Black Cat Appreciation: Meet the Five Kitty Brothers

First may I ask you to introduce yourselves… Name, age, favorite toy & sleeping spot

Mr. Chance being handsome
~~Hai! IM CHANCE and I am 16 yearz old…. I not play so much anymore, but whenz I do, I likes de fuzzy mice. Mostly I sleep on Mommy and Daddy’s bed. Dey make a nice spot for me between der heads. Sometimes through de day I sleep way up high in the tv center.
Mr. Socks at your service
~~Hello, Im Socks and me iz 13 years old. I like to try and catches de red dot, but never seems to get it. Hrumph. I also like my YEOWW cat nip fishie. Iz my favorite. I like to sleep on Daddy’s chair and in de windows. The sun is always nice.
~~Hi. My name is Kato. Im eleven. Im very shy and like to sleep under the bed and behind the tv center. I likes to play with the red dot too, but my favorite toys are daddy’s earplugs and straws. MEW!!!
~~HI!!!!!! I am BOOBOO!! I gots my name cause I had a bad boo boo when I waz dopted by mommy and daddy. I likes to play with balls and micies and I sleep under the desk in de bedroom and on own BIG cat tower. MEOW!!!
Whiskers in the box vs daddy wanting to throw it away
~~I iz Whiskers and I like to play zoomies around de house..I likes to cause mischief and love to meow all de time.. MOL. I likes de fuzzy mice and I likes to sleep in my round Garfield bed… no one better get in my bed cause den I go SWATS  MOL…..  OH I am 9 years old.

Second, is there a leader of the group?

Well, I finks dat Chance is de leader of us. Cause he bosses us around…. ~~ Socks
I DO NOT!!~~ Chance
Yesh you do!! ~~ BooBoo

Who is the cuddler of the group?

 Dat would be, well, Whiskers and me.. Whiskers iz always on Mommys lap and I likes to be there too.. MOL!~  Socks

Kato & BooBoo, can you tell me a bit about how you came to live with your forever home?

Well, Mommy and Daddy already had Socks and Chance and just wanted one more. So they looked on like at some rescues and saw BooBoo, and read dat he had a brufur…. ME…. so they said they separate us, cause we been through so much and dopted us together. We waz found in trash bin… mew.. and very badly beaten and took us awhile to trust our mommy and daddy. But we lubz dem sooooooo much. ~~ Kato

Whiskers, I read you are a hero, would you like to share how you became one?

Whiskers the hero

Nah…. I no hero.. I just got all skeered when I smelled sumfing funny in de house. So I kept jumping on Mommy and Daddy, trying to wake them up. I even bited mommy’s nose. She got up and smelled sumfing called gas… Daddy quickly opened all de windows while Mommy called de gas people. When she told em what I did they waz like WOW and said “Your cat saved your lives”  I waz proud..  MEW and so was Mommy and Daddy.

Socks, do you need to visit the vet after because of your heart murmur?

Oh Yesh, but I only haz a low grade one. Nuffings too serious.

Do you need any additional care or can you run and play like everyone else?

Nopes, I can play, I jus not play as much. I get tired easy. But I iz fine.

What would you like to say to people who are worried about taking in stray cats?

Well, mommy tooks one look at poor little Chance out on the street and herz heart melted. She had to take him in. You should not be afraids to take in a stray or rescued kitty. We haz been through so much, which why we can be so much more loving of a good home. When youse to fight to stay alive, it is scary and sad for us. But when we gets in to a home, it may take us awhile, but we iz more grateful then you know. You see, we never forget where we came from. We came from abuse, neglect and pain. And now we are loved, cherished and cared for. Nos be afraid to help stray kitties. Dey need love too. Mew…………

Chance, how long did it take for you to be a healthy kitten after being found?

Well, the vet wanted to put me to sleep, so to speak, but mommy say no.. she fought really hard and dat first week waz really tough, but after about a month I was running around and acting very much like a kitten.  MEW

Anything else you would like to say about your family?

Well, I finks Mommy should answer dat one..  and she says.. family is not what we are, it is who we are. And jus cause we iz kitties, does not mean we are not her children. We iz a happy and loved. We are, simply put, a family. Yesh… we are.
Christmas stockings from last year
FIVE Kitty Brothers.

Many thanks to the Five Kitty Brothers for taking time out of their day to answer the interview questions. You can visit them on Facebook page called the FIVE kitty Brothers. . Pictures were used with permission.

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