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My resolution for the blog are the following:

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  • get pictures of all the cats on the “About” page


What are your New Years Resolutions?

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Have a wonderful & safe holiday!

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Meet Meowbox

Author’s Note: I had the pleasure of meeting Olivia Canlas the co-founder of Meowbox at Barkworld and as part of my follow up I did a email interview with her.


How did Meowbox get started?
When it was determined there there was an opportunity for meowbox in the market, we got to work quickly to get things going. The first few things we did to get started was to secure our social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Francois started building the website, I started contacting and sharing our idea with as many cat influencers and bloggers as I could find. We searched for interesting product and embarked on branding and packaging next. Our main goal was to move as quickly as possible!

How has the reception been so far?
Subscription boxes have been around for a few years but many people have not yet considered the concept for cat products. The reception has been wonderful because folks enjoy the idea of providing a fun experience for their kitty. One of the best things about meowbox is seeing your cat happy.

Do you have a survey or way for subscribers to comment on the items received?
We welcome feedback from our subscribers via social media, email (humans@meowbox.com), or via our secure web form at meowbox.com/about/contact.
Will you be offering a year subscription anytime soon?
We have pondered the idea, so perhaps! We are always open to feedback and trying different things.


I was curious where the idea for Meowbox came from was it because your cats had gotten into trouble before or if you had visited pet retailers and noticed they don’t have a large selection of cat toys?
I knew a dog subscription box existed but discovered there was not one for cats! I had also been seeing a lot of options for dog toys and treats in stores and not much for kitties. meowbox solves the problem of the lack of selection for cats and the difficulty in searching for interesting items.

How do you pick toys that will be featured in Meowbox?
There are 2 big pet trade shows for businesses that happen in the US. One is called Superzoo and the other is called Global Pet Expo. These events showcase pet products from new and familiar companies. We also discover companies online through social media and researching the web. Companies also contact us to introduce us to their products. Whenever we are out and about, we keep our ears perked and eyes open for neat kitty items.

What was been the most popular toy so far for you cats and clients?
The most popular toy has been a handmade shrimp stuffed with potent catnip, supplied by “Crazy About Catnip” Easy seller, https://www.etsy.com/shop/crazyaboutcatnip

Do your clients get to pick the toys for their cats or is it a surprise?
Every month we aim to surprise and delight our subscribers and their kitties. meowbox is not just a product, but an experience that is shared between the kitties and the humans, so the anticipation and excitement is all part of the fun.


Connect with them:






Has anyone tried out the meowbox for their cats? Comment below and let me know how it went!

Meet Kuddly.co

Author’s Note: This is a non-sponsored interview with the co-founder of Kuddly.co whom I met at BarkWorld. Lucy was kind enough to let me do an email interview. The Kuddly.co logo was used with permission for this blog post.


Don’t feel like paying $50 to go to the vet and just want to chat or email one? Well the funders of Kuddly.co have the solution for you. This app lets you enter your pets information and find a vet in your area to speak with for a nominal fee.


May I ask how kuddly was started?

It has been a work in progress for over a year. The company officially formed early 2015 and the first version of the app was released in July.
Is it available in Canada and Mexico?

It is available anywhere for smart phones on iOS and android. No geographic limits.
Is there a goal to grow it world wide?

We hope so. Already we have vets from several countries including Poland and Brazil.


I was told that Kuddly.co is an app where people can find a vet to email or
chat with for a nominal fee. And from what I saw of the app it does give
you the price information up front, however what happens when a client is
not satisfied with the provided?

How do they dispute the charges, would they need to dispute it with your
company’s customer service directly or should they be speaking to their
financial institution?

We have a very responsive support team. If you do not have a satisfying experience we encourage you to reach out to support@kuddly.co with your concerns. If is a medical concern I am often contacted to review.

Obviously if you believe your credit/debit card is wrongfully charged then please contact us so we can review our side, but also alert your financial institution for possible fraud/identity theft issues.
Also, how does the charge come through on their debit/credit card? Does it
come from Kuddly.co or is there a holding company?

I believe it shows up at Kuddly.co or Kuddly Inc. We do not have a holding company
I ask because my full time job is doing customer service for credit unions
for their debit, ATM cards and prepaid cards and sometimes part of our job
is to investigate where charges come from due to their being parent
companies or holding companies that do not share the same name.

I like the concept of the app as this could possibly end up saving a few
pets lives or ease the mind of a pet parent without breaking the bank.


I was also curious, how would a veterinary practice go about getting listed
on kuddly.co?
Our network is for individual veterinarians. If you know a veterinarian who might be interested – they download the app to their mobile device. One of the first questions is – “are you a vet”. If they select yes – they will prompted to start setting up their profile. We require a photo of government issued ID and a copy of their active veterinary license. Our internal team verifies that the names match – takes about 24 hours to fully activate a profile. We will be asking veterinarians to be re-verified annually to keep their profile active

Is there a rating system for after the services have been rendered?

Yes after completion of the consultation the consumer is prompted to rate and review – similar to Yelp.
We encourage comments as long as they are appropriate.
I ask because I have had a bad experience with a vet close to me and got a
second opinion from another local vet and love their service, so I wasn’t
sure if you are able to share your good/bad experiences on the app.

Is there a screening for vets that do controversial procedures such as
de-barking, de-clawing, tail docking, etc? If not is there a way for a
client to sort through vets that do that procedure?

We do not have such screening mechanisms.

Our concept is really about choice. We want to have options for everyone, so we do not have any exclusions (other than you do have to a verified vet to be listed). If there is someone who is advocating something controversial we encourage commentary (see above), so that other consumers can make their own decision about consulting with that veterinarian.

If something truly unacceptable is noted we encourage you to bring it to our attention through the support team. We do have the ability to shut down a vet’s profile if needed.


The About section explains how it works in further detail


Find them online at : http://www.kuddly.co/

Available in the Apple Store for Iphones and Google Play Store for Androids


Have you used the app? Let me know. I’ld love to hear about your experience.

Pets that Blog: Meet Random Felines

Author’s Note: I met the wonderful woman (Jeanne Kudich) behind Random Felines at Barkworld last month and below is the email interview I did with her. What a pleasure to catch up with her again and pester her with questions about her blog, fostering and adopting. Thank you so much Jeanne! Pictures were used with permission. 


How did you get inspired to blog?
I wanted a “journal” of sorts to keep track of the cats. I was fostering as well and it made for a good way to keep memories of the kittens.

What has been your favorite post(s) so far?
There have been so many….I think for me it is about having an impact on others. I posted about how hard fostering can be, how applications work for rescues, and probably announcing when my special needs foster Bourbon was adopted.



What have you learned since you started your blog?
About blogging? That I know just enough to keep from blowing up my computer. 🙂 Seriously though, becoming part of a community has been a wonderful thing. I kind of stumbled into it and then discovered there are so many more bloggers out there. The opportunity to share things back and forth and support each other is the best thing.

What advice do you have to other pet bloggers?
Find a voice and go with it. I started out talking as “myself” and eventually changed over to a group cat voice. I didn’t want to pick one cat to be the voice of the blog – what happens when that cat passes away? Though there are times when one cat will take over for a day. And I will post as myself if it is something that the cats wouldn’t talk about or is personal. Skip the “cat speak” – it is just too hard to read and I think it turns people off. And talk about something you love. You don’t have to post every day, but be consistent.


How many pictures do you take on average to get a “perfect” picture for your blog?
I don’t know if I have ever gotten the perfect picture. 🙂 That would be the one thing I would like to improve but I think it would require an upgrade to a much better camera and that isn’t in the budget right now. I will say that like most bloggers, I take WAY more than I actually use. For me it is about catching the cats and kittens doing natural things. And sometimes I get lucky and get a really great shot (or video).

How did you get started fostering?
It was totally by accident. A pair of adult male cats came into the humane society where I was volunteering at the time. It’s a long complicated story (http://www.random-felines.com/2009/11/tim-tom.html ) but the short version is they needed a foster home and I suggested our special adoptables program. I showed up to a meeting and my friend in charge of the program said “sign here you can pick them up Saturday”. It went smoothly and that spring I got an email asking for kitten fosters since they needed help. I took my first litter of kittens, it worked out well with my cats and that was it.

What has been the most reward thing about fostering?
Seeing sick kittens get better and seeing some special needs kittens get homes. (http://www.random-felines.com/2013/01/bourbon-and-moonshine.html) And of course getting kittens and their moms adopted.


What is the hardest thing about fostering?
Some people say sending them back to the rescue to be adopted out. And while that can be harder with some kittens than others, for me it is taking kittens into my home and then having them get sick and die. That loss is heartbreaking every time. And it never gets easier….I know that it happens but after putting so much love and work into these kittens, it is just so hard.

What should people know about fostering that they may not think about?
You can’t keep them all. Know your limits. Ask questions. Know what the rescue expects of you when it comes supplies, time commitment, adoption events, and emergency contacts. Keep in mind too that you don’t need a huge space. A separate bedroom or bathroom is fine. I like using my bathroom since the floor is tile and easy to clean (and I can joke that I haven’t showered alone in several years).


What supplies do you recommend people to have to get them started fostering?
Most rescues will have food and litter available. Since our rescue is small, I just buy my own (keep track of your expenses – if you volunteer for a 501(c)3, your expenses may be tax deductible). You will need a separate space for kittens and cats to adjust (if your rescue allows your to co-mingle your fosters with your resident animals – some do, some don’t). Bowls, litter box, toys, and towels/blankets. Especially with kittens – you are going to be doing laundry. I also have a couple of pens I can set up for restricted play time and finally bought a cat tower.


Do you have any tips to share about fostering that my help others?
Start slow (small litter of kittens that only need a couple of weeks to gain weight). Again – ask questions. See what system the rescue you are with has in place. Talk to other fosters with the rescue and other fosters online – we are all happy to answer questions. Be aware that while it is fun to have kittens, it IS work and requires a time commitment. And it isn’t all fun and games all of the time. It can be hard…but it is rewarding no matter what.

Who was your first foster?
Technically it was Tim and Tom who are now permanent residents. My first litter of foster kittens was a group of 3 that I took in that needed a couple of weeks to get big enough for surgery.


Is there anything else you would like to add that I may have missed?
Be prepared to fall in love. But again, know your limits. I tell people that most of my fosters aren’t screwed up enough to stay. 🙂 Know that there are no dumb questions – we have all been there from time to time. Have a good resource that you can go to….I’m lucky that several friends within the rescue also foster plus I have met some great online friends who foster as well.


To follow the adventures of the permanent and temporary felines, visit: Random Felines or check them out on Facebook they are also on Instagram & Twitter and most importantly they are on YouTube because cat videos the best way to waste time. 🙂


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