Pittie Love: Meet Lola

Hi There!
How old are you ma’am?
I was born in June of 2012!
Where did your name come from?
My dad actually picked my name and mom named my brother, Rio.
How did you get adopted?
My litter was abandoned when we were 2 weeks old, luckily someone took me into their home and bottle fed me until I was about 8 weeks old when my mom and dad found out about me and couldn’t say no.
Do you have any fur siblings you live with?
My 6 month old brother, Rio! He is a Staffordshire mix that we adopted from Save-a-Bull rescue in MN.
Ox (current foster) & Rio
Miss Sarah, how did you get involved with dogs in general?
I grew up with two dogs and have always had a passion for dogs and horses. My bf and I started volunteering at a local animal rescue early in 2012. Then before we knew it we were fur-parents to Lola and a year after her, we adopted Rio.
How did the blog about Miss Lola start?
The blog actually started as a facebook page where I would share our adventures and stories. I also blog full time for my day job, so I thought to myself, “Why not start a dog blog and blog about my real passion?!”.
I'm a passion?
What has been you favorite post(s) on either blog so far?
“10 Signs You Should Not Adopt a Pit Bull” – it went kind of crazy after I posted it!
Since you have a baking blog and now a pet blog, do you have readers that read both blogs?
Not that I know of, maybe a few blogger friends but I do not really link back between the blogs since one is for my career and the other for my love of dogs.
Are you going to be attending any pet conferences in the near future?
That’s certainly the plan! BlogPaws 2015!
What do you like about blogging on either blog?
I love being able to express my voice and make friends with all of the other people that I would normally never ever get to interact with. Plus, the blogging and dog community has been INCREDIBLE.
What advice would you give to someone considering adopting their first dog?
Adopting a dog is a huge commitment, a lifetime commitment.
Miss Lola, What is the best part about having a forever home?
Having my mom and dad come home each and every day, for me. Knowing that they are there for me, I depend on them for everything.
What advice would you like to give to other pets out there looking for a forever home?
Smile pretty, your home is out there and not all people are bad. There are humans out there working hard on sharing you so your perfect family will notice you!
Smile pretty your forever people are out there!

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Lola and her mom for answering my interview questions. You can find Lola on her blog- Lola the Pitty, facebook – Lola the Pitty or twitter- Lola the Pitty (there’s a pattern there, I think ;). Pictures were used with permission.

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Happy Tails: Meet Billybobcat Thorton

May I ask how you found your forever home?
Well, Mom had a neighbor that had adopted me from a rescue when I was about 1 and had me for about 3 years. That neighbor had to move and could not take me with her so mom said she would take me. That was 14 years ago!
What is your secret to remaining youthful and handsome?
*blushing* Oh stop, you are too kind
Oh hehehe, *blush* Thank you. I guess it is due to the delicious food mom feeds me and she brushes me everyday! I do so love being brushed! Plus Plenty of rest!

Can you tell me about your girlfriend Snakey, how did you two meet?
My beautiful Snakey *dreamy eyes* I am so lucky to have her. We met at a fundraiser at my dear friend, FatBoy Babushka’s! He was having a bachelor auction and I was one of the bachelors! A lovely ladycat named Tashi the rescue cat won me in the auction. It was then learned that Snakey was very interested in me, so I went on 2 dates! Tashi had a boyfriend already, but we had a lovely dinner and night out. Then Snakey and I went out and we just hit it off!! We have been together ever since!

Do you have anything special planned for Valentine’s Day?
*shy giggle*  Well I definitely do. But I can’t tell you because Snakey will likely be reading this!

What is your favorite thing to do?
Besides sleeping? .. I love looking at the squirrels… The frustratingly unattainable squirrels! in the back yard. I sit in the bedroom window and watch them. Sometimes mom puts on the squirrel channel for me on the computer, but it is equally frustrating!

Where do you like to sleep?
Sometimes on mom’s face. But usually right next to her on a pillow with my soft blanket, wedged in her armpit. When it is cold I like to get under the covers and if I can be on mom at the same time, that is especially awesome.
I love being near my mom

What would you like to say to people who are scared to adopt an older cat?
What is there to be afraid of? There are many advantages to adopting us more mature kitties. We are more calm, we like to cuddle and we keep the zoomies to a minimum!

Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself?
I feel the need to confess my love of nip. But I drool so much when I get it, mom doesn’t give it to me too often. But I love my mom so much. I will cry if she leaves for too long. She says my crys sound like I am saying MAWWWWWM. But I have a really cushy life and I am grateful!
This is how I type
May I borrow pictures of you and your beautiful girlfriend for the article?
Oh Yes!!! Please do!   Her page is “Snakehead for president 2012

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Mr. BillyBob Cat Thorton for letting me interview him. Pictures were used with permission. You can find him on his facebook page –BillybobCat Thorton.

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Happy Tails: Meet Eleanor & Her Hairies

Miss Eleanor, let’s start with you, may I ask how you came to your forever home?

(Tap Tap)

Is this thingy on.. testing 1,47,15..
Well, I lived with some dude that took in my pregnant mommy, he didn’t know we were in there, when we were born, he was trying to find houses for us. Daddy found the dude, drove a big much time and TADA!!! Mommy was surprised after Tabby’s cheer practice with ME!


How many clothes do you have in your wardrobe?

I have a lot of clothes, I can’t count that big much yet, but a lot are too big much on me. I do donate my little much ones to a Sphynx rescue.

 Sugar Skull shirt
Do you have a favorite outfit?

I have 2 favorites, they were custom made for me, one has daisies on it, the other has sugar skulls. I love them so much, I am a model for the etsy page thingy that makes them.


Do you have a daily beauty routine?

I start off by making sure that I getted big much wrinkle sleeps. I get my cardio in by running and climbing anything and everyone. I don’t even want to think of all the stuff that the Crazy Mommy Lady does to me… my ears hurt just thinking of those evil Qtips!!!

I gots a boxie!
I gots a boxie!


Sir Francois Xavier LeFlufferbutte King of Tacos, how did you get such a glorious name?

Whaa, whaaaat is she saying? I can have tacos? Oh, she likes my name?



Are you really the King of Tacos?

(Now paying attention) YES! I am the King of EVERYTHING! The God Father, really.

Does any one treat you different because you are deaf?

The Mother figure does signs at me with her hands, other than that, no, not really, they all pretty much worship me.

Francois looking chic


Carlisle, can you explain what a flame point meeze is?

It depends on who you ask, Flame point Meeze, is a flame point, red point, some say we have an Albino trait Siamese.

Carlisle, the handsome
Carlisle, the handsome


Where did your name come from?

Well, the tiny human was obsessed with Twilight, before I came to live here, they had another flamer Meeze, named Jasper that passed away from Wet FIP, she wanted me to have a vampire name too.


Where is your favorite place to sleep?

I LOVE to sleep on top of the big plasma TV.


Miss Serefina
Miss Serefina
Miss Serefina, I love your name it’s so lovely.

You will really LOVE my full name then, Serefina Fiona LeFluffer the Queen of all Evil (I cut the Butte off my last name after Francois’ and my divorce.. LOOONNNG story)


What is your favorite thing to do?

I love to just be a total, um, Queen of Evil.


I'm fabulous!
I’m fabulous!

Only the ones that are too large on her, she’s usually picky about our hair, Mommy seriously uses a lint remover to get out hair off of Nor’s clothes… SPOILED MUCH?.. I mean, oh how I love my beautiful naked sister!


Who is your favorite playmate in the house?

I know it may sound like I am sucking up to her, but Eleanor. I felt like a loner before she came into our home. The other cats think that my markings are mean, Eleanor doesn’t care what anyone looks like, she was so sweet to me and we bonded instantly!


Sir Edward, what is it like living in a house with mostly ladycats?

The real question would be, what’s it like for all the ladies, living with big sexy me?!

Meow there ladies
Meow there ladies


May I ask if you are the biggest mancat in the house?

(Flexes his biceps & winks) ..


Is it true you are single?

For you, doll face, I’m whatever you wish for me to be.

What are you looking for in a nice ladycat?

She has to be attractive, well groomed, bury her own in the litterbox.


Tucker, what breed are you?

The vet THINKS that I am Pitbull/Great Dane.. I personally KNOW that I am just a really tall CAT!

Tucker, the really tall cat
Tucker, the really tall cat


How do you handle all the cats in the house?

Very carefully.

Bella Shanaynay:

Me! After a fur cut
Bella Shanaynay, I adore that name! Where did it come from?

I swing my arms and slap like the old TV character from the 90’s. My full name is Bella Shanaynay LaBousche Johnson III


What breed are you ma’am?

I am a “Toy” Schnauzer.. even though a Toy breed doesn’t really exist. 

What is your favorite to do?

I LOVE to dig in the trash and hoard the lovely half eaten things that I find, especially banana peels and Styrofoam containers!… 


Author’s Note: Many thanks to Miss Eleanor and Her Hairies for answering the interview questions. It’s always a pleasure to do a group interview. You can find Miss Eleanor on her facebook page- Eleanor the Sphynx and her Hairies on their faceboook page- Eleanor’s Hairies. Pictures were used with permission.


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Pet Product Reviews: Boots & Barkley Cat Litter vs Tidy Cats

bootsnbarkBoots and Barkley Cat Litter vs. Tidy Catstidycat

I’ve had cats, plural, for the past 20 years, and have never really thought about Cat Litter. Recently I read a review my editor wrote about cat litters, right here on Peace, Love & Whiskers (Pet Supply Plus Cat Litter) , and her main gripe was the dust some cat litters produce while cleaning the cat box, or while pouring it in. I never had to deal with cat litter dust, so I figured I was using a great brand.

These recent winter storms, however, have brought on a rush for cat litter, and I have found my local discount retailer’s shelves near empty on the last couple of trips in. I normally use Tidy Cats, whether it be multiple cats, controlled odor, dual odor control, small area odor control, it didn’t matter. On my last trip in, there were NO jugs of Tidy Cat. No buckets either. The only thing left was Boots and Barkley jugs. Lucky for me

I thought, Boots and Barkley is $1.30 cheaper, so I’ll take a jug. How bad can it be, I thought to myself. I found out the minute I got it home and poured it into my 28 lb cat litter storage bucket. There was soooo much dust, my entire service porch was lost in a huge haze, and I couldn’t breathe. Much like my editor, I too have allergies and asthma, and Boots and Barkley aggravated my sinuses sooo bad, I couldn’t wait to use it all up so I could get back to my usual Tidy Cats. I also noticed large plumes of dust every time I simply added new cat litter to the existing box.

The cats didn’t have any complaints about Boots and Barkley, but I sure did. The $1.30 saved is a moot point, considering the health effects I had from Boots and Barkley.

Tidy Cats is worth spending the extra money on, and I have never had any of their products send me into an asthma attack. Each kind of Tidy Cats is great on odor control, whether for urine or feces, even in boxes visited by multiple cats, and none of it offers a dust cloud.

The next time my discount retailer runs out of every kind of Tidy Cats, I’m going to have to run around town looking for my familiar jug. I will never again try a bargain brand cat litter. I now know the horror story of dusty cat litter, and why it is a big deal to some cat people.

Author’s Note: Many thanks to the wonderful Miss Sharon Mohr-McDermott for the review. Her thoughts are her own and she was not paid compensated in any way to write the article.

Please check out Miss Sharon’s other reviews, You can read more of her reviews here, also her cat Neptune is the subject of a book that was just written, you can purchase the book here or you can follow Neptune & Mr. Moo & the rest of the furry family on facebook here.

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Happy Tails: Meet Bo’sun

Hi Miss Christina … you can call me Bailey.

May I borrow pictures of you for the article?
Bailey, may I ask how old you are?
I just turned 6 in November. I had a cool party with 3 of my wheaten buddies. We have play dates … well I think it’s really our Mom’s play dates. BOL
Oh great, she found a hat
I read you are a soft coated Wheaton Terrier, can you explain what that is?
Mom told me that I’m an Irish breed of dog. We were farm dogs way back 200 years ago. Wow that’s a long time ago!  She said we were the poor man’s farm dog and we would chase vermin – I think that means mousies. Some of us would herd sheep and go hunting with our Dads. Our coat is really soft and we don’t shed. And we’re all some sort of wheat colored. That’s why we spell wheaten with an “e” not an “o”.
How did you come to your forever home?
Mom & Dad got me from a nice lady …. well they thought she was but they found out later that she got me from a puppy mill. I don’t remember that place and I’m glad I don’t. It must a been horrible.  And Mom says if I get a sister, she will rescue her or find a good breeder for a puppy.
My birthday bone.. it was huge!
Do you live with any fursiblings?
I don’t have a sister yet but I think it would be fun. Mom says maybe some day.
I read you really like cheese, do you have a favorite kind of cheese?
My favorite cheese is string cheese but I’ll eat any kind. I just tried Camembert cheese and it was yummy. It’s funny too cuz Mom sometimes hurries me along on our walks by saying “COME ON BEAR” in a funny voice then she says “that’s cheese.” BOL
How many boat rides have you been on? Do you  wear a life jacket?
Wow, I don’t know how many boat rides. I’ve been on our boat since I was 5 months old. We have a catamaran power boat so it’s real smooth and I can nap and watch duckies and seagulls and supervise everybody when they fish. I don’t bark on the boat so I don’t scare the fishies.  When I was little, I wore my life vest all the time cuz they wanted to be sure I didn’t jump off the boat.  The sides of our boat are real high and I don’t try to jump off so if it’s nice and I’m napping in the cockpit or if we’re fishing I don’t have to wear it. But it’s always right there so I can have Mom put it on. Oh and I am the Bo’sun on the boat. That’s short for boatswain.  He’s the dude that is in charge of the deck.
Whatcha doing dad?
Where is your favorite place to go for a walk?
I love walking anywhere but I think I like the times we walk around my neighborhood and up to the little shopping center. I always meet lots of people and they always smile and talk to me. I also like going to Annapolis and walk around but it’s a special trip because we have to take a kinda long car ride to get there. But it’s real cool and we can sit outside at restaurants and eat. And we meet lots of people.
What else would you like people to know about you?
I guess I would just want people to know that I really like meeting them. And I like other dogs if they are friendly. I go to daycare and lots of times I show the new dogs how to play there so they have a buddy.
Thanks for interviewing me. It was fun.
Boating tip: Always wear a life jacket

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Bo’Sun and his parents for letting me interview him. Pictures were used with permission. Please visit him on his Facebook page – Bo’sun Bailey’s Wheaton Adventures (try saying that three times as fast!)

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Happy Tails: Meet Twiggy & Onyx

Onyx & Twiggy in the snow
Onyx & Twiggy in the snow
Twiggy & Onyx, how old are you both?
I turned 6 on October 26th and Onyx will be 4 on July 15th.
How did you end up at your forever home?
I was 10 1/2 weeks old when we they brought me home. I was an accidental litter that they were trying to prevent from ending up at the track. Onyx was adopted from the Boulder Valley Humane Society at 10 weeks old. I visited him there before he came home. It smelled funny. He had parvo as a puppy and he was a black Pit Bull mix, so he actually sat at the shelter for 2 weeks before we knew we had to be his new family.
Onyx, can you explain what a groupie is?
I sure can! Twiggy is basically the boss. She’s much pickier than me, so I follow her lead. I’m her groupie. I still get my way sometimes though!
Twiggy, is it true greyhounds have a lot of energy?
Actually, I would say us greyhounds most like sleeping. We do have a burst or two of energy each day, but a good 10 minutes of zoomies around the back yard and we’re ready for a nap again. Us greyhounds are really just big couch potatoes!
All smiles
What are your favorite things to do?
Twiggy: “I like sleeping. Especially on the couch after I dig in it for a bit. The people don’t seem to like that much, but it’s important for my napping places to be comfortable. I also like to play chase. It’s my most favorite game. I’ll play inside or outside, and I always win.”
Onyx: “I like treats, and my duck. I like to eat and chase my duck. Carrots are one of my favorite treats. I don’t share my treats with my duck though. The treats are for me.”
Where do you two like to sleep?
Twiggy: “We sleep on the couch mostly. Mom likes to snuggle with us. Dad never used to, but recently we’ve been allowed up there a lot more and he even he seems to enjoy it.” Onyx: “I also like to sleep under the bed. I like to hide.”
Can you explain why you are against greyhound racing?
Twiggy: “Yes. Us greyhounds love to run and we love to chase, but when people have us just so they can make money, they are often not very nice to us. I’m sure there are some racing greyhounds who are treated real well, but there are so many that aren’t that we don’t think it should be allowed at all. There are thousands of racing greyhounds that compete each year, but only hundreds end up in adoption programs. Where do the rest go? No one likes to talk about that. And many that do end up in adoption programs have never really known love. They don’t get to hang out with their people and get loved every day like we do. I often hear people telling my Mom that I’m different for a greyhound, but I’m not. I’m how greyhounds would be if they all got the chance to be raised by loving families.”
Onyx: “What she said.”
Where can people go to raise awareness?
Twiggy: “There are many rescue groups. We support Colorado Greyhound Adoption. They bring in greyhounds on a big truck from out of state. CO does not allow racing anymore so they work with tracks in places like Iowa and Kansas. I’m always so happy when they bring new greyhounds to CO, but I also wonder where the rest of them went. We encourage everyone to find a local rescue and help support them. The rescues have to stay neutral about racing so that they can continue to rescue retired racers, but they can teach you what it’s like for the greyhounds. There is no better way to learn than to learn from those who are doing.”
Tug of war in the backyard
I see you are also anti-BSL, can you tell me why?
Onyx: “Oh, I got this one! BSL or Breed Specific Legislation is not an effective way to control aggressive dogs. I think there should be some rules about aggressive dogs. I’ve met a few and they really scared me, but Twiggy says I scare easily. Anyway, BSL prevents my family from living in certain places just because of who I am. But if you want to know the truth, I wouldn’t hurt a fly. I love everyone. Twiggy on the other hand, well she’s the picky one! BSL just keeps people believing that certain dogs are bad. We should be focusing our attention on educating pet owners to treat their dogs better, and how to train their dogs. We should be doing things that help all dogs and only punish those who do something to deserve a punishment.”
Is there anything else you would like to share?
Twiggy: “We also like to bring attention to black pets. Dogs and cats. They tend to get looked over at shelters. Black pets are just as loving as any other pet. Please give a black pet a chance.”

Author’s Note: Many thanks to their wonderful mom Miss Chloe for answering the questions. You can find them on Facebook under Greyhound Groupie, their blog Snotface & Twiggy  or on Twitter as Twiggy & Onyx

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happytailspets that blog 200x200pittielove

Happy Tails: Meet Asha

How old are you?
I will be 2 in May
Where did your name come from?
Asha was the name I was given at the shelter, and mommy and daddy liked it and thought it was unique, so it stuck.  We have since learned that it means hope in Hindi.
How did you come to your forever home?
Mommy saw me on petfinder.com and thought I was adorable.  Daddy ended up surprising mommy with me for her birthday =) Someone dropped off my entire fur family (mom, dad, and all of my siblings) at the shelter.  Luckily, we all ended up finding forever homes =)
Look deep into my eyes..
I read you have an adopted brother Baen who is deaf, how do you help him?
I help him with his separation anxiety, when he can see me and see that I am fine then he realizes that he is fine.  He also follows my lead for clues as to what or how he should react in certain situations. (ex. when he notices that I am barking he barks too)
How did he come to live with you? I was looking online at dogs, I had been wanting another one, but wasn’t seriously looking.  I found a picture of Baen with 2 of his brothers and actually went to look at one of his brothers.  His brother was adopted before I could get there and Baen was the only one left.  He was adorable and I fell in love with him when I saw him.
Was he born deaf?
Yes, as far as I know.
Did you know when you adopted him he was deaf or did you realize it after?
It’s actually a funny story.  When I went to go see him he kept running off and we would try to call him back and he wouldn’t come back we had to physically go get him.  The first time my fiancé and I took him to Florida to visit our families my mom mentioned she thought he was deaf because he wouldn’t come when you called his name, or ever respond to his name, and Asha and my parent’s dog would react to things that he wouldn’t.  When we got back home we took him to the vet and the vet tried different things like clapping and making various noises that Asha would respond to, but Baen paid no attention.
Asha & Baen
Did you train him with sign language?
We are attempting to.  He has learned sit, lay down, no, and to come (when you have his attention).  It is still a work in progress.  We have also learned that since you can’t call his name to get his attention that we have to stomp to get his attention.
Is there anything you would like to tell others about deaf dogs that they might not know?
They take a little more patience, but they are just as sweet and lovable as any other dog.  It has been amazing to watch Baen’s transformation the more we have been able to “communicate” with him.
Asha, do you know hand signals too?
I know some, sit (when I’m not overexcited), high five and shake.  Mommy taught me with words and hand signals, so I learned to associate the signals with the “trick.”
How long will it take to get the training/certification to be a therapy dog?
There isn’t a set amount of time, it will take as long as I need to be able to pass the various sections of the test. (which in my case may be a while =) I’m a chihuahua who is protective of my family and likes to bark 😉 )  Mommy is trying to socialize me more to help me become more comfortable being around strangers and in new novel situations.
May I ask what exactly therapy dogs do?
Therapy dogs can serve a variety of purposes, such as visiting patients in nursing homes, hospitals, and schools, or in my case can be used in counseling sessions.  Mommy is in school to become a psychologist and wants me to help her work with Veterans.
What are you favorite things to do?
I love chewing things (nylabones, deer antlers, the occasional shoe, squeaky toys, frisbees), eating veggies, I love playing with Baen, “swimming” on the floor, cuddling, going on walks, and traveling to see my grandparents in Florida.
Watching & barking at cars .. we do that too
Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself or your family?
Although I get annoyed when Baen can’t hear my warning growls, or realize that he is annoying me, I love him and wouldn’t trade him for anything.  Special needs dogs need homes too, and just require a little more attention, so don’t be so quick to overlook an animal because they are a little bit different =)

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Asha, Baen and their mom for letting me ask many questions about them. Pictures were used with permission. Please visit them on their Facebook pages Asha: Therapy Dog in Training and Baen: Living with Special Needs .

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Pittie Love: Meet Luka

 Luka, how old are you?
oh hai... just loungin

Me, Luka is appx 8 -9 years old.  When Momma adopted me the  vet said at least a year to two years .  She adopted me seven and a  half years ago on June 15th, a day after her birthday.  (flag day)  Quinnie is six. I came in June.  He came in December.

Where did your name come from?

My name came from the meaning “under Gods protection”.  (cant remember what religion)

I read that it took you awhile to find your forever home, what did your mom do that was different?

I had quite a few homes (3) before Mom.  I was left  tied to a fence by the last owner and picked up by ACC and brought to  the shelter.  Then, when Momma took me to my first vet apt, the vet  recognized me!  He does work for the shelter and remembered me being  brought in!  I was a real handful.  I was very high-energy.  Some might  say hyper.  VERY hyper. You should have seen me on my freedom ride  home!  I thought we would get in an accident!  Then, once home I would  run and jump all over the furniature like a maniac!  And, I mean  maniac!  Never sitting still.  Never.  Barking very loudly and scaring  people.  Barking and demanding. I even went after the plumber when I  first got here.  But that plumber was raising his voice to my Mom.  It  was enough for him to run and jump over the fence out of the yard.  It  was also enough to scare Momma into seeing what a powerful force my  breed is and to use that power in a great way. I would have nightmares  all of the time and tremble in my sleep.  But Momma knew it wasn’t  aggression.  It was fear.  My grandogma was even afraid of me in the  beginning (because of the barking) and she lives with us.  (upstairs)   So to calm her fears, because I was a pit bull my momma hired an animal  behaviorist.  He said NO WAY is this dog aggressive.  He has severe  anxiety.  He prescribed (with my vet) Prozac.  I took the Prozac for a  couple of months. It helped.  With the Prozac and ALOT of exercise I  got through it.  I started to calm down.  Two very long walks a day on  a very long leash, and playing fetch every night helped.  Believe it or  not, my Mom never knew much of pit bulls before me.  The shelter said I  was a pittie mix, but the vet said no way.  I’m an American Pit Bull Terrier.  All in an effort to get me where I was comfortable, well  behaved, and sociable, momma started watching Ceasar, read every one of  his books, and applied that to me along with the medicine.  She was  determined not to give up on me all the while having to admit silently  she understood “maybe” why someone did. (not excusing them)  But that  wasn’t going to happen this time!

What did you think of Quinnie when you two first met?

Brothers of another mother, Quinnie & Luka
Brothers of another mother, Quinnie & Luka

Luka came in June and Quinnie  came in December.  He was only four months old and by this time Luka  was a champ.  Love from the beginning.  Quinnie has followed Luka  around everywhere and still does! I can honestly say they have never  ever had a fight.  never ever played rough.  Its as if Luka just knows  how small Quinnie is.  He truly loves him.  He also follows his lead  with the barking!  Quinnie will start barking and then its a choir!   The pit and pug choir.  Ironic considering Luka was the “mean” barker!

I read you have some health problems, can you explain?

I have something called a dilated esophagus or  megaesophagus.  and, GERD.  I have episodes where I vomit  uncontrollably and violently. The food comes up undigested. There have  been times Momma had to rush me to the vet during the night for iv meds  and fluids.  Right now I have been very good.  I had lost 20% of my body weight very quickly but gained it back.

Are you on any medications or require therapy at this time?

I’m just on Pepcid and  Prilosec right now.  Momma also found a food that agrees with me.  Its  not the most popular food or expensive food, but it the only food that  agrees w me.  She softens it w water and canned food.  I also have a  heart problem.  Where I will just stop walking, sit down and cant walk  for a few minutes.  Its called sub-aortic stenosis.  I have to have  profilactic (sp) antibiotics before any procedures/surgeries.  I will  have another echo in a month. Quinnie:  Quinnie has had multiple  bladder surgeries and catheterizations for bladder stones and sludge.   One night it was very touch and go at the vet hospital.  The vet outright told me, she may not be able to save him. She did, thank God.  Because of this he wears belly bands.  He’s incontinent.  He also has chronic cystitis which makes him feel like he has to go every minute.  He’s on diet dog food that dissolves the stones and he has been good for about seven months.

How can anyone resist those faces?
How can anyone resist those faces?


What is your favorite game to play ?

My fav game is fetch.  I LOVE playing fetch w  Momma.  And, I love to play tug of war with Grandogmas girl phoebe.   Then Quinnie stands on me the whole time as if he’s on my side! Well,  he is!  He also pees on me!  lol.  I let him get away with murder!   During  Hurricane Sandy in which our home was destroyed and we were under a mandatory evacuation, I (LUKA) had to stay at the vets for  boarding.  None of Momma’s family/friends wanted a pittie at their home or with their dogs. And, after staying through Hurricane Irene the  year before because Momma didn’t want to leave us, it scared us enough  to leave this year.  It also saved our lives.  This was the only time Quinnie and I were ever separated.  Quinnie was allowed to go with  Momma to friends.  I went to boarding.  After a few days, the vet  called, and said to Momma ” Luka REALLY needs to see you”  Luka was  very very frightened and the vet thought he was aggressive.  But the  little petite girl at the vets office was able to calm him.  Again, it  was fear not aggression.  Momma ran to the vets during a state of  emergency with no power/water and living in a mandatory evacuation zone  to get him.  For two weeks following this we lived under dire circumstances just so we could be together.  No heat, no power, no water, no food, nothing.  Police coming to the door every hour. They  would ask “are you okay in there”?  And, Momma would say “I have a pit bull and a pug”.  lol.  They said, “Oh, you’re good”!  To this day  Luka is petrified of the wind.  I kid you not.  He will not go out if  its windy.  He will hide in a corner.  But, we survived.

Did momma say wind?
Did momma say wind?

What else would you like to add about yourself or your mom?

Luka’s mom here: I would also like to add That if humans are thinking of getting a pit  bull do you’re homework.  Pitties are high-energy dogs that need ALOT  of exercise and commitment.  Their not couch potatoes.  Also, owner  responsibility is so important.  Not breed specific legislation.  If  you’re dog doesn’t like other dogs, then don’t walk him at the dog  park.  If he doesn’t like strangers then keep him in a room when they come.  Luka has spent many a time in a room, when people he doesnt know  come, or people who are afraid of pitties, only to win them over later  on.  Its being responsible.  Most of all, don’t have two dogs that  don’t get along in the same house.  A chi can bite.  A pittie can bite. 
  The pittie is more powerful, which is why it is owner responsibility.   Luka and Quinnie lead by example.  When, people see them together, they  think “oh so they cant be that bad”!  Its educating people.  Many  people have stopped and asked “aren’t you afraid”? Arent you afraid he  will hurt him?  No, because I trust him 100%.  You have to trust you’re  dog 100%.  And, if you don’t, then it goes back to responsible dog  ownership

I rescued Luka during one of the worst times of my life.  My Dad had just passed of lung cancer after caring for him at home on hospice.  My dog Sammy of 12 plus years had passed from liver cancer and my 16 year old cat passed that year as well.  Admittedly I was depressed.  Luka came into my life and I HAD to get up and go.  I HAD to walk him.  His life depended on it.  And, through helping him, and saving him, he saved me.  He was one of the biggest challenges I’ve ever had in life and I’ve had many, which is why that contest was so important to me.  I wanted him to get the recognition he so deserves, and show the world how loving pitties are. He won a spot on American Dog magazine!  Came in 16th.    I not only gave him confidence he gave me confidence.  Something awesome about walking a 100 lb pit bull and feeling proud.  He’s my best friend.  So as Ceasar would say, “you don’t always get the dog you want, you get the dog you need”.

Thank you for reading!
Thank you for reading!


Author’s Note: Many thanks to Luca and his mom for letting me interview him. Pictures were used with permission. Please visit them both on their facebook page – The Pit & The Pug

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Happy Tails: Meet Winnie Snookes

Winnie Snookes

 How old are you?

I am 6 and 5 months I will be 7 on 1st August

Where did your  name come from?

My name Winnie comes from me meowing at mam-mam when I first came to my furever home so she called me Winne winge bag mol but snookes is just a fun name my mam-mam calls me from a song she heard once in a film.

How did you find your forever family?

I found my furever home one very cold winter I had been alone for so long I was very cold and had not ate in so long I was managing to get some little bits of food but I never enough.  I found a barn to hide out in but it was so cold, I had been like this for a while and I kept seeing people that lived in the house next to the barn.

I did go up to the window a few times to look in making sure no one saw me and as I looked in I could see this happy family warm and snug inside out of the cold I wanted it but did not think I would ever get it.

Then one day I fell into a hole and I had no way of getting out, I was there for a long time when I heard this noise.  It was the puppies  I thought to myself that this was how my short life would end but the puppies did not try to hurt be they were trying to save me.

One puppies was barking and one ran away and came back with a person, she told them to go and lifted me up she seen how thin and frightened I was. so she took me inside.  She got me warm and gave me lots to eat and just when I thought she was going to make me leave she said to me that this was my furever home now and I would never have to worry about being cold hungry and alone again and this is where I have been ever since.

 How did Supreme Commandor Thor help you to be brave?

Supreme Commandor Thor on his outpost
Supreme Commandor Thor on his outpost

Supreme Commander Thor helped me to be brave by him not being afraid of the puppies. I only ever stayed in the bedroom until he came then I seen that he could go into any room he wanted to play or sleep and snuggle and the puppies didn’t  do a thing to him. so day day he talked me into  just coming down the hall and looking into the living room. so that’s what I did and he never left my side the whole time. 

I was so scared but after a few times doing it I seen the puppies did not even take any notice of me. Thor then brought me right into the room and  nothing happened from then on I would come in for a little while each day and now I am  in all the time but I would never have done it if Thor had not shown me it was safe.

Do you still play wild  wilder beasts in the house?

Yes, we still play wild wilder beasts it is our favourite game even more so now since Garfield and Leo came to live with us because now we have teams. 

 What would you like to say to other cats who are scared?

I would like to say to other kitties that are scared is believe in yourself you can do anything.  The outside world is a scary place but in our furever home you are safe and loved and for those waiting to get their furever home never give up it will happen one of these days.

 What do you really think about puppies now?

I love the puppies now they are still stupid but that’s one of the things I love most about them.  When I get up in the morning and after they have been out and got breakfast I go around each of them and give them a big rub all over I will even sit beside them.  I also have been very brave and lay sleeping beside  them.  I have also jumped on Patton a few times but I know they love me lots too.

Thor likes licking the empty puppy food cans
Thor likes licking the empty puppy food cans

Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself or your family?

would like to say a big thank mew to the puppies for finding me and getting mam-mam so she could save me. I would also like to say that I am so happy and thankful that mam-mam never gave up on me even at the start when I would run and hide from her or the time I knocked an oil burner off the window and it broke I got so scared  thinking she was going to hurt me so I ran into the corner to hide and when she came to get me I wet the floor but she didn’t do anything to hurt me all that she done was lift me up and give showed me love.  That is all I have ever known in my furever home and for this I am very thankful


Author’s Note: Many Thanks to Winnie and mam-mam for letting me ask so many questions. Pictures were used with permission. Please visit Winnie Snookes on facebook .

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