Black Cat Appreciation: Meet Jack brother to George the handsome deaf & blind cat

Hello!  Thank you very much for this interview.

How old are you?

I am 6 years old, a couple of months older than my famous George.

Where did your name come from?

My name? I’m not so sure I want to admit this but….. the mom named me after a tv character, Jack O’Neil, from Stargate SG1. How embarrassing.

How did you come to live with George?

You know, it was sort of how George came to live with me! The mom wanted a younger cat to help exercise her lazy old boys, Sam and Coal. She loves black kitties and fell in love with me the moment she saw me at the shelter. While the adoption was going through the approval process she came back to visit me and saw George and his sister Callie. So all three of us came home with her!

What are your favorite toys?

My favorite toys are those someone else wants to play with at the moment. MOL!!  But seriously, I love the long nip kickers and the cat dancer is pretty cool, as long as you dangle it so I can reach easily as I lay in my side. MOL!

Where do you like to sleep?

I really enjoy sleeping on the tippy top of our old cat tree, on George’s gel pad on the couch, and more recently I’ve been sleeping at the foot of the guest bed (George sleeps at the top).
Jack being pensive

Is anyone scared of you because you’re a black cat?

You know, I’ve never known anyone to be scared of me because of the color of my fur. Most people think I’m super cool when they meet me because I’m really friendly and you can pick me up and flop me around and I won’t mind! Oh wait, there was one incident. A guest stayed over and I decided to lay on her chest as she slept. She must have felt something and when she opened her eyes, she saw my eyes staring back at her. The woman screamed and sent me flying as she jumped out of bed!  Now in the darkness of the night, any cat would have appeared dark so I don’t think it was because of my black fur. I do think that the mom has to better screen potential overnight guests and only allow those who understand us cats!

Do you get to go outside?

I am an indoor cat. The mom tried a couple times to let me enjoy the upstairs deck but I had a twinkle in my eye for the trees nearby so no more deck for me!

What would you like to say to the people who are worried having a black cat may bring them bad luck?

People still think a black cat will bring them bad luck? How silly. The mom’s first cat, Coal, was black and white and she said he brought her nothing but love and happiness. All cats are wonderful, no matter what their color. Black fur will blend in nicely with your black dress or yoga pants. Black town cars are used for business executives. The black cocktail dress and black tux are considered classy and timeless. So many black things are considered good so why should a black cat be viewed differently? We go with everything!
Jack and polly

Anything else you would like to share about yourself or your furry family?

Hmmmm our family? It changes over time. We lost Coal a few years ago to cancer and Sam had to leave us just a couple of months ago. Polly joined us almost a year ago and the mom said no more additions because it was so stressful for George. So this is our family- me as the eldest, George and Callie, and spunky Polly. We’re a good team!

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Jack for answering the questions. Pictures were used with permission. You can find Jack on his brother’s page George the Handsome Deaf & Blind Cat, also check out his brother’s interview.

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