Book Review: The Lost Dogs

I’ve got a rather long list of books to read and this one I’ve been sitting on for months. I finally finished it. I have to admit it was one of the harder books to read, it brought me to tears towards the end.


My favorite quote from the book is this one:

“Every time a blogger or radio caller or anyone else wishes ill on Vick and laments how easy he got off, it not only makes that person look mean-spirited, but someone on the other end of the exchange thinks, ” That’s right, Vick did all those awful things and it didn’t really harm him.”
“It’s far better to consistently point out how much Vick lost: the $130 million contract with the Falcons; the endorsement deals; two of the prime years in his career; the nineteen months in a federal penitentiary; the missed birthdays and soccer games of his kids. Those points reinforce the message that participating in dog fighting is not worth the price paid.”


I personally don’t agree with the sentence, nor do I think he really is sorry for what he did. He’s sorry he got caught, he’s sorry he lost his contract, endorsements and has to give money and make statements against dog fighting. But (this is a huge but) it’s not about him. It’s about the 49 dogs that were pulled from the compound. It’s about those that got to know happiness, toys, treats & love, those that got to be fostered and taught manners and learn that humans are good and those that got to find forever homes. It’s also about those that didn’t make it, the one that had to be put down and the others who died before the raid. This is the story of how several agencies got together to decide the fate of these dogs, how much money, man hours, volunteer hours, patience and love was poured into these dogs.

This is also about how one case laid the groundwork for how other dogs from fighting rings are evaluated.

This book offers an extensive background on those involved in the case, starting with the investigators down to the volunteers of the shelters that were approved to take in the dogs to the foster families.

This book made me have a renewed respect for those who work with neglected and abused animals. It also renewed my faith in humanity.

It amazed me to read the stories of the foster families and how they struggled to connect with these dogs.


I highly recommend this book to an animal love, especially a dog lover.

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  1. I read it and agree – it was hard to read but a good read. I have volunteered at Best Friends and have followed some of their rescues from there on facebook – several have been adopted and are now in wonderful homes – and paying it forward. And THAT should be the message that we put forward to others…these are dogs that deserve a second chance.

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