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About the blog:

This blog was started in 2012 after an article talking about the fear of dogs. I was lucky enough to get an interview with Oskar & Klaus  and things took off from there. I have been fortunate enough to be able to continue to do interviews  and just started introducing themes to the blog as a way to better organize the interviews. I also have a wonderfully talented co-writer who does pet product reviews, Sharon Mohr (who is an author of the Neptune the Special Cat book).
2/2/2016 -Neptune has grow his wings and joined his friends on the Rainbow Bridge. Please stop by his facebook page to say a few words to his mom.I fund raise for a rescue in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio called Pet Guards Angels.

New Posting Schedule:

  • Interviews post on Mondays & Thursdays starting 7/10/17.


*blows dust of the page*

Wow.. it’s been a long time since I’ve updated this “About Me” Section.. like 3 cats.. no 4 cats ago.


Good times.

Sadly, I lost my original co-writer Miss Sharon Mohr and Neptune, her deaf white cat in the same year. 🙁 Fly free Sharon & Neptune, know you will always be loved <3

*blows more dust off*

I realized my last cat count according to this was 4.


The current cat family is at a lively 7

Bubby, Buggy, Boo, Trixie, Aura, Buttercup & Boots.

Let me share their stories with you.

Boots – medium haired, tuxedo, under 1

He’s an “oopsie” as he was a tiny little kitten following some trick-or-treaters.. he was about to be attacked by one of the outdoor cats I feed and I scooped him up and he’s been with me ever since.


Buttercup – long haired Manx  6

She came to me while I was in a relationship with her owner. When the relationship ended I kept her and her sister Aura.

Buttercup is front declawed (NOT my choice! She came to me that way), she has a history of abuse and is very timid. She has made progress in leaps and bounds and just got her first “lions cut” this summer because she would not let me brush/comb her and stopped grooming. I was scared that I had traumatized her, but she has come up to me several times since asking for pets and laying on me. She is a very sweet girl and I feel so honored when she is nearby.

The below is of her with her coat fully gown out.

Aura – half Siamese/tabby 6

From a previous relationship like Buttercup and front declawed (DON’T DECLAW YOUR CATS!!!) she has sass.. she is my bed buddy now and gets cuddles at night before bed and sometimes sleeps next to me or at my feet on the bed.

She has learned that by standing on her hind legs and reaching out towards me, I will pick her up and cuddle her.

Trixie – black with white bikini markings on her belly – possibly 5

She was supposed to be a foster from the Tampa Bay Cat Alliance where I was volunteering after Miss Bitty  passed, but she had other plans. She has a severe flea allergy and had a virus in her brain that was causing her head to shake badly. Thankfully my vet (who since retired 🙁 ) was able to treat her, I got her on a monthly regimen of flea meds and she was much better.

Fast forward to August 2016, a large lump (grape sized) developed on her left arm making it hard for her to put weight on it. Come to find out that it was cancer and the leg had to be removed.

She hated the cone of shame, so she got fashionable tube sock to wear with a little hole for her right arm while recovering so she wouldn’t be tempted to chew on her stitches.

Now she’s hopping around with 3 legs and is doing great. I’ve had a few scares with her as I am overly nervous of her getting cancer again, but so far so good.

Boo – white, wired haired – 5

This little guy is my alarm clock. He wakes me up for early morning wet noms (early morning is anywhere from 1am-3am). He hides in the kitchen cabinet from loud noises and from people. A few of my friends who come over have never seen him out and about, only in the kitchen cabinet.

He loves a good brushing and will be silky smooth afterwards, but somehow his fur is coarse and gets everywhere…

Bubby – black with a bit of white – 10

He was the biggest cat in the house at a whopping 14 lbs, but he has lost some weight and is now a lean 12 lbs. He loves head butts and will paw you for attention. He is a very quiet cat, but when he talks it is the smallest “meow” you will hear. Him and Buggy were originally adopted within 6 months of each other and were in the same foster house. Both came from Leon County Humane Society. He has been with me the longest going through apartment to trailer, to 4 hour drive to a rental house to my current home.

Buggy – gray tabby – 11

His original name was Andrew, but when I got him home for the first time after showing him the food, water and litter box, he flopped down on the carpet and wanted belly rubs. He was such a love bug that he ended up with the name “Buggy”.  He loves pets, but if petted under his chin for too long he forgets to breath and starts to cough, so I have to caution my friends to not pet him there.


In Loving Memory of:

Miss Bitty

She was such a beautiful girl.. very sweet and was the driving force that led me on this journey to share the stories of pets that need extra love & care as Miss Bitty herself had developed an autoimmune disease that cause her paws to puff and ulcer.

The decision was made to give her a quality of life rather than a life of suffering.

Sadly she succumbed to the side effects of her medications before she was 4.

Fly free sweet Bitty girl, know you will always be loved <3


About the Owner:

Minor Disclaimer: While I try to do my best with the content please note that the cats do like to use me as a perch while I am editing and there will be spelling and grammar mistakes from time to time. 

Who am I?

Well first of all I love cats.. I’m sort of allergic to them but I find their companionship worth the allergies (that’s why allergy pills exist).

I’m sweet, mean, crazy, dreaded, tanned, glasses wearing, sarcastic, cat loving, sun roof loving, beach bum, peaceful, hippie, rocker, blues listener, photographer, writer, dreamer, lazy, with a touch of OCD (I organize my crayons, coloring pencils, markers and fruit snacks by color and I’m * obsessed* with making lists).


I may have forgotten a few things.. but that’s basically me.. I’m a bit like an egg roll, all good things wrapped up into one package and deep fried to a brown crispy tasty texture

*drools* now I’m hungry for Chinese. Mmm…

Oh and I’m easily distracted.. not sure if its ADHD or just boredom.. but i do interrupt my own conversations for shiny objects, butterflies, kittens and other various moving objects.

Kitty Chasing Butterfly

I love jeans, t shirts and flip flops.. I love sunny days, I hate cold rain and love blankets & pillows and my three cat babies.

I loooove rainbow sprinkles and chicken, but not together.

Oh and a fair warning…

I have been known to randomly chew on seat belts and lick windows..

My dream is to either be a published writer, work with animals or win the lottery and take lots of cat naps throughout the day

I love all things cat related and have 3 4 wonderful cats in my life. Bubby, Buggy and Boo & Trixie!. The oldest two were  adopted from the Tallahassee Humane Society. Sir Boo was flown all the way from Akron, OH. He was a foster kitty taken from what would have been a bad situation  with his feral mommy and given a new home in Florida. All of them have filled my life (thus far) with laughs, tears, snuggles, purrs and lots of cat naps.


At this time I am not taking requests for interviews. But check back soon!

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    1. I wish I could take the credit for finding Snow, but that credit goes to Miss Laura Wilhelm-Bruzek, she runs the Paws for a Cause and has been taking care of Snow ever since finding him. I was just lucky enough to get to interview her about Snow. =^.^=

      I would love to hear about how fostering has changed your life. Please let me know if you are interested in doing an email interview about fostering. My email is yornma@yahoo.com

      Thank you =^.^=

  1. You asked for more cat stories? You need to search “Dottie’s Page” on FB and do a story on her. She is being cared for by a wonderful woman who is tending to her since she lost both back legs from abuse. A lot of us are following her story and helping raise funds for her. Check it out.

    1. Thank you. I am actually working on the story of Dottie for the next post. With any luck hopefully more people will find out about her and donate to get her vet bills covered.

  2. I found your bloggy through speedy. And it looks like you and me have a lot in common….with all the writing working with animals, or wanting to win the lottery kind of thing. Its nice to meet a young blogger like myself who clearly has a lot of the same interests as me! 🙂 I have a rescue kitty as well, Rascal, he is quite the interesting guy. Loved getting to know more about you! 🙂 And can’t wait to come back! -lea and kirby

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