Black Cat Appreciation: Meet Biggby

Meet Biggby

How old are you?

meh’s da six and da halfs holds head up high……..meh is da middle aged tabby! momma says meh dinks meh still da kitten

Where did your name come from?

Momma used to have to drives da long distance to get the extra strongs coffee whilst meh was da kitten. her was on da slweepy medicines den and her habs to habs dat to ‘wakes’ up … takes care of meh and goes to da works wit da elderly sicks people so iz named fur da coffee that momma needed to stays awake……her say her loved meh so much her drive 100 miles fur da coffee so her could takes care of meh and sick people ( therefore Biggby’s coffee here in michigan be came his name because of drinking expresso dark black strong coffee with extra cream and sugar )

Biggby laying out
Biggby laying out

I read a bit about your life before your forever home, would you like to share it?

meh nots likes to talks about dat, me habs lubs,food, warm bed, and lots of furiends now…most of allz meh habs da momma <3 momma may answer dis fur youz.
** a friend called me and told me he needed a loving home. i was supposed to get him healthy and ready to adopt he stole my heart and became family <3

How did you come to live with your mom?

Momma gots a ring ring thingy tellz her to comes gets meh…….her jump in da vroom vroom and comes to takes meh homes to libs wit her and da hooman brudder in da country. Meh was just da baby dens.


Was it hard for you to adjust to your new home?

meh was SCAREDS! at da first, took me sum timez to realize dat da momma and her hooman boy not hurts meh. they lubs meh extras. Momma mades meh special beds in da warm sunny windows. Grandma bought meh toyz and da tweats. Momma gots meh da wet noms little by little meh comes out and pway wit da momma and hooman brudder den finallie one day meh not scareds so i stole da birdie (CHICKEN) off da big table on herz MOL !!! iz was actives kitty!!
Do you have any fursiblings you live with? meh used to habs whole big place to meh selfs but right nows while da momma in da big skool fur hoomans iz habs to libs wit grand ma and da googie

What are your favorite things to do?

Prowl the yard fur birds, sit on da porch in da shade, roll in da drive way fur back scritch sweep in meh nip garden

What is your favorite snack/food?

FISHIES!!! Salmon is meh lubbbed

This spot is Biggby approved
This spot is Biggby approved

Where do you sleep?

meh lubs to sweep in da windows, on grandpa old chair, in da grandma’s bed, most of all meh habs da special spot wit meh owns pillows and warm blankies on da momma big bed next to herz at nights. meh purrr puts da momma to sweeps on bad nights fur herz.. meh hab special job guarding da momma and purrring fur herz to sweeps.

What would you like to say to people who are scared of adopting black cats?

meh nots scarey, me just habs black fur like hoomans habs all da color of fur……meh momma iz Army girl. herz not scares so why ober be scares of black kitties ? momma habs black fur googies when herz little……….nuthing scarey just fur! meh more scareds of da mean peoples !

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Meh iz bery happies dat ceiling cat gabs meh my furever homes wit da momma and hooman brudder,, grandma and even da googie….Meh is honored to be momma therapy furiend, iz habs papers but momma keeps dem puts away her lubs meh fur being da meh
da silly terrible tabby, nutcase, tabby wit da twist, and all da silly dings meh does <3

Biggby looking in
Biggby looking in


Author’s Note: Many thanks to Biggby for answering the questions and helping to ease people’s fears of black cats.  Pictures used in this article were used with permission. You can visit him on his facebook page Biggby.the coffee cat.Please click on the badge below to view other articles on black cats. This badge was made by the wonderful Miss Ann of Pawsitively Pets.


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