Blogging the Change for Animals

Author’s Note: I seem to be participating  in a lot more blogging challenges. This one is all about being the change for animals and I what I plan on doing.


I plan on having some guest posts throughout the year to highlight several of the causes I’m passionate about such as but not limited to – the declawing of cats, debarking of dogs, tail docking and BSL.

I plan on having 3 online auctions to benefit Pet Guards Angels so they are able to get some much needed supplies for the cats and the office.

I plan on sending 2 rounds of kitty care packages to them which will include office supplies, blankets, and toys.

I feel like that’s not much and will probably donate to the local SPCA or see if I can help with a local TNR group.

If anyone is interested in doing a guest post on the subjects listed above or would like to donate items to the auction or kitty care packages please let me know.

Pet Guards Angels also has an Amazon wishlist if you would like to donate directly.

Pets Guards Angels’ Amazon wishlist

Thank you in advance!

I can’t believe I forgot to add my annual  “Wishes for Kitties” from August 27-29.  This will be the 4th year I’ve done this and what happens in this:

For every birthday wish I get via social media – the blog, either the blog Facebook or personal facebook I donate $1 to Pet Guards Angels.

I’ve donated $200 in the years past and would love to get some friends to help out and if anyone has ideas on how to get pet companies involved I would love it. !

Pet Blogger Challenge

Author’s Note: The Pet blogger challenge 2016.. 🙂


1. How long have you been blogging? And, for anyone who is visiting for the first time, please give a quick description of the subject of your blog.

I’ve been blogging since.. ooh good question. I was blogging on a friend’s blog about my weekend adventures and what not and then decided to blog my short stories and then it eventually turned into the pet blog. 3 years as Peace, Love & Whiskers itself and about a year before that on inner ramblings. 🙂

2. What is the one thing that you accomplished during 2015, either on your blog or because of it, that made you most proud?

Oooh. I was able to go to BarkWorld again, that was a major accomplishment because I did walk away from the blog several times to return to my own fictional writing, but realized I missed the sense of community and all the friends I had made when I went to BarkWorld and BlogPaws. So I was ecstatic to be able to go to BarkWorld in November and “get back on the horse” so to speak with blogging.

3. Which of your blog posts was your favorite this year and why? (Please include a link.)

Ooo, tough one since I didn’t do that many last year. 🙁

I think my favorite and I’m still totally gushing over the fact that I got to meet the wonderful woman behind the blog was Random Felines.

I peppered her with so many questions about her blog, her cats and fostering I’m surprised she still answered my emails. 🙂

I just love interviewing other bloggers about their blog and how they got started and shedding a light on their passion.


4. A common theme from last year’s challenge was that many of us wanted to increase the size of our audiences. Whether or not we intend to monetize our blogs, it seems we’d all like to reach more people. It feels good to know that we’re connecting with others, sharing a laugh or supporting a cause, and it’s motivating to see those numbers grow! What is one thing you’ve done in the past year that has brought more traffic to your blog?

Um..what traffic? Lol. Since I took a mini hiatus from the blog in 2015 I didn’t really do anything to up the traffic on my blog. I’m hoping to get some more traffic this year but getting some great stories on pets that need extra love, small pets and getting some more pitties interviewed.

I also want to highlight my advocacy to help end BSL and declawing.

5. Which of your blog posts got the most traffic this year? Why do you think it was so popular? (Please include a link.)

6. What is one blog that you read religiously – other than your own – and what makes you such a devoted reader? (Please include a link.)

I love the Cult of Otis. I’ve been following for a few years and I just love the pictures and the stories the brothers tell. They don’t post as often since Leader Otis passed, but they still carry the message that each and every one of us can make a difference by feeding and sheltering the cats we choose to take into our lives.

Towards the end of the year I really go into Brian’s Home, I love the pictures of everyone and their stories.

7. What resources do you rely on to enhance your technical, writing, photography, social media, or other skills that improve your blog?

I’m going to rely on my own technical skills to get links, pictures and what not updated and keep them updated and get a schedule printed out for myself so I can keep better track of who I’ve interviewed and who I’m interviewing and get some more in-depth questions on certain diseases and resources to help others who have pets with those diseases.

I think as a pet guardian/owner the biggest relief is knowing you are not alone when you have a pet that’s ill, having a support group, or a website or something to cling to when you feel like you’re drowning in a sea of vet bills is a life saver.

8. What is the best piece of advice you can offer other bloggers?

My best piece of advice is to find your passion, there are a lot of pet blogs out there, make yours unique.

9. What is your vision for your blog in 2016? Do you have specific goals?

My vision for the blog in 2016 is to get posts done at weekly at the minimum, twice a week at the max.

10. You have the attention of the pet blogging community – is there one blogging challenge you’d like help with, or one aspect of your blog that you’d like input on?

I would like to know where to find pets & people to interview, Facebook has been my main source of interviews, I want to branch out and get more sources.

Where is a good place to find pets with special needs? I want to highlight those that need the extra love and care.

I want to talk about more small pets, bring on the lizards, geckos, snakes, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs and ferrets and everything in between! There are so many cat/dog pages on Facebook it’s nearly impossible to find small pets.

I need help finding them, send them to me, please.

As for my advocacy, I want to really get the word out about ending declawing and BSL, so I am always looking for pets/people to interview about that and find out what they are doing locally to make a difference.



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Pets that Blog: Meet Bella from According to Bella

Author’s Note: I had the pleasure of meeting Bella’s mom Trista at Barkworld back in November.


How did According to Bella start?
My husband and I have always been dog people. We both had dogs growing up and adopted a Golden and a Rescue mix a year or so into our marriage. When they passed at 17 years old, I thought I would never have another dog in my life. I had a lot of healing over the next 2 years and my husband and I had started talking about talking about rescuing. On our trip to VA for Thanksgiving (a year ago this week!) I was scrolling through Facebook on my phone and this awesome dog with the coolest coloring pops up. Would you judge me if I told you I welled up at the sight of her? My heart knew she was mine before my brain did.

Where did Bella come from?
Bella was rescued from a kill shelter in NC by Crate Escape. They placed her in foster care where she lived, learned, acclimated for about 6 weeks until she was adopted.

How did she get her name?
When she is happy she prances and dances so her foster family named her Belle for Bellerina. We tweaked it to Bella when we adopted her.

Do you know what breed she is?
She was listed as a German Short Haired Pointer mix but the Vet says she is an Australian Cattle Dog. This breed is called a Heeler b/c they bite at the heels of cattle when herding them. There are RED Heelers and BLUE Heelers. Bella is a rare mix of both, referred to as a Purple Heeler.

What inspired you to write in her voice?
Her HUGE personality! She is the most opinionated dog I have ever met. And really good at communicating her feelings too. We spend a lot of time together so I have gotten good at understanding her.

What has been your favorite post so far?
Her first. “Prepare Your Pup for Winter – From a Clothes Averse Heeler Mix” This was the moment when her voice finally came out and it was loud and clear. I decided to write about winter prep and the kinds of things your dog needs to be happy and healthy for the cold winter months. As I wrote it remembered how much Bella hated to be in coats last year. I felt so torn as I prepared to write the post, because I knew Bella would never stand for most of what I was recommending based on research and things I had picked up since we adopted a short-haired breed. I realized Bella wasn’t the only short-haired dog that hates wearing clothes. And that point of view would probably be really helpful for owners of these types of dogs. So I decided Bella should be the one to talk about it first and then I added a section from me with advice about how to compromise between hating to be clothed and needed to be protected from the elements. I’m really proud of it.
Here’s a link:

What has been the most rewarding thing about having a blog?
I love giving Bella a voice and helping others with the information I am learning. I’m not an expert, a trainer, a specialist. I’m just a dog owner learning how to deal with a dog that is much smarter and energetic than I bargained for. So many dogs in these categories (working dogs, herding dogs, etc.) are “returned” after adoption because the family can’t handle the responsibility of these breeds. I hope I can help these families so they and their new pup can be happy ever after together.

Does she do Periscopes as well ?
Yes! She does =) We have scopes of her playing with sticks, chasing bouncing balls and learning tricks. She also does pet product reviews.

Is there anything you wanted to add about her, yourself of the blog that people should know?
Through our experience with adopting Bella I have also learned the importance of Fostering. There is much education needed for successful fostering experiences and so that’s another big part of our blog and website. We hope that by helping increase foster education more dogs can be rescued and saved.

May I borrow pictures of her for the article? I will state they were used with permission and share the social media links.