Black Cat Appreciation: Meet Harley & Salem

Harley & Salem

  How old are you two?

We is 5 years old now, we just had our birfday on September 10th.

Where did your names come from?

Salem: Ok so do yous know the show Sabrina the teenage witch? Well in that she had a black cat, and when he cast spells he would blink, so when we got to our new home and the homans be thinking of names I did the blinks so they said Salem!

Salem being handsome
Salem being handsome

Harley: Well my daddy loves motorbikes, he has had lots of BMW ones, they is loud, but mummy says this be the closest thing to a Harley Davidson that he get so I be named after a bike! Hehe

Harley and his blanket

How did you end up at your forever home?

We was rescued by the Cats Protection when we was little. They kept us until our furever parents came to see us, we was 5 months old when they came, we was also called broccoli and carrot! Hehe we knew they was the ones fur us so we jumped all over them and told the other kittens to back off, THEY OURS ^..^

Harley, does it take a lot of grooming to maintain your thick coat?

Harley and his thick coat

It takes lots of tongue time! The hoomans also use brushes on me but I don’t really like it, they have to keep checking my tummy as it’s like lambie fur and curly so it gets matted up if they don’t make sure all the twigs and sticky buds are out. But they also has a shredder, that’s pretty cool, they can get lots of dead furs out in a short time. But I still like to grumble about it.

Salem, what is your secret to having such a pretty coat?

I thinks it be all the treats I have. I likes to keep it shiny, I got to be handsome fur my girlfriends Frankie and Charley so it’s a full time grooming job.

Do you have any other fursiblings you live with?

Right now we has our cousins Molly and Merlin living with us while their parents are in Turkey working over the summer, but they go home soon so then it will just be the brofurs in the house, just how we likes it.

Salem, what is your favorite toy to play with?

I love my reindeer, I’ve pulled his antlers off and his nose had to be sewed up but I still love him ^..^

Harley, I saw the pictures of you and your nip mato, how do you like it?

Harley and his mato from RustCraft

I LOVE my mato, he’s from RustCraft and I got him personalised, there is a picture of me with a real mato on my head while I’m laying in a casserole dish, so it be purrfect!

Do you have any advice for gentlecats trying to impress lady cats?

Harley: I will leave this question to mr Casanova over there.
Salem: Well thank you…. I think. You has to look good, be funny and compliment them all the times. They likes to feel special, then they be eating treats out your paw in no time hehe

Anything else you would like to say about yourselves or your family?

We loves our family, at home and online. We feel so special that so many people’s want to see what we are up to. We appreciate each and every one of our fans and furrfriends ^..^ we also feel very lucky that we has a loving family and a nice warm house to live in, we know not all kitties have this much luck and love so we are very happy we found our furever family.

Salem putting the bitey on paper
Salem putting the bitey on paper


Author’s Note: Many thanks to Harley & Salem for answering the questions. Pictures were used with permission. You can find them on their facebook page the Adventures of Harley & Salem.

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