Black & White Sunday: Max the Stray

For those that don’t know, there was a stray cat that came up to the house around September, we talked to him and pretty soon earned his trust with food and pets and a place that wasn’t scary to sleep at.

I got him neutered and tested, he is FIV+ so he couldn’t live with the rest of my cats since my girl cat Bitty has an auto immune disease, but he did find a great home where he is gaining weight and thriving.

I miss seeing him outside, but I know he’s inside now and safe.

I wanted to share some black & white photos of him.

(This is from 10/30/2012 just a few hours after his neuter surgery, I’m sitting on the back patio on the concrete with him and he was so drugged still and just laid in my lap purring and curling his paws until he fell asleep)




(Max on 10/28/2013 before his neuter surgery, I used the color verison of this picture to spread the word about people keeping their black cats indoors for Halloween)



(Max several weeks before his surgery, he had already become our resident outside cat.)




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