Black Cat Appreciation: Meet Eli

Sir Eli

Sir Eli, how old are you?

I’ll start from the beginning (sorta!)  I came to live with Mum and Daddy when I was 1 1/2 yrs old.  I’ll be 4 yrs old on December 26th!

How did you come to live with your humans?

Mum found me at our local shelter, the Coastal Humane Society.  I was surrendered as a kitten and adopted, but my adopters felt I was too “rambunctious” for their liking, so they returned me to CHS.  I was there about a month when I met Mum.  She had a dream about a big black Coonie (that’s what Maine people call Maine coons) boy and the next day, she went to CHS and saw me.  My name was Cadillac then, but when Mum and I were playing in the adoption room, she just started calling me Eli and I came to her when she called me that.  I guess I like Eli better than Cadillac!  Mum said I didn’t look like a car anyway!  There was a 24 hr waiting period and I was so sad to watch her leave me there, I was afraid she wasn’t coming back.  But she did and she brought a big comfy carrier with her!  When I finally made it to my new home, I met Daddy.  I fell for him instantly!  And I’ve been “his” cat ever since!!  I sit with him and follow him everywhere (in the house anyway…I ain’t allowed outside!)

What is your favorite thing to do?

Daddy plays guitar and one of my favorite things to do is sit on the couch next to him when he plays!

How do you and Kahula get along?

Miss Kahula
Miss Kahula
Kahlua and I didn’t hit it off at 1st, in fact, she was so mad at Mum that I was there, she chased Mum all over the house for 2 whole days!  She even attacked her leg a couple times.  She was mad cuz ever since Jadzia passed over the Bridge, she had Mum and Daddy all to herself and now she had to share again!  It took a long time for Kahlua to actually become my friend.  She only tolerated me at 1st.  But now were good friends.  We eat together and play and sleep together.  And it worked out that we don’t have to really share, cuz I’m a Daddy’s cat and she’s a Mum’s cat!  Kahlua even admits that she’s much happier having someone to play with when Mum and Daddy are gone!

What is your favorite toy to play with ?

My favorite toy in the whole world is my crinkle tunnel!  I play in it but it makes a great napping spot too!  Everytime I get a new toy,  I have to play with it first in the crinkle tunnel.  If it don’t slide good, it’s no good! MOL!  I also love to play with my mousies and we just got Shrimpies this week!  Those are pawsome toys!!  I also have a couple balls I play with, but mostly it’s the mousies and my crinkle tunnel!!!
Eli & his crinkle tunnel

Has anyone been scared to be near you since you’re a black cat?

I’ve never had anyone scared of me because I’m a black cat.  But I don’t go outside either.  But Mum has told me all about mean people that do mean things to black cats just because they are black!  In fact, out shelter, CHS, won’t adopt out black cats during the week of Halloween because of mean people.  That makes me sad and mad that there are people like that!
Eli and his box

May I do a dedication to Jadzia in the interview?

I never met Jadzia.  She had crossed the Bridge a yr before I came to live with Mum and Daddy.  But Kahlua knows her real good.  Mum found Kahlua when she was 2 weeks old, so Jadzia basically helped raise her.  Kahlua says Jad was her best friend, her sister and her 2nd mom all rolled in one.   But if you like to do a dedication to her, it’s ok and Mum says that is very kind of you, because she was very to Mum!
Miss Jadzia
Many thanks to Eli and his mom for letting me pester them with interview questions. You can find Eli  & Kahlua on facebook as the Kahlua & Eli Show. This post is a part of the black cat appreciation theme. Please click on the badge below to view other articles on black cats. This badge was made by the wonderful Miss Ann of Pawsitively Pets.

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