Small Pets: Meet Moonpie & Kiwi

 Author’s Note: Many thanks to Moonpie & Kiwi’s mom for letting me ask questions. Pictures were used with permission. You can follow their adventures on their facebook page : Moonpie & Kiwi

What type of bunnies are you?

Hello its Moonpie. I am a white dwarf Lop-Eared Rabbit and my breathtaking girlfriend Kiwi is a dwarf tobiano in white with black markings (such a lovely natural „make-up“).


Where did your names come from?

Ohhh that’s a good story. My human „parents“ watched “The big bang theory” in TV.
In one episode came out that the grandma of Sheldon gave him the nickname “Moonpie“.
Sheldon said that his grandma called him that way because he is so sweet that she could eat him.
And so it comes that mom and dad called me Moonpie because I’m so sweet too.
The first time i met with Kiwi, she was a small, sweet, round beauty, like the fruit Kiwi
(now she is grown up, but still a sweet beauty, isn’t she ? :).


Do you two live in a cage together?

Yes we live together, but „cage“ is not really the right word for our home. 😉 My human „grandfather“ built a very large enclosure, which was planned and designed by my mom. One bunny should have 2 square meters available throughout the day. So our bunny mansion is nearly 170 cm (5.6 feet) high and 160cm (5 feet) wide. When mom or dad are home after work we have an additonal place in the huge living room, where we can play, sleep and jump around.


What do you like to do?
We like to do a lot of things. One of our favourites is playing with the snackball. We roll the ball across the floor and then drop out our treats. It’s a lot of fun. My mom buys often a tunnel of willow we can nibbling. Sometimes she also fills small paper bags with hay and little treats. While digging we have a lot of fun. To cuddle with Kiwi and to brush each other its also very nice.


Where are you favorite places to hide?

Our absolute favorite place is lying under the big couch.


Do you get baths often?

Oh no. No bunny must be bathed. Bunnies are very clean animals and groom themselves several times a day and if they have a partner they preen themselves also mutually. There are of course exceptions: is an animal sick or has very matted fur then you have to help.


What is your favorite foods?

Our favorite foods are fresh vegetables, and occasionally a bit of fruit. Parsley and dill are particularly yummy. We also love herbs, broccoli and carrots. Twice a day we get fresh fodder and throughout the day portions are hay. Hay is very important for tooth abrasion and for digestion.


What advice do you have for anyone who wants to adopt bunnies?

We Bunnies are not cuddle toys. We cuddle with you when we want. We need lots of space and definitely a partner. Otherwise we will quickly feel uncomfortable and become very sad and feeling lonely. Try not to buy animals from pet stores, in the majority they are all grown up under bad conditions and you only would support the horrible trade. There are really great and cute Bunnys in shelters, from reputable breeders or on farms. Even Bunnies need plenty of exercise and employment they are very intelligent animals which need to be busy with a lots of toys. Even small animals such as bunnies need your attention every day. If you are taking good care, they thank you for being one of the greatest and cutest animals.

Extra Love Needed: Meet Matt the Blind Cat

may I ask how old you are? Where did your name come from? How did you come to live with your family? Were you born blind or did you have an accident to cause you to be blind? How long did it take you to learn your new surroundings? Do you live with any other fursiblings? What are your favorite things to do? What advice would you give to other cats like yourself looking for a permanent home? What advise would your humans like to give to those who are worried/concerned/scared about adopting a blind cat? Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself or your humans would like to share about you? Maybe I borrow pictures of you for the article? I will state they were used with permission. I will also link your facebook page. Thank you for your time.


I was rescued in Stephenville, Newfoundland. A lady found me huddled in the snow. She called Port Aux Basques and Area Scaredy Cat Rescue, who then got me to a vet. They thought I was approx. 4 months due to my size, but the vet determined I was roughly 8 weeks old at the time based on my teeth. I had pneumonia as well as upper respiratory infection, conjunctivitis etc. My eyes were so infected, they swollen shut. As they healed the vet realized that I had been born with eyes that hadn’t formed properly. My rescuers called me “Matt Murdock” after Daredevil the blind comic book character. After a few months of healing I was adopted by a gentleman in Cornerbrook. Sadly a few month later our house burned down. One of my kitty brothers died. I was then found the next day in the basement of my house soaked and terrified. I had severe smoke inhalation. I then returned to my previous foster home where I spent many months recovering from the trauma of the fire. It took me a long time to recover from that and it broke my foster parents hearts. I had been such a loving fella when I left and returned scared and withdrawn. They then decided I would stay with them forever because it took so long for me to settle in their home again, to send me to yet another would have been hard on me. It doesn’t take me long to map out a room. Usually within one day I have it memorized. I climb the cat trees just like my furry siblings (I have 7 others kitties living in my home), I can navigate just as well up onto the furniture as they do. Sometimes something might be left on the floor like a suitcase, box etc and I just feel it with my whiskers and go around. I spend lots of time on the Victrola greeting people who come visit us. My forever mom and dad run the rescue so we have lots of visitors! Besides lounging I love playing with soft balls…I carry them around in my mouth. MY favorite thing to do is bumming vittles from my humans. My nose is super strong so I can smell all their good food. My advice for other kitties who are blind is just be yourself and let your true self shine. Change may be scary, but when your forever home comes through its the best feeling ever! While the thought of adopting a special needs cat might seem to be a lot to take on, really having Matt has been no different then having any other cat in our home. As long as we’re not moving the furniture around drastically he does quite well. We’ve made small furniture adjustments in the livingroom, and it he mapped it out quite quickly. Feel free to send us anymore questions you may have. Also take whatever pics you need. I’ll be posting more in the next day or so. Thanks so much for sharing Matts story. Hopefully in convinces others to consider adopting a bling kitty. =^.^= Matt, Bob and Kat

Small Pets: Meet Lola

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Lola’s parents for letting me ask questions about her. Pictures were used with permission. Please visit her facebook page – Lola’s World.



 How old is Lola & what type of bird is she?

Lola is a 9 year old Lutino Cockatiel.


Does she live with any other pets? 

Lola lives in Coastal Virginia with her family which also includes a pet hedgehog named Cactus. She has also lived with cats and a dog in the past.


Where did her name come from?

Her name was selected by her family’s daughter and matches her personality.


Does Lola speak & what does she like to do?

Lola is a quiet bird and doesn’t talk. (which is true with many female birds) She enjoys spending time out of her cage and in the screened porch. From the porch she can watch the other birds outside and the neighbor’s cat. She also has other bird friends that will visit when their owners are out of town.

Lola loves attention from her family and wants be where there is activity. She loves to eat millet and pretzels with no salt. Lola was hand fed as a baby and is very tame…her bites do not hurt. She loves having her head scratched and will beg for it to be done. She comes out of her cage when she wants and remains out when her family is home to supervise.


What would you like to say to people considering having a bird as a pet?

Birds are great pets…both beautiful to look at and entertaining. Please remember that buying a bird is a long term commitment and not for everyone. Many bird species live well over 50 years and they also require love and attention. Many birds will bond with their owners while other bond to other birds. I always suggest to anyone thinking about buying a bird or any pet do research and make an informed decision. If you select a cockatiel like Lola and you invest your time and love for your new pet you will be rewarded with their love in return.

Black Cat Appreciation: Meet Obie

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Obie and his humans for letting me interview him. Hopefully this made him feel better as he tried to submit his photo to be published in Catster, but unfortunately did not make the cut. If you want to follow him & his siblings, they have a facebook page called: The Candy-Corn Kittens.  Pictures were used with permission. 
 Obie 3
“May I ask how old you are sir?”
 I was born in 2008, so that makes me 7 years old! I was adopted from a great no-kill rescue called Salem Friends of Felines in Salem, Oregon. I was one of four black kittens rescued, along with our kitty mommy, from behind a pizza restaurant in Salem. All four of us kittens had upper respiratory problems, and we kept making each other sick; whenever one of us would get healthy we would catch it again!
“How did you come to live with your forever family?”
Our humans had lost four cats between January 2007 and May 2008; Tabby was 20, Misty Kitty was 18, Lucky was 17 and Christmas Kitty was 11 (he had cancer.) They had adopted a Lynx-Point Siamese from Salem Friends of Felines in February 2008; her name is Meeshka. And in May they adopted me. When my daddy was a child his neighbors had a black cat named Bulungus, and he always said he was going to have a black cat someday and name it Bulungus. My full name is Obsidian Bulungus; they call me Obie for short.
“How many fursiblings do you have?”
I have seven feline siblings! Meeshka, Mackenzie, Reggie, Phoebe, Zen, Whiskey Pete and Tigger. Mackenzie is the oldest; he’s about fourteen. Reggie and Phoebe are orange and white cats also known as The Candy-Corn Kittens, and they have their own Facebook page. (But all of us appear on the page; they’re very good at sharing!) 
Obie 1
“You are quite handsome sir; would you like to share your grooming techniques?”
Thank you! I pride myself on my handsomeness! And do you know what’s really cool about my fur? At the base, it’s gray! I’m what is known as a Smoke Tabby; if you brush me backwards my fur looks gray. As far as grooming techniques go, I’m a pretty basic fellow; I just use the good old-fashioned tongue. Several of my siblings also help with my grooming, so I manage to stay handsome!
“What do you like to do for fun?”
 I am a pretty active cat! I am an indoor-only cat, as are all my fursiblings, but we have a lot of toys, as well as a big cat castle we can climb and benches at all the windows so we can see outside. My favorite toys are the plastic springs; I whap them all over the house, and I never know which way they are going to bounce! It’s fun! 
“What would you like to say to all the other black cats out there?”
 Being a black cat, I know how difficult it can be to get adopted, and I know all the silly superstitions surrounding us. All I can say is to never give up! There are humans who love us just the way we are, and they are working hard to spread the word that black cats are just the same as all other cats! The only difference between us and other cats is pigment. We give love like other cats, and we deserve love like other cats. So hold your heads up and be brave; the time is coming when we will be appreciated like we deserve!
“Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself or your family?”
 I have a great family. My humans spoil me and my fursiblings, and they work hard so we can live a carefree life! My older brother Mackenzie has diabetes, and gets insulin twice a day, but he’s doing great! Tigger is the newest member of the family; he showed up at the door in the spring with a bad wound on his shoulder, but now he’s healthy, and he’s a troublemaker! Whiskey Pete recently published a book about us, called “The Cats of Shaftesbury Cottage.” It’s available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and as an eBook! 
 Obie 2
Thanks for taking the time to interview me! I’m a really happy cat right now!