Meet Cowboy

How old are you?
I’m approximately 12 years old.
Where did your name come from?
I was named after the ‘Cowboy Song’ from the band Thin Lizzy. 

How did your mom convince you to move into the house?
My Momma started feeding me multiple times a day on the front porch and she put a nice warm bed on the bench outside the front door, which I refused to use for the first few months. I finally did start to nap in the bed. One day my Momma was going to mow the front yard and she saw me sleeping on the bench and I didn’t wake up when she started the mower and she thought I was dead, she stopped mowing and ran over to me and as soon as she touched my head, I shot off the bench like a rocket and after that she noticed I didn’t couldn’t hear.

Do you venture outside still?
No never, much to my dismay but I do have a very large cattery / kennel that has grass, one tree, furniture, plants and half of it has a large awning and the other half is open to soak up sun. I call it Folsom. Folsom is attached to the back side of my home and there is a dog door fro me and my crew to go in and out. Folsom is completely encased and about 500 sq ft. My canine brother and sisters are allowed into the yard outside of the kennel but not the felines. 
How many fursiblings do you live with?
9+  I have a large family. I will start with my canine brothers / sisters. ( all fixed & chipped)
Madelynne & Trigger Neo Mastiffs.
Mr. Chan, Buddy & Captain Cutie Paws. Black Labrador, GSP, and Chihuahua.
Felines: Velvet, Simon, Opal and Cubby.
Did it take a while to adjust to having a fur family?
Yes, when my Momma captured me I was taken to the Vet right away and she was told not only was I deaf but I had little to no vision. My brothers and sisters are all really nice, it was me that was a concern. Momma thought I would kill one of them. The entire process took about 3 months, needless to say I spent a lot of time in the sewing room. 
Who is your favorite?
Sweet Buddy Boy and Cubby ‘the chubby chase’ is a close 2nd. 
You are quite the handsome mancat, is there anyone special in your life?
I’ve been seeing Gwyneth ( you know I’m the reason her and Chris broke up)
Is there anything else you would like to say about yourself?
I’m one super cool cat! I’m a very large feline, on deaths bed I weighed almost 12 pounds. I’m a Rock Star and I love to hang out with my buddies Mick, Jimmy and Tom and enjoy Niptinis.
Is there anything your mom would like to add about you?
Cowboy is an amazing cat and has regained most of his vision. The Vet told me Cowboy is a odd eyed white cat, which explains his lack of hearing. Cowboy also has a cowboy hat just like Brett Michaels, his girlfriends from Kitty Collage had it made special for him. Cowboy was also Mr. August 2014 in the Milo’s Sanctuary calendar out of Burbank California. I convinced Cowboy to come live with me and he was about 8 years old per the Vet and it truly is amazing he survived living out here with all the coyotes and being bright white and deaf. Cowboy is VERY handsome and has excellent demeanor, which is a great combo. Cowboy loves to be vacuumed and sometimes I will have to put him in another room so I can actually vacuum the floors, if he sees the sweeper, he will go lay by it in hopes I will turn it on and vacuum him, seriously loves the vacuum sweeper almost as much as Albacore tuna. Cowboy’s meow is very LOUD, I think thats due to he can’t hear. (Super loud) he’s chatty too, has a lush coat and a cute pink nose.
Cowboy had a sister named Spice Girl and I adopted her from Meow Rescue Out by where I live, you should go take a gander at her page. ( the rescue set it up) and nobody would adopt her, so Cowboy and I did. Spice finished her life with us, living happy and loved. 
I don’t sit around listening to Thin Lizzy : )  When I bought my home, it needed a ton work work in the yard to get a fence line up, so I would work every free minute I had to get the backyard ready, it was warm weather at at the end of my day I would relax and sip a cool one / listen to the radio on my back porch and each night Cowboy would come to eat and then he would head back to the wetland ( I had no idea at this time he was deaf) One evening that Cowboy song came on and Cowboy was headed back out to the wetland and that is how he got his name, I found the song fitting, soI started calling him Cowboy, you should Youtube the song and listen to the words!  Cowboy had walked so much out there, he had a path.
I’ve always been fond of the underdog. I love the biters, ones ridden with anxiety and yes the runners. 3 of my 5 canines were deemed concerns. My felines are all healthy and rescued. I moved into this county pad with 1 cat and 3 dogs. I’m now 5 and 10. I reside in a town where people just leave their animals on the wetland or before my fence line was up, I would come home and find dogs with notes attached tied to my kennel. Seriously. Neighbors who move without their pets etc. I’m a progressive woman in a super redneck town but the beauty has kept me here, I love that I’m 5 minutes away from some of the best NW hiking, river swimming.

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Cowboy and his mom for letting me interview him. pictures were used with permission. You can visit him on his facebook page.
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Meet Loki the Gentle Mischievous Pittie

Loki’s story:
As Animal Control Officer in 2009 I was patrolling the local State Park in the area with the Park Rangers when we came across a cardboard box left on a picnic table in a camp ground. As we approached the box we could hear small shallow whimpering. I opened the box and to my horror I found eight frail little bodies. They were cold, scared, malnourished and confused. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! There had been a severe thunderstorm/tornado warnings the night before while they spent the night in that cardboard box so they were wet and shivering. I immediately grabbed the box up and rushed them to my vet. I knew they would be surely put down if I brought them to County (as I should have done per protocol) and so I had to give them a chance at life as their life had just begun before they were tossed aside. The two techs and I dried them off, fed them and tended to their frail little bodies. The vet came and examined the eight frail little souls and said they couldn’t be any older than 4 – 5 weeks old if that and then commented he doubted any of them would survive the night. We couldn’t let them die! We had to give them a chance at life and show them they were loved, so we did everything we could to make them comfortable. As we were drying them and trying to get them warm I picked up one of the little body’s. I could see in his eyes as he looked at me, as if they were pleading for me to help him. I could feel his little soul begging me to save him. I knew then that he was the one that I had to have. I felt his little heartbeat as I held him gently in my hands and it brought tears to my eyes knowing this little soul was counting on me to save his life, to love him and to cherish him. He didn’t know what he did wrong to be left in that box to die. The monsters not only abandoned him a cardboard box at 4-5 weeks old but they did it in a camp ground in the back of that State Park that NO ONE ever goes to hardly. They didn’t want them found but rather they wanted them to die! I brought my little baby sent from God home that night and as he lay sleeping next to me while I kept him warm and comfortable, I thought I lost him. He let out a sigh, and it seemed as if he quit breathing. My heart stopped! I gently picked him up and cradled his little body in my hands praying he was alright. As I looked at him he opened his sleepy little sleepy eyes, looked at me as if to say let him sleep and then he closed his eyes and nodded back off comfortably. I was so relieved! That was 5 years ago and he just celebrated his 5th birthday in June. When I brought him home I gave him to my son for a birthday present but Loki thinks he is my dog. With him being my son’s dog I am grandma to him and he is attached to me as a grandchild is attached to a grandparent. Loki loves playing with his other adopted siblings chasing squirrels and frogs. He loves watching Tom and Jerry cartoons and cuddling with grandma under the Denver Bronco blanket. He loves watching football with grandma and loves wrestling with his adopted sister Sandie. Loki survived although two of his siblings weren’t as lucky. The remaining angels were adopted out to good homes.

How old are you?
Loki is 5 years old. When I found him in the box the vet said he figured they were no older then 4 weeks old so we counted back from that day and it ended up on June 26th so we made his birthday June 26, 2009

Where did your name come from?
The day I found him,we were waiting for my son to get home and name him (as I gave him to my son for his birthday) and Loki was getting into everything.He was chewing on the valve stems on my husbands truck, my show laces, shoes,etc…. everything he could put in his mouth so I told him if I was to name him I would name him Loki after the god of mischief. When his dad did come home and I told him how mischievous he was his dad said the name was perfect.

How did you find your forever home?
After I found them in the box, I brought them to my vet and the two techs and I were drying them off and checking them over before the vet came in and when I picked Loki up to dry him and he looked into my eyes I knew he was the one I wanted.I knew however my husband wasn’t a fan of big dogs so I waited to later on that night and snuck out to get him. When I brought him home and my husband seen him he just chuckled and smiled.He wouldn’t give him up now for anything. We were even threatened to be evicted from a house we lived in for over 20 years because of Loki. Landlord said he goes or you go so we left.

Were you on a special diet to gain weight when you were little, so every was so small?
The vet told us to feed him rice and baby formula with a little bit of wet dog food mixed into the rice but not a whole lot. He weighed only 1.2 pounds and the vet said the rice was good for the weight gain and the formula was good for all the vitamins a newborn would need

Why do you like to watch Looney Tunes so much?
He loves Bugs Bunny and Jerry from Tom and Jerry.Not sure why he loves them so much but he will sit and watch them intently and if I change the channel (like during commercials) he gets anxious and looks at me to change it back. Looney Toons comes on at 11 am and when I get home from work at 6 am. I usually don’t lay down right away but if I am not in the room around 11 am he comes out and rests his head on my leg and looks at me with the sad puppy eyes till I tell him lets go lay down and watch Looney Toons and Tom and Jerry and then he trots (butt wagging as he walks) to the room, climbs up on the bed on his pillow and looks at the TV and then at me and then back to the TV. He loves watching Football with me (Denver Broncos) as well.The look on his face is priceless when granny yells at the stupid referees when they make bad calls on the Broncos. I tend to get a little excited and vocal when I watch football and he loves it lol

What do you hate so much about baths?
Not sure why he hates them as he does but it could be that because he was abandoned in a thunderstorm with torrential downpours and a tornado warning (high winds).He is a good bot getting a bath just not happy about it. You tell him to get in and he will get in the tub for you. You have to be in the tub with him as he has to be able to rest his head on your shoulder. You can get him wet,no problem.problem. You can lather him up,no problem. But the second you go to rinse him off her sings (howls).My husband teases him every time he gets a bath and asks,”What you gonna sing for us this time Loki”

What is your favorite food?
He loves Carrots,Pepperoni, Cheese, Milk Bonz, Marconi and cheese, Saltine crackers (Unsalted)
Not sure if he likes shrimp though as I gave him (and the others) one once and he left.He came back a few minutes later and I thought he was wanting another but he sniffed at it for a few seconds. After that he took it and started heading to the bedroom again. Later on I went to lay down and watch TV with him and he had buried that shrimp under my pillow! I don’t know if he didn’t like it or if he was saving it for later.

How many fur-siblings do you live with?
Counting Loki there is 7 dogs with 6 of the dogs being rescued
(there are 3 rescued cats as well)

Morgan (Black Lab/Springer Spaniel), Athena (Teenie) (Beagle/Springer Spaniel) and Oddball (Golden Retriever/Springer Spaniel – was the ONLY gold one of 12) : (Sisters and brother)
About 4 months after I found Loki abandoned in the box at the state park I got a call one morning around 7:30 that a laundry basket with 12 puppies and their mama were in a dumpster. Now this was a cold morning in October and one of the 12 was sadly already gone. Their eyes weren’t even open yet and they were still nursing on mama. She was a good mama as she was sitting near them trying to keep them warm and safe. I again knew like Loki if I brought them to county as per protocol they world have been destroyed and maybe mama would get adopted so I got a hold of my buddy who was a kennel manager at a no kill shelter and he said he could take them Monday. This was Friday do I took them home, gave them all a bath as they were covered in fleas, gave mama a bath and fed her then made a soft pallet in the laundry room and let them all stay with us till Monday. When they were old enough to adopt I took Teenie (for my husband) and Morgan weaseled her way into my heart so I took her too. My son took Oddball for his girlfriend but she ended up being mean to him and they broke up so he took Oddball away from her and have him to my daughter for her birthday. All the other puppies and mama were adopted. One of the volunteers came in Tuesday morning, seen mama and fell in love adopting her right off. She was a pure bred Springer Spaniel.

Sandie (a Shepard Husky mix) (Sister)
I took Sandie after her owner told me to take her back to the kill shelter so he didn’t have to pay a fine for letting her run loose in the neighborhood. He adopted her and because he couldn’t control her and let her run free all over he didn’t want to pay a fine so wanted me to bring her back to the kill shelter and I couldn’t do that so I adopted her and gave her to my son

Artemis (Beagle) (his niece)
Arty was saved from drowning. My daughter and her friend saved Arty when Arty’s mama crawled under a wheelchair ramp at a steep incline during a Thunderstorm and Tornado warning to have her babies. Mama belonged to my daughters friend and during the storm she disappeared as they were getting ready for the storm (after the tornado warnings came in). There was a wheel chair ramp that was on a steep incline. Mama crawled under it towards the bottom of it and it was filling up fast with water.The babies were already submerged when the two found them.They crawled under it and rescued mama and the babies.

Mackenzie (Japanese Chin/Pomeranian) (his Aunt)
Mac isn’t rescued, we got her from a dear friend when we had to put our Spaniel mix, Casey, down at 9 years old from an enlarged heart. Mackenzie’s mama just had the puppies (litter of 2) a week before we lost Casey.She is 14 years old and puts Loki in his place.Loki does not mess with Aunt Mackenzie as he knows better lol

Who do you like the most?
He is my sons dog but he is attached to his granny (me).He knows what time I am supposed to be home in the morning from work and if I am running late my husband says he paces back and forth.He follows me everywhere.My son currently lives with us but he has already said when he moves out he wont be taking Loki as we all agree that Loki wont be happy being away from granny but my son said when we come to visit we have to bring him to visit as well.

What is your favorite thing to do?
He loves to wrestle with Sandie, chase snakes and frogs and squirrels and dig holes with Morgan and roll every chance he gets and always finds the dustiest place in the yard of he can

What would you or your family like to say about pitties?
Pit Bulls are cuddly, loyal and affectionate dogs. Pit Bulls love people and are gentle, loving dogs who are so eager to please their human counterparts. Pit Bulls are not naturally aggressive and sadly are the most euthanized dog in the US. This is in part because there are so many myths surrounding them, which makes some people believe they’re not suitable for adoption. This is not true. A rescued Pit Bull can make a wonderful companion.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
As I said earlier, my husband was not a big dog fan but since I brought Loki into our lives he cant see our lives without the Lug now. Loki has brought us so much joy and love. The look in his little eyes the day I found him is still there only with that look is now a look of loyalty,devotion and love. The bad rap the Pitties get is wrong and until we stand up and be their voice or continue to diligently keep fighting for them they will always be feared and persecuted. I am in the process of running for President of the United States and one of my big issues I plan on pushing and campaigning for is Animal rights and Loki is going to be not only the “First Pittie” but the Ambassador against BSL.


Author’s Note: Many thanks to Granny & Loki for doing the interview. Please visit Loki as his personal facebook page or his group page.

Pictures were used with permission.

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Meet Vinny the Therapy Cat

How old are you?
– I am 3 years old.  My birthday is March 28, 2011
Where did your name come from?
– My breeder registers her litters alphabetically.  The litter I was born in fell on fell on the letter “V”.  So, Mom needed to register me with a “V” name (although my call name could be anything she wants).  Mom decided to name me after the actor Vince Vaughn, and call me Vinny.  My registered name is GP DeKattCo’s Vince Vaughn, but you can call me Vinny.
How did you find your forever home?
– Mom had got my big brother Linus from my breeders about 4 years before I was born.  When Mom was ready for another cat, she called Linus’ breeders again, and they had a special boy for Mom – me!  I was actually supposed to go to Russia to another breeder as a “stud”, but that fell through at the last minute.  I had just became available again when Mom called.  My breeder said she should have kept me, but she already had a young boy in her breeding program and just didn’t need me.  My breeders sent me to Mom instead as a show alter.  I was 5 months old when I moved in with Mom to my forever home.
What was it like being a show cat?
–  Busy.  It’s a lot of traveling, staying in hotel rooms, and being handled by lots of different judges.  Show halls are usually noisy too, with a PA system, and people talking and cats meowing.  Cuts into those afternoon naps…  I live in Wisconsin, and have traveled to cat shows throughout WI, MN, and IL.  The farthest I’ve traveled to a cat show is probably Springfield, IL which was almost a 7 hour drive.  Some people will even fly with their cats all over the country to cats shows, but we never went farther than we could get by car.
How many awards did you win?
– I did very well at the cat shows.  In Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), I was awarded the title of CFA Grand Premier (equal to Grand Champion, but for spays and neuters).  I was also CFA’s 9th Best European Burmese in Premiership Nationally in the 2012-2013 show season.
In the American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA) I was awarded the title of Quadruple Grand Champion Alter.  ACFA accepted my breed, European Burmese, in the 2011-2012 show season.  I was only the third European Burmese to achieve Grand status in ACFA, and the first of my color (chocolate).  In ACFA for the 2012-2013 show season, I was also awarded Inter-American Best European Burmese Alter, North Central Region 12th Best Alter, and Inter-American 28th Best Alter.
May I ask why you retired?
–  After a while I just didn’t like going to cat shows anymore.  Mom could tell I was not having fun at shows anymore, and promised me I could retire.  I prefer Therapy Cat work, where I’m the center of attention.  Mom said I don’t have to prove anything at the shows anymore.
When did you decide to become a therapy cat?
–  I moved in with Mom when I was 5 months old.  Mom noticed right away I had a pretty calm, mellow, laid back personality.  She soon started thinking I might make a good therapy cat.  Mom took me to PetCo, PetSmart, the vet, and cat shows to help socialize me and expose me to different places and situations.  I officially began my supervised visits and training when I was one year old.  I became registered as a Therapy Cat with Love on a Leash (LOAL) in December of 2012.  To become a registered Therapy Cat with LOAL, I had to be one year old, my vet had to sign a form that I was healthy, up to date on vaccines, and in agreement that I probably had the right personality for Pet Therapy work.  Then I had to do ten, one hour supervised visits.  Since there was not a LOAL chapter in my area, LOAL approved an activities employee at the nursing home to supervise our training visits.
What is your favorite thing about being a therapy cat?
– Brightening people’s day and making them smile.  Last summer we went into an activities room to see a couple people. One lady said she was not interested in seeing me. So, we moved on to a man in the activities room and his wife. As we were finishing our visit with them, the lady wheeled herself over and suddenly wanted to see me, fed me a spoon of baby food, and petted me. Later the activities lady working with us excitedly told us that was the FIRST time that lady had participated or shown interest in ANYTHING since she’d been admitted to the nursing home!
Recently I visited a woman who’d had a stroke. The activities staff who was with us, happily said that was the most she’s ever seen her move her stroke affected arm in her attempts to pet me. She still needed a little help to pet me, but a good example of how helpful Pet Therapy can be. 
I like seeing people’s reactions and smiles when they see Mom bring me in their room in my pet stroller.  Many people would like a visit from a Therapy Cat, but there just are not a lot of Therapy Cats out there.  One lady was very excited to see me, and sadly said she had to surrender her own cat to the humane society when she had to enter the nursing home.  Mom was told I am always the talk of the afternoon when I visit the nursing home.
Do you have any advice for cats would want to be like you?
Purebred, mixed breed, neutered, and intact cats are all welcome to be Therapy Cats – if they meet the criteria.  Therapy cats must have calm, laid back and steady personalities.  They must be able to tolerate unusual sights, sounds, smells, and petting that may be awkward or hard.  They must be able to travel in a car calmly, and without getting car sick.  They must accept wearing a harness and leash.  They must be at least one year of age and up to date on vaccinations.  Most importantly, they must love people and enjoy being petted by people other than the owner. Reactive pets (who react before thinking) will not be good therapy pets. 
If you think you would like to be a Therapy Cat, go to different places for socialization and exposure to different situations.  Pet stores, the vet (even just to say hi and get weighed).  Mom has also heard some stores like Home Depot, Macys, Barnes and Noble, and Old Navy are “pet friendly” but has not verified that herself and it may depend on the individual manager.  Call ahead to be sure!  Cat shows are also great for experience and socialization.  Most cat shows have a Household Pet class which is open to both mixed breed cats and purebreds who do not meet their breed standard.  Check the show schedule on the CFA and ACFA websites and email the entry clerk to find out if there is a Household Pet class.  ACFA website –  CFA website –
Also, think about the kind of visits you’d like to do.  For example, a dog or cat with very little exposure and experience with children, might not do well visiting pediatric patients, but might love visiting adults and the elderly.  You can visit Love on a Leash’s website at or Pet Partners’ website at for more information on Pet Therapy and what it takes to become a registered Therapy Cat.



Author’s Note: Many thanks to Vinny & his mom for answering the questions and letting me interview him. You can visit him on his facebook page

Pictures used with permission.

Meet Argento the Sphynx

Hi theres!

How old are you?
I am 2 1/2 years old.

Where did your name come from?
My mommy named me after her favoritest horror movie director, Dario Argento.

How did you come to your forever home?
Mommy and daddy always wanted a sphynx kitty. They thought we were such neat cats. They found a breeder 2 hours away, and drove to come and get me!

You have some great clothes, what piece(s) are your favorite?
I love wearing clothes cuz it keeps me all cozy. My favorites outfit is my red hoodie that says “I Bite”. Mol.

Do you wear clothes all the time?
I wear clothes most the times. But at night I just likes to snuggle with my blankies.

Who is your favorite furry sibling?
My favoritest fur family member is my brudder Lou. He is a big fluffy orange kitty, and I loves to cuddle with his soft fur. We likes to chase each other around the house and drive mommy and daddy crazy.

There are a lot of pictures of you sleeping, what is your favorite spot?
Sleeping is my hobby. Mol. I thinks my favoritest place to sleep is under the blankies in bed with mommy and daddy. It’s so toasty! I also like my tall cat tower. It’s next to the window so I can lay in the warm sun shines and watch birdies.

Do you require extra care since you are furless?
Since I’m a nakie kitty, I do needs more care. I have to have a bath once a week and get my ears and nails cleaned out. If I dont, I get really dirty and leave oil marks everywhere. Oops!

What would you or your mom like to tell people about sphynx cats they may not know?

I would likes people to know that us sphynx kitties are very sweet and loyal. We loves cuddling and have such a happy temperament. We may look a little strange to some peoples, but we are great companions. My mommy likes to describe our personalities as a cross between a monkey, a toddler, and a puppy. Mol. She might be right. =^.^=
Purrs and headbutts!
Love Argento


Author’s Note: Many thanks to Argento and his mom for answering the questions.Pictures were used with permission.

If you would like to follow his adventures please follow him on Facebook at Argento the Sphynx

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Midnight the Rescue Panther (revisited)

Happy New Year everyone!  I am so very lucky to be able to re-interview Midnight.  Please check out the original interview 



Since our last interview, how many stories have you published?

since the last interview i have published many new stories. i forget how many.

What do you find to be the hardest thing about being a writer?

i think the hardest thing about being a writer is trying to stay original. and yet i have to be true to the story line also. and finding the time to write is always a challenge, with the kids now and everything.

Are there any other writers in the family?

dad writes also, he helps a bit with my books.

How do you deal with fame?

i deal with fame pretty well. i mean i am a level headed panther, i don’t go off on dramatic rants very often. well not that often.

I’ve been following your reunion story, what was it like to finally see your mom again after so long?

omg it was so awesome to finally get reunited with mama! i was so happy to see her i jumped into her arms. i was like mama!!!! i sit on her as often as i can.

What was one of the first things you did with her?

i think the first thing mama and i did after we got all settled a bit was i snuggled up with her on the bed and purred and purred.

What does everyone think of the new place?

we are all pretty happy with the new house, we have more room to run and play. the slickery floors take some getting used to, but we adapt.

Can you share the secret on how to “panther”?

oh geez, the secret to panthering? well its a closely guarded panther secret you know. i mean i taught my son. i dont know if i can share it, i gotta check the rule book.

How do you find time to spend with the family and try to write your next story?

spending time with my family is of course the most important thing to me. I love playing with my kids and watching them grow into big happy kitties. i write when they are napping or if their mother cocoa takes them for a while, i can write then also.

Where can people purchase your works?

you can buy all of my books at my amazon page, in ebook and in paperback as well. the link is

Is there any chance people can get pawtographed editions?

sometimes we have copies of the paperbacks that I pawtograph and we will auction them off. you just have to watch my page for those.

What has been the inspiration behind your books?

i believe the inspiration behind the books is mostly my facebook fans, all them wanting to hear about my adventures! i love telling the stories, and it is so much easier to tell them when i have an audience.

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Midnight & his wonderful fur and non-fur family. Pictures were used with permission.
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