Happy Tails: Poof, Biscuit, Gunny & Abby

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Miss Savanah for letting me ask questions about her pets (and finance! 😉

How old is everyone & what are their names?

Poof, my domino boy is almost two years old;

Biscuit, my Siamese is a year and a half,

and Absinthe our black kitty is almost a year old.

The dog, Gunny will be four in November and my fiancé is 21 in December.

How did they come to live with you?

Poof was found by a neighbor in California who asked me if I’d take him once he was 8 weeks. Biscuit was saved at 3 weeks old from freezing weather, and Abby was a kill shelter save as a kitten. Gunny was actually taken directly from a neglectful home.

As for my fiancé, I found him gaming. Haha.

How does everyone get along?
Gunny is very much a cat in spirit, so they all get along famously. Tony, the hooman gets testy sometimes but the actual animals all love each other dearly.

Who rules the roost the cat or the dogs?
The kitties definitely rule the roost, although Gunny likes to tattle when they’re misbehaving. He’ll bark at them and chase them away from being bad kitties.

What is everyone’s favorite things to do?
I think they all love eating the most. Eating and napping.

Are there any tips/tricks you would like to share about having a multi pet household?
We keep everything very clean and the dog sleeps separate from the kitties at night; it really keeps the peace between the brood so everyone gets alone time. I’d suggest slow introductions and persistence to any new multi-pet household.

Also, lots of positive behavior rewards.