Black Cat Appreciation: Meet Smoky, Fatboy Babushka’s sister

May I ask your age ma’am?

My Daddy calls me a “little preemie” so I would guess…. a minus two maybe.

How did you get your name?

Mommy googled “black cats” on the computer and when she mentioned “Smoky” Daddy said I looked at him and let him know that I liked that name.

Miss Smoky posing with Fatboy's donuts
Miss Smoky posing with Fatboy’s donuts

How did you come to live with your mommy and dad?

It is a very sad story … my Mommy needed me so I went to live with her. I had other humans and even though I loved them very much, I was unhappy because I lived with them from the time I was a kitten and was their only cat. Then, they got two more kitties, and then two little dogs who made a lot of noise. I just wanted to be an only cat. I lived with Sunny Papoochie and Rebel and once they discovered where I moved; they followed me and so my Mommy let them live with us. But I am her first kitty and I will always be Daddy’s little Princess.

Sunny takes some wonderful photos of you posing, where did you learn to model?

I must be a natural because I never learned how really.

How many hair bands do you have? I love seeing the pictures of you with them.

Miss Smoky and her bands as taken by Sunny
Miss Smoky and her bands as taken by Sunny

I have about ten in my little toy box right now, but I have about a hundred under the refrigerator.

I loved you in Peter Pan, are you going to be in more plays?

Thank you very much for telling me. I had so much fun in that ballet. And yes, I am looking forward to acting and dancing in more plays. Fatboy Babushka’s Dramatic Club has over one hundred members and we have a lot of fun on stage.

What is one of your beauty secrets?

Well, I think it’s not really a secret … but I do sleep a lot and I think it’s very important for everyone to get their beauty sleep.

Where is your favorite place to sleep?

During the day I like to sleep on a table in the front window. I lie on a heated pad which has a blankie on top of it so it’s very cozy. I am in the sunshine all day and I get to watch the Bunny who lives in our front yard and all birds and squirrels. Mommy plays music for me most of the day while I sleep. Right now, that is my favorite place to sleep during the day.

What is your favorite toy?

My favorite toy is my hair band which I like to bat around. I also like my little wind-up toys and I like when my Mommy puts wrapping tissue paper on the floor and hides my toys underneath. I like the noise it makes when I jump on the tissue paper.

Do you have any pictures of Stinky you would like to share?

I do. I have performed with him in a few plays so I have a lot of photos of us together; but I do have a favorite one of him that I can share with you. He is lying on a blankie that he sent to me. I think he is sending me a very special message. Don’t you? This is the blankie I lie on everyday in the front window. I also have a video of me lying on the blankie for the first time when his Mommy delivered it to me.

Stinky rubbing his scent on the blankie he gave to Smoky
Stinky rubbing his scent on the blankie he gave to Smoky

Thank you for interviewing me Miss Christina. It’s always nice to chat with you. Cheerio. Smoky (Fatboy’s Sister)

Many thanks to Miss Smoky for letting me interview her. You can find her on her own Facebook page Smoky Fatboy’s Sister, or on either of her brother’s pages, Sunny Papoochie or Fatboy Babushka 

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  1. Oh, Smoky. That was very interesting. And I loved the picture of Hobbsie sleeping on the blanket he sent to you!! Great interview!

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