Extra Love Needed: Misfit the Blind Dog


How old are you?

I am almost 2 years old. My birthday is August 23rd. 🙂

Where did your name come from? 

My name came from the idea of me and my page removing the bad connotation that comes along with being a Misfit. A lot of people will look over the “misfits” (animals with special needs, disabilities, diseases, etc.) in a shelter and makes it harder for them to find a forever home. But my moms and I believe that all animals deserve a chance and we are “special, not needy.”

Were you born blind or did your lose your sight? 

I was born blind along with 2 others in my litter, but they didn’t make it.

How did you come to find your forever home? 

One of my moms, Morgan, her sister gave me to her after seeing the other blind pups didn’t make it. The dog mom killed the other blind litter mates and she didn’t want the same thing to happen to me. Morgan ended up dating, and marrying, my other mom, Dana, and now we live as a big happy family.


Do you have any fursiblings you live with? 

I do have a kitty brother named Willis. He doesn’t treat me differently, but I don’t really understand what he is so I always try to chase him. Because of that, we are usually in different spots of the house! No injuries have occurred or anything, we just keep to ourselves!

Is there anything you can’t do?

There isn’t much I can’t do and if I’m hesitant, my moms usually help me through it. I had problems with the stairs for a while but with perseverance (and gold fish) I can now run up and down them faster than my moms. We got a new A frame in our dog park and I wasn’t so sure of it at first, but my moms used a tennis ball to help me over it and i did it!!

How do you plan on celebrating your birthday?

We’re gonna go to the dog park and then my moms having at party for me at my house!! We’re gonna have a cookout and my very own birthday cake.


What are you favorite things to do?

My favorite things to do are going on a walk, going to the dog park, going for car rides and going swimming! Oh and getting treats of course.

What is your favorite type of weather? 

My favorite weather to walk in is overcast, with low humidity. If it’s too sunny I get too hot too fast and the humidity makes me pant a lot.

Misfit’s mom: Is there anything else you would like to add about Misfit? 

​Although Misfit can’t see he does get around just fine. We could change the layout of a room and he would have it memorized in 20 minutes. It’s almost like he doesn’t forget anything you show him. At the dog park, he uses the sound of the other dog’s tags jingling together and their pa​nting in order to run with them and find them. He was born blind due to a disease that caused his eyes not to form the whole way. He doesn’t have a pupil. He knows a lot of words including dog park, walk, willis, memom, car ride, etc. He will play with any toy at all, whether it squeaks or not, whether or not it has stuffing in it, soft or hard. Misfit was very easy to potty train, he knows the word potty and will go on command. He’s very talkative, always responds to our voices with a whine or bark or sigh. And brings us his toys so he can chew on them in our lap. He’s fond of sitting on people, whether it be on their lap, foot, or back. He has been the best thing to happen to both of us, he’s our son and we love him with all our heart. We also run fundraisers on his facebook page (fb/misfittheblinddog) and so far we have raised approx. $1800 for our dog park (Worthington Off Leash Dog Park) and about $1300 for a dog with a broken jaw that needed and still needs surgery (fb/babymorganthebrokenjawpuppy)

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Misfit & his mom for answering the interview questions. Pictures were used with permission.


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Extra Love Needed: Teddy

Where did Teddy’s name come from?

The gentleman feeding the colony first called him Teddy. He resembles a sweetteddy bear so the name stuck. It seems to suit him.
Did it take him long to adjust from being in a colony to being with a foster family?

Teddy wasn’t really part of the colony, but he was sometimes on the fringes. The colony caretaker said he was only seen intermittently at the feeding station and was easily chased off by other cats.

From the moment Teddy was trapped it was obvious he was not feral. I believe he was looking for human help when he went into that trap. I totally support TNR efforts and the whole feral colony concept. Those wonderful caretakers also help us identify  those cats, like Teddy, who clearly need to be with humans.

Teddy’s transition to foster care was very easy. He was affectionate and accepting of care from the time he arrived. One of the first videos I posted shows how grateful he was to be safe again.
With all the list of ailments he had, did it take longer for him to become healthy due to being FIV+? Is he on any medication or a special diet right now?

We have no idea how long Teddy’s been FIV+ but he shows no signs of disease at this time. The vets were aggressive with antibiotics for his acute infections and those all resolved as expected.

I was almost more worried about what appeared to be a recent, first time herpes virus outbreak around Teddy‘s eyes and ears. He receives lysine powder supplements in his wet food each day to support his immune system and it has helped suppress the herpes.

We did recently diagnose a chronic heart condition which will likely worsen over time. Teddy is stable and doesn’t require any medications or special diet. I buy national brand wet and dry food. He’ll have regular vet checkups to monitor his condition.

How many other cats are in the house and what do they think of him?

Well, I won’t give you an actual number, I almost qualify as a crazy cat lady, LOL. Let’s just say there are several and they each have a story of their own. It really is a free roaming little colony within the safe boundaries of the house and screened areas. We do have an occasional hissy fit but overall we live a peaceful existence.

Teddy was sequestered in his own room the first two weeks here. Following that, over the course of a month, he gradually integrated with the household. He did stand his ground a couple of times in the beginning but now everyone’s relaxed and tolerant. Teddy is very comfortable now and has found his place, he‘s been with me almost 12 weeks now.
What advice would you give to those hesitant to foster/adopt an elder cat?

The seniors always tug at my heart. So many have tragic stories and they so deserve a safe place to live out their lives. With good care and comfort they may have many quality years ahead.

Yes, senior cats will have a limited lifespan. It can be difficult to watch as a beloved pet declines in old age but it’s also a joy to provide them with the loving care they need through their final months and days.

I have loved quite a few beloved cats through their very last moments. For me, it is an honor and a privilege to be present for them. I am always deeply moved by the experience.


Is there anything else you would like to add about Teddy or his care?

I’m very much enjoying the new friends we’ve been making on Teddy’s Facebook page. He’s become quite popular and we’re both pleased and thankful for all his fans.


Author’s Note: Many thanks to Teddy’s mom for letting me bug her with questions and letting me borrow pictures for the article. Please follow him on his page – Transforming Teddy. 


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Pittie Love: Bodacious the Super Hero Pit Bull Therapy Dog

May I ask how old you are?
I am 7 years 9 months old. I was born on Oct 8, 2006 in CA.

Where did your awesome name come from?
My mama saw a picture of me the day I was born and thought I looked like a little bear with a lot of personality. She decided that if I came home with her my name would have to suit me perfectly & right away knew I would be BODACIOUS. My registered name though is much much longer it is: UKC CH/ ADBA CH T’s Built-M2B Invinclibl, NTD, ITD, ATD, ETD, CGC, ADBA Safe Dog 1, Therapy Dog
I also have my ORT in Birch, Clove and Anise and have passed my prerequisites to compete in freestyle dance too, but that part doesn’t go on my name. LOL

How did you find your forever home?
My mama flew clear across the country to come see me and evaluate my litter and picked my littermate sister and I up to bring home. We rode in the plane with her and not in cargo. Everyone on the plane and in the airports wanted to play with us. People were amazed by how super friendly we were and our stripes which I thought was so silly. Mama had to do some educating about us to a bunch of humans. It was a long flight almost 8 hours with a lay over too in between, but we were both very good though mama has motion sickness. We made her feel better. So, I already pretty much was doing some on the job training and major socialization at 8 weeks old. The first thing I did when I got to my new home was get to play in a huge backyard and go onto puppy agility equipment. But, b-r-r-rrr, the weather was sure cold compared to sunny CA. That’s when I learned to wear my first sweaters and silly shirts which is helpful since at the hospital some sort of shirt or vest is required. Now, I like to wear goofy ones with sayings that make people start conversations, teach lessons or simply make them laugh and smile

Do you live with any fursiblings?
Yes, my littermate sis TouchĂ©, and also Patchronus Charm, who is the youngest in our pack. When I first came home, there were other fur-family members too, but they were all much older than me and have since gone to the Rainbow Bridge. I miss them very much. They taught me a bunch O’ good stuff even the cat Babie~ Girl, she was cool and thought she was a dog too!

May I ask how you became a Super Hero?
I was born to be a Super Hero so my mama tells me. I really don’t know why mama and everyone else calls me a Super Hero…. Isn’t everyone supposed to love and help one and other like my Wonder-Woofer pack and I do???? I had a lot of paw prints to follow in when starting my Super Hero training because several others in my pack where certified/ registered therapy dogs and worked for years before I was even born. My mama has had super heroes for a little over 16 years now.

I guess my work sure does take quite a bit of Super Hero magic on my visits though too. The Pit Bull Powered LOVE makes the world a better place. Maybe someday, humans will learn to love more unconditionally like dogs do!

I also do K9 nose work, freestyle dance, a lot o’ tricks, dog shows and agility for fun which and helps me really helps with my therapy job too.

I have work hundreds of hours each year LOL but mama still has yet to send in my hours to even get my 50 hr. award which I surpassed my very first year as a Therapy Dog as she says, that’s not why we do our visits. Maybe she will eventually send it one day though, who knows.

However, I have received two huge honors for my overall work. One from the Positive Pit Bull Organization for being The Best Breed Ambassador and one from the NJ Animal Hall of Fame which make me very proud. I prefer, hugs, pets, smooches, smiles and treats to awards, but know those other things do make people who don’t understand Pit Bulls sit up more and take notice.

What is the Safe Dog 1 certificate from ADBA?

The ADBA Safe Dog 1 cert is given when a dog passes a series of test on socialization and basic obedience training along with dog owner showing knowledge of basic canine psychology and the elements of responsible canine ownership.
It is similar in many aspects to a CGC which I also have earned. 🙂
Both things are a great way to show the public what I’m really like and not all the media myths and hype.

Did you have to study hard for the test?

I actually didn’t know what was on that particular test until the day I took it. That test was very new at the time and I was one of the first in my area to take it. My previous training was a big help. 🙂 Mama was nervous. She always is about stuff like that, but I wasn’t. I thought it was a piece of liver-cake and fun to do!

Nose deep in nose work and loving it.

How did you end up doing nose work ? And what does that entail?

One day when mama thought she was going to an agility class with my littlest pack member Patchronus, but she walked into a different class. Oops the schedule had been changed! So she stayed and watched and decided we’d all give it a try. I get to sniff out scent on interior, exterior, container and vehicle searches. Then have to “alert” which means tell my mama where it is. There are sometimes distractions like critters, toys, food and always people around that I have to ignore. It is fun and any breed or mix even dogs in wheelchairs, ones that are blind and deaf compete! It is really neat! I have passed three different ORT which are Odor Recognition Tests. You have to be able to pass an ORT in order to prove you are ready to compete. I have competed, but I didn’t get my title yet because mama messed up, NOT me. That’s OK I still love her, and she’s learning. Humans take awhile to get things right. However, I did still get the fastest container search time and earned a pretty 1st place ribbon for it! I wanted to eat the ribbon, but mama said no.
What type of therapy do you do? I guess you’d say, my pack and I pretty much do it all . I do my a lot of my work at the hos-Pit-al, li-bull-aries, schools, hospice, and also with scouting troops, hurricane relief, help people in rehab, physical therapy, military, and more. I really enjoy doing things like reading programs, Anti/ Bullying Anti suicide self esteem building. I pretty much go wherever I’m needed. I L-O-V-E to work. I also go to charity functions/ dog walk events, parades, community parties, baseball games and enjoy educating about Pit Bulls, fighting BSL and helping others become therapy dogs.

What has been your favorite visit?
That’s a tough one because I have done literally visited thousands of people and each situation and experience is unique. I don’t really have just one favorite. Some of my most memorable times have been with the cancer and hospice patients along with their families, death is a really difficult time and people need a lot of Pit Bull loving. Some other special visits were working with people who had major fears, watching patients who have had major illnesses lean to walk again, seeing some of my favorite people get all better, helping shy kids to come out of their shells, and hearing the littlest reader who was only two who visited us at the li-bull-ary. Working with children with multiple disabilities especially those mere humans have a hard time reaching is also one of the things very near and dear to my heart! See what I mean? It is too hard to pick just one.

Do you help someone overcome their fear of dogs or pit bulls?

Yes, I have both helped some people overcome their general fear of all dogs, but also pit bull specific fears on many occasions…I’ve worked with kids and adults that have been dog attach victims and also those who just were afraid but had never had an issue with a dog and also ones who are afraid because they have listened to media myths and hype which is the easiest group to help. I’m sort of irresist-i-bull, so I’ve been told and make it hard for people to stay afraid. it is sort of funny though to some when they hear a “PIT BULL” helps people with fears, but it’s a big part too of what I do.
I’ve also assisted people with fears of other things like, being in the hos-Pit-al, fears of elevators, and fears of getting needles and having IV’s put in their arm etc.

Bodacious is a powerful anti-depressant

You take such wonderful pictures, do you do K9 modeling on the side?

Well, sort of, I have been in the newspaper a few times, calendars, books and magazines to help the image of my breed. Mama doesn’t have a good camera, but I like to pose and she whips out her cell phone a lot.

Is there anything you or your mom would like to say about being a therapy dog, a super hero or BSL?

My Apache then Patcheeno and Steel were my first therapy dogs. Thus, Bodacious was my 4th American Pit Bull terrier to be certified; then, TouchĂ© and Patchronus. She is one of the most requested therapy dogs at many of the places we frequent and actually get phone calls where the person on the other end asks for her not me. However, talking isn’t one of her strong points so I get to answer for her. Things have changed a lot since I first started proudly holding the leads of working dogs of this breed. Sadly at times, we have still to deal with ignorance and hate. I gladly educate when I can and know that the work my dogs do does a lot of the talking for the breed, and sometimes I really don’t have to say much. The actions of happy wagging wiggly butt smiling Pit Bulls “speak” volumes above anything else.


Author’s Note: Many many thanks to Daniel’s mom for letting me ask questions. Pictures were used with permission. You can find Daniel’s facebook page with his wonderful pictures. 
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Extra Love Needed: Kazu the blind cat

Kazu & his bff the water fountain

How old is Kazu?
Kazu is appx. 7 month old now ( we guess he was born in Dec.2013)

Where did Kazu’s name come from?
Kazu’s full name is Kazuyoshi. It’s Japanese. it means “Number one beauty”.

How did Kazu come to live with you?
Kazu was found as stray in cold January,about 4 weeks old with his one-eyed- sister & another blind brother, without mama cat.
Good Samaritan took them to vet, and vet contacted to non-kill shelter, Purrfect Pals in Arlington, WA ( north of Seattle). Then they had good care of their deformed eyes. Kazu needed to lose both eyes. Sister needed to lose one eye ( right eye). The shelter volunteer made their facebook page, and Mom saw their page, because Mom always follow facebook page of Purrfect Pals.
We thought they would be adopted very soon because they were so adorable. Even they were brought to an event for cats and met Oskar the blind cat but for some reasons, nobody wanted to adopt them.

Kazu & Nozomi

Mom & Dad could not attend the event because of work schedule. So we were surprised no one adopted them. After one week from the event, still they were on adoption list. Mom could not forget them and decided to adopt them. One blind boy was adopted by foster mom. So we got Kazu and Nozomi (one eyed girl, Nozomi means Beautiful hope in Japanese)

How many blind or partially blind cats live with you?
Blind is only Kazu. Paritally blind is just Nozomi. But FYI, Juri (long hair tortie)has deformed front leg, so she is 3 and half legged.


What advice would you have for those hesitant to adopt a blind cat?
Basically, blind cats can do most of basic things, finding food & water, using litter box, finding their bed.
It’s not difficult but need to accept the difference between ordinary cats and blind cats. Watch them very carefully and closely. Don’t push them to do completely same as sighted cats. You need to listen to them and know what they can do in their own ways or what they cannot do in any way. Then you can see when & how you should help a blind cat.
Of course, they cannot see, so you must make some sound to get their attention or lead them to something. We tap floor or counter to lead him, use toys making sound. We also use short command/ words that he can understand and memorize. Because he cannot see our hand signs or expression on our face as other cats can do.
And you don’t want to change rules you make or layout of room so easily.
But if you are real cat lover, you will do that unconsciously. If your human family members have some difficulties, you will try to do your best for making their life better and easier naturally. Same as cat family members. Try close eyes and think what you want people to help you.

Did you have to make any special adjustments to the house for them?
No, we didn’t. We already had 6 cats then. They are not blind. But in a way, cat-friendly house.8 litter boxes are everywhere in our house. Human toilet lids are always closed. Interior doors are always left open. Cats must be in 100% indoor. Human foods are in sealed containers or pantry.
Fortunately, our sofa & dining chair are covered with fabric. So Kazu can climb up & down using his claws like cat tower covered with carpet.


Author’s Note: Many thanks to Kazu and his mom for answering my questions. Pictures were used with permission. Please visit him on his Facebook page –Love Paw Family with Kazu the blind cat

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Extra Love Needed: Seymour the Wonder Cat


Where did your name come from Sir Seymour?
Me name iz just Seymour. >*.*< Momma sez me name wuz Santa before me came to furever home. When me comed to dis new house, momma and daddy just call me Seymour!

Momma:Seymour, sweetie, how about if I type for you so we can just use hoomin English, okay?
Seymour: Okay, Momma!

How old are you?
The shelter gave me the birth date of Oct. 1, 2013, so I am almost 10 months old!!!

How did you find your forever home?
I was at the County Building, where the Animal Services Center of the Mesilla Valley (Las Cruces, NM) has a kitty condo for adoptable cats. Momma came there to vote in February and she walked by and saw me and we locked eyes! (well, locked auras or energies or something) Turns out Momma was in the wrong building all together and so it was kismet! She went home, but I was stuck in her heart. She brought Daddy to meet me the next day, then they had to go on a long weekend away. Momma thought about me the whole weekend. Momma told herself if I was still there when she got back, then I was meant to be hers! And I was…and so I am!!!

I read you had a bad upper respiratory infection that caused you to lose your eyes, I am so sorry sweetie.
It’s really okay! I don’t remember having eyes and I don’t miss anything. When Momma and Daddy met me, I still had (blue) stitches in my eyelids but that just made me more adorable to them. I’m very healthy now and have no lasting effects from my early illness!

How long were you at the vets?
Momma doesn’t know. I was fostered with a few of my siblings while I was recovering. Momma was told I came in to the shelter with my mom and 11!!! siblings! Momma doesn’t know what happened to all of us (and didn’t ask on purpose!) but I was with my two sisters at the County Building. One of them had to have one eye of her eyes removed too.

Were you scared?
Me scared? Never! I’m a brave kitty!


Did it take long for you to “map” your home when you got back?
I already was no-eyes when I came to furever home, and it didn’t take me too long to get around here. It’s a big house and I just kept exploring and exploring! Recently, Momma let me go out in the backyard (supervised!) and I LOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!! it! Now, whenever they open the door, I run to it and hope I can go out and explore more. If they don’t let me out, I cry and whine.

Did your sisfur and brofur treat you different?
I was the new cat, so we all had to adjust to each other. I have 2 cat siblings: a sister, Speck, who is 8 years old and a brother Squeekie who is 3. They are both black! I have 2 dog brothers: Gila, a 10 year old Flat Coated retriever and Levi, a 5 year old pug.

What is your favorite thing to do?
I love to chase my sisfur and wrestle wif my cat bruder! I love to play with the soft toys. I love to chase momma around the house! I like to feel the breezes and sniff the air through the windows when they are open.


Did you need any medication while you were recovering?
I’m sure I had meds but I was done with them by the time I came to furever home. Momma did have to get a treatment for a skin fungus I had when she adopted me (I gave it to her too! Ooppsss!!!) but that is all cleared up now.

What would you like to say to people who are hesitant on adopting blind cats?
Why be hesitant?! We are great kitties!!! We are probably less trouble than sighted cats because we don’t see all the high places and want to explore them. (or that is momma’s experience!)

Questions for Miss Rachel: Is this your first blind cat?
Yes. We had a dog who had some pretty serious social and health issues and my old kitty Monty spent the last year and a half with 3 legs, so I have had some challenging pets before. I volunteered for a week at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary more than a decade ago and spent some time in with the kitties who live in the “Incontinental Suite”. They were all special needs; some dragging their back legs, some missing legs, some with neurological issues. They didn’t act differently than other kitties, they just moved differently. They were all eager to socialize and play and they weren’t feeling sorry for themselves. It made me realize they don’t see themselves the same way we do; they only know what they CAN do and they just go on from there. It really opened my eyes to special needs animals.

Did you have to rearrange furniture for him?
He was blind when we got him so no, no rearranging. I do have to be careful about where I leave things, like laundry baskets and such. Also have to be careful where I throw his toys so he doesn’t run into things.

What are a few things you would like to tell people about blind cats?
My experience has been nothing but positive. Seymour has been, in some ways, easier than a sighted cat because he hasn’t been up on everything he can jump on. He’s not discovered countertops yet, which is good. We also think it’s been a little easier introducing him to the other cats. Generally, when cats meet, they stare at each other, which is intimidating. Since he has no eyes and can’t stare at the other cats, our perception is that the other cats are less intimidated by him. Yes, he chases them, but he’s not STARING at them. And when he first got here and was busy exploring the house, they would observe Seymour from up high without him knowing it and that was good too. I had one night when I first adopted him when I thought, “I am crazy to adopt a blind cat!” but seriously, it has been easier to introduce him to the home than any other pet we’ve brought in.

If you DO adopt a blind cat, don’t assume they want noisy toys. Seymour actually prefers the quiet ones. Don’t know why…maybe they’re more challenging. Just like any cat, they have their peculiarities and you just have to learn who they are. The biggest challenge with Seymour is that he loves to chase me around the house and I have to be very careful not to trip on him.

Is there anything you or Sir Seymour would like to add?
I frequently get “Poor baby” or “so sad” comments on Seymour, either on Facebook or when I tell people I have a blind kitty. I would really encourage people to stop thinking of special animals from a sad point of view. If they are born that way, they don’t know any different…they’re just themselves and they don’t look at other animals and think “they’ve got something I don’t”. Even when circumstances happen later in life that change an animal’s situation, they just take it as it comes and accept life as it is *now*, not thinking about how things were before. So when I get a “oh, poor baby” response, I usually tell them “poor nothing! This kitty is a pistol!” If you’re willing to adopt a rescue animal, then also consider adopting a special needs animal. They have enormous hearts, just like a “regular” pet. Be sure you have the financial resources if the animal you’re wanting to adopt has ongoing health issues.

*waves paw*


Author’s Note: Many thanks to Sir Seymour & Miss Rachel for answering my questions. Pictures were used with permission. Please visit him on his Facebook page – Seymour the Wonder Cat.

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Small Pets: Venus the Bunny

May I ask how old you & your daughters are?
I am about 2 years old and my daughters are 11 months.

Where did you & your daughter’s names come from?
I was named after Venus the Chimera Cat because of my “double face”. Phoenix was named because her fur color made us all think of the mythical bird and we also rose from the ashes of abuse much like the phoenix bird would. Clarity was named for her bright blue eyes and providing clarity in all our lives.

Can you share the story (or can I link the video) of how you came to your forever family?
You can link the video if you’d like. There is so much to the story I could write a whole book about it! If only i had thumbs to hold a pen. . .

Well, as it goes, I was born in a typical breeder barn with stacks of wire cages and being treated like breeding machines. I became pregnant here and for some reason we will probably never know, the food ran out. We all went hungry and one day we were sent to auction. Most animals that go to auction are sold for cheap meat so I was very lucky to survive. Another breeder bought me and some what nursed me back to health. I was allowed to raise my babies and sometimes come out of my cage, but nothing much better than that.

When my sons came of age, about 6-8 weeks old, they were yanked away from me, boxed up, and sent to the auction. It was the last time I ever saw them and I was crushed. How could someone who saved me from that place send my young boys back there? I don’t like to think about what happened to them. . .

Eventually my time came where I was no longer wanted and myself, Phoenix, and Clarity were due to be sent to auction again when my real family found me in a Craigslist ad in early 2014. They came to our rescue and we never looked back. This place is heaven! No more wire floors, no more pain, no more hunger, no more death. We are happy as can be and it shows!

How long did it take to nurse you and your daughter back to health?
It was a long road for us, Clarity especially. Phoenix got off lucky. She only had a minor case of ear mites and just needed a few ear drops. I, myself, had ear mites and a URI which sometimes still makes me sneeze from time to time, but my human family is always there to make me feel better.

Clarity was worst off. She was very ill and on the verge of death when we were saved. She had the worst case of ear mites the kind vet had ever seen. The blockages and mites were so bad that they ate away at her ears and she had the potential to go deaf. She also had a mild URI and probably the most heartbreaking condition of all was her leg. She had a mass infection which caused her leg to balloon up to 3 times the normal size with pus. She was in such excruciating pain she wanted to give up and stopped eating. I couldn’t do a thing to help her!

The humans syringe fed her every few hours, got her on powerful pain meds, and inserted drainage tubes to save her leg from having to be amputated. She needed them flushed out daily which was very painful for her, but she never once fussed. So proud of my beautiful girl! It took about two months for Clarity to be able to walk again and get a clean bill of health.

How long did it take for you to adjust to your new surroundings?
We were very scared. I hated people because all they ever did was hurt me. I’d taught the same to my girls, but these humans were different. They gave us treats and talked gentle to us. They let us do what we wanted and not what we were told to do. It only took a few weeks for me to realize that maybe not all humans are bad.

Was it easier to adjust knowing Clarity & Phoenix were with you?
Most definitely! I love my girls more than anything, they are all I had for the longest time. If we were scared or felt alone we could always go toward each other for comfort.

Did the other bunnies help ease your fears?
At first we were not allowed to see the other bunnies, at least not until we were spayed. They all seemed so happy and comfortable around the humans. I wondered why, but eventually decided to try a few petting sessions and fell in love.

How do you get along with the other bunnies?
For the most part we are all separated into our own groups. Not all of us get along. We did play with Ashlyn Cinders, our one handicapped bunny friend, a few times and she is great! I also relaxed with Legacy and Shadow as well who live with Ashlyn and they are pretty great too.

What are some of your favorite things about having a loving forever home?
Everything is perfect! I love being free, playing outside and feeling grass beneath my feet. I absolutely love veggies! (that’s how the humans won us over) I love my friends, the petting, the litter box. But I think what I love most of all is not having to wonder if today will be the day I am slaughtered or if a hand will reach in and rip my only remaining children away from me and kill them too. I love the peace of mind and finally knowing what it means to be loved.

What would you or your forever family like to say to people who may want to adopt a rabbit?
I hope every day that all my bunny friends in shelters and abusive homes find better ones like I did. Please, anyone who wants to adopt, please know that rabbits are out there. They are the 3rd most abandoned pet and shelters overflow with them just as much as cats and dogs especially around Easter time. Rabbits, adults and babies alike, are killed every day in shelters to make room for more. Please don’t forget them. They need love too.

Spaying and neutering can also be done and should be done. Statistics say that 85% of female rabbits will die of uterine cancer from not being spayed. This simple surgery is very safe, quick, and prevents millions more rabbits from having to suffer like I did because no one wants them and allows your pet to bond with other rabbits and stops bad behaviors like mounting, spraying, missing the litter box, etc.

Do your homework. Rabbits are NOT easy pets and are NOT for small children. We are fragile and break easily with our tiny bones. We don’t like being carried around or chased. It is possible to scare us to death. We require lots of specific care and tons of attention. Once you learn though, rabbits can make amazing pets. Just ask my family! There are 11 of us here! Don’t throw us in a cage, in prison. We want to run and play and be with you. We are smart creatures and social ones too. Don’t treat us bad. We want nothing more than what you want, to be loved and wanted.

Do you have any links you would like to share about rabbit care or tips?
Sure! There are lots of amazing places to read up on proper rabbit care. Here are a few links our specialist vet gave us!


Is there anything you or your forever family would like to add?
We would all like to just thank everyone so much for stopping in and saying hello. Our facebook page and instagram have been open for just about a week and already over 2000 people have started following us. We never expected such a thing to happen and are glad that it did. Now we can promote spay/neuter, rabbit care, and the adopt don’t shop message. A lot say my story is captivating and maybe that is why I am becoming as popular as I am. Who knows? All we know is that we will not waste this grand opportunity. All of us bunnies here are from bad situations. Mommy is big into rescue and spends a lot of her time and money on us. We want to help as many animals out there as we can and we hope that we will.

As mommy says “We can’t save every animal out there, but we sure are gonna try and who knows? We may end up just saving a few on the way.”

Thank you all so much for listening and I hope to see you around!


Author’s Note: Many thanks to Venus & her mom for letting me ask questions. Pictures were used with permission. Please visit Venus on her Facebook page – Venus the Bunny.


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Pittie Love: Daniel the Former Bait Dog

Where did his name come from?

Daniel was named at the Duplin Co shelter where he won over the hearts of everyone including the shelter manager Bobbie Kennedy. They loved him so much, and I had worked so hard to get him out and transported all the while using that name, that it just seemed to be a part of who he was so I kept it.

How old was he when he came to live with you?

He was roughly 6 yrs old when I rescued him although I didn’t know that at the time. As soon as I got him into hos special area in my house, it was as if he knew he was safe. I could almost see him relax.

Did he require any special food or medication?

Daniel was only 35 lbs as well as having his teeth filed down to the nerves so he was put on wet puppy food i order to provide comfort as well as the needed extra calories to get back to a healthy weight.

How did he get along with the other pets in the house?

He got along with 4 of my small dogs fine, and he showed all signs of being a submissive dog when in the preaence of my male boxer. Unfortunately the boxer was not happy with having a new unaltered male in the house and would try to dominate and overpower Daniel. Daniel allowed it to a point but would defend himself when the boxer got too rough. But he never went after the boxer.

When Daniel was up to a healthy weight, he was taken to the Saving Lives animal clinic and was neutered. Within 2 weeks, he and the boxer were best playmates.

What would you like to say to people who are concerned about adopting a dog who was used as a bait dog?

I had never had a pittie prior to Daniel. It is hard to explain, but when I saw his picture for the first time, I felt his sweetness. Bait dogs are generally submissive dogs and can be taught to trust again. I would recommend that anyone wanting to rescue one be aware that they have been beaten, abused, starved and attacked. Left in the heat or cold. Tormented and broken. They need a patient, loving hand. One that will only use positive reinforcement. And if they do, they will be rewarded with the most loyal, loving companion they could ever want.

This article is dedicated to the loving memory of Daniel, fly free little one.

Know you will always be loved.

Author’s Note: Many many thanks to Daniel’s mom for letting me ask questions. Pictures were used with permission. You can find Daniel’s facebook page with his wonderful pictures. 
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Extra Love Needed: Bug a Boo the Hydrocephalus Kitten

hi friends!
Where did Bug a Boo get her name from?
Bug A. Boo was named by one of the board member’s of Joa’s Arc.  It’s what she called her first grandchild when he was a baby – just a cute name.
How did she come to Joa’sArc rescue?
(- Joa was a paraplegic kitten that inspired us to start a rescue just for special needs pets)  A friend contacted us saying a friend of hers knew of a slightly funny-looking kitten living on a farm.  As soon as board members, Joyce M and Jen W, saw a photo of the kitten, we knew she was special needs and looked like she may have been born with hydrocephalus.
When did someone notice she was a bit different?
When she was just a few weeks old.
Is she able to walk on her own?
Bug A Boo can walk on her own, but she’s a little off balance when she gets excited, which – as a kitten – is pretty often.  Being off balance is some times typical with hydrocephalus pets.
Does she require any additional medication or therapy?
At this time, Bug A Boo is on Omeprazole (Prilosec), which reduces the cerebrospinal fluid production on her brain.  Depending on how she does as she develops, there are other medication and surgical options down the line, if need be.

Does she have a special diet right now?
She’s just on kitten wet & dry food.  She’s not really picky about either, but will stick her whole head in the tubberware I keep the wet food in if, in her opinion, I’m not fast enough serving it to her – that long beautiful hair ends up with wet food encircling her little face.
Is she in a foster with other pets, if so how do they treat her?
She is in a foster home with other pets and goes to work with me at a vet hospital, so she runs into other pets frequently, though she is caged separately when need be to keep her from running into things unsupervised.  For the most part, she’s nervous around other pets still … but runs right up to them as soon as they turn their back 🙂
What would you like to tell people about Hydrocephalus?
I think people seem to be the most surprised so far that pets can be born with this, just like people.  Pets have lots of conditions like people and this happens to be one of them.  Just like with people, there’s different medication and surgical options too.  It also develops differently in every individual pet.  Bug A Boo could live a long life or not… We’re hoping to find her a home prepared to care for all her needs, whatever they might be, and, as always, Joa’s Arc will love her like she’s our own for as long as she’s with us.
Is there any more information you would like to share about Bug a Boo’s condition?
 I guess just that she’s special, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve to live.  Lots of people don’t give special needs pets a chance and we have already gotten lots of questions like “Is she in pain?” or “Look at her face! How can you keep her alive with the way she is?”  Although Bug A Boo is a bit different, she is still a happy little kitten who plays, chows down, snuggles, wrestles and purrs like 90% of the time.  She deserves every shot at a good life.
Is there a way people can help pay for her medical expenses?
Make a donation to Joa’s Arc – PayPal and/or snail mail.  It all goes to the animals, who are all special like Bug A Boo and every donation helps!

Author’s Note:

Many thanks to Bug a Boo and her foster mom for answering the questions. . Pictures were used with permission. Please stop by Bug a Boo’s Facebook page and say hello. 

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Extra Love Needed: Meet Pumpkin – the perfectly perceptive eyeless cat

May I ask how old you are?
I will turn 8 years old sometime this month. My mom doesn’t know my exact birthday because I was found as a stray. Someone brought me to a vet office when I was only a month and a half old because my eyes were so infected that the doctor said there were ‘hard cones’ formed over them. I couldn’t see because of that so I didn’t mind that they had to remove my eyes.
Where did your name come from?
My mom went into a vet office to try to rescue a dog she had seen a poster for. He had already been adopted but there was a crate with a little black and white kitten in it. There were 2 name tags on the crate, ‘Oreo’ and ‘Pumpkin’. My mom asked where I was and they told her I was in the back recovering from my eye surgery. It had already been a week and I was healing just fine. They brought me out to her and she took me home right then J It was October anyway so she just kept my name as Pumpkin. (Oreo already had someone that was going to adopt him).
How did you find your forever home?
I guess I kind of already answered that question, oops!
Do you have any fursiblings you live with?
I have lived with several different animals, my mom has rescued a few different cats and I also lived with my grandparent’s and their dogs and cats for a while. It takes me a little while to get used to new animals but there are a few that I really get along with. My mom and dad just adopted a Siamese cat in February and named him Apple. He is my only brother right now J
If so, do they treat you any different?
Most of them don’t understand why I can’t look at them but then they realize that I am pretty much like a regular cat. I can even catch flies!!
How long did it take for you to map your forever home?
My mom adopted me when she was in college so I have had to live in lots of different houses! I trust my mom so much that I know she won’t take me anywhere where I can get hurt. Each time I go into a new house I just walk around very slowly and then usually find somewhere that I can sit and listen to everything that is going on around me. In no time I am running and playing. I love any bathtub that I can find! My mom always turns the water on to a drip and I drink the water and sometimes use my hand to drink it.
What are you favorite things to do?
One of my favorite places to visit is my grandparent’s boat on a lake in Virginia. I am not afraid at all! My mom watches me very closely but also lets me explore because I am so brave. I also love to play in my pop up tent. I hide in it and wait for legs or my brother to walk by and I pounce.
What would you like to say to people who are hesitant to bring a blind cat into their home?
I would say that I can only speak for myself but I am a very normal cat. Obviously we blind cats can only be indoor cats and you have to be very careful not to leave doors open and to remind everyone that comes to visit to close all doors behind them. My mom says that cats are very smart and their other senses take over when they lose one. My hearing is VERY good and sometime loud noises can scare me.
Is there anything you or your mom would like to add?
Pumpkin has been a blessing in my life and I know she inspires most everyone that gets to meet her. They are amazed at how normal she is and how she can get around. She will jump onto couches, tables and is not afraid to jump down. She is very easygoing and I am always amazed at how quickly she can adapt to new environments. Thank you for helping to educate others on special needs cats!

May I borrow pictures of you for the article? I will state they were used with permission and link back to your page.

Yes, please pick the cutest ones! I can send you one of her on the boat if you want, let me know.

Extra Love Needed: Frosty the Frozen Kitten

Hi to all my friends!

Miss Frosty, how old are you?

My humans guess me to be aprox 7 œ months old.

I was giving the birthday of Oct 27, 2013 based off of when I was first seen around the barn.

Frosty after she was first found

Where did your name come from?

I got my name because I was found Frozen Alive (almost solid)
How did you find your forever home?

The man who found me is friends with my mum. So he took me to her for help. It was very cold that night and I was near death.

Next to heater, on top of fleece with heating buttons underneath for warmth

How many fursiblings do you live with?

MANY – right now 9 kitties, 6 non releasable raccoons, 1 skunk, and 5 baby coons mum is bottle raising for release later this year.
Did they treat you different when you were recovering?

Yes I need special help staying warm. My body can not regulate a comfy temp and I sometimes need sweaters or I lay in my heated bed. I also have a heated kitty bed I can lay in case I am cold and am not in a sweater.

Jan 2014, still unable to move and getting supportive care

Was it scary being at the vets for so long?

I was very scared but because I was found frozen – almost solid – and so severely emaciated I could not run or get away from anyone. I had no strength to stand, sit or at time hold up my head.

Back home after some scary touch and go days at the vet

What is your favorite toy to play with?


Me & mousie

I love your little pink dresses, do you pick them out yourself?

Mum decides what I need to wear, if and when I need something.

Miss Carol, when did you get involved with rescuing/fostering?

I have been working animal rescue all my life. I am a state licensed wildlife rehabilitator & I run wildlife rescue, rehab and release. I rescue and foster domestic animals in need. I run a pet sitting business and I run a local pet pantry.

Frosty’s story has touched so many people, for those that want to continue to help, what can they do?

To help Frosty, she has an amazon wish list  and she has a donate button her facebook page if you wish to send a monetary donation. Another way of helping is to help share her story and let people know that just because these animals have fur it does not make them immune to the cold. They still need help with proper shelter, food and water if they must live outside. Provide shelter, food and water to the strays and feral cats in your area.

What advice do you have for people who want to help local animals?

Contact a local rescue person in your area and see if they need any volunteer help. They usually are in need of food, bedding, and other supplies.
What was the strangest animal you have rescued? Not really strange to me, but to others they think my skunk rescues are a bit odd.

Author’s Note:

Many thanks to Miss Carol & Miss Frosty for answering the questions. My sincerest apologies for not posting this interview sooner. Pictures were used with permission. Please stop by Frosty’s page – Frosty the Frozen Kitten – and say hello.

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