Black Cat Appreciation: Meet Dr. Love

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Dr. Love, Rebel, Jake & Tia (mom) for letting me ask questions. Pictures were borrowed with permission. Please visit Dr. Love & family on his facebook page : Dr. Love


First may I ask how old you are?
I’m one year old. I was born in May 2014, in St. Petersburg Florida.
Where did your name come from?
The human I rescued last August was one of four admirers petting me (at PetSmart) the day we met. I was being passed from lap to lap. It was a pretty competitive situation! After choosing and going home with my new Mom, it became clear that I was the most affectionate, cuddly kitten she had ever known. By this time, I had already met some family friends, and my abundant cuddles were like medicine to humans. Mom made my name official five days after I rescued her. She named me after the song by KISS!
How did you become a doctor?
I was pretty much born into it. These days, I take continuing education at my home school so I stay current on the latest advances in cuddling.
I read you were rescued and live with Rebel & Jake, how do you all get along?
We love each other very much. They’re loads of fun! Most days, it’s like a zoo at our house. Jake really welcomed me from the first moment. He’s a nurturer and a playmate. Rebel and I do lots of wild playing. Even though she’s a girl, she’s a tough breed and very pure (F2 Savannah), so she keeps me on my toes. That said, Rebel loathes Jake, and Jake uses this to torment her whenever he can, by jumping out at her, etc…
Do you like to be held still?
I love, love, love being held. My favorite is being held like a baby – tummy up. Also it’s fun to be held upright, against a human shoulder, with my paw holding a human’s finger.
Other than running around at night and wrecking things, what else you like to do?
One of my hobbies is hunting bugs. The flying kind are the most challenging, and the most rewarding! Another activity I try to do often is practicing my mouse hunting. We don’t have any real mice, so I hunt toy ones. Often, an unfortunate toy mouse can be found lying in my food bowl after being “killed”!
I read you have a catio, how often are you out there?
I’m out there every day, without fail. I like to look at passing neighbors, and catch any stray lizards, frogs, or bugs foolish enough to invade my precious catio! Rebel is out there even more than I am. She guards it most afternoons.
Do you have any grooming tips for other house panthers?
Every speck of dust shows up on a house panther’s black fur. One thing that helps a lot is having a human run a comb through my coat every two days, especially during shedding season. We use flea combs because they are fine enough to remove a lot of loose hair and lint. Hold one section of fur tight and comb the undercoat, then the outer coat, and move on to the next section. Don’t forget the tail! My whole body takes a couple of minutes, provided I don’t start biting the comb. Comb biting is fun though. Oh, well. 
What would you like to say to the people who are cautious of adopting a black cat?
My message to anyone who thinks black cats are beautiful but scary: We black kitties are in no way bad luck. We are gentle, loving, and as a bonus, you can hug us without need for a lint roller! Believe it or not, that’s a MAJOR plus for most working humans. If you want to peek in on how we house panthers interact with the world, check out my Facebook page, and several of my house panther friends’ pages as well.
Do Rebel & Jake want to add anything about themselves?

Jake: I’m two years old and my favorite hobby is a game called “Treat Chase”. That’s where a human tosses treats one at a time and we catch or chase them down. I catch lots of treats right out of the air, with my huge fluffy paws.
Rebel: I’m three and a half, and I am a true athlete. I can jump 6 feet to catch toys and flying insects! I love to wrestle too. Out of the three cats, I am the closest to Mom. I follow her around everywhere — even when she’s cleaning.
Do you or your parents have anything to say about you?
Tia (Mom): Dr. Love is my first ever house panther. I couple of years ago, I got to know a close friend’s black kitty and could not get over how silly and warm he was. Then I heard this was common for black cats – a super-fun and affectionate personality. The day I was rescued by Dr. Love, three other people were competing with me. Somehow, I ended up with him, and the rest is history. I’ll finish with one secret almost no one knows about the little doc: he does not meow. He sweetly SQUEAKS!

Black Cat Appreciation: Meet Obie

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Obie and his humans for letting me interview him. Hopefully this made him feel better as he tried to submit his photo to be published in Catster, but unfortunately did not make the cut. If you want to follow him & his siblings, they have a facebook page called: The Candy-Corn Kittens.  Pictures were used with permission. 
 Obie 3
“May I ask how old you are sir?”
 I was born in 2008, so that makes me 7 years old! I was adopted from a great no-kill rescue called Salem Friends of Felines in Salem, Oregon. I was one of four black kittens rescued, along with our kitty mommy, from behind a pizza restaurant in Salem. All four of us kittens had upper respiratory problems, and we kept making each other sick; whenever one of us would get healthy we would catch it again!
“How did you come to live with your forever family?”
Our humans had lost four cats between January 2007 and May 2008; Tabby was 20, Misty Kitty was 18, Lucky was 17 and Christmas Kitty was 11 (he had cancer.) They had adopted a Lynx-Point Siamese from Salem Friends of Felines in February 2008; her name is Meeshka. And in May they adopted me. When my daddy was a child his neighbors had a black cat named Bulungus, and he always said he was going to have a black cat someday and name it Bulungus. My full name is Obsidian Bulungus; they call me Obie for short.
“How many fursiblings do you have?”
I have seven feline siblings! Meeshka, Mackenzie, Reggie, Phoebe, Zen, Whiskey Pete and Tigger. Mackenzie is the oldest; he’s about fourteen. Reggie and Phoebe are orange and white cats also known as The Candy-Corn Kittens, and they have their own Facebook page. (But all of us appear on the page; they’re very good at sharing!) 
Obie 1
“You are quite handsome sir; would you like to share your grooming techniques?”
Thank you! I pride myself on my handsomeness! And do you know what’s really cool about my fur? At the base, it’s gray! I’m what is known as a Smoke Tabby; if you brush me backwards my fur looks gray. As far as grooming techniques go, I’m a pretty basic fellow; I just use the good old-fashioned tongue. Several of my siblings also help with my grooming, so I manage to stay handsome!
“What do you like to do for fun?”
 I am a pretty active cat! I am an indoor-only cat, as are all my fursiblings, but we have a lot of toys, as well as a big cat castle we can climb and benches at all the windows so we can see outside. My favorite toys are the plastic springs; I whap them all over the house, and I never know which way they are going to bounce! It’s fun! 
“What would you like to say to all the other black cats out there?”
 Being a black cat, I know how difficult it can be to get adopted, and I know all the silly superstitions surrounding us. All I can say is to never give up! There are humans who love us just the way we are, and they are working hard to spread the word that black cats are just the same as all other cats! The only difference between us and other cats is pigment. We give love like other cats, and we deserve love like other cats. So hold your heads up and be brave; the time is coming when we will be appreciated like we deserve!
“Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself or your family?”
 I have a great family. My humans spoil me and my fursiblings, and they work hard so we can live a carefree life! My older brother Mackenzie has diabetes, and gets insulin twice a day, but he’s doing great! Tigger is the newest member of the family; he showed up at the door in the spring with a bad wound on his shoulder, but now he’s healthy, and he’s a troublemaker! Whiskey Pete recently published a book about us, called “The Cats of Shaftesbury Cottage.” It’s available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and as an eBook! 
 Obie 2
Thanks for taking the time to interview me! I’m a really happy cat right now!

Midnight the Rescue Panther (revisited)

Happy New Year everyone!  I am so very lucky to be able to re-interview Midnight.  Please check out the original interview 



Since our last interview, how many stories have you published?

since the last interview i have published many new stories. i forget how many.

What do you find to be the hardest thing about being a writer?

i think the hardest thing about being a writer is trying to stay original. and yet i have to be true to the story line also. and finding the time to write is always a challenge, with the kids now and everything.

Are there any other writers in the family?

dad writes also, he helps a bit with my books.

How do you deal with fame?

i deal with fame pretty well. i mean i am a level headed panther, i don’t go off on dramatic rants very often. well not that often.

I’ve been following your reunion story, what was it like to finally see your mom again after so long?

omg it was so awesome to finally get reunited with mama! i was so happy to see her i jumped into her arms. i was like mama!!!! i sit on her as often as i can.

What was one of the first things you did with her?

i think the first thing mama and i did after we got all settled a bit was i snuggled up with her on the bed and purred and purred.

What does everyone think of the new place?

we are all pretty happy with the new house, we have more room to run and play. the slickery floors take some getting used to, but we adapt.

Can you share the secret on how to “panther”?

oh geez, the secret to panthering? well its a closely guarded panther secret you know. i mean i taught my son. i dont know if i can share it, i gotta check the rule book.

How do you find time to spend with the family and try to write your next story?

spending time with my family is of course the most important thing to me. I love playing with my kids and watching them grow into big happy kitties. i write when they are napping or if their mother cocoa takes them for a while, i can write then also.

Where can people purchase your works?

you can buy all of my books at my amazon page, in ebook and in paperback as well. the link is

Is there any chance people can get pawtographed editions?

sometimes we have copies of the paperbacks that I pawtograph and we will auction them off. you just have to watch my page for those.

What has been the inspiration behind your books?

i believe the inspiration behind the books is mostly my facebook fans, all them wanting to hear about my adventures! i love telling the stories, and it is so much easier to tell them when i have an audience.

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Midnight & his wonderful fur and non-fur family. Pictures were used with permission.
You can find Midnight on his Facebook page Midnight the Rescue Panther, His sibling Ghost also has a page, Ghostus with the Mostus or find Amelia, Chamille and Rosie at Panfurs Angels.This article is a part of the Black Cat Appreciation theme, for more interviews please click the badge below.

Extra Love Needed: Meet Rupurrt Ninja Kitty

Is this thing on? Oh.. hi!

How old are you?

1 year and a few months my birthday is April 12,2013

Where did your name come from?

the vet gave me this name because no matter how much in pain I was, I always had a purr for everybody, hence the spelling difference 😀

How did you find your forever home?

Once I had my surgery (s), I was released to Kitty Angels of CT to find a home. My momma found me and fell head over heals in love right away. She didn’t try for me because she felt there might be a better home out there for me, my first adoption fell through, momma saw this at work on her phone and contacted KA right away. she felt she was given a 2nd chance and refused to pass it up! Lucky for me!!

I’m so lucky, I have my own momma to follow around and help

How many fur siblings do you live with?
2 fur sisters and 3 fur brothers

How long did it take to recovery from your prolapsed rectum?

About 4 months, I came there at 4 months and momma adopted me at 8 months.

Did you need medication or therapy?
There was medication, I hated it, but took it anyway. There was a spray for my bottom to prevent it from becoming dry enough to crack and bleed that momma had to use on me.

What is your favorite thing to do?

Run, chase but mostly cuddle with momma at night. We have a chat and talk about the day, then fall asleep like that.

I also help with homework…and watch

What would you like to say to other cats who are on the streets looking for homes?

I walked up to somebody’s house looking for help, I knew I was in trouble. this one house looked like a place that would help me out, so I stopped there. I was right, they took me to the vet the very next morning. So for kitties looking for homes….never give up…your momma or daddy is right around the corner. Go to a house that looks friendly and see if they’ll help you. Is there anything you would like to add about yourself? Momma says I have an absolute joy for life. It means I go a little over the edge at times, but all in all, I’m a good boy who knows how fortunate I am. I love everybody and everything! I also love to be in high places. It makes momma anxious, but that’s what I do best!!! Mol!!!

Thank you so much, everybody needs to know us special needs kitties have hearts made of gold 😀

This was my face the first time I saw bunnies.. so many bunnies…

Author’s Note: I want to thank Sir Rupurrt Ninja Kitty for taking time out of his busy day to let me ask him questions, I want to than his momma for letting me borrow pictures of his handsome self. You can find him on his Facebook Page – Rupurrt Ninja Kitty. Pictures were used with permission. This article is a part of the Black Cat Appreciation Theme and the Extra Love Needed theme. Click on either badge for more articles.


Extra Love Needed: Meet Sable Tilthead

Author’s Note: I wanted to end the Extra Love Needed Theme this month with a very special interview. This is the story of Sable Tilthead, though he is no longer with us, he is a shining example of how love &  patience can greatly improve the life of any pet. 
Sable Tilthead
How did Sable come into your life?
Sable’s mother was a feral in the colony that I take care of…Someone had put her outside when they moved and I started taking care of her along with the others…I had no Idea Fluffy(Sables’) mother was pregnant…she isappeared for a few days and i was worried but after about a week she came back and brought this tiny little black thing in her mouth…it wasn’t moving so I thought it was a dead bird…she dropped it at my feet and then I realized it was a kitten…for the next 18 years he was mine…
Sable was born in October

Where did his name come from?He got his name because he was a black kitten that had a deep red in his fur…


Do they know why his head was tilted?

They think this is why his head was tilted…he simply came this way…
Vestibular disorders are common in cats. The vestibular apparatus (called the labyrinth) is a complex sense organ composed of three semicircular canals, plus the utricle and the saccule. The labyrinth is stimulated by gravity and rotational movements. It plays an important role in balance and orienting the body in space. Inflammation of the labyrinth is called labyrinthitis.

A cat with labyrinthitis has a problem with balance. The animal wobbles, circles, falls and rolls over, and has trouble righting herself. She may lean against the wall for support and crouch low to the floor when walking. The cat often shows rapid jerking eye movements (nystagmus), and her head will usually tilt down on one side. When picked up and turned in a circle, the cat will act even more dizzy. There may be vomiting and deafness.

A common cause of labyrinthitis is inner ear infection. Other causes include stroke, braintumor, head trauma, brain infection, drug intoxication (especially by the aminoglycosideantibiotics), and thiamin deficiency.

A congenital vestibular defect is seen in Oriental breeds. Kittens show a head tilt, circling, and rolling behaviors. Siamese kittens with this condition may also be deaf. There is no cure.

Idiopathic vestibular syndrome is the most common cause of labyrinthitis in cats. The onset is sudden and the cause is unknown. The signs include a head tilt and nystagmus, and cats may have difficulty walking. There is an increase in these cases in July and August in the northeastern United States, suggesting an environmental cause.
He was also diagnosed with Cerebellar Hypoplasia(CH)

Did you have another furry children in the house?

At one time we had up to 16 cats…if I couldn’t find homes for them I kept them…most of the ones I kept were Specially abled…I kept them all until they went to the Rainbow Bridge…I now have 6 left…Plus a feral colony made up of peoples cast offs…I had them all TNR’d and adopted if possible…I currently have 10 in the colony…

Sneaking some key lime pie from mama when she got up to get something to drink
Was there anything he couldn’t do?

Sable didn’t let anything stop him…He would jump on the windowsill even if it took him a few tries…he would shake it off and try again…He was a wobbly boy but that didn’t stop him from doing much of anything…he had head tremors especially when he got excited (like I would put his special food plate down)You see I cooked for Sable…almost everything I ate he would eat…I would make his plate first and put it down then make my own…he loved all meats and fish and he loved broccoli and carrots…he had to have dessert after his meal also
he loved Cool Whip…there are pics on his page with it all over his face…he was a messy eater b/c of the tremors but we didn’t mind…He couldn’t run very well…he would fall over and get up and try it again…he used the litter box fine but sometime b/c of the CH he lost his balance and got dirty…his Daddy(Fabio) would give this gentle kitty a bath and he would just sit there like he knew you were helping him…There are pics of him and Fabio on his page also…

Sable’s rocking chair
What were is favorite things to do?

Sable loved to sit on “his” rocking chair or on the desk while we were on the computer…he would stay there for hours(pics also on his page)…He loved to follow us around…we would always have to look down to check if he was there…especially if we were cooking…he loved the smells of the kitchen…he loved to hang out in the kitty house that one of his FB friends sent the cats for Christmas…also in the tunnel(also a gift)…he loved cuddling on the bed…he spent many hours there with his daddy when I was hospitalized for several months…Sable had rough experience on October 29 ,2012…Superstorm Sandy…we live near the bay and were flooded out…it was quite sudden…we had no where to go so a neighbor told us to come upstairs to higher ground but we couldn’t take the cats…the next day when it stopped storming Fabio checked on the cats…all were on high ground except Sable he came out of the bedroom soaking wet…we can only imagine the other cats went high and he got swept up in the water that came rushing in(we had 3′ of water in the house)…bthim being Sable just took it in stride…walking around thru the trashed huse w/o a care in the world…we dried him off cuddled him and he was fine…Sable was the most laid back cat i’ve ever met…my husband(Fabio) and I had to find a place for our cats and ourselves…unfortunately we had to be separated…they went to a sanctuary in So.Jersey and we went to a hotel…for 5 months!! we were separated from our babies…it was pure hell…especially since most are seniors…but as soon as we got back in our home we had our kitties back…

Is there anything else you would like to share about him?

There will never be another Sable Tilthead…Fabio and I still cry about him…would I ever adopt another CH kitty?…absolutely!! We learned a lot from Sable…he was loving…funny…and he never gave up…he was a determined cat who led a full and long life…he always got along well with the other cats…the house seems so empty w/o him and our hearts hurt…

Sable won his first photo contest for Feb 2014…they prize was a mosaic picture of him…as soon as I can afford it I’ll have itframed and hang it over the bed that he spent so many hours on…

I received close to 4000 condolances when Sable passed and he had only had a FB page since the end of January…everyone loved Sable Tilthead he was quite a little character ♥

You can use any pics from his page…I also have more if you need them…Thank you for honoring a very special and deserving boy…Sale Tilthead…Mama and Daddy love you dearly ♥ ♥

This article is dedicated to the loving memory of Sable Tilthead
Fly free little one.

Author’s Note: Many many thanks to Sable’s mom & dad for sharing his story. Pictures were used with permission. You can find his facebook page – Sable Tilthead, where his mom spreads the word about other cats in need.
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Happy Tails: Meet Flash & Venti

How old are you?
5 1/2 years old, Brown Spotted Tabby Male
5 1/2 years old, Solid Black Female
Flash & Venti, therapy cats at your service
Where did your names come from?
Flash: I got my name from the saying “Gone In A Flash” I wouldn’t sit still as a kitten.
Venti: I got my name from the large size at Starbucks. I’m solid black so my name fits me.
How did you find your forever home?
Flash: My mom rescued me from a rescue out of Ohio that takes in barn kitty’s to adopt them out. I was a barn kitty and love the outside.
Venti: My mom rescued me from a cat rescue from Indiana called “From the Heart”. I picked my mom because I reached thru the cage and kept touching her to take me home, It worked.
Do you live with any fursiblings?
Flash and Venti: We live with 3 other cats in our house. Three brothers and Venti is the only girl.
Flash doing a little reading
What kind of training/certification did you need to be a therapy cat? How long did it take to get the training/certification?
Flash and Venti: We went thru the, Love On A Leash, program.
Here is there website just click on the cat link and it will explain on what you got to go thru to become a therapy cat. It takes a good 6 months to get certified from beginning to waiting to get your certificate. You need to go to the veterinary to check them out than find a place to visit. Do the ten visits and than have someone that has been watching you do the visit. Like another LOAL member or activities director. Than fill out all the papers and mail them in and than wait for the certificate. So four easy steps to become a certified therapy cat.
Where do you go to work at? Have people be surprised to see a cat and not a dog?
Flash and Venti: We mainly visit nursing homes on a weekly basis. We have a main nursing home we visit and than go to the others when we can. We go to the library once a month for kids to read to us. Sometimes we have someone who request us to visit there love one.  Most people are totally shocked to see that there are cats visiting and can not believe how calm we are.
Venti on the job
Do you have any cat friends that are also therapy cats?
Flash and Venti: We belong to a group on Facebook that has only therapy cats and we hope to have a web page running soon for people to see what therapy cats are all about.
How long did it take to learn to walk on a harness?
Flash: I love walking on my harness from day one and really hasn’t had any issues in learning what it is.
Venti: I’m not a fan of a harness but tolerate it, I fought mom but she won this time.
When you are done with your visits do you get treats or take a nap? How long do your visiting sessions last? 
Flash and Venti: We visit for about a hour long to two hours at a time. We get treats when we get back to our vehicle and some times we fall asleep before we get back home.
What would you or your family like to say about therapy cats that people may not know?
Flash and Venti: They main thing in training a therapy cat is socialized them with everybody and take them everywhere you can. We visit the pet stores, farm stores, craft stores.
Sitting pretty
Is it a lot of hard work to be a therapy cat?
Flash and Venti: It does take a lot of work. Mom has to wash us down and clip our nails and comb us out. Then go and be cute and cuddly few a few hours can be exhausting work but so worth it.
What has been your best moment being a therapy cat so far?
Flash and Venti: Our biggest moment so far will be that finally cats are being recognized as being awesome therapy pets that bring comfort. We finally are in a reading program that took almost two years to get into. So we are here to spread the word about therapy cats. People do miss us if we haven’t visited in a awhile.
Is there anything else you would like to add?
Flash and Venti:  I just wish more places would allow us cats to visit and be more open minded with cats. We can do therapy work just as well as any other animal with the proper training and guidance. I do have a fan club address if anyone wants to write to us because I do like to see where my fans live.
Flash the Therapy Cat
P.O. Box 6594
Kokomo, IN 46904
I love mail ~ Flash

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Flash & Venti’s mom for her patience in answering the questions. Pictures were used with permission. Please visit them on their Facebook page Flash the Therapy Cat.

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Extra Love Needed: Meet Simon

This post is dedicated to the loving memory of Simon. You will always be loved and are terribly missed. Fly free little one.
How did he come to his forever family?


when I saw him at the carrol county humane society-I had just come from burying my cat who I lost to cancer- and Simon’s eyes looked like a wolf-one of my favorite animals-his name there was eclipse, due to him being all black, but I like human names for my animals so he became simon eclipse-this is how he came to be with me, he was about a year old

What were his favorite things to do?

he loved playing, eating, sleeping.

Holding his mom's Kindle hostage
Holding his mom’s Kindle hostage
Where did he like to sleep?
he loved sleeping on the couch
Did he have any nicknames?
his nickname was simony
Did he live with any fursiblings? If so who?
he lived with henry, samantha, rachel, and for a short time with boris catenov
Eating din-din with Samantha and Boris
Is it okay for people to visit the facebook page and send condolences?
yes, I would love for people to visit his page
Is there anything else you would like to add about him, the furry family or yourself?
He passed away due to a horrible disease known as wet FIP and is still terribly missed!
For those that don’t know what FIP is, below are some really informative links.
As always if you notice a different in behavior in your cat, lethargic, not eating, rares moves, stares off into the distance. Please take them to the vet ASAP.

Author’s Note: Many thanks to  his mom for answering the questions and sharing her memories of him. Pictures were used with permission. You can find his memorial page on facebook – Simon Eclipse – Memorial Page.
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Black Cat Appreciation: Meet Darky

Darky looking relaxed

How old is he?

Darky is around 5 years old.

Where did his name come from?

Most people actually think its a racist name, but its not! My daughter is Autistic & she named him that because he was a dark cat. It’s that simple!

How did he find his forever home?

Darky was born here as a wild cat. I trapped him and had him fixed and given his shots & vetted. My autistic daughter saw something special in him and him in her I guess. She had him tamed in a short period of time & they became best friends!

What medications is he on right now?

Darky is on Interferon, which is an immune system booster and Zithromax to help fight his current infection. His vet bills for October were over $1000.

How is Darky doing??

Currently Darky is good! As of October 1st, we didn’t know if he was going to live. Prayers work!

Handsome man
Handsome man

How is Teeny Tiny doing?

Teeny Tiny is Excellent!! He has never shown a single sign of being sick!

How many other fursiblings does he live with?

There are a total of 8 kittys and 2 doggies here! Darky, Teeny Tiny and Hercules are special needs, but Hercules does not have FIV or FeLV.

Hercules (left) & Pete (right)
Hercules (left) & Pete (right)
Mini Min
Mini Min
Lily the boxer/pit mix
Lily the boxer/pit mix
Hokie the rat terrie/pug mix
Hokie the rat terrie/pug mix

she has Alopecia, which is like male pattern baldness!) nothing “wrong” with her.. she just has spots with no hair on her… so she MUST be an indoor kitty, or she will get too cold!

Tank, he has the same thing as Bandit
Tank, he has the same thing as Bandit
Gilly mamma to so many litters, now she is spayed
Gilly mamma to so many litters, now she is spayed
Zak the loveable
Zak the loveable
Teeny Tiny
Teeny Tiny


Is he allowed to play with them or are you kept in a different part of the house?

Darky and Teeny Tiny are the only ones who actually live together. They have a huge indoor/outdoor enclosure with a doggie door that they go through to let them in and out when ever they want!

What would you or your mom like to say about FIV and FeLV cats that people may not know?

GET VACCINATED! I never realized the extreme damage that FeLV & FIV could do because I wasn’t informed. Also, the things you must do to keep your cat WELL once he has FeLV is so important! Again, the vet had not informed me. I didn’t know that simple fleas could kill him & they almost did!!

Is there anything else anyone would like to add?

Cleanliness is KEY! If you have a cat with FIV or FeLV, you need to keep all of your food, water, and litter pans really clean. If you are having to contain your animal for treatment, you must keep that cage really clean as well!



Darky is not doing well. He has an extreme fever & we don’t know if he will pull through this one or not. Please send some extra purrs, healing energy and cross your paws he will make it.


Author’s Note: Many many thanks to Darky’s mom for taking so many in and loving them and caring for them. Pictures were used with permission. You can find Darky and the other’s on his facebook page Darky the Cat with Feline HIV and Leukemia .

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Black Cat Appreciation: Meet Shadow

Shadow the handsome
Shadow the handsome

Shadow, How old are you?


Since I was a stray initially they estimated my birthday to be July of 2012. With that said I am just a little over a year old.

Where did you get your name from?

Funny story….daddy called from the shelter where he was picking me up from. The shelter named me “Ex” when I came in. They wanted to know a name for my tag to send me home with. Mommy was on the phone and trying to think fast. All she could think of was that I was all black like a Shadow. Hence my name “Shadow”.

How did you come to your forever home?

The shelter was over crowded and they were running a special on kitties. Mommy asked daddy if they could get a playmate for my fur sister, Mischief. Daddy went to the local shelter and I was the last kitty there. They said that many people looked at me but did not want me because I was all black. Mommy said that she wanted the yin to her yang and thought we (Mischief and I) would get along great! So they brought me to my new home.

Posing with roses
Posing with roses

Do you get to go outside?

I have only been out once. My family took me to the vet. Yucky Mommy doesn’t take me out much because I have a high prey drive and she is afraid of me daring off after some poor birdie and getting myself lost.

Where do you like to sleep?

Shadow realizing this is not as fun as Mischief said
Shadow realizing this is not as fun as Mischief said

Sleep? Anywhere I fit! I am a very big and lengthy boy. It is hard to find a comfy spot to sleep but when I do I relish every minute.

What would you like to say to people who are scared of black cats?

Afraid of black cats? We come pre-cursed and lots of people think that we are bad luck or mean. We are quite the opposite. We are very smart and sweet. I say that if you are looking to adopt a kitty (cat) then black cats are the way to go!

Is there anything else you would like to say about your family?

My family is the best family that any cat could hope for. They took me off the streets and gave me a nice warm place to live, sleep, eat and play. I am showered with affection and have lots of brothers, sisters and friends (furry and other kinds).

Happy Halloween, remember keep the black cats indoors
Happy Halloween, remember keep the black cats indoors

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Shadow for answering the interview questions. Pictures were used with permission. You can visit Shadow on his sister’s page Mischief also check out her interview on the blog Meet Mischief.

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Black Cat Appreciation: Meet the Gossie Gang

Nelly, how did you come into the family?

I Lived with my first mummy, she worked lots. I was lonely being on my own so I ran aways. 
Found the Gangs house of love. My first mummy cameback and got me. 
I missed the Gossie Gang so I ran away back to thier house. Nevers lookeds back!


Did you lose your hearing or were you born deaf?

Yes I was born deaf. Never known differents. About 12 months ago I got a kangaroo tick and lymes diesease. 
I am nearly blind now because of it and my kidneys are weak. Mummy says its okay cause I am still here. I am perfect to her.

Does anyone treat you different because you are deaf?

No. Mummy doesn’t change furniture much cause of my sight. King bill is very protective of me but I can wrestle and plays as good as it gets!!!

What would you like to say to people who are nervous about adopting a deaf and blind cat?

 Mummy says I don’t talk much cause it. So expect non chatty kitty. Mummy wasn’t scared cause Ole meeka was blind. I m treated the sames. Even time out if naughty. MOL
Just treats us the sames. And if blind don’t change things suddenly. Like furniture. We go on memory. If only deaf its just like any other kitty. 
We react more to signs, vibration or action for you to get our attention. You will be rewarded with lots of loves. 

King Bill, how big are you really?

MOL!!!!! Blushing. I recently went o a diet. Lost a few pounds.  Currently Sitting ….cough cough….. on 10kgs (22 pounds) But my girlfriend Kit says I am cuddly size.

How did you come into the family?

I was born at a no kill shelter on boxing day. 26th of december. I had a twin called Ben. But he died not long after birth. 
I still miss Ben . But hes waiting for me. Mummy adopted me when I was old enough to leave my real mummy.

What is your favorite snack?

This is a hard one! I loves noms!!!! I think Tuna Fillets in virgin oil. Its so melt in the mouth. Which reminds me I need a snack now!!! Mummy tuna please!!!!

Where is your favorite spot to lay?

I love my Recliner. I took over this when daddy moved out. It was his chair. Now I am man of the house its mine!! So is the remote as it’s always in control of the guy MOL. I also like to stay close sitting near mummy. I can tells when she is about to have a seizure. 
I meow loudly and claw at her feet. Mummy lays on soft bed so she safes. I feel proud I can look after mummy like this.

Mummy Jasper, may I ask how you came into the family?

Mummy rescued me. I was ready to have babies. I had four. Boy I never go there again. Babies are so demanding! And don’t listen. I got spayed, and so did my babies.  They got forever homes. But I didn’t click with anyone so I stayed here.

How did you get your name?

I chose it. Mummy gets us to choose our own. She keeps saying names till we like one. I thought it was a very dignified name. I am not a princess sorry.

Have you tried to teach the younger cats a thing or two?

Oh yes. Things must be order and organised! Like my pantry and budget. I know exactly what is in there at what times. One must go to bed early! Beauty sleep is a must.  I round up the gang every night. We must have routine or its CHAOS. And always plan ahead for all possibilities.

What tips do you have to other mummy cats to keep their kitten in line?

It’s okay to tell off naughty kitties. Short sharp meow normally works. But a slight little whack with the paw always does!
Keep your Hooman in line! Lateness not acceptable. They must shop well and efficiently.
And be in control at all times! The minute you let your guard down you lose all respect.

Annie,  glad you could join the gang, were you scared when you came to live with them ?

No I felt right at home. All the gang made me feel welcome. Miss Jasper and I had differences of opinion but we resolved this and now best of friends. 
Miss Jasper a bit of a control freak. She needs to just have fun!

Where did your name come from?

I lived on the same street. My parents were old and passed away. Their children cleaned out the house and left me behind. I was all alone and scared till I found my new family.

What is your favorite thing to do?

I love getting a brush then eating big big bowl of custard. I love my pudding. I must admit I am abit of a sweet tooth. Also I love visits from Mr Vet. He responsible for my financial costs. He gives bestest cuddles.


This article is dedicated to the loving memory of Meeka, Tiger & Bubbles.

Ole Meeka
Mummy rescued her baby boy when he was 8 weeks old. Two boys tried to drown him. Mummy and him were together for 21 years! He loved eating roast pork 
on his louis vuitton scarf. Sleeping with his head down like garfield. and playing judo. He loved grabbing smaller gang member around the neck and send them 
flying. We are lost with out him
He was a feral stray. He only trusted mummy. No one else could go near him. He was with us for a few years till he passed by a stroke. He spent his final years loved, sleeping and eating.


Bubbles wasn’t with us long passed young of heart attack. She was rescued and most cheeky of girls. Bestest mouse catcher.

May I borrow pictures for the article? Yes We will send some by seperate attatchment. 
Thankyou for this honor to be iterviewed. Sorry mummys spelling not very goods. 
 I will state they were used with permission and link back to the facebook page.

Author’s Note: Many thanks to the Gossie Gang for answering the questions. Pictures were used with permission. You can find them on their Facebook page Gossie Gang.

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