Black Cat Appreciation: Meet Gracie (Hobbes the Stinky Cat’s sister)

That's Miss Gracie to you

How old are you?

I just turned 11 this past summer

Where did your name come from?

Mommy is crazy about an actor called David Duchovny.  She named my brother Spooky after him and she named me after his female lead in the movie Return to Me

How did you end up with your forever family?

  Mommy was working at a retail store and the mall where she worked was having an adoption event where local shelters brought animals in that were up for adoption.  She visited every day so she could pet the kitties.  One day she came by and there was a cage full of kittens.  All of them were crying and very vocal, except me.  I was very stoic and every time mommy walked by I would just watch every move she made.  She left to go home and half way there she turned her car around and came back to adopt me!  She said she kept thinking of my soulful eyes and the way I was watching her every move.
Gracie power napping

Did you enter Miss Smoky’s black cat contest again this year?

  Yes I did.  I really just enter for fun.  I never try to gain votes, I just enjoy being in the contests!

How many fursiblings do you have?

I am the only girl kitty in a household of 6 cats!  *sigh*  The boys are very annoying…….

Where do you like to sleep?

  I really love fleece blankets.  I will lay on any blanket but the fleece ones are my very favorite.  I like to make biscuits on them!  MOL  I usually sleep on mommy’s bed.  I prefer to be by myself.  Mommy always makes sure that there are fleece blankets on her bed for me.
Gracie's favorite sleeping position

What is your favorite toy?

Oh!!  I love little poof balls!  I go mad for them!  Like I said, I prefer to be by myself so I like to play by myself too.  I carry these around and play near mommy because she makes the boys leave me alone while I play.  I also love catnip!

What would you like to say to people who are scared of black cats?

  Black cats are very serious, soulful cats.  We are deep thinkers.  We may come across as less affectionate as other cats but once you get to know us and we accept you and trust you we will be your very loyal companion.
Gracie as a kitten

Do you and your brother Hobbes get along?

  MOL, I prefer to not be around him.  I am pretty much a loner.  The only one I will tolerate is my brother Ferris.  I think this is because I came home as a kitten with mommy and Ferris took care of me.  So we have a special bond.  I had a bond with my sister Selena too (mommy’s cat she had since she was 19!).  She was very motherly to me when I came to live with them.  She went to the Bridge in late 2010 at the age of 19.  We were very sad to lose her.
Gracie loves her fleece blankets

Is there anything else you would like to add?

  I have a very bad grain allergy and other skin issues.  It took awhile to get my problem under control as we had to figure out what I was allergic too.  But now that I have special food and mommy watches out for the other things that irritate me I rarely have problems.  I do have some medications that I take but only when I have allergies, which is rare these days.  I wanted to share this with everyone because even though this is not a handicap it is a problem that some people may be discouraged with and it could cause them to abandon a pet.  Food allergies are very common and can cause severe skin issues.  But these types of allergies are very easy to control and maintain.  So do not let this discourage you from adopting a new cat or dog from your local shelter!  Work with you vet to find a solution for the problem.

This article is dedicated to the loving memory of Selina.
Gracie & Selena

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Gracie for answering the questions. Pictures were used with permission. She doesn’t have her own Facebook page, but you can find her mentioned on her brother’s Facebook page Hobbes aka Stinky the Cat.

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  1. “OMC! Hello Spooky. OH, this was a very interesting interview. I learned so much about you. You like poof balls? I like poof balls. You like fleece blankies? I like fleece blankies too! I think you are a very beautiful kitty cat and I love you very much. You are not spooky to me at all … just sayin’. love,your friend Fatboy Babushka”.

    1. Hey Gracie! Lovely to meet you, you’re a cool! We know all about that Stinky character! MOL. He better be nice to you or Nicky & Nigel will come hide all his ‘nip!

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