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If you have a pet that has been declawed, devocalized, had a tail docking, ear docking, has special needs, has been abused/neglected, I would be interested in interviewing you about them. Please tell me a bit about them and I’ll get back with you within 24-48 hours. 
Note: I do not share emails with anyone, when filling out the form this is just for me to contact you with additional questions. If you do not wish to use your real name, I can certainly use initials. 
Thank you for your time!  


About the blog:

This blog was started in 2012 after an article talking about the fear of dogs. I was lucky enough to get an interview with Oskar & Klaus  and things took off from there.

I have been fortunate enough to be able to continue to do interviews  and just started introducing themes to the blog as a way to better organize the interviews. I also have a wonderfully talented co-writer who does pet product reviews, Sharon Mohr (who is an author of the Neptune the Special Cat book).

2/2/2016 -Neptune has grow his wings and joined his friends on the Rainbow Bridge. Please stop by his facebook page to say a few words to his mom.

I fund raise for a rescue in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio called Pet Guards Angels.


New Posting Schedule:

  • Interviews posted on a weekly basis.


I want to thank everyone who has read, shared, commented or been an interviewee. I really do appreciate the feed back and will continue to do my best to improve the blog in 2013. It is because of you this blog has become what it is today.

Thank you from all of us at Peace, Love & Whiskers – Chris (editor/writer/owner), Sharon (co-writer),  and the three inspirational cats: Bubby, Buggy & little Boo too! Unfortunately, Miss Bit-Bit sadly passed unexpectedly on Jan 8th 2014, but she has since returned home and will always be in our hearts.

3/11/2014 – We have our first foster failure, Miss Trixie . She has not yet discovered her “voice” but she is on the mend from a severe flea reaction and is a very content and happy member of the family.


2/2/2016– I wanted to share pictures of the entire family as well as myself.

Bubby, the oldest. He’s a all black man cat with a small tuft of white on his chest. He’s about 14lbs and rarely meows. He’s a an of peanut butter, bacon Ritz and anything salty or with cinnamon.


Buggy the second oldest, he’s a grey tabby who loves to be close to me. He loves milk, bananas and kiwis. He loves snuggle time and has lulled me to sleep many times with his purring.


Boo the second youngest, he’s all white, can hear/see just fine. He loves to wake me up in the morning for wet food or second breakfast on the weekends. He never grew into a meow so he has a kitten like “mew” which can get very annoying when one is trying to sleep. He’s very lanky and zips around the house. He’s the best at playing with the laser light. He enjoys cantaloupe, honey dew and has been known to sneak off with lettuce when I’m trying to make salads for work.


Trixie – she is a bit of a wildcard as the vet thinks she was 2 1/2 when she was adopted, which would make her older than Boo however she was very sick and has been making up for lost time.  She loves her black peace sign blanket and will glare at me when i move it to wash it. She loves cheese and meat. Will hop into your lap if there’s a blanket in it.trixie1


And yours truly.. yup that me at BarkWorld in November of 2015. :)


About the Owner:

Minor Disclaimer: While I try to do my best with the content please note that the cats do like to use me as a perch while I am editing and there will be spelling and grammar mistakes from time to time. 

Who am I?

Well first of all I love cats.. I’m sort of allergic to them but I find their companionship worth the allergies (that’s why allergy pills exist).

I’m sweet, mean, crazy, dreaded, tanned, glasses wearing, sarcastic, cat loving, sun roof loving, beach bum, peaceful, hippie, rocker, blues listener, photographer, writer, dreamer, lazy, with a touch of OCD (I organize my crayons, coloring pencils, markers and fruit snacks by color and I’m * obsessed* with making lists).


I may have forgotten a few things.. but that’s basically me.. I’m a bit like an egg roll, all good things wrapped up into one package and deep fried to a brown crispy tasty texture

*drools* now I’m hungry for Chinese. Mmm…

Oh and I’m easily distracted.. not sure if its ADHD or just boredom.. but i do interrupt my own conversations for shiny objects, butterflies, kittens and other various moving objects.

Kitty Chasing Butterfly

I love jeans, t shirts and flip flops.. I love sunny days, I hate cold rain and love blankets & pillows and my three cat babies.

I loooove rainbow sprinkles and chicken, but not together.

Oh and a fair warning…

I have been known to randomly chew on seat belts and lick windows..

My dream is to either be a published writer, work with animals or win the lottery and take lots of cat naps throughout the day

I love all things cat related and have 3 4 wonderful cats in my life. Bubby, Buggy and Boo & Trixie!. The oldest two were  adopted from the Tallahassee Humane Society. Sir Boo was flown all the way from Akron, OH. He was a foster kitty taken from what would have been a bad situation  with his feral mommy and given a new home in Florida. All of them have filled my life (thus far) with laughs, tears, snuggles, purrs and lots of cat naps.

LoveMeow.com for ultimate cat lovers

About the Co-Writer

Sharon Mohr began her career writing feature articles for local magazines in southern California, before becoming a technical writer serving the construction trade and auto industry for more than fifteen years.

In spring 2001 she rescued Neptune. Upon completing Neptune the Special Cat in 2010, Mohr began a Facebook page for Neptune, so that friends, neighbors, and young readers could keep up with Neptune’s adventures, after reading the book.

It is such a pleasure to have her review pet products, pet related books and have her as a co-writer on the blog. Thank you so much Sharon!



Meow! Woof! Chirrp! Tell me what you think. =^..^=

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