Black Cat Appreciation: Meet Iroquois & Cocoa Bean

How old are you Iroquois?


I turned 10 years old on July 15th.

Where did your name come from?

Our Momma called us *The Tribe* when she found us, so I chose the name Iroquois for myself.

How did you come to your forever home?

Our Momma found a meezer cat a work one day and she started feeding her. Then one day she noticed the meezer was looking pretty tubby. Momma kept a real close eye on her and then one day her didn’t show up for breakfast, so the hunt began. It took her most of the day to find our hidey place but she did. It was a good one too! She couldn’t get to us without climbing fences so her just put noms for our meezer mommy by the little squeezy place between the fences. Days went by and she kept a close eye on us, but she could never get a good count because we were all either all black or black and white and always cuddled in a ball. About 3 weeks went by and our meezer mommy went out and never came back. Our Momma couldn’t find her anywhere and some of us were missing by the looks of it too. She had her friends at work looking everywhere all day (while keeping a count on us to see if anymore of us disappeared. Late in the day meezer mommy was found across the street in a big parking lot. Her was gone to the Rainbow Bridge 🙁 Momma came back and got the 4 of us that were still there in our hidey place and we were very hungry and we told her about it. We went to our new house along ways away at a place called Shadow Dance Ranch. Since Momma didn’t know how many of us there were for sure, she just kept coming back and looking everywhere for days and days. By the end of the week she had collected 9 of us and figured that must be all. The last one to be found was our brofur with many toes.

Grass inspecting

Do you get to venture outside?

We get to go out 3 days a week (those were Momma’s days off).

Where do you like to sleep?

We all sleep in our *big house* that fixed up for us by Papa and Momma.

Do you live with any other fursiblings in the house?

Here at the Ranch they are many of us that live here. There are kittehs in Momma’s house and kittehs in the barn. In our house, I live with my sisfurs, Comanche and Pocahontas and my brofurs, Crow Warrior and Lakota and our furpapa Mick Flynn (Yes, our Momma found our real furpapa at her work place and brought him home too).

Cocoa Bean, how did you get you name?

Cocoa Bean and his tongue
Cocoa Bean and his tongue

Momma said that when the sunlight hits my fur just right I am the color of Cocoa and my tail looks like a little Bean on my behind. MOL!

How did you become a barn cat?

One day, on my travels, I found this big red barn. I was very old and tired. It was very inviting with all of the big green bales of hay to rest on and lots of noms to eat so I decided to rest awhile. And here I am, still resting, almost 8 years later.

Where do you sleep?

I sleep in my big red barn on comfy piles of hay. I don’t like the beds or houses that Momma gives me. I know she tries, but I am still a manly cat and prefer a bed of sweet hay.

Cocoa taking a nap on the hay
Cocoa taking a nap on the hay

Have you killed any mice?

Oh yes! Back in the day, when I still had my tooth.

If so how many?

I don’t know for sure, I lost count cause I can only count to 20, that is how many toes I have. MOL!

What would either of you like to add about yourselves?

We are all very happy that our Momma found us (or we found her). Living here on the Ranch is the good life. We even like the horses, burros and sheep, as long as they don’t get too close. Oh yeah, Please tell our Momma that we need more treats too! Once a day is not enough.


Thank you. Thank you! It has been a true honor to be included in your Black Cat Appreciation Month.

Sending you lots of snuggles, purrs and headbonks.
xoxoxo Iroquois and Cocoa Bean and
The Shadow Dance Ranch Clan



Keaira, fly free little one
Keaira, fly free little one

This article is dedicated to the loving memory of sisfur Keaira. Hers went to the Rainbow Bridge on December 19, 2012. Her was the *3* in our Black Cat Trio. We miss her so much and will see her again at the Bridge one day.

Author’s Note: Many many apologizes to the Shadow Dance Ranch Clan for not getting this formatted and adding the pictures in on time. I am so sorry! I will be re-posting so everyone can see the awesome pictures. Many many thanks to them for letting me interview Iroquois and Cocoa Bean. You can find them on Facebook under Shadow Dance Ranch. Pictures were used with permission.

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  1. Thank you again, Miss Christina for interviewing us! xoxoxo Iroquois, Cocoa Bean and the SDR Clan.

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