thomas (bottom)
T: Good evening, Mz Christina.
B: Hi, Mz Christina.
How old are you both?
T: I am somewhere between 15 and 16, and Brunson is maybe 7.
Thomas, you have a wonderful story about your adoption, care to share it?
T: Sure. I was at the Humane League for five weeks waiting for my forever family. (My first family dumped me for something to do with “landlord.”) Five weeks was a long time to be at that shelter back then as it was a high-kill shelter. I was getting really worried. So anyway, this lady and man come in. She had seen my photo on the Internet and was looking for me. She came up to the colony I was in and spotted me high up on a shelf. I showed her my teeth. I had big fangs back then and didn’t know what else to do. She laughed!
Thomas tries to recreate the face he made when he met his forever mom
The worker at the shelter took me into the meeting room so they could see me. Dad thought I was pretty scraggly and scrawny. He told mom that there were other “prettier” cats available. She said she thought I was beautiful and if I were a lap cat, she was going to take me home. She patted her lap and I jumped right up!  The adoption papers were signed and we were on our way. (Just for the record, in the last 10+ years since I was adopted, I have only sat on mom’s lap a couple of times. MOL)
The whole way home I squawked and made some truly loud and strange sounds. Mom was talking to me but I kept squawking.
Is there a reason you made all those funny noises on the way to your new home?
T: It turns out that I don’t sound like other cats. I am special. *giggles* I make throaty kind of sounds, sort of like a big lion, and when I purr it sounds like someone is tumbling stones for jewelry!
B: He sounds like a snarling Chihuahua, not a lion!
T: You are just jealous. I sound exactly like a lion.
Also, where do you relax if you’re not a lap cat?
T: I like to sit near my mom, by her feet or on the arm of the chair, but if she pets me I leave. When I am not with mom, I am in one of the cave type beds scattered around the house. Mom made me a “heat cave” which is a blanket over a chair. Part of the blanket surrounds the heat vent and all the hot air gets trapped next to the chair. I snuggle in between the chair and the wall. It is delightful! I am also a big fireplace fan!
Brunson, can you share your story of how got your name?
B: I had been outside and wandering around for what seemed like forever. It was very cold and raining really hard. I saw a dry porch with the lights on and a sleigh with presents. Using my last bit of strength, I meowed my head off at the front door. A lady (soon to be my new mom) heard me and opened the door.  I shoved my head and shoulders in the door.  She picked me up and took me back outside. Then people started showing up at the door. Every time someone would open the door, I would try to go in so the lady was holding me in her arms on the porch.
She couldn’t help but notice how bony I was so she made up a nice box with blankets, fed me, gave me water, and kept me safe until her and dad could take me to the vet the next morning.
That was a long way of saying that I was named after a famous poker player, Doyle Brunson, because I was the first guest to arrive on poker night!
Brunson's poker face
How long did it take for you to adjust from being outside to inside?
About 30 seconds. Mom and dad kept me in the finished basement until I was strong enough to meet my new brothers.  I had fleas, ticks, worms…I only weighed 6 pounds and I am a very large kitty. I had been starving for a long time. I was super happy to be warm, fed, and loved!
Do you two get along?
B: Umm…
T: Sometimes, I guess most times. Brunson is a daddy’s boy and I hang with mom. So there is no competition there.  Brunson gets carried away and body slams me sometimes. He bites me but ends up with a huge mouthful of my fur!  Mom says when we cough up hairballs, they are all my fur.
B: You have to admit, you start it, Thomas!
T: I just casually walk by and bop you on the head or step on your tail. That doesn’t necessarily mean I want to wrestle.
B: Yeah, right!
Brunson stands by his statement, Thomas starts the fights
Are there any other furry siblings in the house?
T: Sigh. Not anymore. Our brother Licorice went to the rainbow bridge in January of 2013. He was my best friend. I lived with him for 9 years. I still miss him. He was 16 when he passed. My mom had a kitty named Baby Bear who was with her for 19 years. After he died, mom wanted a cat to keep her company and for Licorice to hang around with. That is why she adopted me.
B: Licorice had some razor sharp claws! Mom used to have to pick the claw shards out of my head! I learned pretty quickly not to mess with him. I still miss the old guy though.
Do either of you have new year’s resolutions you would like to share? 
T&B: To stop procrastinating!!! So far we are not doing well with that.
Stop procrastinating.. okay, I'll take a nap right here.
May I do a dedication to Licorice at the end of the article?
T: Yes. That would be nice.
Thank you both again and your mom. 🙂 
T: Thank you, Mz Christina!
B: Thanks, Mz Christina. That was fun!
This article is dedicated to the loving memory of Licorice. Fly free little one. You will always be loved & missed.

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Thomas & Brunson for letting me interview them (and their mom!). Pictures were used with permission. You can find them on their facebook page – Thomas & Brunson.

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Happy Tails: Meet Sam the Man

Thank you for wanting to be interviewed.
It is my pleasure!

Sam the Man
Sam the Man

How old are you?
I am about 5 years old.

Where did your name come from?
Dad named me. He was looking for a tough sounding name and decided to call me Sam. My full name is Sam the Man.

How did you find your forever home?
A teacher who worked at the same school dad taught at found me eating out of a dumpster behind a restaurant. She told dad about me and she took me to school where dad picked me up. He and mom adopted me when I was just a little kitten.

Helllooo ladies
Helllooo ladies

My ladycat readers would like to know if you are single?
Yes, I am available! I kind of like a little black cat Laila here but she does not care too much for me.

Do you get to venture outside or do you stay in?
All the cats and bunny here are full time indoor cats. I have a lot of toys to play with so I’m happy.

How many fursiblings do you live with?
I have 12 cat siblings and a bunny sibling.

What is your favorite thing to do?
I love to play with bouncing balls.

Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself or your family?
If I may be immodest for a moment, I am famous on Youtube. I have several videos there, but my favorite is “The Shocking Minds of Cats 1“, starring me and a white cat named Luvey. I get to talk in this one! If you want to see it, please click the link.

Thank you.
You are very welcome. I enjoyed it. I want to say Hi to all my fans out there! Love you!



Author’s Note: Many thanks to Sam the Man for letting me interview him. Pictures were used with permission. Please visit him on his facebook page – Sam the Man

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Happy Tails: Meet Billybobcat Thorton

May I ask how you found your forever home?
Well, Mom had a neighbor that had adopted me from a rescue when I was about 1 and had me for about 3 years. That neighbor had to move and could not take me with her so mom said she would take me. That was 14 years ago!
What is your secret to remaining youthful and handsome?
*blushing* Oh stop, you are too kind
Oh hehehe, *blush* Thank you. I guess it is due to the delicious food mom feeds me and she brushes me everyday! I do so love being brushed! Plus Plenty of rest!

Can you tell me about your girlfriend Snakey, how did you two meet?
My beautiful Snakey *dreamy eyes* I am so lucky to have her. We met at a fundraiser at my dear friend, FatBoy Babushka’s! He was having a bachelor auction and I was one of the bachelors! A lovely ladycat named Tashi the rescue cat won me in the auction. It was then learned that Snakey was very interested in me, so I went on 2 dates! Tashi had a boyfriend already, but we had a lovely dinner and night out. Then Snakey and I went out and we just hit it off!! We have been together ever since!

Do you have anything special planned for Valentine’s Day?
*shy giggle*  Well I definitely do. But I can’t tell you because Snakey will likely be reading this!

What is your favorite thing to do?
Besides sleeping? .. I love looking at the squirrels… The frustratingly unattainable squirrels! in the back yard. I sit in the bedroom window and watch them. Sometimes mom puts on the squirrel channel for me on the computer, but it is equally frustrating!

Where do you like to sleep?
Sometimes on mom’s face. But usually right next to her on a pillow with my soft blanket, wedged in her armpit. When it is cold I like to get under the covers and if I can be on mom at the same time, that is especially awesome.
I love being near my mom

What would you like to say to people who are scared to adopt an older cat?
What is there to be afraid of? There are many advantages to adopting us more mature kitties. We are more calm, we like to cuddle and we keep the zoomies to a minimum!

Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself?
I feel the need to confess my love of nip. But I drool so much when I get it, mom doesn’t give it to me too often. But I love my mom so much. I will cry if she leaves for too long. She says my crys sound like I am saying MAWWWWWM. But I have a really cushy life and I am grateful!
This is how I type
May I borrow pictures of you and your beautiful girlfriend for the article?
Oh Yes!!! Please do!   Her page is “Snakehead for president 2012

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Mr. BillyBob Cat Thorton for letting me interview him. Pictures were used with permission. You can find him on his facebook page –BillybobCat Thorton.

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Happy Tails: Meet Eleanor & Her Hairies

Miss Eleanor, let’s start with you, may I ask how you came to your forever home?

(Tap Tap)

Is this thingy on.. testing 1,47,15..
Well, I lived with some dude that took in my pregnant mommy, he didn’t know we were in there, when we were born, he was trying to find houses for us. Daddy found the dude, drove a big much time and TADA!!! Mommy was surprised after Tabby’s cheer practice with ME!


How many clothes do you have in your wardrobe?

I have a lot of clothes, I can’t count that big much yet, but a lot are too big much on me. I do donate my little much ones to a Sphynx rescue.

 Sugar Skull shirt
Do you have a favorite outfit?

I have 2 favorites, they were custom made for me, one has daisies on it, the other has sugar skulls. I love them so much, I am a model for the etsy page thingy that makes them.


Do you have a daily beauty routine?

I start off by making sure that I getted big much wrinkle sleeps. I get my cardio in by running and climbing anything and everyone. I don’t even want to think of all the stuff that the Crazy Mommy Lady does to me… my ears hurt just thinking of those evil Qtips!!!

I gots a boxie!
I gots a boxie!


Sir Francois Xavier LeFlufferbutte King of Tacos, how did you get such a glorious name?

Whaa, whaaaat is she saying? I can have tacos? Oh, she likes my name?



Are you really the King of Tacos?

(Now paying attention) YES! I am the King of EVERYTHING! The God Father, really.

Does any one treat you different because you are deaf?

The Mother figure does signs at me with her hands, other than that, no, not really, they all pretty much worship me.

Francois looking chic


Carlisle, can you explain what a flame point meeze is?

It depends on who you ask, Flame point Meeze, is a flame point, red point, some say we have an Albino trait Siamese.

Carlisle, the handsome
Carlisle, the handsome


Where did your name come from?

Well, the tiny human was obsessed with Twilight, before I came to live here, they had another flamer Meeze, named Jasper that passed away from Wet FIP, she wanted me to have a vampire name too.


Where is your favorite place to sleep?

I LOVE to sleep on top of the big plasma TV.


Miss Serefina
Miss Serefina
Miss Serefina, I love your name it’s so lovely.

You will really LOVE my full name then, Serefina Fiona LeFluffer the Queen of all Evil (I cut the Butte off my last name after Francois’ and my divorce.. LOOONNNG story)


What is your favorite thing to do?

I love to just be a total, um, Queen of Evil.


I'm fabulous!
I’m fabulous!

Only the ones that are too large on her, she’s usually picky about our hair, Mommy seriously uses a lint remover to get out hair off of Nor’s clothes… SPOILED MUCH?.. I mean, oh how I love my beautiful naked sister!


Who is your favorite playmate in the house?

I know it may sound like I am sucking up to her, but Eleanor. I felt like a loner before she came into our home. The other cats think that my markings are mean, Eleanor doesn’t care what anyone looks like, she was so sweet to me and we bonded instantly!


Sir Edward, what is it like living in a house with mostly ladycats?

The real question would be, what’s it like for all the ladies, living with big sexy me?!

Meow there ladies
Meow there ladies


May I ask if you are the biggest mancat in the house?

(Flexes his biceps & winks) ..


Is it true you are single?

For you, doll face, I’m whatever you wish for me to be.

What are you looking for in a nice ladycat?

She has to be attractive, well groomed, bury her own in the litterbox.


Tucker, what breed are you?

The vet THINKS that I am Pitbull/Great Dane.. I personally KNOW that I am just a really tall CAT!

Tucker, the really tall cat
Tucker, the really tall cat


How do you handle all the cats in the house?

Very carefully.

Bella Shanaynay:

Me! After a fur cut
Bella Shanaynay, I adore that name! Where did it come from?

I swing my arms and slap like the old TV character from the 90’s. My full name is Bella Shanaynay LaBousche Johnson III


What breed are you ma’am?

I am a “Toy” Schnauzer.. even though a Toy breed doesn’t really exist. 

What is your favorite to do?

I LOVE to dig in the trash and hoard the lovely half eaten things that I find, especially banana peels and Styrofoam containers!… 


Author’s Note: Many thanks to Miss Eleanor and Her Hairies for answering the interview questions. It’s always a pleasure to do a group interview. You can find Miss Eleanor on her facebook page- Eleanor the Sphynx and her Hairies on their faceboook page- Eleanor’s Hairies. Pictures were used with permission.


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