Black Cat Appreciation: Meet Miss Perry

Miss Perry at your service

How old are you?

I’m still a young lady! We’re not sure exactly how old I am since I started life on the streets, but I am about two years old.

How did you get your name?

Mom and Dad spotted a little black kitten (me!) in their alley and when they weren’t able to catch me, they started feeding me. They weren’t sure if I was a boy or a girl (the nerve!!) so they wanted a unisex name for me. Dad said, “Well since it’s a feral cat, why don’t we call it Perry after the rock star Perry Farrell?” Get it? Perry Feral!! MOL!! Mom loved it and the name stuck, even once they found out I’m a lady!

How did you come to live with your forever family?

I started life in the alley/construction site next to Mom and Dad’s house in Chicago along with my brother, Eliot, a handsome black and white kitten. Mom and Dad fed us every day and started to gain our trust. After several weeks they were finally able to trap us – oooo I was sooo mad!! We went to Tree House Humane Society for vetting and they recommended TNR since we were already about 6 months old – usually “too old” to socialize. Mom really wanted to give it a try, so Eliot and I moved into a big cage in Mom and Dad’s guestroom! Sadly, Eliot passed a few days later from feline distemper. Everyone was very worried that I would get sick too but miraculously, I didn’t. Despite being told I was too old to socialize, I made amazing progress and soon allowed Mom to pet me and rub my tummy while I purred and purred!

In fact, I did so well with my socialization that Mom and Dad decided to make me a permanent member of the family.

Miss Perry says read her story.. please..
Miss Perry says read her story.. please..

You can read my whole story here:
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How many fursiblings do you live with?

I have two big furbrothers, Jack and Blue. Jack is a black cat like me and I think he is the greatest thing since canned tuna! I follow him everywhere he goes and mimic all his actions, to his great annoyance – I sleep where he sleeps, I eat when he eats, I use the litterbox when… well, you get the idea!! Blue is a little tabby boy and I love him too– he is my wrestling buddy and face groomer.

My third big furbrother, Bam, just went to the Rainbow Bridge on September 9, 2013. He passed very suddenly from a saddle thrombus embolism. I was a little confused at first when he wasn’t around anymore, but have gotten lots of reassurances from Mom and Dad. We all miss him, but are grateful for the wonderful memories we have.

Was it scary being quarantined when you family moved? Were they allowed to come see you?

Moving from Chicago to Singapore was very exciting!! I was a little scared sometimes, but I had my big brothers with me and that helped. We slept through the plane ride, and had a long layover in the kitty hotel in the Amsterdam airport where we could get out of our carriers and stretch and play. Then it was back onto the plane for the next
flight to Singapore! Once we arrived, we were in quarantine for two weeks. The quarantine facility was very nice and I liked the nice people that worked there. Mom and Dad were still back in the US, so we were all reunited a few days after they arrived in Singapore. It was a very happy day!!

Where is your favorite place to hang out?

Wherever Jack is – MOL!! I also love sitting on the stairs and watching my family downstairs.

Miss Perry kneading with sharpened claws
Miss Perry kneading with sharpened claws

What is your favorite toy?

I love those little fur mousies with the feathers in the tail! Oh, and also rolly balls that I can chase around. Oo, and then there are stick toys, and Mom’s pajama pants string…you know, I guess I just love toys!

Where do you like to sleep?

I love sleeping behind the curtains on the window seat in Dad’s office. I can see outside but I am still hidden from the world! I especially like sleeping behind the curtain when it’s pulled back to the side – I burrow in underneath, Mom calls it my teepee!

Giving her mom the stink eye after a sneeze
Giving her mom the stink eye after a sneeze

What would you like people to know about you and your family?

We are big supporters of TNR and well being for stray/community cats. Also, I am a great example that it is possible to socialize a feral cat! It was a lot of work, but worth it for everyone. I love my family and they love me!


This article is dedicated to the loving memory of Eliot & Bam. You left us too soon. You will forever be loved and missed.

Sweet Bam when he first came home
Sweet Bam when he first came home

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Miss Perry and her family for letting me interview her. Pictures were used with permission. You can find her on her facebook page Perry.

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  1. “Oh Perry. That was a wonderful interview! I liked the part where you were rescued. Good thing your Mommy and Daddy found you. I am happy that you enjoy living in Singapore even though I miss you. Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day.
    love, your friend Fatboy Babushka”.

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