Meet Penny the Pitte

Author’s Note: Many Thanks to Jen for letting me ask question about Penny and Nickel. Pictures were used with permission. Penny’s full story can be read at  Dog Heirs.

Penny before she was adopted. She was thrown from a truck, malnourished and had bite marks.

Were Penny’s previous owners been found an persecuted for the abuse?

They were not found, I believe the person that saw them throw her from the truck was more worried about getting her care so they didn’t get a detailed description. I sure wish they were!

Penny with Nickel

May I ask how long Penny was with you before she gave birth to Nickel?

Penny was with us for 2 weeks before she had Nickel. We couldn’t even tell she was pregnant! Chris came home from work one day and called me and said that she had a puppy. I couldn’t believe it!

I noticed Nickel has one blue and one brown eye, is he able to see okay?

Her eye color does not seem to have any effect on her eye sight. She does seem to have a case of selective hearing though haha 🙂

Nickel now

What is Nickel’s favorite thing to do?
Nickel loves to run, when I take her to the park the first thing she wants to do is find a dog to play chase with.

Are Rio & Vinny also rescue dogs?

Rio is not but Vinny was rescued from life on a chain as a puppy.

Rio & Vinny caught celebrating

What would you like to tell people who are hesitant on taking in a previously abused dog?

Penny had obviously lived a life of hell. She had bite marks, had signs of over breeding, malnutrition, she was emaciated and she was thrown out of a moving vehicle. And after all of that she still had so much love to give and was so eager to please us. She loved to snuggle and learned quick about indoor living. Rescued dogs know they have been rescued and will show you how much they appreciate it for all of their time with you!

Do you have any advice for someone thinking of adopting a dog from a shelter?

I think the biggest thing I hear is that “shelters don’t have xxx breed” or shelter dogs are broken. This is not true. They have all breeds, including mixed breeds and full breeds. Large and small. And the greatest thing about adopting from a shelter or a rescue group is that you will have a great support system for finding vets, trainers or any other needs you may have. And normally your new pet will come vaccinated, spayed or neutered and microchipped. Just remember to give them time to adjust and decompress once they get into their new home.


This article is dedicated to the loving memory of Penny. Know that you will always be loved.

Nickel as a puppy