Black & White Sunday: The Adventures of Elise the catnip shrimpie pt 1

All this month I wanted to share black & white pictures of Miss Elise the traveling catnip shrimpie, last year she traveled with my husband and I to BlogPaws and then to BarkWorld. Below are a few of the pictures of her adventures.

Elise got her name from my husband, when we were deciding what to name her. She was a gift from Miss Smoky for our black cat Bubby entering the black cat contest back in 2012. He was the first entry and though he didn’t win, he got a magnet of her and a catnip shrimpie. For the longest time Elise had no name and just laid around in various spots on the floor, no one really played with her and I tried to entice the cats, but I’m not sure if the nip wasn’t strong enough or they don’t like the color pink… either way she ended up being named and picked up a few friends on her travels.

The below pictures are the beginnings of her journey

Meow! Woof! Chirrp! Tell me what you think. =^..^=