Black Cat Appreciation: Meet Selina, Ray Charles & Rachel

Miss Selina, may I ask how old you are?

We estimate I’m about 3.  MomKatt got me in April of 2011 and put my birthday on my Catster page as March 1, 2010.  Of course, with us “found kitties”, one never knows, but I was pretty young when Uncle Bill started l    ooking after me at the country club dumpster, so we’ll go with 3 years old.  

Where did you name come from?

I was found by a nice man, my Uncle Bill Cain, at a country club dumpster.  He’s such a nice “cat guy”, he always feeds the kitties that congregate there.  Anyway, one day I was trying to catch a chipmunk and, because of my one eye, I was having a hard time.  No, I was failing to catch him, let’s be honest here.  Some people were laughing at me!  Can you believe that?
Anyway, I was SO hungry and, one day, I just screwed up enough courage to rub against Uncle Bill’s leg and ask for help.  He took me to his house and fostered me ’til I got my forever home!
The really neat thing about it is that he & MomKatt are “phone buddies” because of me.  They talk on a fairly regular basis, as Uncle Bill’s always concerned about me, and of course he tells MomKatt about the latest dumpster kitties at the country club that he is helping to find homes for.  He’s a really sweet, kind man and I basically owe my life to him.

How did you come to your forever home?

My MomKatt, Laura Carter, saw the post on the blog Brian’s Home about me, and fell in love with my picture instantly.  At that time, she and DadKatt already had about 8-9 kitties but she felt there was just something about me.  She was determined that I was coming to live with them and no one else!
She begged – literally BEGGED – DadKatt and he finally said yes, we can adopt her, but on the condition that the NEXT cat we adopt after that be HIS choice, since so many of their kitties had been gotten by MomKatt.  She countered that his adoption MUST be a shelter or rescue kitty and he replied, “Well, of course!”  A bargain was struck and my fate sealed:  I would be a North Carolina kitty! 

What do you think if your  foster siblings?

Oh they are VERY interesting.  I love to chase my oldest sisfur, Morticia, around the house all the time!  She’s not very grateful sometimes; she really should realize that I’m helping her to stay so svelte and trim.  My brofur, Peppers, weighs 20 pounds and is the mankitty of the household.  He’s a big lug who just wants tummy rubs!  I have a blue Siamese sisfur, Sasha, who is very sweet and shy. She hides under the pawrents’ bed during thunderstorms!  We also have a “porch panther” that MomKatt feeds named Oliver and he’s very handsome!  He won’t come in the house but he’s been a part of the family for many years.  She tamed him, basically, as much as he will ever BE tamed, being outdoor/semi-feral, and he lets her sit with him on the porch and pet him and make over him.Our “basement cat” is named Boudicca.  She and I do not get along.  I don’t know what it is about me, but whenever she sees me, she tries to attack me!  Can you imagine?  Why would she want to do that?  Well, they tried to let her live up in the regular house with us, but she kept bullying me and MomKatt wasn’t having that.  So, since my DadKatt is a ham radio operator, he keeps his computer and ham equipment in the basement so she went to live there and he tends to her (since she’s his cat anyway) and peace is maintained that way in the main house.  I was initially willing to be friends, but Boudicca made it clear she wasn’t having that (can you think why I might threaten her?  I wouldn’t hurt a fly, honest!)  So it’s just easier having her live down there apart from me.

Where do you like to sleep?

I have a bed called Pink Bed and I love to sleep in him.  Also on the warm fleece blanket MomKatt keeps on the sofa.  But most of all, I love sleeping in her lap!  When I first came to my furever home, the sofa was my “safe zone” away from these strange new kitties and MomKatt was always there with me to comfort me.  Now I’m a total lap girl and spend many happy hours on the fleece blankie there in her lap.  I get lots of cuddles and kisses!

What advice to you have for people who are scared of black cats?

First of all, we are just like other kitties – only more so!  I would tell them to “Get over it!” and adopt one today!  Black kitties need all the support they can get.  Did you know we are the least likely to get adopted in shelters because of our FUR COLOR?  That’s just outrageous!  And, as MomKatt can tell you, we blackies have a LOT of love to give, maybe more than other kinds of kitties, because we’ve been so misunderstood and negatively mythologized throughout the centuries.  It’s not fair and it’s WRONG!
I’d advise people who are frightened of blackies to visit their local shelter and hang out with a few blackies – I guarantee them they’ll be addicted in no time flat!

What advice does your mom have for fostering cats?

Our two current fosters, Ray Charles and Rachel, are really MomKatt’s first ever fosters.  So it’s a learning experience for her.  I think the main thing she’d counsel, especially when fostering kitties or special needs kitties of any kind, is patience.  We “special needs kitties” (like me with my one eye) need VERY special homes, and they don’t just grow on trees, you know.  You have to FIND the right person; or in my case, the right person has to find YOU. And sometimes that can take awhile.  So I would say, if you are fostering, don’t assume you’ll find a home right away.  Be prepared for “the long haul” and treat them while they are with you as you’d treat your own kitties and love them as much as you can so they will be happy & well-adjusted when they finally DO find their “furever person”!

Sir Ray, how old are you?


Rachel and I are both about 7 months old.

Where did your name come from?

I’m named for the great singer Ray Charles, who was blind.  I’m not 100% blind, but my eyes, because of having entropion, have suffered scarring on my corneas and lenses.  MomKatt’s vet, whom I visited this weekend, said imagine having a piece of wax paper put over your eyes:  if you can imagine that, you can get a bit of an idea about how well I can see.  I can see light and dark, and shapes, and I get around VERY VERY well!  I’m active and I love to play – I just don’t see as clearly as kitties with no corneal/lens damage.Also, I don’t have to wear dark glasses like Mr. Charles did.  😉

Are you looking to be adopted with Miss Rachel?


YES!  I won’t go ANYWHERE without her.  We are very strongly bonded due to our experiences. I don’t know what I’d do without her.  I love my sisfur.

What are you looking for in a furever home?

I hope the home that I go to will be ready to commit to realizing that I’ll need a bit more patience than my sisfur, Rachel.  See, she’s so happy and well-adjusted, and she sees so much better than I do that she’s loaded with confidence.  I am rather shy and there is a big part of me that’s still feral.  MomKatt’s worked hard with me over the past two months (we came to her on June 15, 2013) and I’ve made GREAT strides in that time:  I play with her and Rachel and the cat toys, I take treats from her hands, I let her hold me once in awhile for a few minutes, and I’ve taught her that patience and “baby steps” are often not as small as they might feel:  small breakthroughs are really BIG with a kitty like me.So my new pawrents will have to realize that too and be willing to let me be myself.  I assure you, I am a great kitty with lots of love to give.  (Psst!  MomKatt’s already attached to me!)Also, Rachel & I must be adopted together.  That’s non-negotiable.  A home with other cats would probably be ok, but no dogs or small children, please!

What toys do you like to play with?

I love the Cat Dancer that MomKatt bought us (we’ve gone through about three of them in two months!) and Kong Brand teasers and catnip mice (big ones!)  Since I don’t see very well, if you’re playing with me with a teaser, it helps me if you tap it against something while you’re wiggling it in front of me – a chair leg, for example, or up against a wall.  MomKatt’s found that really keeps my attention.I also love to play “hide and seek” in my parachute cubes, both of which will come with me when I’m adopted!

Where do you like to sleep?

My foster sister, Morticia, let me have her little black cat bed and I love sleeping in that in a corner of MomKatt’s office.  I also love to snooze in the parachute cube, or in MomKatt’s desk chair.  It really is nice there, and very quiet.

Miss Rachel, how old are you?

Like Ray-Ray, I’m 7 months old.  This has just been confirmed by MomKatt’s vet, by the way.

Where did you name come from?

At first, I was called Grace, then Gracie for awhile and somehow landed on Rachel and that’s what I’ve been ever since.  I really couldn’t tell you why someone started calling me Rachel but I like it and that’s what I answer to now.

Are you looking to be adopted with Sir Ray?

Absolutely!  He’s my brofur and he needs me.  I cry when I can’t see if, if MomKatt puts us in our carriers for some reason and I can’t immediately see him or know where he is.  I love him very much, and we are very tightly bonded.  We love to play together!

What are you looking for in a furever home?

I guess much the same things Ray-Ray said, but I don’t have the “issues” that he has.  I’m very lively and want to play all the time!  I am very vocal and will talk to you quite a bit.  I love being petted and will get in and out of your lap if you sit on the floor with me (MomKatt thinks that might mean that, when I’m all grown up, I’ll be a lap kitty!) and I love jumping all over the furniture!  MomKatt says I’m “iirrepressible”, whatever that means.  Must mean you can’t stop me!   MOL!  So someone adopting me will have to realize that, while Ray-Ray is kinda quiet and laid-back, I’m WIDE OPEN!  Ready for anything!  We really are kind of a “study in contrasts”!
Also?  You might want to note that both MomKatt and her vet think we have some Oriental/Siamese lineage.  Our facial shapes (that wedge-shape that Orientals and Meezers have?) indicate that, plus the volume and pitch of my meow sounds very much like a Siamese “talking”.  Couple that with our VERY high intelligence levels and our high energy levels and they are both convinced there’s something in there somewhere …….

What toys to you like to play with?

ANYTHING!  Kong brand toys are the best, though, because they are so indestructable!  I love teasers of all kinds and the Cat Dancer.  I like what Ray-Ray likes!

>Where do you like to sleep?


Oh, just anywhere!  MOL!  I like the chair in MomKatt’s office -she has a nice, comfy purple chair off under the windows and I like to snooze there, or on the back of it where I can get drowsy and watch out the windows.

May I have a contact email so that I can share with the article in case anyone is interested in adopting Ray or Rachel?

Is there a way they can be transported if the person is from out of state?

Yes, my Email (Laura Carter) is castlebreaker(at)gmail(dot)com.  Interested parties can also contact Mr. Terry Frum in Greenville, SC (that’s where they came from) atterryfrum(at)gmail (dot)com.  He is coordinating an online/Facebook/Twitter “get out the word” campaign on them.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

If you want – and it might be easier – you can call me & we can talk about them a bit.  My home number is (336) 349-1991.  Both kittens are in great health (and I have vet records, both from the Cat Clinic in Greenville, SC, and from their visit this past Saturday with my vet in Greensboro NC).  Ray just does not, and probably will not, see as well as Rachel does.  They both have crossed eyes – another possible Siamese indicator! – but it doesn’t stop either of them from playing and moving around great.  I feel VERY STRONGLY and so does Terry that they have to go to THE right person.Also, if FOR WHATEVER REASON, their new home does NOT work out – I would want it understood that I will take them back NO QUESTIONS ASKED.


Author’s Note: Many thanks to Selina and her mom.. little Ray Charles & Rachel. Please check out their facebook page for the latest pictures, their profile on Catster and their foster sister’s blog Called One Eye on the Future. The pictures used were used with permission and belong solely to Miss Selina and her MomKat. 
This post is a part of the Black Cat Appreciation Month & Opt to Adopt. Please consider adopting these two loving souls.
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