Black Cat Appreciation: Meet Tink

Miss Tink the amazing

May I ask how old you are?

I am 3 years old.

Where did your name come from?

My mom likes Disney. She says she named me after something called a Tinkerbell.

How did you come to live with your mom?

I was dropped off at the vet’s office where my mom took her cats. She came by one day, and her friend that worked there wanted to show me to her. I reached out my paw when she walked by, so she arranged to take me home so that I could play and not be stuck in a cage at the vet’s office. I was only supposed to be a foster baby, but she was already in love.

I see that you had a bad upper respiratory infection and lost your eyes, how long did it take to get over it? (the infection, not losing your eyes)

It actually was a long process, about two years. I have had many infections and multiple surgeries. My left eye was puffy until about a year ago. I had to have injections of special medicine into that eye socket, but thankfully it is better now.

Tink the amazing & adorable
Tink the amazing & adorable

Were you scared about the surgery?

I was always scared to go for the procedures and vet checks, but I was fine whenever I got home. I always came to take my medicine when Mom called. Honestly, I dealt with it a lot better than Mom did (she worries a lot).

Did it take a while for you and your mom to adjust after the surgery?

Not really. I was only about 3 months old, and the vet said I probably never had sight.

Do you have super sensitive ears?

Yes I do! My new favorite thing is to catch a fly if it makes it in the house.

Tink a few days after surgery
Tink a few days after surgery

What are your favorite things to do?

I love playing with my favorite toys, jingy balls (they have jingle bells in them). I also love following Mom around the house (someone needs to make sure she is doing everything right).

Do you live with any fursiblings? If so, who?

I have a Snowshoe Siamese brother named Rocky who is older than me, but that I can beat up. (He is the one that taught me to play fight, I am just better at it than he is now). I also have a Tortoiseshell sister named Kali, and a 17 year-old orange tabby brother named Joey who is diabetic.

Miss Sharon, are people apprehensive about meeting Tink?

Honestly Tink doesn’t meet that many new people. She is very hesitant until she completely feels the situation out.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of adopting a blind cat?

They are amazing! (Tink still amazes me every single day). Animals are much more adaptable than we are. As with any animal that is different and special, you have to take the time and adjust things accordingly so that the animal is comfortable during the transition. I also read Gwen Cooper’s book Homer’s Odyssey when Tinky was little. That book helped me a lot. (Homer is Tinky’s hero).

Tink is ready for autumn
Tink is ready for autumn

What precautions did you take with Tink when she first moved in with you?

She was so tiny, only about the length of my checkbook. I was most worried about her crawling into small places, so I blocked places that she might get into. At first, she stayed in a big dog crate at night for her safety. Safety was always my biggest concern after her many surgeries and procedures, so she ended up getting her own room when unsupervised.

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Miss Tink and her mom for answering the questions. Photos were used with permission. You can visit Miss Tink on her facebook page, Tink the amazing. Please click on the badge below to view other articles on black cats. This badge was made by the wonderful Miss Ann of Pawsitively Pets.

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  1. What a beautiful girl, it is so nice to meet you Tink. We want to thank you as well for your kind comment on our blog last week, it really meant a lot to us. Have a great week 🙂

  2. Tink ya iz amazin kitteh n we iz so glad ya found a Mum who lubz ya n takez care of ya n all da kittehz she haz dere…yer fur lookz just like velvet….so soft n snuggly…
    Nylablue n Sherriellen xo

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