Black Cat Appreciation: Meet Nibs of the Three Catketeers

Nibs checking out the froggie & toad toys

How old are you?

Well, my date of birth is actually uncertain, but we celebrate it on October 7 and I am going to be five years old. I was brought to Greenhill Humane Society with my brofur Chef as a cared for stray. We spent almost a month in foster care before being put up for adoption at Greenhill and were both adopted when were about five months old.

Where did your name come from?

I am named after the black licorice candy! The shelter gave me that name and it stuck because my family thought that it was very appropriate for the black goofy kitty that I am. I have many nicknames including Goof Ball, Niblet, Kibble King and I also have a double, The Big Black Treat Monster. My brofur Chef’s name was originally Patches 2 (we always say squared not two), but his name was changed to be more original and to reflect his penchant for kneading. His full name is Chef Cuisinart. Scamp’s name was also given to him by the shelter and deemed suitable for his personality.

How did you come to your forever home?

Oh, I love this story!!! Well you see my family adopted Scamp and Sophia about a year before they adopted Chef and I and only after going to the shelter week after week after week visiting the kitties to decide which two to adopt. It took them furever to decide because they knew they were making a very big commitment. Sophia was tragically hit and killed by a car and Scamp was very sad and lonely, so they decided that he needed company again. Mama and Papa came to Greenhill to visit the kitties and thought they might bring one home. I will never forgot that day! They came in and Mama picked me up and she knew right away from the way I flopped in her arms that she wanted to bring me home that day. Papa sat down in the kitten room and Chef and I piled right on top of him and when Mama said I am going home with Nibs, period, he surprised her and said well, we can’t really take Nibs home without Patches 2 now can we. The rest so they say is history!

Nibs on official business
Nibs on official business

What is your favorite thing to do?

Well I love anything that involves being my goofy self and getting attention, but one of my very favorite things is playing fetch with my mousies. Yes, that’s right! I play fetch!

I also love helping other kitties by making things and showcasing them at our catique and donating these items to raise money and that includes another of my favorite activities which is modeling.

Nibs modeling a tux
Nibs modeling a tux

Another thing we all three love is showing the world how pawsome shelter kitties are and I love to serve as an example of how pawsome black cats are and to help change the stereotypes associated with them.

I read you like to give cuddles, do you like receiving them as well?

Oh I love to give cuddles and the only thing I love more is getting them. I love to climb up on Mama and Papa anytime they sit down and park myself for some good loving and I love, even demand often, to be the center of attention! I also like to put on my nursing cap and visit my friends and furiends when they aren’t well and do what I can to make them feel better.

How did the three of you become involved with Fatboy’s Red Wig Society?

Fatboy’s Red Wig Society! Oh we love Fatboy’s Red Wig Society!!! Let’s see. Well, Mama met Fatboy because she went to his birthday party. That was before we had a page. Not long after that, we got our own page and one of our very first furiends was Goody! We were so delighted to make a furiend in France because Mama makes us learn French since she and Papa used to live in France and Mama taught French. When we first saw Goody with his red wig, we just knew we had to have red wigs ourselves. Little did we know we were part of history in the making and we just love supporting KIN by making donations to get new looks at Fatboy’s Boutique and Hair Salon. As a matter of fact, what we call our classic look with the swords was originally done there. We recently got pink wigs to show our support as kitties for a cure and have even appeared in a Fatboy Broadcasting System production wearing those pink wigs. In addition, the note cards we have made are on exhibit at Fatboy’s ART Center and we might sell some of our handmade items there eventually too.

This question is for all three of you, did you have to train in order to run the relay race at the Olympic trails in Oregon last year?

Oh, you must mean the Olympic Trials! Oh, yes! We go through a very rigorous training and my favorite game of fetch is a large part of it. We also do a fair amount of training playing with all of our toys and trying to catch the ever elusive red dot.

Chef, what has been your favorite recipe so far?

Chef and his new tie
Chef and his new tie

My favorite recipe! Let me see, there are so many. I love to cook and the best part is of course getting to taste everything, but my favorite recipe would have to be Chef Catketeer’s Croque Meow!!! The secret to this purrfect sandwich is the béchamew sauce! Oh, and I do have a toque, but I don’t like to wear it. We all like to wear ties and bandanas, but nothing on our heads, thank you very much!!!

Scamp, what do you think of when staring at a running faucet? My kitten Boo does the same thing and I was curious if you could help enlighten me.

Scamp sharing the secret of running water
Scamp sharing the secret of running water

Well Miss Christina, you see I ponder life’s timeless questions such as those contemplated by Hamlet in his soliloquy in the play of the same name; “ To be, or not to be: that is the question: …” A very deep question which of course leads to many other questions, spinning a web of unanswerable questions, meaning not even in my nine lives will I run out of things to contemplate! And Mama wanted to name Chef Hamlet! I say only a kitty as wise, sensitive and contemplative as me is worthy of such a noble name, but I’m quite happy to be called Scamp, Scamperdoodles, Scampi or any of a number of other nicknames.


This article is dedicated to the loving memory of Mini Mini the most pawsome tortitude ever known! We will love and miss you fur furever and you will always be in our hearts.


Author’s Note: Many thanks to Nibs, Scamp & Chef for letting me interview them. You can find them on their facebook page The Three Catketeers. Pictures were used with permission.

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  1. Purrleezed to meet ya Nibz…ya iz so hansum….me Mum wunderz what breed ya are cuase she sayz ya look like a kitteh she had many yearz ago who waz a Chinchilla kitteh of sum sort!! Anyway we iz so glad ya found yer furever home n we iz happy to nose ya!
    Nylablue n Sherriellen

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