Book Review: Neptune the Special Cat

Author’s Note: My apologizes to Sir Neptune and his wonderfully awesome mom Miss Sharon for not getting this up sooner as I promised I would. I was in no way compensated for this review, I purchased the book myself and wanted to give a review on it. My opinions are my own.


This is the first pet book I’ve had pawtographed by the subject – Mr. Neptune- himself. Of which I still gush about it, nearly six months later.



The book starts off talking about why Neptune is special, how he came to live with his adoptive mom and how they adapted to him.


There are quite a few pictures which add charm and illustrate the rich life that Neptune leads.

I love how it shows his guardians and his roommates and talks about his family.

Yes, the book will make you teary-eyed, but it will also make you smile and want to share Neptune’s story with others.


Pros: This is great book for the family, parents can read it to their kids and kids can follow along with the pictures and see that Neptune is a special cat, but he has a very wonderful life. I’ll admit I read part of it to my cats.. especially since my cat Boo is also white like Neptune.

Cons: It’s a thin book so I was sad when it was finished, but the good thing is you can follow Neptune’s adventures on his facebook page .

Overall: I give it 4 paws up. I’m a sucker for a good cat story. =^..^=

You can purchase the book on Amazon – I highly recommend getting an actual copy of the book – or you can purchase it here or go to the facebook page and if you ask nicely you make get a pawtographed copy.  Also if you are interested Miss Sharon is a co-writer on the blog (how lucky am I?) you can read her reviews on pet products here

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