Black Cat Appreciation: Meet Gentle Ben

Hello auntie Christina!!!

The handsome Gentle Ben
The handsome Gentle Ben

How old are you?

I will be 3 years old at Halloween.

Where did your name come from?

Meowmy named me because of my very gentle nature… I am a lover not a fighter 😉  Meowmy used to watch Grisly Adams when she was a child and his bear was Ben…when she googles the name Ben it brought her to the children’s books with the bear Gentle Ben and it just fit purrrfectly… I answered to it right away. And so I became Gentle Ben instead of Dumbledore (the name they gave me at the shelter).  I didn’t like that one!

How did you come to live with Ti-Pou?

In December of last year Meowmy was looking for a much older cat to keep Ti-pou company…. preferably old, black and not purrfect because they usually are the last to be adopted.  She spotted my picture on and saw that I was only 2 hours away… she emailed the shelter and they told her I was 10 and not neutered and needed dental work…but there had been a mix up.  Meowmy drove down to meet me and was going to sponsor my neuteuring even thought she wasn’t sure she was going to take me but then when she asked to see me they brought out this old orange kitty… she was shattered as she thought I had been adopted but then it was only a name mix up and I was still there but a little younger than what she wanted…But once she held me and I fell asleep in her arms and started snoring she says I stole her heart and she took me home right then!  Sinced I was neuteured she still sponsored the big orange kitty’s neuter surgery.

How long did it take for her to warm up to you?

I warmed up to Ti-Pou right away… I am very gentle and would lay down in a submissive way for her to know I am not mean… but Ti-Pou really would prefer being an only kitty… she still doesn’t like me very much.  Meowmy makes sure to play games with us but she stays between us because if I get too close Ti-Pou will leave.  Meowmy also gives us treats together on the  bed in order to get her to accept me more.  At least she tolerates me… I’ll take that for now.

Gentle Ben sneaking up on Ti-Pou
Gentle Ben sneaking up on Ti-Pou

You are so very handsome, can you share one of your secrets?

*Giggle*  I lubs it when someone says I am handsome… I was abandonned and so my self esteem was very low for a long time… the kitty community sure has help me come out of my shell.  Since I have been here Meowmy had made me excercise and now I can wash all my body parts… I wasn’t always this flexible.  So I like to groom my fur in the mornings and now Meowmy uses the Furminator on me…  lubs it!!! Oh and lots of exercise helps… I like to zoooooom alot.

Where is your favorite place to relax?

My favorite place to relax is on Meowmy’s lap… no matter where she is I lubs her lap!  On the bed, on the couch, on my outside deck as long as Meowmy’s lap is there I am happy!!!

What is your favorite thing to do?

My very very favorite thing to do is to smoooooooooch the ladies!  *giggles* I lubs to make people feel loved! The other things I like to do is to play with my baby squeeky mousie. It’s my favorite toy. I also lubs keeping up with my furriendz on facebook specially my new BFF Calvin (Oliver and Calvin) and also Miss Smoky… she sure is purrty!

Gentle Ben and his toy
Gentle Ben and his toy

What would you like to say to the other kitties waiting for forever homes?

To other kitties like me who are waiting for their foreber homes I would say don’t give up… I never thougth it would happen to me but it sure did… I really hit the kitty lottery.  I am loved, spoiled and safe… what more could a kitty ask for?

Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself?

I would like to say how pawsome the kitty community is!  First of all it’s because of Miss Smoky that Meowmy looked for a black kitty and also we see all the love and support we all have for each other… it’s just amazing how many good people are out there!

Oh and in closing I would just like to thank mew for interviewing me and would like to tell mew a little secret… but mew must come closer, much closer SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCH!!! *giggles*  Mew’ve been smooched by Gentle Ben 😉

Gentle Ben
Gentle Ben


Author’s Note: Many thanks to the wonderful Gentle Ben for the smooches and answering the interview questions. Pictures used for the article were used with permission.  You can find him on his facebook page Gentle Ben.Please click on the badge below to view other articles on black cats. This badge was made by the wonderful Miss Ann of Pawsitively Pets.


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  1. Meow gentle Ben…Nylablue here…what a pawsum interview n ya iz a bery hansum beeuteefull mankat!! m!e n Mum are so glad ya found a furever home n yer Mum even sponsored da orange kitteh!!! She iz a GRRREAT Hu’man…Phankz fer doin da interview..we lub to meet new kittehz!
    Yer furendz Nylablue n Sherriellen

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