Extra Love Needed: Meet Bella, Daisy & Lucky

Miss Bella, how did you get your name?

I’m not sure you know…I came from a place called Bella, and there was a cat there a long time ago who passed on called Bella-and they remembered her.  I have heard the name since I was born, I heard it in my head and when Mom told my first Mom she wanted to name me Bella, first Mom cried and Mom cried.  And now I am Bella Bluebella and I carry the name proudly.


Why to you suckle your mom’s neck?

Oh it’s wonderful!  I was with her a week when I noticed her neck and something on their that reminded me of my true Mom (Airie: I have a mole on my neck that could be perceived as a nipple by a kitten…it has now been dubbed “The Neck Nipple”).

She did not want me too at first and tried to pull me away but I cried and was gentle so she let me.  It feels good and we are so close when I do it.  I purr and pat her face and I am gentle.  There is no milk, but there is love.


What is your favorite outfit?

Anything with wings!  Mom makes me outfits with wings on them and I can FLY!

The rarely spotted Bella dragon
The rarely spotted Bella dragon


How do you help your mom?

Oh, I make her laugh!  I do something she calls “Twerking” and dance my butt when I walk.  I talk to her in my little high squeaky voice. I am teaching her to fetch, too!  I love to run straight up the wall to make her laugh!  And I love, love, love her and am sweetness and light.


What is your favorite thing to do?

Besides sucking on my Mom’s neck, I love to play with toys that look like springs!  I also love to play with Lucky and Daisy.  I like to do funny things to make people laugh.  Killing peoples legs, preferably the left thigh, is awesome.  I LOVE to eat!  Mom calls me the “Rotating Grab” after some machine with big jaws that grabs and moves things.  I love to do everything.

May I help you?
May I help you?


Are you and Lucky a couple?

A couple of what?  I think we were for awhile.  Everyone here is spayed and neutered, but when I was supposed to get spayed I had a cold.  Then I started feeling good funny and wanted to show everyone my butt like Lucky did.  Lucky loved my butt then and we did butt dances all over the house together.  Mom said I had the best of all worlds.  She made me a collar to wear because he was biting my neck a lot and sometimes it hurt and made bleeding places.  When I was calmer, and Lucky was calmer, Mom took me to the vet and I came home and that does not happen.  Mom was surprised Lucky and I “went all the way” but now we are all friends and he is back to just putting his butt on my face.  I love him though.  I love Daisy, and I love Mom.  I love you too!

Miss Daisy, I heard you started modeling early, do you have any beauty tips to share with inspiring models?

Queen Daisy to you
Queen Daisy to you

That’s Queen Daisy please.  I’m tiny, but I AM in charge!  I do love you, though!


1.Steal all the jewelry you can.

2.Get plenty of sleep, especially on things your Mom is trying to work on, inside her clothes, on the chair she wants to sit on, or in your royal SLINX.

3.Vocal Exercises!  I can’t stress this enough-from a purr to a meow to a rumbling growl, a hiss or a full blown scream, do them often and do them well!


What is your favorite outfit?

Right now I am Queen of the Geishas!  I love anything with a belt and a bow,and like the bow to be almost as big as I am.  The new Cherry Blossom Kimono my Mom is making is so soft and the color brings out my eyes and my color.  I love it!


Do you help your mom design/test new products?

I am the supervisor.  I HATE getting dressed and yell at her but once I am dressed I love it and do my “Daisy Dance” where I twirl and roll and purr and kiss her face.  I know I am the inspiration for the SLINX and use it often.  I had to ride in so many of them before she got it right!

If I do NOT like the outfit she puts on me, I go under the bed and yell at her, if I DO like it, I run to the mirror and look at myself from all angles.

I love to model, but always pretend I don’t and make terrible faces when we start, then I get fabulous and give them my angles.

This is my "oh really?" face
This is my “oh really?” face


What is a typical day like for you?

In the morning, when Mom gets up, she makes me take medicine-my feet hurt all the time because it turns out I am allergic to ALL clumping litters and we did not know this for a long time.  My eyes also are sensitive and she puts some horrid stuff in them and I can SEE!  And keep them open so everyone can enjoy their beautiful aqua color.

Then when I am fully awake I run as fast as I can (exercise is important I never walk, I always run at full speed!) and jump on her and crawl in her clothes or the SLINX.  The rest of the day is spent ambushing her, singing while sitting on a closed toilet seat, screaming at my brother Lucky because he is a pest, or playing and napping with my sister Bella Blue.

I do eat in small dainty portions, play with toys and mostly sleep in the sun or where there is a warm patch or blankets to burrow in.


When your not busy modeling, what else do you like to do?

I think I covered that above, but I also like to try to distract my Mom from sewing, and occasionally pee on the floor on a pad.  Got to keep Mom on her toes!


Mr. Lucky, where did your name come from?

WHEEEEEEEE!  I’m not SURE!!!!!  But she is Lucky to have me!  I think she was going to call me something fancy like “Fortunate” but she ended up naming me Lucky then other stuff!  Like “Lucky Stoppit!”  or “Lucky Don’t Eat That!” or “Lucky get off your sister!”  She says my name a LOT!

I love her SO MUCH!!!!!  I love to sit on her lap and suck on her hand and make biscuits with my feet while putting my butt in her face!  Sometimes I fart for her!  She’s the Lucky one, that’s my best parts!


What is your favorite outfit?

I like to be naked, but I like the fleece pajamas the most, they keep me warm.


How long is your tail? (if it’s ever been measured)

Long enough to lash it and whip peoples faces when I am sitting on their shoulder!  That’s fun!  Mom says it’s somewhere between 15-17 inches, but it’s almost impossible to measure!


I heard you had an accident when you were young that bend your tail, can I hear your side of the events?

Oh it was AWFUL!!!!!  There was a big square thing leaning against the wall (a folded up room divider screen) and it looked big enough to get me to the ceiling-finally!  So while Mom was sitting in bed I decided to climb it!

It MOVED!!!!! And I slid down and it slid down and it BIT MY TAIL!!!!!!!!!!

(the screen slid down with him, and one of the panels swung open.  Somehow his tail got in the hinged part, and as the movement continued it swung back closed on his tail).

I started screaming and mom ran out and saw me.  She grabbed me and got it out but I BIT her because I was so scared and it hurt.

She wrapped me in a blanket and I heard her say she saw it and it was “last 3 inches hanging by a strip of skin! Whatever that was.

We drove to the place that was open at midnight and close.  I was very quiet and did not feel well.

Some nice people took me in the back and it did not hurt soon and I had a pretty green bandage on my tail.  Mom took me home and the medicine they gave me made me want to PLAY ALL NIGHT!!!!

I got to keep all of my tail, though Mom says we never would have missed the last few inches cause it is so long!


I’ve seen a few videos of you and I have to ask, is the butt planting a good or bad thing?

Oh it’s WONDERFUL!!!!!  It’s the best part of me!  I have cute little pointy butt cheeks, and everything back there is so wonderful I want to share it!  There’s even something back there that makes a wonderful smell that makes Mom run away!

What I don’t understand is why my sisters don’t like when I want to cuddle them with it.  Mom says if I want to cuddle I should not start by walking over them the wrong way and putting it on their head!

I love anything to do with it!  When they take my temperature at the vet I purr!  When I get my bath and Mom washes it I sit down into her hand and purr!  She says I am a Purr-Vert and she is right!


How many straws have you killed in your lifetime?

Ooooooh the straws are a new thing-I have killed many raffia mice, wool Amaze Balls but the straws are amazing to kill.  I think only about 10 at this point but THEY ALL MUST DIE!!!!!!!!



How do you get along with your sisters?

GREAT!!!!!!  I love them!  I love to chase them and sit on their heads and hump them and lick their ears!  Bella and I play chase and wrestle.  Daisy likes to play chase but she screams too much and it makes me feel funny so I try to bite her sometimes.  But my favorite game is to jump up and down on top of Daisy while she is sleeping under the covers!


Do you supervise your mom or do you perform quality control?

I do both!  But I have a more important job.  You see, sometimes Mom works too long and forgets to take breaks.  So I jump in her lap and purr, and ask for her left hand.  I nuzzle it and sometimes even nurse on it, and purr, and love her and snuggle and burble.  She always stops for my “drive bys” and loves me.  Sometimes if I jump down and roll at her feet she laughs and gets on the floor with me and rubs my tummy.

See, Mom works to hard and when I feel her stress energy go up, I help.  That’s my job.



Here’s my info:

Website to use:



The SLINX pet sling

The cat’s pajamas



Heaven is having all three curled up on the bed with me
Heaven is having all three curled up on the bed with me


First, how did SimplySphynx start?


Simply Sphynx Cats and the SLINX started out of necessity.  I’m not Mr. Snickett, but there was a series of unfortunate events.  They involved roomates, one who became violent (though not towards me or the cats) and had to be removed, and the next who relapsed and started doing heroin in the house.  Not a pretty way to start the story, but it’s true.

After all that drama, I became extremely tired and distracted, and when running a bath for one of my sphynx cats, forgot the water was running and flooded most of my house.  The result?  I ended up living with two Savannah Cats and two Sphynx cats in my living room for almost 6 months!

The three boys started picking on my little girl sphynx cat Daisy.  To the point where she always had scratches on her face and she was getting very anxious.  I carried her around with me in my robe or my shirt as much as I could, but after many chest scratches, stretched out clothing and sleepless nights, I knew I had to find a solution.

The solution was some kind of bag to carry her in, on my chest/stomach, that left my hands free when needed, kept her warm and protected me from her claws.

I went and bought a sewing machine because there was NOTHING out there that suited my needs and I was stuck at home anyway because of all the contractors coming and going.  I taught myself to sew, and after months and months of trying, I had a sling-I called it the SLINX-a sling for my sphynx.  I put pictures on facebook and people wanted to buy it.



What was the first piece you made?


The first real piece I did make was the SLINX.  I had no intentions of selling it when I made it-I barely knew how to sew.  But the Sphynx Cat community on facebook was blowing up-they wanted it!  So I worked really hard on the pattern and my skills, and got the first one ready to sell last year.  When they started it took me a whole day (with a lot of mistakes and starting over) to make one.  Now I can do it start to finish in a few hours.


What has been your favorite piece so far?

I’d have to as my favorite is the Tattcat™ -the shirt that makes cats and dogs look like they have a tattoo.


What was the hardest piece to make?

It’s a tossup between the SLINX and the Tattcat™ The Tattcat™  is the most difficult fabric, like tights or leggings fabric.  The SLINX has the most parts and had to be completely adjustable and safe.


I think the pet sling is the coolest idea, what inspired you to make it?

Besides above, the crisis came when one of the other cats tried to actually kill Daisy.  It was horrible, and I needed to keep her near me at all times until I could find a new home for him.

The pet sling
The pet sling



Where did the idea for tattoo shirts come from?

I have WAY too many ideas.  I had seen a horrid picture from Russia where someone actually put a Sphynx under anesthesia, and tattood it.  Horrible!  But like all owners of hairless pets, I had thought how cool they would look with a tattoo.  I ordered a cheap fake tattoo sleeve, cut some holes in it and stuck it on my boy, Lucky.  Put the picture up for laughs and had over 50 people wanting to buy one.  After a LOT of research, I found a company that would print the fabric for me with safe dye, and softer fabric.  The cheap stuff out there has cheap and dangerous dyes in it, and not always the best fabric.


How did you teach yourself to sew?

With a lot of crying, cursing, and I broke three singer sewing machines by trying to sew multiple layers of fleece.  Finally my Mom, who is a quilter, offered me some good sewing machines that she just had sitting around!


Pretty in polka dots
Pretty in polka dots


How did you fall in love with sphynx cats?

I don’t know quite how!  I had done rescue, hospice, fostering and many other things with cats (and sometimes dogs).  When I realized that it was time to stop (at times I had up to 15 cats and kittens in my home) I wanted to explore some breed cats.  I got some Savannah Cats (WONDERFUL cats, mine just got too stressed and were no longer happy) I decided to see what a Sphynx was all about.  I found a local breeder, http://www.dare2b-baresphynx.com and she had me come visit.

A bunch of kittens came running out and started taking things out of my purse!  They climbed all over me, purring and loving on me.  I had never experienced anything like it.  They felt like velvet, looked adorable (they don’t really photograph as beautiful as they are) and I was hooked.  I got Daisy that day, and a few years later my boy, Lucky.

When I was ready for a third, I asked if there were any colored ones available.  Daisy was cream with red points like a siamese, and Lucky was pure white.  Yes, you have to bathe them.  Yes, white and cream show dirt more.  Dare2b-bare did not have any, but suggested Bella Remembered Sphynx Cattery, and there I got my Bella Blue, my baby girl who is the color of a Russian Blue cat-just without the fur.

This IS Daisy's happy face
This IS Daisy’s happy face


I’d like to add that EVERYTHING I do is tested on my poor cats!  All the pieces, including the toys are meant to enhance the bond between people and their pets.  Dogs, furry and hairless, and furry cats all use and wear my products.  The SLINX has helped traumatized, abused pets become trusting and loving.  The fleece pajamas have helped Sphynx and other pets who hate clothes but need to be warm and covered learn to love clothes instead of fear or hate them.  The Tattoo clothes bring joy to both pets and their owners, and the toys as well!


My mission is and always has been to help pets and their owners bond.  The stronger the bond, the better the care, the less likely people are to “throwaway” pets.

I give! I give!
I give! I give!


Author’s Note: Many thanks to Bella, Daisy & Lucky for letting me interview them and their awesome mom. Pictures were used with permission. You can find Bella, Daisy & Lucky on their mom’s facebook page and sporting new fashions on the official website Slinx Concepts or the Etsy page – Simply Sphynx (As an added bonus for all my readers, Miss Airie has a special code for a 10% off discount up 4/30!  Use the code WHISKERS on the Etsy link page).
They’re famous! Please check out News 4 Jax‘s  animal fashion segment, Beth Sullivan is used Simply Sphynx’s clothes to dress her sphynx Jovie!
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Extra Love Needed: Monkey the Mystery Kitty

I am Monkey, hear me rawr!
I am Monkey, hear me rawr!


How old is Monkey?
Monkey is estimated at about 6 months old now. When he was found he was estimated at about 4 weeks old.
He was found on a roof of a house and no one knows how he got there, be it momma knew something was wrong and
left him behind, or maybe a hawk or owl thought he was a mouse then dropped him because he was a VERY LOUD kitten, or if some awful person threw him up there.

How long did it take to form the bond with him?

I Met Monkey (at the time he was called “Shingles” since he was found on a roof) when he was about 4 weeks old. The lady who runs the local shelter had him and 2 other even younger kittens with her while she was running a garage sale to raise money for the shelter. I held him and fell in love instantly, He actually peed on my step daughter and you know what they say, “an animal marks you as theirs if they pee on you!”.It was about a week for my husband and I were cleared to “foster” as my husband had said “no more cats”(we have/had 3 of our own but he was okay with fostering). We got “Shingles” and another foster kitten, then 2more a week later. Monkey was very high maintenance but it resonating as a “baby bond” instantly as I never was able to have children. He sort of filled that void with how much attention he required. He was very sick as a kitten and it was thought he wouldn’t survive since he was loosing weight. He developed pneumonia due to a suspected issue with his esophagus where air got in his stomach and food would come out his nose(especially formula)and get into his lungs. I refused to give up on him! A/D food got expensive very quickly so I started to cook for him cooking up livers w/the blood, adding a/d food, formula, kitten chow, water, organic cat food(for extra vitamins) and pureed it up. He quickly put on weight. Everyone was impressed that he pulled through since he was at that point a “failure to thrive” kitten.

That's me back in Feb, when I found out what neutering was..
That’s me back in Feb, when I found out what neutering was..

Does he respond to his name being called?

Monkey, like most cats, responds to his name only when he wants to, no sooner, no later lol! He does recognize his name though if that’s what you are really asking :-)!
How is he doing now?

Monkey was put on phenobarbital about 2+months ago but it didn’t really do a whole lot. Just 3 days ago however, he was also put on Keppra and hasn’t had a “major” seizure since (knock on wood). He’s had some twitches here and there but nothing like before! He is way more playful and utilizing his back legs more(he NEVER jumped and was ALWAYS 4feet on the floor!). Now he is leaping over the other kitties’ (we have 3 other cats) play tubes! He is jumping/climbing onto low furniture as where before he was too leery to even attempt anything higher than a pillow on the floor! He is still super affectionate, though we seem to be entering the “teenage” kitty stage where he gets grumpy quick when he wants down to run and play!
How many medications is he on?

Monkey is currently on 2 meds, Phenobarbital(tiny and I mean TINY, round pill that he gets 3/8 of a pill of twice a day), and a fairly new (for use in cats anyhow) anti-seizure med called Keppra. He takes that one every 8hrs and it is doing AMAZINGLY well for him! I’ve considered taking out the Pheno since it didn’t seem to work but they seem to work together as Keppra is a “secondary” drug and I’m too scared to mess with his regime at this time.


Can he walk, run, play like other cats?

Monkey is thankfully able to do most things any cat can do. I do notice however that he seems to be scared to get onto anything high as where most cats love heights. He also seems to have moments of temporary blindness where he doesn’t see things in front of him. He has to have his food elevated a bit as he can’t seem to pick up things like treats off the floor, he just pushes into them and pushes them around with his nose.
How long has he been without a seizure?

Since starting the Keppra 4 days ago now, he hasn’t had any of his major seizures since. Prior to that, as a baby would have been the longest or at least we didn’t see them. He started having noticeable ones around 10weeks old(once he started gaining weight after being very sick for a long time). I have noticed some muscles twitches here and there and slight face twitches but those are a walk in the park compared to his old seizures. We have also noticed on occasion the last 2inches or so of his tail will bend like a crook in it, then shake like a rattlesnake tail when he relaxes. This may be a manifestation of his seizures but we don’t know.

Just me relaxing, the pad is to protect the furniture in case of a seizure
Just me relaxing, the pad is to protect the furniture in case of a seizure


What was he officially diagnosed with?

For now it is just idiopathic epilepsy with focal seizures. We have not been able to do an MRI as of yet due to lack of funds so it could possibly be a tumor or hydrocephalus(water on the brain) possibly caused by head trauma as a baby or could be congenital. However, even though i’d like to know in case another course of treatments is needed, since the seizures seem to be under control, it’s kind of a wait and see type situation. Even though he is in my care and we(husband and I and my step daughter)consider him ours, he is still technically a foster so I only have so much say in treatment. He is happy and healthy atm so we are letting the meds do their thing.
What tips do you have for other cat parents who have cats that have seizures?

I would have to say, be observant. Cat seizures are different than dogs’ and also pretty rare. My vet has been in practice nearly 20yrs and she said this is the first she’s seen, especially that didn’t pass away young from complications from what I’ve read. Document seizure activity and communicate with your vet. Also, research medications. Branch out on social media sites and find groups(even smaller ones) that focus on feline seizures as the people from different corners of the world may have different ideas that could help your cat. Sometimes other people that have been through it can give you better answers than the vets considering how rare this is.
What else would you like to tell people about cats who have seizures?

This is my first time dealing with this but from what I’ve read not all cats will let this happen in front of you. I’ve noticed Monkey seems to be able tell when an episode is coming on and will lay in his crate or on his favorite floor pillow that we cover with a garbage bag and put a blanket or towel over. Some cats though, will go and hide like in a closet or under a bed and you won’t even know it’s happened. In these circumstances, all you may see is urine or B.M. in an odd spot outside the litter box as often one or both happen so just watch for the signs. If your cat disappears then comes crying for you or acting out of character or off balance and you suspect seizures, check these types of hiding places for evidence like urine. If you find it let your vet know and consider closing off doors to other rooms and keep the cat in areas where you can see/hear him/her and be alert. If it does happen STAY CALM! Talk in calm soothing tones to the kitty and don’t try to pet him/her until its done, especially at first, because until you know what the seizures are like, you could get bit. For example, with Monkey, I won’t touch him when he has one as he seems to get an aggressive stance/demeanor so I keep my hands and OTHER PETS AWAY. Don’t restrain the kitty as it could cause it to hurt itself. DO however, make sure it’s not on anything high up where it could fall or hurt itself. Just keep the kitty safe, especially the head and keep the environment calm and quiet, turning down any noises or bright lights and talk softly till the kitty comes around then give it some space unless it comes to you for attention as some cats need some space after and allow him/her to “sleep it off” Also, if possible, record the episode on your camera or phone to show the vet to help determine the best course of treatment.

I'm got my own condo, not many cats can say that!
I’m got my own condo, not many cats can say that!

Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself or Monkey?

Well, I feel I’ve been long winded enough in my answers so I don’t know what else to add.

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Monkey  for letting me interview him. Pictures were used with permission. You can find him on his facebook page named simply Monkey the Mystery Kitten
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Extra Love Needed: Spot the Seizure Cat

I'm a dapper mancat in my bowtie
I’m a dapper mancat in my bowtie


How old are you?

Well, we aren’t quite sure but we think that I was born in the summer of 2010, so I am about 3 1/2 years old.

Where did your name come from?

Mommy isn’t very creative when it comes to naming her fur babies. She names us based on our looks or on the way we act. I just happen to have several big black spots on me therefore I became known as Spot.

How did you find your forever home?

Mommy is the known cat lady of the neighborhood so she thinks that somebody dumped me and my family in her yard. I was the friendliest so I stuck around. My mama moved to a neighbors as did my brofur, Fatty White & Gray(another example of mommy’s naming skills) and my sisfur, Callie, still lives here as well but she is lives in the garage and is still a bit on the wild side.

When did you first have your first seizure?

Mommy thinks that I have been having seizures since I was probably about 6 months old. She would often see me outside and one side of my face would be really dirty and my back end would be dirty and smell like pee and mommy would wonder what I had gotten in to. When I was about 8 months old mommy started to bring me into the house and that’s when she actually saw me have a seizure and then she realized that I had been having them for a while. You see, when I have a seizure I flop onto my side and salivate, a lot! I also pee pee on my self. This is why my face and hind end gets dirty and why my back end smells like pee.

I'm lucky to have a good home and a loving forever family
I’m lucky to have a good home and a loving forever family

Do the vets know what causes them?

The vets did blood tests and gave me antibiotics to kill possible parasites that can cause seizures but none of the meds worked. The vets just say that I am epileptic, unknown cause. We don’t have a feline neurologist here in our town but I did go and see an internal medicine specialists. He said that we could spend a lot of green papers and have a brain scan done but it may not show anything and even if it did that there was probably nothing that we could do. I may have had an injury or a parasite that did damage to my brain before I took any meds to kill it.

What do your humans do when you start to have one?

When I am having a seizure mommy just strokes my fur and tells me that’s it’s going to be okay. Fortunately they do not last long, less than a minute. After the seizure is over I am really hungry and really lovable.

Are you currently on medication to control the seizures?

Yes, I take liquid Phenobarbital twice a day. I used to take 3 mils twice a day, the exact same stuff that humans would take, but it was pretty disgusting and just having to take it was stressing me out and making me an unhappy kitty. Last August mommy started having my meds made by a compounding pharmacy. They concentrate the dosage down so that I take 1 mil twice a day and they also flavor it, I prefer the bacon and fish flavors combined.

How often do you visit the vet for check ups?

I have to have my Phenobarbital levels checked every 6 months. I also have my liver checked at this time because over time the Phenobarbital can cause liver damage.

How many fursibilings do you live with?

Oh boy, can I plead the 5th? MOL! Nah, I’ll tell you, there are 15 of us here. I have a vast fur family! I can tell you that most of us adopted mommy.

Spot & Itty Bitty
Spot & Itty Bitty

We found her and convinced her to love us and that she could not live without us and so here we are, in our furever home.

The oldest of us are my two sisfurs, Twitch and ChubChubs, they are 11 years old.


We had an older sisfur, her name is Kelly and she went to the Rainbow Bridge on February 27, 2013, she was almost 19 years old.

The youngest of us are what we refer to as “The Kittens”, they are not really kittens anymore though, they are 2 years old. Their mama was a stray, possibly my blood sisfur, we’re not sure though. She was pretty wild and would only come around to eat. She ended up having her kittens in a neighbors yard but brought them into our garage through the pet door when they were a week or so old. Once The Kittens were about 8 weeks old mommy caught their mama and had her spayed,. Mommy tried to keep her inside with her kittens but she escaped and ran away a couple of weeks after she was spayed. We saw her a few times after that but then she just vanished, hopefully somebody took her in. Mommy had the best of intentions to find The Kittens homes but they worked their magic on her and she fell in love with them so here they stay. They are all Tuxedo cats and they LOVE me to death! OMC, a couple of them even try to nurse on me sometimes, I mean, I’m a boy for goodness sakes! The Phenobarbital makes me a pretty mellow guy though so I don’t mind, I am their Uncle Spottie after all. MOL!

One of the Tuxedo Kittens, Little Stripe
One of the Tuxedo Kittens, Little Stripe

What is your favorite thing to do?

I love chasing the laser pointer, I will catch it someday! I also Love going out in the garage and visiting with my outdoor brofur, Clem and my sisfur, Callie.

What would you or your family like to say about your seizures?

When mommy discovered my seizures she was very scared and we even saw this one vet that said that seizure cats don’t live very long. We started my Facebook page so that we could learn about cats with seizures and we have learned a lot! We have heard from many folks that have or had kitties with seizures and their kitties are living long good lives.

What are some of the warning signs other pet owners can spot (hehe) in their pets?

If your kitty is having seizures and they live indoors then you will notice them for sure, if your kitty lives outside then please look for the dirty face and behind. There are lots of videos on YouTube that show cats having seizures and there are many different kinds of seizures also. Please do your research to learn more. If you think that your kitty may be having seizures take them to the vet right away.

I'm quite the handsome mancat if I do say so myself
I’m quite the handsome mancat if I do say so myself

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I would like Everypawdy to know that we special needs kitties are just that – Special! We take a little extra care but we are so worth it! I’m pretty sure that I’m one of the best things to ever come into mommy’s life! MOL!

Much Love to You!

~ Spot the Seizure Cat

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Spot  for letting me interview him. Pictures were used with permission. You can find him on his facebook page named Spot the Seizure Cat.
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Extra Love Needed: Meet Mika the CH Kitty

Mika sitting pretty

How old are you?
I am about a year and a half old. No one knows my actual age so it has been an estimate. Mommy told the vet that my birthday is Nov 11, 2012 and she picked that date because it was her grandpa’s birthday
Where did your name come from?
I already had my name when Mommy adopted me and she liked the name Mika so she told me I could keep it. I do have a couple of nickname though. I jump around on the bed and Mommy said I looked like a little kangaroo so she started calling me Mika-Moo and then my Uncle Eric started calling me his Moo Bear.
How did you find your forever home?
My mommy was a little sad because she had to send her cat to the rainbow bridge. She said that Kiss was almost 17 years old and she missed having a cat in the house. She started looking on Pet Finder. She had been looking for a few days when she came across my listing and watched my video. She continued looking and kept going back to my video. Then she shared my video and asked my Grandma and Uncle Eric if they thought she could handle a special needs cat. They suggested she ask a bunch of questions so she sent an email and started talking to my foster mom who answered all of her questions and she asked about meeting me. They agreed that I would go to Petco for the Pet Rescue NY cat adoption day and Mommy would come to meet me. She brought Uncle Eric with her and she saw me and she talked to the other cats and kittens that were there. She even held some of the little baby cats and then came back over to me and talked to me and petted me some more. She knew that I could be iffy about being picked up and held but I let her hold me for a couple of minutes and then she said she wanted to adopt me. She asked if there was any way that they could keep me for an extra week so she could make sure that the apartment was set up for my safety and they said yes. The following week she came and got me and while there were a few bumps in the road I am confident that I have my furrever home.
When were you diagnosed with CH?
In March of 2013 when I was rescued by Pet Rescue NY and they had a veterinarian check me out. 
Mika & her pink bed
Can you tell us a little bit about what CH is and how it effects you?
Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH) is a disorder where a part of the brain called the cerebellum doesn’t grow right. It can be caused by an infection during pregnancy or by injury, malnutrition or poisoning during development. It does not progress and while my walking might improve there is no cure. It causes coordination problems and in some cases it can cause seizures.
My case isn’t too severe so I can walk and I’m walking better as my back legs get stronger but they do slide out to the sides on me. So far I won’t use a cat box so I use wee wee pads to go to the bathroom. I usually lay down on my side to go to the bathroom but sometimes I stand up when I go and my Mommy gets all excited and tells me how proud she is of me. I peck like a chicken when I eat and can be kind of messy. I don’t like soft cat food so most of my diet is dry food and chicken. I can’t jump so I need help getting on and off of the furniture. Sometimes I pull myself up onto the bed but I usually just ask and Mommy will give me a lift. I stand near the edge of the bed when I want to get down and Mommy helps me. When I know that she is supporting my side I drop my front paws down and kind of slide down and she supports my back end. She said it would be easier if she just put me down but I get mad when she does that because I want to do it. She asked my Uncle Eric about making a ramp for me with sides so I have support and can get on and off of the bed safely and without help and he said he thinks he can do that. I sit with both of my back legs spread out to the sides and my front left paw folds under sometimes at the wrist. It also makes my head wobble which seems to be worse when I get excited.
Did you need to have any medications or therapy to help you?
I haven’t needed any medicine for my condition and the only therapy I have is just walking on my own and Mommy helping me. She moves my back legs when I am on the bed with her and told me that it might help the muscles get stronger and she massages my legs and back for me.
I am on a special diet. I had a problem with loose stools for a while and they had me try a prescription food called Royal Canin Gastro Intestinal Fiber Response which is now mixed with Iams Proactive Health Digestive Care and everything has been great.
Do you lean against walls to walk?
 Sometimes I do but a lot of times I just take my time and take breaks while walking from one room to another. It helps that we have carpets for me to grab on to.
Are there any surfaces that are a struggle for you to walk on?
We have carpet everywhere except the kitchen and bathroom. I don’t do too well on the tiles in the kitchen but I do okay on the bathroom tiles, mommy thinks it might be because they are smaller so I can grip onto them better. I stay on the carpet most of the time. If I am on the bed I do better on the comforter than on the sheets. The sheets are too slippery for me.
What is your favorite toy to play with?
I love the balls with bells in them but right now my favorite is the ball with feathers on it that hangs from a string on a plastic stick.
How are you doing now?
 I am doing pretty good. When I first came home Mommy was led to believe that I might need to be kept confined when she isn’t home so she bought these play pen things and put me in one when she had to go out or at night when she was asleep but now the door to the pen has been removed so I still have that area for my wee wee pads but I have free run of the whole apartment all the time. I’m training mommy and she is coming along pretty good. She is a good employee and she loves me. She told me that she understands that just because my body gives me challenges over how I do things it doesn’t change that I am a cat with a stubborn independent streak. I have my own bed and lots of blankets and toys and I get to have treats.Mommy always offers me food when she makes things that are okay for me to have. I love chicken and sometimes I like steak. I love cheese and I like broccoli and the stuff inside of egg rolls. I wish she would get more cheesecake, that was really good stuff. I make mommy laugh almost every day and I get lots of hugs (although I’m not crazy about the kisses). I am very happy and only frustrate mommy sometimes when she can’t figure out what I want. I love that I am treated with love and while I get help when I need it I get to just be a cat. I did feel bad that I am not quick enough to catch the mouse that got into the apartment but mommy got rid of it and took measures to make sure that others don’t come in to my apartment. I can’t share what mommy called the mouse because it wasn’t a nice word. Originally they told mommy that I wouldn’t be able to get onto the furniture but I have proved them wrong. If I really want to I can jump at the bed with my claws out and climb up holding onto the comforter. I can climb onto the couch too but I haven’t done that too much.
Do you live with any fursiblings? If so who?
Right now I don’t have any fursiblings because of our lease but mommy said that if we move she would be open to adopting another kitty so I could have a friend. She is also going to send in a written request to see if the manager people here might consider letting her get me a fursibling.
All tucked in
Is there anything else you or your mom would like to share about CH?
 I don’t seem to know that there is anything different about me. I’ll let Mommy answer this one…. I have had cats my whole life and had never heard of CH until I saw Mika’s video. At first I felt bad for her and thought it would break my heart to see her struggle just to walk but there was something about her that just drew me in. Sure, she struggles a little but she is the most determined being I have ever known and that encourages me to push ahead with things. I’ve had to make a few little adjustments but nothing major and in return I have this beautiful loving little ball of fur. In the end she just does things differently but she gets them done. Instead of using a litter pan she uses wee wee pads so I never have a mess sitting around for too long. She was cautious about sleeping with me and whenever I got ready for bed she would go to her cat bed like she knew it was bed time. Now she is sleeping with me. She is the only cat I have ever had that doesn’t get under foot when I am cleaning or doing something else. She seems to know that I am doing something and she either goes to her little cat bed or asks to go up on my bed. She startles easier than other cats I’ve had so I make sure to always talk to her before I reach out to pet her if she isn’t looking at me. I don’t know that I can attribute it to CH but she is so gentle and loving. She does hold on when I hold her which has resulted in a few unintentional scratches on my arm but she has never tried to attack me, never raises her paw. She doesn’t ;like to be alone so if I go out she gets really excited when I come home. I don’t work due to my own disability so she is used to having me home. Where I would leave my other cats home if I wanted to spend a night away, I wont do that with Mika, I have my mom or my brother come over and stay with her. The rewards outweigh the minor adjustments. I would tell anyone not to let CH stop them from considering adopting a cat who happens to have it.
Is there a support group that your mom knows of to help people who have cats with CH? 
Mom is a member of the CH Kitty Club on both Yahoo and Facebook
I have gotten a lot of information at these sites
This is the pet rescue that found mommy for me http://www.ny-petrescue.org/
This is the video of me that made my mommy fall in love with me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iD_p_orJjek
Me on my one month and one day anniversary

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Mika & her mom for letting me ask lots of questions. Pictures were used with permission. Please visit her on her facebook page – Mike the CH Kitty
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Extra Love Needed: Meet Champy Pants the Blind Siamese Kitty

Champy Pants
How old is Champy Pants the Blind Siamese Kitty?
The Vets estimated he is about 8 years old but could be as young as 6 years by the quality of his teeth. Because he was rescued from a shelter will never know his true age.

Where did his name come from?
When Champ was rescued he was in extremely bad shape. We think he was hit by a car in NYC and left for dead on the side of the road. North Shore Animal League in Port Washington, NY rescued him and worked around the clock tending to his severe injuries. He was in the emergency care unit for months trying to survive. They said he was such a fighter they named him Champ, short for champion. We kept his name because he is nothing short from being a true Champ. Each morning he starts his day out by putting his “Champy Pants” on!

* You can find his hospital photos from NY here:

Can you tell me how he came into your life?
I first saw him posted with a picture of him still injured on facebook. He was found by some woman and she took him to a kill shelter where he stayed for 3 days with a broken jaw, split palate, and both damaged eyes. After 3 days I saw he was rescued but did not know who rescued him. Only a month later did I see that it was North Shore Animal League who had rescued him and I was able to read his update. He had new photos showing his jaw wired shut and a feeding tube in his neck trying to survive. When I saw these photos and his updates I knew from that moment I had to adopt him. I started writing to the shelter constantly on how much I loved Champ and had to have him in my life. I couldn’t imagine my life without him. It was love at first sight; it was love online!

Still handsome as always, Champy
How long did it take for him to be able to walk again?
He was in a cage in ICU for months trying to heal. He was very weak from his injuries and his weight dropped to 5.4 lbs. (He’s over 10.5 pounds now.) It wasn’t until he was improving and was able to be moved from the ICU to the shelter unit that he was able to really stand and start to walk again. When we adopted him and took him home, he walked very slowly and didn’t know how to climb the stairs. This is when he really started to get his movement and strength back. He also had to learn to navigate without his sight.

When did the vets realize he lost some of his hearing?
Only 3 weeks after adopting him, I woke up on morning and he was on my bed. He could not walk and was curled up and making circles trying to get up. I rushed him into the ER thinking he had a stroke. I was so scared for him after everything he just went through in the past few month and trying to recover. We found out he had a inner ear infection and he could not balance not to mention stand or walk. Only at this point did we discover he had some type of blockage in his ear. We didn’t know if it was from the ear infection itself or a ear tumor or scar tissue from the accident. After weeks on his antibiotic and his ear infection cleared up did we know his ear canal was still blocked off. This was the first indication something was not right with his ear. It wasn’t until a bit later that I noticed he was not picking up sound with his right ear. He only responded with his left ear for noises but he responded really well to them. So this is when I realized I have adopted not just a fully blind kitty but a half deaf one too! But that didn’t matter to me, I just loved him even more!

His thoughts on people who doubted him
How long did it take for him to “map” his new home?
This is what really amazed me. He mapped out our 2 story home so quickly. He walked slowly till he learned where everything was and where all the furniture was laid out. I was ready to adjust anything for him to make his life as easy as possible. The only new things I had to learn was to look under my feet and to open doors slowly incase he was behind one. I didn’t want to step on him or bump a door in his face, so I had to learn to be more patient and be aware of him. Now its just a normal part of my day and it comes naturally. He actually did better than me with all the new adjustments. Everyday I am still amazed by him!

Does he live with any fursiblings?
He does. He has 3 “seeing eye cats” to help him live a productive and happy life. We have Muppet who is a Himalayan. She is the sweet girl that likes to be the mama of the house! We also have Monkey & Chewy Bear who are Siamese brothers. Champy really loves to play with them and rough house as boys like to do. They all wear bells on their collars which helps Champy hear where they are. All my cats are rescued and adopted.

I see a lot of pictures of him and his tunnel, is that his favorite toy?
Champy has many toys he loves. He loves the because it make crinkle noises. His favorite toys are ones with bells, catnip, crinkly sounds and toys that you can run across the floor as he can chase it by listening with his one good ear to the sound the toy makes on the floor.
Champy & his tunnel

Do you have any plans for his year adoptaversary?
Yes, we plan on contacting North Shore Animal League in Port Washington, NY and letting them know how his first year has gone since being adopted. We will also have cake, balloons and catnip to celebrate 1 year of his healing and rescue and a celebration on his facebook page with all his 9,000+ fans.

Is there anything else you would like to share about Champy or your life with him?
Champy is just a amazing little blind kitty that just wants to love and be loved. He has given me so much back for rescuing him. I just can’t imagine living one day without him with all the sunshine he brings. He makes me want to be a better person and help even more disabled kitties like him by raising awareness. He is in the process of making and coming out with a children’s story book this year.

Would you like me to add a dedication to anyone at the end of the article?
Yes. I would like to dedicate this to my two Siamese kitties that I lost which tore my heart out. Meeko on 8/21/11 and Simba on 2/7/13. I want to thank Simba from the bottom of my heart for sending Champy my way just 3 weeks after he crossed over Rainbow Bridge. I also want to thank my peanut, the love of my life for making the long 7 hour round trip drive down to Long island, NY with me to pick little Champy Pants up and bring him home where he now lives a happy and very spoiled life in Worcester, MA.

Champy meditating

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Champy Pants and his mom for letting me ask questions about him and sharing his story. Pictures were used with permission. You can find him on his facebook page – Champy Pants the Blind Siamese Cat 
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Happy Tails: Meet Binks & Yoda

How old are you two?

Hi Chris We iz 5 Yearz Old diz year on our birfday we willz be 6. Our Birfday is Chwismaz DAy *wink wink* in case gewz wanna buy uz a toy or some tweatz. Tweatz did gewz say tweatz, why yes we would lubz sum! (Momma here sorry Chris the boys have a one track mind, Treats)

Hi Chris. We are 5 years old. This year on our birthday we will be 6. Our birthday is Christmas Day *wink, wink* in case you want to buy us a toy or some treats. Treats, did we just say treats, why yes we would love some! 

Were you litter mates?

Jes we iz Liter matez

Yes we are litter mates.

Where did your names come from?

Our daddiman named uz after Star Warz Jar JAr Binx and Yoda

Our daddy man named us after Star Wars Jar Jar Binks and Yoda.


How did you come to live with your mom?

Well da daddiman bought da Binkie and bwought him home as a early mudderzday gift fur da Ol Bag *oops did dat slip oud?* anyways herz had been oudda town on budnezz so da daddiman went and gotted me da Binkie, mommaz comed home dat night and we all went shoppin fur da doggie stuffz I needed as momma had been doglezz fur 1 year since herz had to put down her 16 years old Pomeranian Munchkin, herz wuz berry sad. AnywayzI cried all night and da momma said we no can habz jes 1 doggie so herz called da lady to see if her still had da last puppy still, herz said yep so mommaz went to se him and fell in lubz wif da Yoda and bwought him home. I neber cwied again. I lubz my bubba.

Well the daddyman brought me (the Binkie) and brought him home as an early Mother’s Day gift for the Old Bag * oops did that slip out?* any ways, she had been out of town on business so the daddyman went and got me. Momma came home that night and we all went shopping for doggy stuff that I needed as momma had been dogless for a year since she had to put down her 16 year old Pomeranian, Munchkin, she was very sad. Anyway, I cried all night and momma said we cannot have just one dog, so she called the lady to see if she still a the last puppy. She said yep, so momma went to see him and fell in love with the Yoda and brought him home. I never cried again. I love my bubba. 

sitting pretty for momma
sitting pretty for momma

What are you favorite things to do?

Our most faborite fing to do iz bug da momma and da daddima fur tweatz. But we also lubz to aggwivadez da squirrels in da back yard. I Binkie likez to sleep and da Yoda lubz to play wif toyz!

Our most favorite thing to do is bug the momma and the daddyman for treats. But we also love to aggravate the squirrels in the back yard. I (Binkie) like to sleep and Yoda loves to play with toys. 


Why did you decide to start pawing it forward and what organizations do you support?

We stawded pawin id forward 3 yearz agao when a stway doggie momma named Good Girl showed up at our house, but da weally big one wuz when da Sweet Pea her weal name iz Sammie bud da momma callz her da Sweet pea needed life savin surgery and herz momma could nod afford id and wuz gunna gibz momma da sweet pea if herz would save her life! We saved her life bud da mommaz insisted dat herz momma take her back once her wuz well herz libed wif uz fur 4 monthz while herz was in a body cast. Moommaz pwomised da sweet pea dat herz would try to save az many livez as herz could fwom den on. We support Lonestar Shih Tzu & Lhasa Apso rescue, Safe Haven Small breed Rescue in PA and Safehaven Rescue in Oklahoma, Save Our Souls Rescue in Claxton GA The Humane Society of Tulsa

We started pawing it forward 3 years again when a stray doggy momma named Good Girl showed up at our house, but the really big one was when the Sweet Pea (her real name is Sammie, but momma calls her Sweet Pea) needed life saving surgery and her momma could not afford it and was going to give her to our momma if she could save her life. We saved her live but our momma insisted that her momma taker her back once she was well, Sweet Pea lived with us for 4 months while she was in a body cast. Our momma promised Sweet Pea that she would try to save as many lives as she could from them on.  We support Lonestar Shih Tzu & Lhasa Apso Rescue, Save Haven Small Breed Rescue in PA and Safehaven Rescue in Oklahoma, Save our Souls Rescue in Claxton GA and the Humane Society of Tulsa

How can people help?

We can always use donated idemz fur da aucshunz

We cal always use donated items for the auctions.

We like treats..
We like treats..

Is there anything else you would like to share about yourselves?

Hmm Did we tell gewz we likez tweatz??? Mommaz sayz we iz da bestest boyz eber cause anyone can bwing a doggie in and we gedz alonfg fine wif all ub dem.

Hmm, Did we tell you we like treats??? Momma says we are the bestest boys ever because anyone can bring a dog to into the house and we get along fine with all of them.  

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Binks & Yoda for letting me interview them. Pictures were used with permission. You can find them on their facebook page – Binks & Yoda.


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Happy Tails: Meet Oscar the Human Whisperer

I'm Oscar and I'll be your human whisperer today
I’m Oscar and I’ll be your human whisperer today

How old are you?


The vet says that, judging by my teeth and assuming that I’ve never had a cleaning, I’m about five human-years old. My fifth birthday was on the tenth of February (Mommy chose the date). We celebrated with chicky nuggies and Animal Planet’s “Too Cute!”

Where did your name come from?


Mommy tells people that she named me after Oscar Meyer wieners, but that’s not true. I’ve had this name since before I met Mommy, or even before my last mommy. We’re not sure where it came from.


How did you come to live with your mom & dad?


That’s kind of a sad story. See, Mommy is my third Mommy. My first mommy gave me up because her boyfriend was allergic to my fur, and so he didn’t like me. So, my second mommy took me. But, my second mommy stopped having enough time to give me the attention and exercise that I need, and she felt awful. Then, she found out that her sister was looking for a doggy, but wasn’t ready for a puppy. Her sister became my new mommy, and has been my Mommy ever since! She drove from Omaha, Nebraska to Louiseville, Kentucky to get me, and then moved me out here to Hawaii with her and Daddy!

I trained them to let me on beds..neat huh?
I trained them to let me on beds..neat huh?


I saw you need lots of exercise, can you give me examples of what you do?


Mommy taught me how to fetch, so we play a lot of fetch. And tug. But, I can’t leave the yard unless I’m on the leash because I’m a runner. But, Mommy and Daddy take me for walks and hikes!


How was the move?


It was slow. It felt like it took forever. First, we drove from Omaha to Washington to mail our car to Hawaii. I didn’t know they sent cars through the mail. Then, we went to Oregon for a while where I met Daddy’s family. Then, They put me in my crate and we came to Hawaii, but I didn’t live with Mommy and Daddy right away. I lived in a cage with a bunch of other doggies.


How do you like your new place?

So very happy here
So very happy here


I’ve been so happy since we got our home! It’s cozy, there’s more than one room, and Mommy is usually home with us!


Do you have a furbrother yet?


Yes! We got him two weeks ago. His name is Frank. I’m still not sure that I like him much. He’s such a Mommy hog. She can’t even wash her fur without him sitting outside the bath whimpering like she’s gone forever!


What is your favorite thing to do?


Full body snuggles! I love crawling between Mommy and Daddy on the bed and getting fully snuggled up!


Can you share how you became a human whisperer?

Getting pets just because
Getting pets just because


I was watching Cesar Millan with Mommy, and I realized that I trained Mommy and Daddy the same way he trains those doggies!


How many humans have you tamed so far?


Let’s see, there’s Mommy, Daddy, Auntie Trish, Auntie Meg, Auntie Jenn, Granny… six fully tamed so far. Partially trained probably another seven or eight.


Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself?


I am a relatively little known breed of dog, a German Pinscher. When people hear that, they think GSD/Doberman mix, so Mommy usually gets asked who would rent to a family with such a large dog. My breed has only been recognized by the AKC for the last few years.

Other interesting facts: I’m very touchy about my front paws. One of my paws was obviously broken at one time. I’m highly allergic to fleas, so despite Mommy’s hatred of chemicals, Frank and I have to be given oral flea preventative monthly. Also because of this, Mommy is very selective about where she takes me to get groomed or what dogs she lets me be around.

Getting ready to take over the world as human whisperers
Getting ready to take over the world as human whisperers

I am taking my little brother, Frank, under my paw. He will also be a Human Whisperer. We hope to take the world by storm!

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Oscar for letting me interview him. Pictures were used with permission. You can find him on his facebook page – Oscar the Human Whisperer


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Extra Love Needed : Meet Tom


Hello everyone
Hello everyone

First of all,I would like to introduce myself. I am Tom,a white cat. I am also deaf but that isn’t an obstacle for me to live my life.

How old are you?

I am not sure about my age, but I am around 4 years old. I’m a young cat still.

Where did your name come from?

Long ago,we had a birmanese cat,also named Tom.That’s where I got my name from. Unfortunatelly, Tom the birmanese is at the rainbow bridge now…

How did you come to find your forever home?


As a kitten,I lived with my mother and my siblings at my owner’s sister.Then,when I grew up,my owner and her daughter,Diana,took me at their home and I live with them since then.They are sweet persons and I feel good here with them.

Do you have any fur siblings you live with?

We have another cat named Giani. He’s a half brother of mine. Giani is a black cat. He’s so beautiful but a little shy,too. Sometimes he would tolerate me to cuddle with him,sometimes he wouldn’t. I guess the feeling is mutual.But I love Giani. He can be so sweet.

What is your favorite thing to do?

Just looking for trouble
Just looking for trouble


One of my favourite thing to do is to sleep.The other favourite thing to do is to get in trouble. Plenty of it!

Where do you like to sleep?

The TV is my favourite place to sleep. I like to put my paw or my tail on the screen,so my momma can’t see.

Sleeping on the tv
Sleeping on the tv


Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself?

Diana says I’m a special cat.Sometimes crazy,sometimes sweet,sometimes indifferent,but that’s who I am.

P.S.:I love my owners!I’m just that kind of cat who will not admit how much I love and need them. Mew!

Yes, I admit to loving my owners
Yes, I admit to loving my owners

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Tom  for letting me interview him. Pictures were used with permission. You can find him on his facebook page named simply Tom
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Happy Tails: Meet Mimi



How old are you?

Actually nobody knows exactly. Probably 2,5 years old.

Where did your name come from?

Originally my name was Mia. I ever since liked to talk to others – when I moved to my new home I talked even more. On the second day at my new home daddy asked me – just for fun – what is your name and I answered mi – mi (in English it would sound like me – me). But you might know I have a second name and that’s Boromia – Mum and dad are mad about Lord of the Rings and so every one of us has got his LOTR name

How did you find your family?

My family found me on Facebook. Mum was looking for a companion for Gandi and one day a friend of her reposted my pic. A private organisation in Lower Austria was looking for a home for me – and my babies. Mom showed my pic to dad (as every other cat she found) and suddenly he said “okay, contact them and ask for her”. Mum did and they had to provide a lot of informations about where I would live, about themselves etc. Then mum and dad came to visit me and we liked each other from the spot. So it came that I was allowed to move to my new home.

How do you and Samy get along?

Grrrr – Samy is a little VERY annoying little baby. No just kidding – she is a baby but much fun. I like to play with her. There is just one problem: she doesn’t know when to stop.

Do you go outside often?

Definitely yes! As often as possible. We have a wonderful garden in a great area with nearly no traffic.

Kalt? Mir? Nie, nicht bei diesem tollen Fell (Cold? Me? No, not with this great coat)
Kalt? Mir? Nie, nicht bei diesem tollen Fell (Cold? Me? No, not with this great coat)

Do you stay inside when it snows?

Have a look at my fur I don’t care about snow. I love being outside even when it’s really cold.

What is your favorite thing to do?

Sleeping, chasing Samy, Gandi and Poldi and cuddling with mom and dad

Mimi und Gani (Mimi and Gani)
Mimi und Gani (Mimi and Gani)

Where do you sleep?

It depends. At the moment I prefer to sleep in a little colder place – everywhere else it becomes too hot for me. But although I try to sleep in my mom’s bed for a couple of hours every night.

Can you tell us a bit about where you live?

I live with my step siblings in a beautiful part of Vienna/Austria. It’s the suburb with small hills and vineyards. It’s Green everywhere, nearly no traffic. So we can go where ever we want and don’t have to look for cars. I have a very good friend named Eddy – he lives in the next garden but one. We visit each other very often. The problem is Gandi and Eddy don’t like each other at all – they always start fighting when their paths cross. I’m said to be partly a dog. Every time mom and dad go for a walk I accompany them for a while. When they go to visit neighbours I go with them and stay there as long as they do. A problem in winter because then I have to wait outside. Either they have cats on their own or – and that’s just one neighbour – they don’t like cats. There also live foxes, (last spring a baby fox and all of us where totally exited), weasels, hedgehogs, squirrels– but the nice ones. Live is really worth living with my family.

Pawsome kisses Mimi

Author’s Note: Many thanks (vielen dank!) To Mimi’s mom for answering the questions and for letting me borrow pictures of Mimi. You find Mim on her facebook page named: Mimi.

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Guest Post: Tips for Adopting a Dog

Author’s Note: This is a guest post written by the wonderful Miss Morgan from the blog Temporary Home, Permanent Love. There you can find pictures of her current fosters as well as tips for caring for dogs and got a chance to volunteer at Villabos (featured on Pitbulls & Parolees). She has wonderful, thoughtful and informative posts, please take a moment to follow her blog and read her posts.


DO remember that all dogs are individuals. Don’t miss out on meeting your very best friend just because he isn’t the breed you might have imagined for yourself.

Talk with the rescue/foster parent/shelter employee and tell them about your lifestyle and what you are looking for in a dog; they will tell you if the dog you are interested in is a realistic match for you. Keep your mind open if they suggest a different dog. Remember, looks are only skin, errr, fur deep, so if a dog that doesn’t look like what you imagined fits your lifestyle, go with it!

DON’T forget to be patient. When you are adopting a new dog, remember that even if they haven’t had a bad past, they have still have had inconsistency up until you.

It is your job to be patient with them and allow them to have time to realize they are home, forever. A two week de-stress period is highly recommended. Basically, you want to use this time to bond with your new dog in your home. Keep things nice and quiet, limit visitors, and hold off on all the grand adventures you might have planned. Your new dogs really needs this time to settle in, figure out the new routine, get comfortable, and bond with you. Slow and steady wins the race!

DO get your new dog’s space all ready for him. Set up the food and water dish and crate so that from the very first day he knows where he can find everything.

Remember, you want the first two weeks to be nice and quiet. Rushing out to the store or erecting a crate is bigger excitements than you ideally will present him on his first day in your home.

DON’T rush an interaction if you already have a pooch and are adding the new dog to your family. Remember that your current dog’s life is about to change and your new dog’s life has also just changed. There is no point in rushing an interaction while they are both under stress and might react different than they would if given the appropriate two weeks to settle in and de-stress. They have the rest of their lives to be best friends; let them have a couple of weeks to slowly adjust to the idea of living with each other. Start with walks together and as long as they are showing positive body language you can then graduate to letting them meet off leash, then play together for brief periods, then finally stay out in the house together (supervised of course!) Again, slow and steady wins the race!

DO plan to crate train your dog! This is for his safety as well as the safety of your home. In some ways dogs are like children. If left unsupervised, odds are the way they will choose to entertain themselves is not going to something you like. A very
simple way to make crate time fun and exciting for your dog is to have a frozen Kong prepared (you can stuff it with peanut butter, treats, and anything else you like that is safe for dogs) and give it to him only when he is to be crated. When you get home and let him out, put the Kong up until the next crate time. They will quickly associate their crate with yummy Kongs!

DON’T forget about your veterinarian. Even if you get your dog from a shelter and he has all of his vaccines it is still a great idea to get your dog established at a vet’s office.

DO find a trainer and/or facility where you can enroll in obedience classes. This is a fantastic way to bond with your dog and learn how to communicate with each other. Dogs are highly intelligent; putting their brains to work is always a great idea! Also, it’s always reassuring to have someone that is knowledgeable you can turn to if you are having questions about your new dog.

DON’T be afraid to reach out to the rescue/shelter/foster parent/or anyone else for help if you feel overwhelmed or have questions. Dogs are a huge responsibility and will completely change your life. It’s normal to have questions. Just remember that you have made a lifetime commitment to this beautiful creature and in return, he will love you unconditionally every single day of his life. You have your work and friends and hobbies, he only has you. The love you give will be returned ten fold!


Author’s Note: Many many thanks to Miss Morgan, please follow her blog Temporary Home, Permanent Love or visit her on facebook  page of the same name as she has mainly wonderful stories to share about her dogs and her experiences.


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