Pets that Blog: Meet Fuzzy & Boomer

How old are Fuzzy & Boomer?

Fuzzy is 13 this year…he will turn 14 in July.

Boomer is 8 he will turn 9 in October



How did they come to live with you?

Fuzzy was dumped by the side of the road.  He waited and waited for his people to come back and get him.  Anytime I would get close to capturing him he would run off.  Finally when he was just a bone we (my daughter and I) were able to lure him in with some roast beef.

Boomer either ran away or was dumped.  We caught him in a live trap and gave him to some people 5 miles away that wanted a Beagle. He didn’t want to be there and walked home to us in three days.  Arrived with sore feet and porcupine quills. He wanted to live here that bad.  We said he could stay.  He never is chained up or locked up and always stays right here even if we go to town.



Where did their names come from?

Fuzzy’s name is Fuzzy Doddle McDoddle Brown…he sometimes goes by Dude.  He looks like a little bear he is so fuzzy.

Boomer got his name because he is always whapping the floor, the ground, the whatever with his very happy tail.


Do they help out with the chores?

Oh, yes.  Fuzzy was a trained cow dog so he understood just what was needed for the second he decided we were family.  Boomer goes with us.  He has learned over the years just what he is supposed to do—hide behind Mom. J

Boomer (l), Fuzzy (r) this is their happy face
Boomer (l), Fuzzy (r) this is their happy face


What advice would you like to give to people who are hesitant to take in stray dogs?

Well, I’m always one for taking in strays so I say go for it.  I volunteer at the Shelter and see lots of animals that would adore a loving family.  If an animal shows up at your house they usually have been pets that are dumped.  I say take them in and find them a home or take to a local shelter…your heart will feel good.


May I ask how long you have been living on a farm?

All my life.  I was born and raised on a huge farm that was an orchard.  Then I married a farmer…it’s in my blood so to speak.

The trees are decked in their winter attire

What is your favorite crop to plant/harvest?

I like alfalfa…I like the whole process of making hay.  My husband likes corn.  But I enjoying eating the pinto beans.


I love your photographs, what type of camera do you use?

Canon Powershot with zoom lens.  Not really an expensive one…I couldn’t afford one that was very expensive.


What are some things you would like to share with people about living on a farm?

It’s always work.  There is always something to do every day, all the time.  But I can’t imagine not living on a farm.  I think I would be bored.  I love having animals—they take lots of work but they return so much. Where we live we must irrigate, that is another thing I really enjoy doing.  Changing the water.  We are row crop farmers and we irrigate with siphon tubes and gated pipe and earth ditches.  Lots of work but so fulfilling for people like me.


When did you start blogging?

March 22, 2007

Little hawk waiting for mice by the firewood

What do you like the most about blogging?

I love the fact that I get to meet and know people from around the whole world.  I have enjoyed writing to and getting comments from people here, there and everywhere.  I have many friends that I would have never had any other way.


Do you have any new year’s resolutions?

Oh, lose weight…it seems I always have that resolution!! J

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you so much for wanting to feature the pups.  I have enjoyed writing about their daily doggie lives.

The very lovely Christmas tree
The very lovely Christmas tree


Author’s Note: Many thanks to Fuzzy & Boomer’s mom for answering the questions and sharing the blog. You can find them all on the blog Life on a Colorado Farm. Pictures were used with permission. They are all so beautiful it was hard choosing!

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Happy Tails: Meet Oliver the cat


How old am I?

I am 6 1/2 weeks old.

Where did I come from?

I was abandoned at the County Animal Shelter at 4 weeks old.

How did I find my forever home?

My human mum went to the shelter to just “look”. She was ready to walk out, when the vet tech at the shelter noticed mum’s passions for cats. She said ” I have one more cat I’d like to show you.” She then takes mum to the back Quarantine room and says “This little one is to tiny to put up for adoption. He has no mother or siblings. He needs a good home that will help him grow.” Then she places me in mum’s hand and she MELTED with love. It was love at first sight and I was purring in her arms. She adopted me and was able to take me home a week later.

oooh, what's over there?
oooh, what’s over there?

Are you the only pet right now?

No, mum has 4 other indoor only cats and she takes care of a feral colony outside that she feeds and TNR’s.

What is my favorite thing to do?

Play with my mouse toy. It has a long tail and I love to flip it in the air.

What are my favorite noms?

I love my kitten growth wet cat food and every once in awhile I nibble on dry kitten chow. My teeth still have a difficult time chewing the hard stuff, unless mum softens it with kitten milk. Mum won’t let me try anything else right now, my tummy is sensitive.

Where do I sleep?

In my kennel on a soft blanket with a heating pad. I’m to little to wander around without someone to keep an eye on me throughout the night, besides I would get way to cold. During the day, I can nap on the beds, sofa and more!

This is my guardian pink doggy
This is my guardian pink doggy

What do you like most about your new home?

I love the children in the home that love to play with me.

What would you say to other kittens awaiting adoption?

I would say, “Keep your chin up – there is someone out there for everybody. Just purr and be yourself! Cuteness rules!”

Do you have any New Years Resolutions?

Yes, to grow and climb to the very top of the kitty tower they have in this house!

Is there anything you’d like to add about yourself?

When I first came to mums house, I had the sneezes, she took me to the vet and we got some medicine to make me better. It’s rough having to take medicine twice a day for ten days, but now I can smell and I am eating more. I’ve been away from the other cats because my doctor says I’m contagious. But soon, I can be part of the entire family! Only 3 days to go!

I'm on the mend!
I’m on the mend!


Author’s Note: Many thanks to Oliver and his mom for sharing his story. Pictures were used with permission. Please stop by and say hello to Oliver on his Facebook page.


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Extra Love Needed: Meet Noid

Author’s Note: Since this post falls on Christmas it will be re-posted on Friday the 26th. Happy Holidays and Happy Boxing Day to my readers in Canada. Also, please note that a few of the photos in this article are a bit graphic and may not be suitable for those with weak stomachs, the young, the elderly or cats.. probably not pocket pets either.
Merry Crestmas
How old are you?
 I am 9 years old and will turn 10 on June 13th 2014

Where did your name come from?  
My name is Noid as in “avoid the Noid” who was a funny little creature that was in the 1980’s domino’s pizza commercials

Do you live with any fursibilings?
 I have 2 sisters, Niya a powderpuff Chinese Crested who is 8yrs and Wysie is another hairless CC just like me who is 7 years
Can you tell me a bit about canine cystinura?

Well basically cystinuria is a genetic defect in which the kidney is not able to process a basic amino acid, cystine, correctly. Dogs are born with this condition and in most cases it can take many years before we notice it, on average between 2-5. There is no cure for this either however it can be managed. This is not managed by food however so Noid can eat anything just like any other dog.

Over time unprocessed cystine in the urine clumps together and forms stones the stones then can block the urinary tract which is a life-threatening condition and requires surgery to remove them. The usual procedure is Retrograde Hydropulsion which flushes the stones back up into the bladder but that doesn’t get rid of the stones so they still need to be treated by a  cystotomy where the stones are surgically removed!

Here are the stones that were removed
Here are the stones that were removed

Unfortunately this is a genetic disease that is extremely rare and more common in Newfoundlanders, Mastiffs and Scottish Deerhounds and there are not a lot of treatment options!

Play like it's your last day on earth
Play like it’s your last day on earth

Do you need special food/medication to treat it?

There are 2 drugs available Thyiola which although effective is not approved or available in Canada, which is where we are.  There is another drug called D-Pennicillimine that my Vet was very very reluctant to use on Noid because of the side effects. Apparently they are more common than not and they are very serious so she opted not to use them.

The very last option was a Scrotal urethrostomy which is a major surgery very invasive where they basically re-route his “plumbing”!  An opening is made at the base of the scrotum for him to urinate from so instead of stones going all the way down the urethra into the narrow part of the penis it has a shorter route and less chance of clogging him up again.

Noid had the scrotal urethrostomy done on May 15th 2008 He was in the hospital for 3 days and was very very bruised and sore and bled quite a bit for a couple weeks afterwards but it was something that had to be done.

If you have any questions about this disease and want more information this is a great website and they have a yahoo support group as well

it really helped me and because of the rarity of this disease there isn’t alot of information out there about it so I was very thankful to have run across that site!

Does the cold irritate your condition? 

Nope not at all

I'm pretty handsome if I do say so myself
I’m pretty handsome if I do say so myself

How are you doing right now?

Noid is doing great, the first year after the surgery there was a little bit of blocking because everything was swollen and so passing the stones could hurt but now things are great and pass easy and haven’t blocked in a very very long time!
I am getting some thickening of the bladder walls but that is not causing any problems, I also do have a grade 3-4 heart murmur but the vet is monitoring that and isn’t too concerned at this point and it is not connected to the cystinuria.

How often do you need to get groomed?

Not much for me, I get a bath every couple weeks and my nails clipped once a month but that’s about it 

Can you share some facts about Chinese crested breed?

What? it's my festive jammies
What? it’s my festive jammies

Well a couple fun facts are that when a litter is born the puppies can be either hairless like me or powderpuffs like my sister Niya unless it’s 2 powderpuffs that are the parents and it’s the hairless gene that is the dominant one.
Also I have ancient teeth, my canines are called “tusks” and they are a different shape and point forward.
As well Cresties can be born without teeth because the teeth gene and hairless gene are connected but powderpuffs have normal teeth and are born with all of them.  I don’t have too many teeth, only about a dozen but my tongue does not hang out the side of my mouth either like some cresties.

I love your clothes! Where does your mom get the ideas from? 

Usually she gets her ideas from necessity like my snowsuit with the feet, it’s cold in winter for a naked doggy and so she worried I would freeze and started looking for warm clothes and even put shoes on but I have skinny chicken legs and tiny feet and they kept flying off so she figured out it would just be best to make an all in one snowsuit with feets attached. Some stuff she buys but most is hand made.

 Do you wear them all the time or only going out?

I like to be naked as much as possible so I only wear clothes when it’s cold 

Anything else you would like to add about yourself?

I am mama’s muse and inspiration for most ventures she does and I am totally spoiled rotten and get my way most of the time, she says I am very special. Daddy told her to go find the weirdest dog she could find when they started looking and he said she hit the jackpot with me, but I have both of them wrapped around my dew claw 🙂


This post is dedicated to the loving memory of Ryder.

Me & Ryder in the snow, he's at the Bridge now
Me & Ryder in the snow, he’s at the Bridge now

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Noid’s wonderful mom for answering all the questions and letting me use pictures with permission. You can find The Noid on facebook.

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Extra Love Needed: Meet Jeanie

Hiya! I'm on the way to a visit
How old are you?
6 years old. I was adopted at 5/6 months.
Where did your name come from?
Mom saw me on a pet adoption website, as her friend was searching for a small dog to adopt. When mom saw my sweet little face, it was love at first sight. She came to see me in person where I was being held and had to make a decision. She called dad and, since we already had two dogs, he said no. She told me goodbye, cried, then got in her car
to leave. When she started the car, “Little Jeannie” by Elton John was playing on the radio. Jean is mom’s middle name. She turned the car off, went in and adopted me on the spot. Except, unlike the song, she spells it with one “N”. She figures, if this baby can get by with one front leg, she can get by with one “N”. (My middle name is “Ilene”, for obvious reasons… You know, “I lean”. Get it? Lol)
Me & the sunset, we're both beautiful
Were you born with 3 legs or did you lose a leg?
I was born with a crippled, deformed front leg that did not reach the ground. It was a little heavy and pulled me down, so the Dr. removed it.
Was it hard learning to walk on 3 legs?
Not at all. Although, going downstairs or balancing to poop on a windy day can be a challenge. I stumble… A LOT… But this whole family is clumsy so I fit right in.
What is a Pomayorkapoopillon?
It’s my trademark. The perfect mix that makes me! Pomeranian, Yorkshire Terrier, Poodle, & Papillon. Maybe others, but that’s all that would fit on DNA results form. Possibly the result of puppy mill.
Loving the stroller, especially in the house
How did you become a therapy dog?
I’m very sensitive to those who are sick, depressed or lonely. So mom called a local lady involved in and running a therapy dog program and she helped us get tested. I passed with flying colors.
Where do you go on therapy visits?
Our group, Dr. Dogs, visits local hospitals, nursing homes, adoption events, juvenile detention, seminars (domestic violence, grief & loss, etc) church events, festivals & conferences. They call and we go! And I’ve personally made a few house calls.
What has been the best reaction?
Children, usually, have the best reactions. Of course, they also have lots of questions about my legs, or lack thereof… Like, “will it grow back?” And “can you get her a hook, like a pirate?” But my favorite patients are the ones in the hospitals or nursing homes who have furbabies at home, or that they have had to give up, that they are missing so badly. They hold me tight and sometimes cry. I fill a void, a need in their lives. And in that moment, I know I’m right where I need to be. On a much lighter note, I did hear a patient once say “I had a dog JUST like that. Except it had 4 legs and wasn’t calico. Is that a teapot Yorkie?”
At Woofstock, an adoption event
I see you are also an astrophysicist, how did that come about?
Sarcasm. That’s how. Just pure, unbridled sarcasm on mom’s part. Or maybe I just look really smart? Possibly.
Do you have any fursiblings you live with?
Yes! My brother, Jack. He’s blind & old & grumpy. He’s never too far behind me as I’ve sort of become his seeing-eye-dog. I don’t mind, though. We had another fursibling, JB, that we lost to cancer several years ago.
Are you a football fan?
Oh, yes. It’s kind of the criteria around my house. I’m actually working on game days. If Dad’s team screws up, I go sit with him until his blood pressure goes down. Always on call, I tell ya.
Taking a nap after a game
If so what team do you like?
New Orleans Saints (Who Dat!), LSU Tigers & McNeese State Cowboys. All local teams to me. Saints & Tigers & Cowboys… Oh my!
What do you like to do when you’re not working?
Photo shoots, outings to Petco, watching The Price Is Right, lying in the sun, riding in my stroller & guiding Jack around the coffee table & other dangerous obstacles. And napping (I have several fancy beds and pillows but I prefer Mom’s pajamas… Where ever they land, I’m on ’em.)
Who needs a smile today?
Is there anything else you would like to share with others?
Yes. Handicapped or elderly animals can be the perfect pet. They’re often over-looked and the first to be euthanized because of their conditions. Don’t discount them while searching for a pet to adopt. None of us are perfect, and love can heal. Save a life, & yours just may be saved in return.

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Miss Jeanie and her mom for answering the interview questions. Pictures were used with permission. You can visit Miss Jeanie on her facebook page Jeanie the 3-Legged Pooch.

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Happy Tails: Meet Oscar

Oscar the handsome
Oscar the handsome

How old are you?

Mum thinks I am about 10 now.

Where did your name come from?

I am called after Oscar Wilde because my Mum loves his writing.

How did you find your forever home?

Moments before a snooze attack
Moments before a snooze attack

I wandered into the garden and Mum saw me and gave me a big plate of food and then another. I went away happy and came back the next day same time for another dinner, then I came back the next day and moved in!

What is the best seat in the house?

The best seat is on my Dad’s lap.

Is it true you get brushed before breakfast?

Yes Dad brushes my hair every single morning without fail.

Sharing a bit of cheese from mom
Sharing a bit of cheese from mom

What is your favorite thing to do?

My favourite thing is just being with my Dad and maybe get a treat stick from him too.

What is your beauty secret?

My beauty secret is just being loved, it makes you beautiful.

My pondering look
My pondering look

Do you have any fursiblings you live with?

I did have a sister and a brother (also strays) that have sadly both gone to Rainbow Bridge now.

What would you like to say to people who are hesitant to take in a stray cat?

Strays make the best pets because they find you, you don’t have to go out looking and it is a wonderful thing to love each other.

Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself?

Mum & Dad say I was an angel that fell from heaven into their garden and no matter what they might give to me, I give them back one hundred times. I am a very happy cat.

I also help mum cook!
I also help mum cook!


Author’s Note: Many thanks to Mr. Oscar for letting me interview him. Pictures were used with permission. You can visit him on his facebook page Oscar.


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Happy Tails: Meet Abbey the Birman

Oh, Hello, I'm Abbey
Oh, Hello, I’m Abbey

How old are you?

I am four years old.

Where did your name come from?

Mum found it hard to find the perfect name for me. Finally she had a great idea, so my full name is Abigail Rose, but Abbey for short. Mum loves the name Abbey because it is pretty and suits me perfectly! I hope you like it too!

What exactly is a Birman?

A Birman looks quite like a Ragdoll, and is also known as the ‘Sacred cat of Birma.’ A Birman has silky, medium long hair, white fur, coloured points and blue eyes. Although Birmans have points, we all have white feet (gloves). Some common points of a Birman are seal point, blue, cream and chocolate. I am a special Birman; a blue and cream Tortie. Birmans are typically very affectionate, intelligent, playful and moderately vocal. In Mum’s opinion, Birmans are the best cat breed in the world!

Just layin' around
Just layin’ around

Do you get to go outside?

Yes, we have a big fenced in front yard with a lovely garden, so mum sits outside with me there. I love to sniff flowers, eat grass and roll around in the sun. I can wander around freely and play with my sister, which I just love! I also have a large enclosure I can sleep in during the day in the sun when mum can’t sit out with me. I love being outside.

Do you and your fursiblings get along?

Yes, I love my cat sister Roxie so much, we are best friends! When I first came she didn’t like me, but now we lick each other and cuddle on Mums bed. As for our two dogs, we get along well but are on opposite sides of the house so we don’t really see each other much. They are a bit scared of me although I would never hurt them. My sister Roxie gets along very well with them too.

This is how I stay warm
This is how I stay warm

Where is your favourite place to sleep?

On the end of Mum’s bed is one of my favourite places, but so is on her pillow. I love being up high – sleeping on top of couches or on the drier and washing machine are great places too.

What are your favourite treats?

I love my whiskers wet food and fancy feast dry nuts. Roxie and I love every brand of cat food though!

What would you like people to know about living “Down Under?”

Australia is a fantastic place to live, we just love it here. I live in Melbourne, Victoria, a place where the weather has been very unpredictable lately but Melbourne has everything you would ever want! Make sure you come and visit Australia, you will not be disappointed.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Mum always says she is so lucky to have me. I was bred to be a show cat and my markings are all perfect to be one, but because of a blue stripe on my paw I couldn’t. When I was 12 weeks old Mum visited my breeders house and I was the last kitten in my litter left. My cat mum was a spitting image of me! Mum fell in love and I’ve been her cat ever since!

Exploring the garden
Exploring the garden

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Abbey’s mum for letting me ask Miss Abbey questions. Pictures were used with permission. Please visit her Facebook page Abbey the Birman.

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Small Pets: Meet NOLA Chinchilla Rescue

For those that don’t know, why would you consider a chinchilla an exotic pet?
Chins are not domesticated animals and cannot be cared for with ‘common sense’ without a learned framework of reference. They are not native, not domesticated animals and have very specific needs that must be met. Competent vet care and even general supplies may be difficult to obtain.


Can chinchillas be in a house with other pets?
As a rule, no. Dogs and even cats should not have unsupervised access to a chin’s cage. Rabbits and rodents can be asymptomatic carriers of diseases deadly to chinchillas.


What are some of the common mistakes people make when getting one?
Improper cages, exercise wheels, diets and treats. This is almost universal without a fair amount of study independent of the pet store’s advice.


When did the rescue start?
Fall of 2007, formally. Right after Katrina (Sept 2005) was the first rescued chinchilla.


Do you get updates on the chinchillas that were adopted?
A very few.


Are chinchillas fostered out while they are in the rescue?
In Texas they were, but we are no longer financially active in TX except for looking for homes for those we have in foster homes there.
Do you have anything else you would like to add about the rescue or about chinchilla care in general?
They are adult companion animals that can have 20+ year lifespans if cared for properly.


For more information on chinchillas and their care:

Author’s Note: Many thanks to the NOLA Chinchilla Rescue for letting me pester them with questions. Please remember chinchillas are small pets, but they have a long lifespan (20+) years. You can follow them on Facebook under NOLA Chinchilla Rescue. Pictures taken from various places on the internet.
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Extra Love Needed: Meet Scraps


How old is Scraps?

Scraps is approximately 2 years 9 months.

Where did his name come from?

He received his name from Southern Pines Animal Shelter in Mississippi and it just stuck.  I also call him Scrappy (he is!) and Scrapalicious :-).

Did you meet Scraps at the shelter or did you see his picture online first?

I had never met Scraps in person until I picked him up from a transport in Live Oak, Florida. How I ended up adopting him has turned into a funny story between my friends and I. I saw his picture on the SPAS facebook page and they said he had been adopted but returned because he was blind. Due to the cats at SPAS being in a kitty condo all together they had no idea he was blind. I commented on the photo saying how sad it was that he was returned and that if I lived closer I would adopt him. My comment spread like wild fire and people were celebrating me adopting him and a transport was scheduled. I start out telling the story about how I was “railroaded”! LOL. So, there I was driving 13 hours (traffic in Central Florida…ugh) round trip for Scraps.

Was he born blind or did something happen to his eyesight?

My vet says he was born blind. I believe he sees shadows and definitely bright lights as he loves to look into the light.

Is this your first blind cat?

He is my first blind cat, although I have owned cats for years and Scraps is number 3 as I have 2 other cats.

What advice would you have for someone adopting a blind cat?

My advice for adopting a blind cat is DO IT! He is amazing and fearless. Special needs? Absolutely not. He gets along with my other cats and he can hold his own! He actually chases my one sighted cat throughout the house and catches him!

Did you watch is every move when he was first brought to the house?

I did not watch his every move as I knew he would be fine. Animals are so resilient.

How long did it take him to “map” the house?

He walked into things but soon mapped out the house like a pro. He saunters so he isn’t running head first into furniture.

What toys does he like to play with?

 He loves balls…balls with bells, soft balls, ping pong balls…all balls. He also loves small stuffed animals. If he can’t find me he will pick up a stuffed animal and walk through the house with it in his mouth crying. I also find the animals and soft balls by the door when I come home. Too cute!

Does he require any additional care?

 He requires no additional care at all. He’s a normal cat! He can get up on the vanity in my bathroom…toilet seat to the tank to the counter. He’s amazing! He gets on the table on the patio…feels first with his front paws, jumps up then slowly on the table.

Is there anything else you would like to say about him or adopting blind cats in general?

Animals are so loving but rescue animals are so grateful and they let you know it. I was a bit concerned about Scraps being blind but by the second day I thought…what is MY problem because this cat is perfectly fine! I put him in the litter boxes immediately upon arriving home and he has never not gone in them or missed them. He is brazen and more playful than my sighted cats. He loves to chew on towels so he has his own wash cloth in the bathroom that he removes from the towel rack once he’s on the vanity. I say, if you want to adopt a cat, do it! Whether they are sighted, blind or have 3 legs it doesn’t matter. Scraps is no more work than my other cats.

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Miss Michelle, Scraps’ mom for letting me ask questions about him. Pictures were used with permission. You can find Scraps on his facebook page Scraps Blind and Beautiful.

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Opt to Adopt: Louie the diabetic cat

This is a personal plea from a friend of mine on facebook as she is no longer financially able to cat for her diabetic cat.

Please do not judge her for wanting to find him a home, everyone has hit hard times at least once in their lives, and she just wants her little man to find a loving family who can give him the care he deserves.

Louie is an owner surrender
Louie is an owner surrender

This is an owner surrender. His current mom is asking for a nominal fee of $20 for his adoption.

Who: Approx 12 year old tuxedo cat named Louie who is diabetic, he just started insulin treatment.

He also has hind leg neuropathy which means he will need to have a low lid litter box.

Will you give him a home?
Will you give him a home?


He currently is eat Fromm cat food and prefers clay litter.

He is neutered, has his claws and is indoor only.

He is up to date on all shots, except for rabies.

His current mom has his vet records and can scan and email a copy as proof if needed.

Where: ABE (Allentown/Easton/Bethlehem) area in PA.

Louie the handsome is looking to be re-homed
Louie the handsome is looking to be re-homed

Vet Information:  Greg Leck DVM 610-863-3111 the receptionist is Kathy

If interested please email: Miss Cindy at raines_home (at) live (dot) com


Author’s Note: Many thanks to Miss Cindy for the information and letting me borrow pictures of Louie. Please share if you can, if you can find room in your heart and home that would be wonderful. Thank you so much on behalf of Miss Cindy.

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Opt to Adopt

Pittie Love: Meet Princessa & Cruizer

Cruizer & the sunlight

How old are you both?

Princessa: I will be 3 on Jan 24, 2014.
Cruizer: I will be 3 on April 10, 2014 my birthday is the same as my gotcha day

Where did your names come from?

Princessa: From the Movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua Diego called Chloe Princessa .
Cruizer: My name was Bruiser in the shelter Mommy did not like the name for me so she started thinking of things that rhymed with Bruiser so I became Cruizer.
Princessa is comfy

How did you two come to your forever home?

Princessa: Mommy got me when I was 5 weeks old I came from a backyard breeder. I was sold twice but it was not meant to be. One day Mommy meet they BYB and her had me with her so told Mommy’s friend she was going to dump me on the side of I-80 in Northern Nevada she said shelters kill dog so she would not take me there. Mommy was not a looking for a dog but I was so tiny and cute Mommy could not let me die on the side of the road so she became my Mommy.
Cruizer:  I wish Mommy would have found me at 5 weeks 🙁 my story is very different from Princess’s. I found Mommy when her went to the Lewis & Clark Humane Society in Helena, Mt she was walking through the kennels when I scared the heebee jeebees out of her. See I was not doing well in the shelter I had what they called kennel aggression and I would hear the nice people talk about how I did not have a very good chance at being adopted. When Mommy walked by I barked, growled and lunged at her she jumped. Luckily my trainer Chris was walking by and told Mommy was better outside the kennel. Mommy met me outside and Mommy told me she was going to take me home. I had to wait a bery long time 2 weeks for the home check and than one day Mommy picked me up and I went home. I am sad to say that I am an ex-fight/bait dog and I still have lots of issues from my bad beginning but life is so sweet now.

Cruizer, what is your favorite thing to do?

Cruizer: My favorite thing is playing doing zoomies as fast as I can I was chained so I love running free.
Princessa asks for 5 more minutes please

Princessa, what is your favorite toy to play with?

Princessa: My favorite thing is to annoy Cruizer. BOL Tug a war is my second favorite thing.

Do you two get along all the time?

Cruizer: We got along 95% of the time mostly
Princessa: I like to take Cruizer’s bones, toys and whatever spot he is sleeping in. Most of the time he doesn’t mind but sometimes he is grumpy and will start a fight with me. Can you believe that?

Since you are both pit mixes, what would you like to say to people who are scared of your breed?

Cruizer: Mommy thinks that I am a American Pit Bull/American Bull dog mix. I know I am big, I have a big head and a big mouth that does not make mean or bad.
Princessa: I am a pure breed blonde blue nose. I am a very happy well adjusted dog, I am more than just a American Pit Bull I am just like all the other breeds of dogs, I love to play, run, I love chasing sticks and balls. I love cuddling with my Mommy. If you could look at my heart you would see the real American Pit Bull Terrier.
Cruizer is thankful to have a forever home

Have you changed the minds of people who have met you?

 Cruizer: I will let Princessa answer this question  due to some issues I am working on Mommy is very selective about who I meet and they have to like and understand bully breeds.
Princessa: Oh yes all the time. I love it when someone comes up and pets me, they all say the same type of thing. Oh your are so beautiful and so friendly. Than comes Mommy’s favorite question What am I? When Mommy says American Pit Bull Terrier (Mommy never says Pit Bull) most of them look at me confused and ask are you sure? She is not mean. Mommy always tells them no we are not mean dogs that we are the sweets dogs ever.

What would you like to say about BSL (breed specific legislation)?

Princessa: We are very lucky we live in a state that just out-lawed BSL!!!!  BSL does not work, anything that has teeth can bite it doesn’t mean it will. All BSL does is takes our loving families away from us it does not stop dogs from biting.  It doesn’t even keep the banned dog out of the city, county, state it just makes people keep their dogs hidden with no vet care or socialization which we think is a bigger problem.

What would you like to say to people who are thinking of adopting larger dogs like yourselves?

Cruizer: The biggest thing I would like to tell anyone adopting small, medium or large dogs, please make sure you want a dog. Second please don’t return a dog if you get them home and they have issues. With love, kindness & training they will be able to get over the issues. Me being a dog with serious issues Mommy could have returned  to the shelter at anytime but I think it would have been a death sentence for me. I need time to make sure Mommy wasn’t going to fight, bait or tie me to a chain and forget about me. If Mommy would have returned me it would have been a big blow that I am not sure I would have been able to get over. So please don’t return them. It can take months for us to forget about all the bad stuff and become trusting again.
Princessa: Give us lots of love, toys and exercise we big dogs need to stretch our legs.
Treats? Yes, please!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Princessa: The last thing we would like to say is please please just love us we are a reflection of you. If you love us we can overcome any hardship and pain we endured in our past. We need you, you are our whole life and we will always love you.


Author’s Note: Many thanks to Princessa & Cruizer for answering the questions and for their wonderful mom for helping them. You can find them both on their Facebook page – Princessa & Cruizer. Pictures were used with permission.


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