Benefactor of June: Missy’s Friends

Author’s Note: This is the first in what will be a monthly series of benefactors. I want to make sure everyone knows a bit about the group that the auction/raffle funds will be going to. This month’s group is Missy’s Friends who is run by the amazing & wonderful Miss Noel. Her cat Baby Gir will be featured to kick things off for this month’s theme which is “Opt to Adopt” all about adoption stories. Mainly on cats this month, but don’t worry dog lovers, there will be dog adoption stories in July. 

About Missy’s Friends

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Missy’s FUFCF & Missy’s Friends is a non-profit 501(c)(3)organization. We hold benefits and various events to raise money for medical care and diabetic supplies for pet owners who may be having a difficult time paying for their pets medical bills. All donations are tax deductible. This organization has been made possible in honor and in memory of a Diabetic and CRF kitty named Missy.Missy was an 18 years old, 9 year Diabetic & 3 year CRF kitty. Missy was a fighter & even though he has recently passed away on September 19th, 2011 he is still an amazing inspiration to all & is loved by hundreds & has touched the hearts of so many & still continues to do so.

I have made it my life to care for feline diabetics and to get them on the right road to recovery, remission or just a better quality of life with needing less insulin.  I give pet owners the knowledge on how to do this and start them on the path of learning this disease and how to manage it, cope with it and offering their beloved feline a better way with the tools I offer to them.  You can read some of my success stories under “work with feline diabetes”.

Donations of cat food, dog food, towels, blankets, feeding bowls, toys, etc. will be distributed to animal shelters in need to help the forgotten & unwanted as well as non profit organizations, animals who need help with medical care and the cost of their medical care. Contributions will also be disbursed to Social Services for those who have pets & need help caring for and feeding them.

Every animal deserves a fighting chance at life. Missy came to me when no one else wanted him because he was a polydactyl kitty; one who has 6 toes on all paws & he has blessed our hearts in more ways than one. My boy is the one who inspired me start this non profit organization & in doing so, I am keeping his memory alive.

Missy has his own facebook page named “Miss Moo” (with his memorial candle)with over 700 followers; humans and fur-friends who have been following the story of his life & helping other felines who have been newly diagnosed with Diabetes to get them into remission with no need for insulin, with normal glucose ranges, with proper diet, home testing, curves & management. So far to date, Missy has a 100% success rate in doing so. Recently he has created another page called “Missy’s Forgotten & Unwanted Feline & Canine Friends“!/pages/Missys-Forgotten-Unwanted-Feline-Canine-Friends/229824327071578and “Missy’s Friends”!/pages/Missys-Friends/217226798362180 which is a shorter branch off of Missy’s FUFCF. You can go onto our organizations page & follow along with events, updates, photos, etc. All events will be posted on here under Calendar of Events.

“Ribbons For A Cure” is a page made solely of awareness jewelry with awareness ribbon charms for every disease that our animals battle. Orders canbe made directly on the pag.!/pages/Ribbons-For-A-Cure/315007318588253

Missy’s story over the past 18 years of his beautiful life is in the works of telling his story of an unwanted kitten who was very much wanted & loved greatly & his memory will live on in his very own book to help & to teach others about these serious deteriorating diseases &  that there is some hope for a longer & better quality of life.

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Miss Noel, for the tireless efforts she puts into Missy’s Friends. There will be an auction on the Peace, Love & Whiskers facebook page to benefit Missy’s Friends.

To skip to other “Opt to Adopt” Articles link the below link.  The image was made by the wonderful Miss Ann of Pawsitively Pets.


7 Replies to “Benefactor of June: Missy’s Friends”

  1. Thay have already done wonders for me and my Diabetic Cat named Spamuel M. Meemoo!!! They are a blessing!!! We are on the road to get him better, I will never be able to thank Miss Noel & Missy enough!!

  2. I am a special needs senior ladycat who is proud to have been friends with Missy and his sister Hope before their sad passing to the Bridge in the past 2 years. It was a privilege to know them and an especially huge honor to be a supporter of Missy’s Friends. I have donated to their auctions when I can and Auntie Noel and Missy’s Friends were here to help my Mom’s good friend who rescued 3 abandoned newborn feral kittens found in her backyard. When the babies got sick at 6 weeks old and needed to see a vet desperately my Mom’s friend did not have the money to take them. Not wanting to let these babies die Mom reached out to Auntie Noel who generously helped to pay for the kittens to see a vet, funds from Missy’s Friends. I am happy to report these kittens got to the vet and medicine in time and recovered well! In the past weeks they were able to go to a nearby no kill shelter, be vetted and available to find forever, safe and loving homes. Two of the three have adopted their families and the third is just about to! Thanks to Missy’s legacy, these abandoned, unwanted babies survived to grow healthy and go on to live happy and loved lives- they are just a few fur babies who have been helped by the inspiration of this remarkable mancat and in his memory. I am so glad to see Missy’s Friends featured here, they are deserving of mewz support. Purrrrrrrr!!!!!!

  3. “Noel does so much for so many kitties. I enjoyed this interview and look forward to reading the book about Missy. Keep up the good work,, Fatboy Babushka”.

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