Extra Love Needed: Meet Coco

Author’s Note: ┬áMany thanks to Miss A for letting me ask questions about Coco. Pictures used with permission.

She is around 10 her name is Coco she came from a friend of a friend

Cocker spaniel poodle mix

She was perfectly healthy

My mom, grandma, and I have a combined 5 dogs. The mother, 2 from one litter, and 2 from another. All of them seem to have cataracts except for the only boy.

They all seemed to develop over time, my cocos is the only one that requires eye drops at the moment.

We didn’t have to do any special adjustments, she haas all been at the same place for many years, so for the most part she knows where everything is. She will bump into things from time to time.

I honestly don’t have any tips or tricks, she is just like her old self. We didn’t have to do anything special to cope.

I don’t really have advice other then don’t treat them like something is wrong with them. Blindness isn’t that big of a deal, and she has had absolutely no personality changes. I will eventually have her eyes taken out because her eyes will never get better.