Sweet Seniors: Meet Adara

Author’s Note: Thanks so much to my co-worker and friend Michael for letting me ask questions about his senior dog. Pictures used with permission.



How old is Adara?

She is 14 Born on 9/21/2003

Where did her name come from?

We had other dogs with greek god names, so we were going with that theme. Mom’s dog was Adonis, so we looked up another ‘A’ name and found Adara. It means, the one whom is beautiful.

How did she come to live with you?

I always had a dog growing up with my parents, so I wanted one of my own when we finally had a proper place to have one. I was looking in the newspaper for one and finally one day David and his mom found an ad. They drove quite a distance to get her from a breeder. They brought her home and surprised me!

What is her favorite thing to do?

She loves to cuddle with you. I could lay around all day and she would have no issues being with you. She used to like to play with toys, but at her age now she just loves to cuddle.


How does she get along with the others?

For the most part she does. When we lived in an apt complex, she was “attacked” by a black lab, so she was scared for a long time of other dogs. Now, she will bark at them but after a bit, she is like ‘whatever’. She does get along with all our other dogs at home. She has no problem growling at our husky when he wants to invade her food. He listens.

Do you have any tips for others who have a senior dog?

You have to watch them a little bit close. Adara likes to wander, and not on purpose she just sniffs outside and next thing you know she is way in the backyard or sneaks out front. She is a little slower so you have to have a little more patience with her. I would recommend getting some puppy pads, as she cant hold it as long as she used to. So we lay pads out, especially when we are gone and she is for the most part good about using them.

Is there anything else you would like to add about her or having a multi dog house?


My dog is little, maybe 8 lbs so with other larger dogs around you have to watch them all, make sure they don’t trample her. When they are all coming in from outside, sometimes the shepherd will jump right over Adara to get past her. Sometimes it scares her and you just think ‘poor Adara’. Her sight is going too, so she cant tell when a sliding back door is open or closed sometimes until you go though it yourself.
The food you give a senior dog, may be different also. We give her moist and meaty as it is soft as Adara only has 3 teeth. However, she can still eat hard food and loves it. She doesn’t seem to have an issue either. Right down the hatch!