Black Cat Appreciation: Mishka & Ginger

Mishka & Ginger

May I ask how old you both are?

We are about a year and a half. Our Meowmy set our birthday to be May 25th.

Where did your names come from?

There was a post on our brofur’s Ninja B’s Wellness’s page where we got several suggestions from. Our Daddy is Russian, so that’s kinda why the boy names are Russian in origin. Mishka means mouse in Russian and I (Mishka) was very skiddish when I first came home. I was SO scared of our HUGE German Shepherd sisfur Laika when I saw her for the first time. Tolstoy, nicknamed Toly (sounds like “Tole-ee”) was named after the Russian author Leo Tolstoy (Anna Karenina, War and Peace, and other writings). Leo Tolstoy was known to like cats and has been photographed holding a little black cat. Ginger, on the other hand, just kind of stuck. It was “the black boys and the ginger girl” before we had names. She seemed to respond to it well, and it seems to fit her attitude also.

Ginger napping
Ginger napping

Was it scary moving from North Carolina to Illinois to Ohio?

It wasn’t too bad actually. Our new Meowmy and Daddy came to North Carolina to come get us, and they had brought the 2 kitties they already had Ninja andOmni. They stayed at our foster parents’ place; Omni was a little hissy… but it was nice to get used to most of the family before moving. Actually traveling wasn’t that bad. The 3 of us traveled in one big carrier together, so we just cuddled together and slept a lot. It was similar when we moved to Ohio… just without Toly. As long as we are together we are fine. We don’t like to travel seperately… even to the vet!
Do either of you get to go outside?
Unfortunately very rarely… but sometimes Meowmy will hold us and go outside or we have a harness that we’ll get to go out in our fenced in back yard on a leash.

Where is your favorite spot to sit?

Mine (Mishka) is on the dining room table where I like to sleep! MOL Nanny (Meowmy’s mom where we are staying right now) gets SO mad at me fur doing it! I also like sleeping on top of cabinets way up high. Ginger likes sleeping in the same room as Meowmy usually. She likes boxes and clothes baskets, sometimes I’ll cuddle with her in a clothes basket. We also like sitting in open windows!
Ginger is just hanging out

What toys do you like to play with?

I LOVE catnip toys! I also love mousies; I play fetch with Meowmy. Ginger likes playing with balls a lot.

What would you like to say to people who are scared of black cats?

That it’s just a silly superstition! Every cat is different, just like people… sometimes there’s bad ones or “scary” ones, but don’t let one bad apple spoil the whole bunch!
Mishka & Ginger

Do you live with any other fursiblings?

There is us, Mishka & Ginger; Ninja B, our GSD doggie Laika. Omni is staying with Daddy right now, but when the family gets reunited once Daddy has a place for us to live we will have her back too. There is another doggie here where we are staying named Gracie who is a poodle.Oh! and my new girlfriend… she’s a bunny named Ariel! <3

Can you tell us a bit about Tolstoy? (did he like to play, where did he like to sleep?

Tolstoy was the sweetest cat Meowmy had every known… and I’m a big cuddler, so that’s saying a lot! He was all black (I have just a little white on my neck and belly and under one of my arms). He was just wonderful and was very close to Meowmy. He loved sleeping in the funniest places like on plates and on top of file boxes. He was very sweet and affectionate.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your family?

Our family has been through so much… it would be a story in itself! Just know we are all fighting to stay together and we love each other very much! Our family bond is stronger than anything imaginable and love will save us all!


Toly, always in our hearts
Toly, always in our hearts

This article is dedicated to the loving memory of Tolstoy.

Fly free little one.


Author’s Note: Many thanks to Ginger & Mishka for answering the questions and wanting to be interview. Many thanks to their wonderful mom for helping with the questions about Toly. You can visit Ginger & Mishka on their Facebook Page the Travelin Trio. You can also visit Omni on her Facebook Page Omni-Cat & her Great White Whisker. Ninja B can also be found on Facebook under Ninja B’s Wellness and he was also interviewed.

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