Black Cat Appreciation: Meet the Gossie Gang

Nelly, how did you come into the family?

I Lived with my first mummy, she worked lots. I was lonely being on my own so I ran aways. 
Found the Gangs house of love. My first mummy cameback and got me. 
I missed the Gossie Gang so I ran away back to thier house. Nevers lookeds back!


Did you lose your hearing or were you born deaf?

Yes I was born deaf. Never known differents. About 12 months ago I got a kangaroo tick and lymes diesease. 
I am nearly blind now because of it and my kidneys are weak. Mummy says its okay cause I am still here. I am perfect to her.

Does anyone treat you different because you are deaf?

No. Mummy doesn’t change furniture much cause of my sight. King bill is very protective of me but I can wrestle and plays as good as it gets!!!

What would you like to say to people who are nervous about adopting a deaf and blind cat?

 Mummy says I don’t talk much cause it. So expect non chatty kitty. Mummy wasn’t scared cause Ole meeka was blind. I m treated the sames. Even time out if naughty. MOL
Just treats us the sames. And if blind don’t change things suddenly. Like furniture. We go on memory. If only deaf its just like any other kitty. 
We react more to signs, vibration or action for you to get our attention. You will be rewarded with lots of loves. 

King Bill, how big are you really?

MOL!!!!! Blushing. I recently went o a diet. Lost a few pounds.  Currently Sitting ….cough cough….. on 10kgs (22 pounds) But my girlfriend Kit says I am cuddly size.

How did you come into the family?

I was born at a no kill shelter on boxing day. 26th of december. I had a twin called Ben. But he died not long after birth. 
I still miss Ben . But hes waiting for me. Mummy adopted me when I was old enough to leave my real mummy.

What is your favorite snack?

This is a hard one! I loves noms!!!! I think Tuna Fillets in virgin oil. Its so melt in the mouth. Which reminds me I need a snack now!!! Mummy tuna please!!!!

Where is your favorite spot to lay?

I love my Recliner. I took over this when daddy moved out. It was his chair. Now I am man of the house its mine!! So is the remote as it’s always in control of the guy MOL. I also like to stay close sitting near mummy. I can tells when she is about to have a seizure. 
I meow loudly and claw at her feet. Mummy lays on soft bed so she safes. I feel proud I can look after mummy like this.

Mummy Jasper, may I ask how you came into the family?

Mummy rescued me. I was ready to have babies. I had four. Boy I never go there again. Babies are so demanding! And don’t listen. I got spayed, and so did my babies.  They got forever homes. But I didn’t click with anyone so I stayed here.

How did you get your name?

I chose it. Mummy gets us to choose our own. She keeps saying names till we like one. I thought it was a very dignified name. I am not a princess sorry.

Have you tried to teach the younger cats a thing or two?

Oh yes. Things must be order and organised! Like my pantry and budget. I know exactly what is in there at what times. One must go to bed early! Beauty sleep is a must.  I round up the gang every night. We must have routine or its CHAOS. And always plan ahead for all possibilities.

What tips do you have to other mummy cats to keep their kitten in line?

It’s okay to tell off naughty kitties. Short sharp meow normally works. But a slight little whack with the paw always does!
Keep your Hooman in line! Lateness not acceptable. They must shop well and efficiently.
And be in control at all times! The minute you let your guard down you lose all respect.

Annie,  glad you could join the gang, were you scared when you came to live with them ?

No I felt right at home. All the gang made me feel welcome. Miss Jasper and I had differences of opinion but we resolved this and now best of friends. 
Miss Jasper a bit of a control freak. She needs to just have fun!

Where did your name come from?

I lived on the same street. My parents were old and passed away. Their children cleaned out the house and left me behind. I was all alone and scared till I found my new family.

What is your favorite thing to do?

I love getting a brush then eating big big bowl of custard. I love my pudding. I must admit I am abit of a sweet tooth. Also I love visits from Mr Vet. He responsible for my financial costs. He gives bestest cuddles.


This article is dedicated to the loving memory of Meeka, Tiger & Bubbles.

Ole Meeka
Mummy rescued her baby boy when he was 8 weeks old. Two boys tried to drown him. Mummy and him were together for 21 years! He loved eating roast pork 
on his louis vuitton scarf. Sleeping with his head down like garfield. and playing judo. He loved grabbing smaller gang member around the neck and send them 
flying. We are lost with out him
He was a feral stray. He only trusted mummy. No one else could go near him. He was with us for a few years till he passed by a stroke. He spent his final years loved, sleeping and eating.


Bubbles wasn’t with us long passed young of heart attack. She was rescued and most cheeky of girls. Bestest mouse catcher.

May I borrow pictures for the article? Yes We will send some by seperate attatchment. 
Thankyou for this honor to be iterviewed. Sorry mummys spelling not very goods. 
 I will state they were used with permission and link back to the facebook page.

Author’s Note: Many thanks to the Gossie Gang for answering the questions. Pictures were used with permission. You can find them on their Facebook page Gossie Gang.

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