Black Cat Appreciation: Taylor the Miracle Cat


How old is Taylor?

Taylor was 15 years old in March of 2013.

Where did his name come from?

My best friend, Linda Taylor, passed away in September of 1997, and I named him Taylor after her (her last name).

How did he come to live with you?

I had another little black kitty named The Kid for 15 years. He went to the Rainbow Bridge 12/23/2000, and the only other kitty I had at that time – Tabby – was crying and howling every night because he missed The Kid, and *I* missed The Kid. So, I went to a kill shelter to adopt another kitty and was trying to decide which kitty to adopt. Taylor was very sick in his cage with the shelter UTI lying on a metal ledge in his metal cage with no blanket or anything. And, every time I walked by his cage, he would get up and start crying, and it broke my heart, so I adopted him. Because he was sick, 3 years old, and a black kitty, no one wanted him, and he would have been euthanized has I not adopted him.


How is Taylor recovering from his surgery?

Taylor has completely recovered from his surgery. He’s a resiliant little kitty. He recovered from his surgery that he had last year just as quickly. And both were major surgeries. He does have some bathroom and tummy and gas issues that we’re working on getting under control.

Does he take any medications right now or require extra care?

I add Miralax to his canned food when he gets it twice a day, and I also give him “Little Tummies” twice a day for his digestive and gas problems, and that’s all right now. He’s off all the meds he was taking after surgery.

How many fursiblings does he live with?

He has 3 fursiblings – all kitties and all girls. There is Cleo, who is the same age as Taylor, Buttercup who will be 12 years old in December, and SweetPea who is 11 1/2 years old. Taylor doesn’t care for any of them, sadly. He used to be close to Tabby and Cookie before they went to the Bridge.

Where does he like to sleep?

Taylor likes to sleep with me or as close to me as possible. Usually, he licks my hand and curls up next to me, and sometimes he sleeps on top of me.

What toys does he like to play with?

Taylor likes any toy that has catnip in it. He doesn’t have any particular favorites; he loves to play with anything at all as long as I’m playing with him with it.

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What would you like to share with people who are scared of adopting black cats?

Black cats are considered by a lot of people to be bad luck, especially in America, so sadly black kitties have very low adoption rates. The belief that black kitties bring bad luck is pure superstition started hundreds of years ago. A kitty’s color is simply a matter of pigment and genetics. Black kitties are no different than any other kitty; in fact I have had 3 black kitties, and they were/are as loving as any kitty I’ve ever known. Cats, whether they are black, white, gray, or orange, are as diverse as the colors of their fur. Some are shy, some are social, some are active, some like to sleep, some are loving, some prefer to do their own thing – and it has nothing to do with the color of their fur. It has everything to do with their temperament and their life experiences. Taylor is the sweetest, most loving kitty I’ve ever known. He has brought me great joy and companionship, and love. He has not brought me bad luck, and I wouldn’t trade him for anything.


Author’s Note: Many thanks to Miss Jamie for taking the time to talk about Taylor. Pictures were used with permission. Taylor does not have a Facebook page sadly.

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  1. Great interview!! I know Miss Jamie personally & have a bit with Taylor’s Vet bills. He truly IS a miracle kitty & he is so loving & sweet…I would adopt a ‘panther’ kitty in a heartbeat!!!! Rock on Taylor!!!! You are my inspiration!!
    Love ‘Auntie” Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too xoxoxo

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