Black Cat Appreciation: Meet the N Kitties

Let’s start with Nero:How old are you?

Nero the handsome
I turned two years old on June 1st! Wow, I guess I’m a real mancat now!

How did you get your name?

 I was the third kitty in our family, and with my name was the deciding factor that we’d all have N names, and now our mom is a little OCD about it. Must only be N names! It drives our dad crazy.
Anyway, when mom was looking at websites for N name ideas, she found the name Nero which apparently means something along the lines of powerful(which hey, I am pretty powerful heheh). However, the actual word definition is what drew mom to my name at the time; Nero means black in Italian. I came to my forever home after my younger brother Naiyu.

How did you come to your forever home?

Naiyu was the runt of a litter of feral kitties, and was living outside. As such, he was not potty trained or socialized very well. After he was brought home, mom and dad were struggling with him accepting them & he was not grasping the litter box, so they decided to adopt another kitten! He needed a kitty friend to learn from and two kittens are most definitely better than one!! They specifically sought out a kitten a few weeks older, and they found me!
My kitty mommy was a stray, but my biological family was very lucky that she was found by a very nice couple who gave her a safe place to have her babies. I am such a sweet boy, and I was the perfect big brother! I taught my new baby brother that mom and dad are THE BEST!! And, I taught him to use the potty box. My mom and dad love me to the moon and back, just as much as I LOVE them!! AND I love my baby brother Naiyu like he is my biological sibling. He is the only other kitty I seek out for cuddles.. he’s my very best friend!

Miss Nala, may I ask if your name came from the Lion King?

Miss Nala
Yes, my name is from the Lion King! Our mom is a big Disney movie fan, and as such just HAD to name me after a Disney character! A girl can’t complain though, I imagine if I could roar, it’d be like a lion. And maybe it’d make my siblings leave me be! Ahhh.. dreams.. what’s a girl to do?

Miss Nova, may I say that is a beautiful name, where did it come from?

Miss Nova was a little shy, but came around
Ah, why thank you! My name was chosen simply because my mom loved it! But I am true to it’s meaning.. I really am the star that suddenly increases the brightness of my humans moods. I always know when someone needs some of my world famous cuddles!

Is it true you like to purr and chat with your family?

Yes, I do love to purr and chat! Even when I’m upset, I’m purr purr purring!!!! Plus, I just love to carry on a conversation with just about anyone. Even myself! Sometimes I pick up my favorite toy and just carry it around in my mouth while talking to no one in particular.. MREEEEEEEEEEOW! MREEEEEEEEEEOW!!!!!! Ooooooh and I especially like to tell those nasty stink bugs off! I meow at them and tell them to get out of my house or I’m gonna get them!!!

Mr. Naiyu, how do you pronounce your name?

Naiyu lounging during the interview process
Naiyu lounging during the interview process
My name has no real set way to pronounce it, but my family says it “Ny-you”(think nylon, but ny-you).

Does it have a special meaning?

It doesn’t have any special meaning, it was just a name my dad made up and mom liked it too!

Do you teach the younger cats how to play?

  In regards to the younger kitties, I teach them everything! As Nero explained, I myself was a confused young lad and Nero took me under his wing & taught me everything I needed to know about life as a house kitty. As an adult kitty, I guess I feel the need to do that for any baby I meet. I don’t hiss at them when I first meet them & I gently lick their tiny baby faces to let them know it’s alright.
I give them a good bath and then it’s settled.. I’m their new adopted daddy! I teach them how to climb the kitty condos, how to do a proper litter box potty, where the food & water is located, where the best toy hiding places are, and most importantly.. I’m their new pouncing target! I let them climb all over me and chew on my ears! And after all is said and done, it’s time for another bath! Then it’s nap time. Even babies love nap time.

Miss Nika, what is your beauty secret?

Nika the beautiful, shares her beauty secret
Well, to be perfectly honest, my beauty secret lies in my sister Nilla. We are always giving each other thorough makeovers. I lick her face, she licks my chin. We take turns, you see? Sometimes, it turns violent and we get all new fur styles from the biting. Oh mommy says it’s not very ladylike, but who is she to judge kitty fur-dos? We tell her to leave us alone to our makeovers, hehehe. I don’t squeak at my fursiblings, only my humans! I get really excited when they call me over, and my tail does a happy quiver and I get squeaky!

Miss Nilla, I must say I adore your name, where did it come from?

Nilla decided to answer the questions upside down
Why thank you, I adore my name too! When I was a tiny baby, my fur reminded my mommy of vanilla ice cream! Since we all have N names, she just shortened it to Nilla! Now I have all sorts of fun nicknames.

What is your favorite toy to play with or do you prefer to play with your fursiblings?

Two favorites here are Nilley & Nilla wafers! My most favorite toys are my little dollies. They are little bunnies in pajamas that I can carry around in my mouth and I just love them! Aside from those, I mostly play with my siblings! Well, maybe not so much play as cuddle. I LOVE to cuddle with my fursibs!

Mr. Nasa, do you have any hearing problems?

The questions interrupted Nasa's naptime
The questions interrupted Nasa’s naptime

Nope, it turns out I’m just exceptionally good at ignoring people I don’t really care for, hehe. I never ignore my mommy and daddy anymore though!! I love them sooo much!!

How do you get along with all the other fursiblings?

I get on quite well with my fursiblings, mostly though we just ignore each other. I’m more of a people kitty, and I just like a nice fuzzy fleece blanket to suckle while I lay on my mommy.

Little Nimo, you had such a rough start to your life, how have things changed?

Little Nimo, things have changed since he became an N kitty
Oh things have changed so much! I live such a great life with my family! I have lots of shelves to climb up and get away from my humans, same with our kitty towers.. there are lots of toys for me to play with! And I especially love my fursiblings. I’m not so big on my people yet though(if you couldn’t tell). I’ll occasionally grace them with my presence and give loud purrs & yowls for some pets, but for the most part they kinda scare me. I run away when they approach me, and forget about them picking me up! I’m just not that kinda cat! Secretly, I’m always watching the humans. I think someday I might trust them fully, but I know they love me either way.


Nim, now a kitty angel at the Rainbow Bridge
This article is dedicated to the loving memory of Nim who is always with us in our hearts. He’s now a little kitty angel along with Cocoa & Jill. Forever in our hearts. Fly free little ones.

Author’s Note: Many many thanks to Nero, Nala, Nova, Naiyu, Nika, Nilla, Nasa & little Nimo and their non-furry parents for letting me interview them. Pictures were used with permission. You can visit the N Kitties on their Facebook page.

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