Black Cat Appreciation: Meet Darky

Darky looking relaxed

How old is he?

Darky is around 5 years old.

Where did his name come from?

Most people actually think its a racist name, but its not! My daughter is Autistic & she named him that because he was a dark cat. It’s that simple!

How did he find his forever home?

Darky was born here as a wild cat. I trapped him and had him fixed and given his shots & vetted. My autistic daughter saw something special in him and him in her I guess. She had him tamed in a short period of time & they became best friends!

What medications is he on right now?

Darky is on Interferon, which is an immune system booster and Zithromax to help fight his current infection. His vet bills for October were over $1000.

How is Darky doing??

Currently Darky is good! As of October 1st, we didn’t know if he was going to live. Prayers work!

Handsome man
Handsome man

How is Teeny Tiny doing?

Teeny Tiny is Excellent!! He has never shown a single sign of being sick!

How many other fursiblings does he live with?

There are a total of 8 kittys and 2 doggies here! Darky, Teeny Tiny and Hercules are special needs, but Hercules does not have FIV or FeLV.

Hercules (left) & Pete (right)
Hercules (left) & Pete (right)
Mini Min
Mini Min
Lily the boxer/pit mix
Lily the boxer/pit mix
Hokie the rat terrie/pug mix
Hokie the rat terrie/pug mix

she has Alopecia, which is like male pattern baldness!) nothing “wrong” with her.. she just has spots with no hair on her… so she MUST be an indoor kitty, or she will get too cold!

Tank, he has the same thing as Bandit
Tank, he has the same thing as Bandit
Gilly mamma to so many litters, now she is spayed
Gilly mamma to so many litters, now she is spayed
Zak the loveable
Zak the loveable
Teeny Tiny
Teeny Tiny


Is he allowed to play with them or are you kept in a different part of the house?

Darky and Teeny Tiny are the only ones who actually live together. They have a huge indoor/outdoor enclosure with a doggie door that they go through to let them in and out when ever they want!

What would you or your mom like to say about FIV and FeLV cats that people may not know?

GET VACCINATED! I never realized the extreme damage that FeLV & FIV could do because I wasn’t informed. Also, the things you must do to keep your cat WELL once he has FeLV is so important! Again, the vet had not informed me. I didn’t know that simple fleas could kill him & they almost did!!

Is there anything else anyone would like to add?

Cleanliness is KEY! If you have a cat with FIV or FeLV, you need to keep all of your food, water, and litter pans really clean. If you are having to contain your animal for treatment, you must keep that cage really clean as well!



Darky is not doing well. He has an extreme fever & we don’t know if he will pull through this one or not. Please send some extra purrs, healing energy and cross your paws he will make it.


Author’s Note: Many many thanks to Darky’s mom for taking so many in and loving them and caring for them. Pictures were used with permission. You can find Darky and the other’s on his facebook page Darky the Cat with Feline HIV and Leukemia .

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Black Cat Appreciation: Meet Shadow

Shadow the handsome
Shadow the handsome

Shadow, How old are you?


Since I was a stray initially they estimated my birthday to be July of 2012. With that said I am just a little over a year old.

Where did you get your name from?

Funny story….daddy called from the shelter where he was picking me up from. The shelter named me “Ex” when I came in. They wanted to know a name for my tag to send me home with. Mommy was on the phone and trying to think fast. All she could think of was that I was all black like a Shadow. Hence my name “Shadow”.

How did you come to your forever home?

The shelter was over crowded and they were running a special on kitties. Mommy asked daddy if they could get a playmate for my fur sister, Mischief. Daddy went to the local shelter and I was the last kitty there. They said that many people looked at me but did not want me because I was all black. Mommy said that she wanted the yin to her yang and thought we (Mischief and I) would get along great! So they brought me to my new home.

Posing with roses
Posing with roses

Do you get to go outside?

I have only been out once. My family took me to the vet. Yucky Mommy doesn’t take me out much because I have a high prey drive and she is afraid of me daring off after some poor birdie and getting myself lost.

Where do you like to sleep?

Shadow realizing this is not as fun as Mischief said
Shadow realizing this is not as fun as Mischief said

Sleep? Anywhere I fit! I am a very big and lengthy boy. It is hard to find a comfy spot to sleep but when I do I relish every minute.

What would you like to say to people who are scared of black cats?

Afraid of black cats? We come pre-cursed and lots of people think that we are bad luck or mean. We are quite the opposite. We are very smart and sweet. I say that if you are looking to adopt a kitty (cat) then black cats are the way to go!

Is there anything else you would like to say about your family?

My family is the best family that any cat could hope for. They took me off the streets and gave me a nice warm place to live, sleep, eat and play. I am showered with affection and have lots of brothers, sisters and friends (furry and other kinds).

Happy Halloween, remember keep the black cats indoors
Happy Halloween, remember keep the black cats indoors

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Shadow for answering the interview questions. Pictures were used with permission. You can visit Shadow on his sister’s page Mischief also check out her interview on the blog Meet Mischief.

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Black Cat Appreciation: Meet the Gossie Gang

Nelly, how did you come into the family?

I Lived with my first mummy, she worked lots. I was lonely being on my own so I ran aways. 
Found the Gangs house of love. My first mummy cameback and got me. 
I missed the Gossie Gang so I ran away back to thier house. Nevers lookeds back!


Did you lose your hearing or were you born deaf?

Yes I was born deaf. Never known differents. About 12 months ago I got a kangaroo tick and lymes diesease. 
I am nearly blind now because of it and my kidneys are weak. Mummy says its okay cause I am still here. I am perfect to her.

Does anyone treat you different because you are deaf?

No. Mummy doesn’t change furniture much cause of my sight. King bill is very protective of me but I can wrestle and plays as good as it gets!!!

What would you like to say to people who are nervous about adopting a deaf and blind cat?

 Mummy says I don’t talk much cause it. So expect non chatty kitty. Mummy wasn’t scared cause Ole meeka was blind. I m treated the sames. Even time out if naughty. MOL
Just treats us the sames. And if blind don’t change things suddenly. Like furniture. We go on memory. If only deaf its just like any other kitty. 
We react more to signs, vibration or action for you to get our attention. You will be rewarded with lots of loves. 

King Bill, how big are you really?

MOL!!!!! Blushing. I recently went o a diet. Lost a few pounds.  Currently Sitting ….cough cough….. on 10kgs (22 pounds) But my girlfriend Kit says I am cuddly size.

How did you come into the family?

I was born at a no kill shelter on boxing day. 26th of december. I had a twin called Ben. But he died not long after birth. 
I still miss Ben . But hes waiting for me. Mummy adopted me when I was old enough to leave my real mummy.

What is your favorite snack?

This is a hard one! I loves noms!!!! I think Tuna Fillets in virgin oil. Its so melt in the mouth. Which reminds me I need a snack now!!! Mummy tuna please!!!!

Where is your favorite spot to lay?

I love my Recliner. I took over this when daddy moved out. It was his chair. Now I am man of the house its mine!! So is the remote as it’s always in control of the guy MOL. I also like to stay close sitting near mummy. I can tells when she is about to have a seizure. 
I meow loudly and claw at her feet. Mummy lays on soft bed so she safes. I feel proud I can look after mummy like this.

Mummy Jasper, may I ask how you came into the family?

Mummy rescued me. I was ready to have babies. I had four. Boy I never go there again. Babies are so demanding! And don’t listen. I got spayed, and so did my babies.  They got forever homes. But I didn’t click with anyone so I stayed here.

How did you get your name?

I chose it. Mummy gets us to choose our own. She keeps saying names till we like one. I thought it was a very dignified name. I am not a princess sorry.

Have you tried to teach the younger cats a thing or two?

Oh yes. Things must be order and organised! Like my pantry and budget. I know exactly what is in there at what times. One must go to bed early! Beauty sleep is a must.  I round up the gang every night. We must have routine or its CHAOS. And always plan ahead for all possibilities.

What tips do you have to other mummy cats to keep their kitten in line?

It’s okay to tell off naughty kitties. Short sharp meow normally works. But a slight little whack with the paw always does!
Keep your Hooman in line! Lateness not acceptable. They must shop well and efficiently.
And be in control at all times! The minute you let your guard down you lose all respect.

Annie,  glad you could join the gang, were you scared when you came to live with them ?

No I felt right at home. All the gang made me feel welcome. Miss Jasper and I had differences of opinion but we resolved this and now best of friends. 
Miss Jasper a bit of a control freak. She needs to just have fun!

Where did your name come from?

I lived on the same street. My parents were old and passed away. Their children cleaned out the house and left me behind. I was all alone and scared till I found my new family.

What is your favorite thing to do?

I love getting a brush then eating big big bowl of custard. I love my pudding. I must admit I am abit of a sweet tooth. Also I love visits from Mr Vet. He responsible for my financial costs. He gives bestest cuddles.


This article is dedicated to the loving memory of Meeka, Tiger & Bubbles.

Ole Meeka
Mummy rescued her baby boy when he was 8 weeks old. Two boys tried to drown him. Mummy and him were together for 21 years! He loved eating roast pork 
on his louis vuitton scarf. Sleeping with his head down like garfield. and playing judo. He loved grabbing smaller gang member around the neck and send them 
flying. We are lost with out him
He was a feral stray. He only trusted mummy. No one else could go near him. He was with us for a few years till he passed by a stroke. He spent his final years loved, sleeping and eating.


Bubbles wasn’t with us long passed young of heart attack. She was rescued and most cheeky of girls. Bestest mouse catcher.

May I borrow pictures for the article? Yes We will send some by seperate attatchment. 
Thankyou for this honor to be iterviewed. Sorry mummys spelling not very goods. 
 I will state they were used with permission and link back to the facebook page.

Author’s Note: Many thanks to the Gossie Gang for answering the questions. Pictures were used with permission. You can find them on their Facebook page Gossie Gang.

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Black Cat Appreciation: Meet Pliny

How old are you?

Old enough to buy you a drink OK just kidding, I think I’m around 4 or 5.

Where did your name come from?

Daddy loves craft beers (he even brews his own), and Pliny the Elder from the Russian River Brewery is one of his favorites. I’ve never tasted it, but it’s supposed to be super yummy.

I am the cat the rehab care facility deserves, not the one it needs. I am a silent guardian. A watchful protector. I am the Dark Kitty.
I am the cat the rehab care facility deserves, not the one it needs. I am a silent guardian. A watchful protector. I am the Dark Kitty.

How did you find your forever home?

Last summer Mommy & Daddy visited a 1,000-cat sanctuary called Cat House On the Kings ( looking for another black cat to join their family. They spent hours walking around the 12-acre facility meeting, like, a hundred black cats. Towards the end of the day Mommy found me napping on the grass between a couple of other cats. She picked me up, which bugged me at first because I was sleeping comfortably, but then I decided to purr and cuddle up in her arms as she sat down. Then she passed me over to Daddy so I nuzzled in to his neck. The rest is history.

How did you become a therapy cat?

Mommy said she was googling around for cat-related volunteering opportunities, and then she stumbled upon some websites about pet-assisted therapy services. She thought I’d kick butt at it, so she decided to apply and see where it goes. I passed the evaluations with flying colors and in May I became a therapy cat for Furry Friends Pet Assisted Therapy Services ( They’re a fantabulous organization, by the way.

How often to do you visits?

6 times a month for now. Twice a month at two nursing & rehab care centers, once at a center for teens with eating disorders, and once at an elementary school library.

They see him rollin'..
They see him rollin’..

What is your favorite part about being a therapy cat?

Helping people realize that black cats can be just as lovable as any other cat. Also, I have to admit it’s pretty cool when people (and doggies) get ecstatic when they see me.

What would you like to say to other cats who want to be therapy cats?

It’s sweet-tastic. If you like sitting on laps & getting pet by people you should totally do it. You can rockstar it up like no other.

DJ Pliny dropping sick beats
DJ Pliny dropping sick beats

Has anyone been scared of you because you are a black cat?

Maybe not scared, but there was this one lady who said my name should be “Satan” because I’m black and told Mommy that I’ll bring her trouble. I played it cool and classy though ‘ ’cause that’s how I roll.

Do you live with any fursiblings?

Yeah. They’re all girls. I’m the only boy. Pinot, a brown torby, was adopted from the Nine Lives Foundation ( Pisco, who’s black like me, was adopted from another family via a Craigslist ad. Yup, my parents love their booze. And we just added a new black kitty, also from the Nine Lives Foundation, but she doesn’t have a name yet.

Pliny showing off his claw.. run... it's the Claw!
Pliny showing off his claw.. run… it’s the Claw!

Feel free to come by my Facebook page to post a name suggestion.

Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself or your family?

Adopt black kitties, they’re the cuddliest. And vote for Pliny for president. If I get elected I’ll get free beers for all cats.

Pliny's message to his facebook fans
Pliny’s message to his facebook fans

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Pliny and his family for letting me ask the questions. You can visit Pliny and catch up on his adventures on his Facebook page Pliny the Therapy Cat. Photos were used with permission.

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Black Cat Appreciation: Meet Iroquois & Cocoa Bean

How old are you Iroquois?


I turned 10 years old on July 15th.

Where did your name come from?

Our Momma called us *The Tribe* when she found us, so I chose the name Iroquois for myself.

How did you come to your forever home?

Our Momma found a meezer cat a work one day and she started feeding her. Then one day she noticed the meezer was looking pretty tubby. Momma kept a real close eye on her and then one day her didn’t show up for breakfast, so the hunt began. It took her most of the day to find our hidey place but she did. It was a good one too! She couldn’t get to us without climbing fences so her just put noms for our meezer mommy by the little squeezy place between the fences. Days went by and she kept a close eye on us, but she could never get a good count because we were all either all black or black and white and always cuddled in a ball. About 3 weeks went by and our meezer mommy went out and never came back. Our Momma couldn’t find her anywhere and some of us were missing by the looks of it too. She had her friends at work looking everywhere all day (while keeping a count on us to see if anymore of us disappeared. Late in the day meezer mommy was found across the street in a big parking lot. Her was gone to the Rainbow Bridge 🙁 Momma came back and got the 4 of us that were still there in our hidey place and we were very hungry and we told her about it. We went to our new house along ways away at a place called Shadow Dance Ranch. Since Momma didn’t know how many of us there were for sure, she just kept coming back and looking everywhere for days and days. By the end of the week she had collected 9 of us and figured that must be all. The last one to be found was our brofur with many toes.

Grass inspecting

Do you get to venture outside?

We get to go out 3 days a week (those were Momma’s days off).

Where do you like to sleep?

We all sleep in our *big house* that fixed up for us by Papa and Momma.

Do you live with any other fursiblings in the house?

Here at the Ranch they are many of us that live here. There are kittehs in Momma’s house and kittehs in the barn. In our house, I live with my sisfurs, Comanche and Pocahontas and my brofurs, Crow Warrior and Lakota and our furpapa Mick Flynn (Yes, our Momma found our real furpapa at her work place and brought him home too).

Cocoa Bean, how did you get you name?

Cocoa Bean and his tongue
Cocoa Bean and his tongue

Momma said that when the sunlight hits my fur just right I am the color of Cocoa and my tail looks like a little Bean on my behind. MOL!

How did you become a barn cat?

One day, on my travels, I found this big red barn. I was very old and tired. It was very inviting with all of the big green bales of hay to rest on and lots of noms to eat so I decided to rest awhile. And here I am, still resting, almost 8 years later.

Where do you sleep?

I sleep in my big red barn on comfy piles of hay. I don’t like the beds or houses that Momma gives me. I know she tries, but I am still a manly cat and prefer a bed of sweet hay.

Cocoa taking a nap on the hay
Cocoa taking a nap on the hay

Have you killed any mice?

Oh yes! Back in the day, when I still had my tooth.

If so how many?

I don’t know for sure, I lost count cause I can only count to 20, that is how many toes I have. MOL!

What would either of you like to add about yourselves?

We are all very happy that our Momma found us (or we found her). Living here on the Ranch is the good life. We even like the horses, burros and sheep, as long as they don’t get too close. Oh yeah, Please tell our Momma that we need more treats too! Once a day is not enough.


Thank you. Thank you! It has been a true honor to be included in your Black Cat Appreciation Month.

Sending you lots of snuggles, purrs and headbonks.
xoxoxo Iroquois and Cocoa Bean and
The Shadow Dance Ranch Clan



Keaira, fly free little one
Keaira, fly free little one

This article is dedicated to the loving memory of sisfur Keaira. Hers went to the Rainbow Bridge on December 19, 2012. Her was the *3* in our Black Cat Trio. We miss her so much and will see her again at the Bridge one day.

Author’s Note: Many many apologizes to the Shadow Dance Ranch Clan for not getting this formatted and adding the pictures in on time. I am so sorry! I will be re-posting so everyone can see the awesome pictures. Many many thanks to them for letting me interview Iroquois and Cocoa Bean. You can find them on Facebook under Shadow Dance Ranch. Pictures were used with permission.

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Black Cat Appreciation: Meet Gracie (Hobbes the Stinky Cat’s sister)

That's Miss Gracie to you

How old are you?

I just turned 11 this past summer

Where did your name come from?

Mommy is crazy about an actor called David Duchovny.  She named my brother Spooky after him and she named me after his female lead in the movie Return to Me

How did you end up with your forever family?

  Mommy was working at a retail store and the mall where she worked was having an adoption event where local shelters brought animals in that were up for adoption.  She visited every day so she could pet the kitties.  One day she came by and there was a cage full of kittens.  All of them were crying and very vocal, except me.  I was very stoic and every time mommy walked by I would just watch every move she made.  She left to go home and half way there she turned her car around and came back to adopt me!  She said she kept thinking of my soulful eyes and the way I was watching her every move.
Gracie power napping

Did you enter Miss Smoky’s black cat contest again this year?

  Yes I did.  I really just enter for fun.  I never try to gain votes, I just enjoy being in the contests!

How many fursiblings do you have?

I am the only girl kitty in a household of 6 cats!  *sigh*  The boys are very annoying…….

Where do you like to sleep?

  I really love fleece blankets.  I will lay on any blanket but the fleece ones are my very favorite.  I like to make biscuits on them!  MOL  I usually sleep on mommy’s bed.  I prefer to be by myself.  Mommy always makes sure that there are fleece blankets on her bed for me.
Gracie's favorite sleeping position

What is your favorite toy?

Oh!!  I love little poof balls!  I go mad for them!  Like I said, I prefer to be by myself so I like to play by myself too.  I carry these around and play near mommy because she makes the boys leave me alone while I play.  I also love catnip!

What would you like to say to people who are scared of black cats?

  Black cats are very serious, soulful cats.  We are deep thinkers.  We may come across as less affectionate as other cats but once you get to know us and we accept you and trust you we will be your very loyal companion.
Gracie as a kitten

Do you and your brother Hobbes get along?

  MOL, I prefer to not be around him.  I am pretty much a loner.  The only one I will tolerate is my brother Ferris.  I think this is because I came home as a kitten with mommy and Ferris took care of me.  So we have a special bond.  I had a bond with my sister Selena too (mommy’s cat she had since she was 19!).  She was very motherly to me when I came to live with them.  She went to the Bridge in late 2010 at the age of 19.  We were very sad to lose her.
Gracie loves her fleece blankets

Is there anything else you would like to add?

  I have a very bad grain allergy and other skin issues.  It took awhile to get my problem under control as we had to figure out what I was allergic too.  But now that I have special food and mommy watches out for the other things that irritate me I rarely have problems.  I do have some medications that I take but only when I have allergies, which is rare these days.  I wanted to share this with everyone because even though this is not a handicap it is a problem that some people may be discouraged with and it could cause them to abandon a pet.  Food allergies are very common and can cause severe skin issues.  But these types of allergies are very easy to control and maintain.  So do not let this discourage you from adopting a new cat or dog from your local shelter!  Work with you vet to find a solution for the problem.

This article is dedicated to the loving memory of Selina.
Gracie & Selena

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Gracie for answering the questions. Pictures were used with permission. She doesn’t have her own Facebook page, but you can find her mentioned on her brother’s Facebook page Hobbes aka Stinky the Cat.

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Black Cat Appreciation: Mishka & Ginger

Mishka & Ginger

May I ask how old you both are?

We are about a year and a half. Our Meowmy set our birthday to be May 25th.

Where did your names come from?

There was a post on our brofur’s Ninja B’s Wellness’s page where we got several suggestions from. Our Daddy is Russian, so that’s kinda why the boy names are Russian in origin. Mishka means mouse in Russian and I (Mishka) was very skiddish when I first came home. I was SO scared of our HUGE German Shepherd sisfur Laika when I saw her for the first time. Tolstoy, nicknamed Toly (sounds like “Tole-ee”) was named after the Russian author Leo Tolstoy (Anna Karenina, War and Peace, and other writings). Leo Tolstoy was known to like cats and has been photographed holding a little black cat. Ginger, on the other hand, just kind of stuck. It was “the black boys and the ginger girl” before we had names. She seemed to respond to it well, and it seems to fit her attitude also.

Ginger napping
Ginger napping

Was it scary moving from North Carolina to Illinois to Ohio?

It wasn’t too bad actually. Our new Meowmy and Daddy came to North Carolina to come get us, and they had brought the 2 kitties they already had Ninja andOmni. They stayed at our foster parents’ place; Omni was a little hissy… but it was nice to get used to most of the family before moving. Actually traveling wasn’t that bad. The 3 of us traveled in one big carrier together, so we just cuddled together and slept a lot. It was similar when we moved to Ohio… just without Toly. As long as we are together we are fine. We don’t like to travel seperately… even to the vet!
Do either of you get to go outside?
Unfortunately very rarely… but sometimes Meowmy will hold us and go outside or we have a harness that we’ll get to go out in our fenced in back yard on a leash.

Where is your favorite spot to sit?

Mine (Mishka) is on the dining room table where I like to sleep! MOL Nanny (Meowmy’s mom where we are staying right now) gets SO mad at me fur doing it! I also like sleeping on top of cabinets way up high. Ginger likes sleeping in the same room as Meowmy usually. She likes boxes and clothes baskets, sometimes I’ll cuddle with her in a clothes basket. We also like sitting in open windows!
Ginger is just hanging out

What toys do you like to play with?

I LOVE catnip toys! I also love mousies; I play fetch with Meowmy. Ginger likes playing with balls a lot.

What would you like to say to people who are scared of black cats?

That it’s just a silly superstition! Every cat is different, just like people… sometimes there’s bad ones or “scary” ones, but don’t let one bad apple spoil the whole bunch!
Mishka & Ginger

Do you live with any other fursiblings?

There is us, Mishka & Ginger; Ninja B, our GSD doggie Laika. Omni is staying with Daddy right now, but when the family gets reunited once Daddy has a place for us to live we will have her back too. There is another doggie here where we are staying named Gracie who is a poodle.Oh! and my new girlfriend… she’s a bunny named Ariel! <3

Can you tell us a bit about Tolstoy? (did he like to play, where did he like to sleep?

Tolstoy was the sweetest cat Meowmy had every known… and I’m a big cuddler, so that’s saying a lot! He was all black (I have just a little white on my neck and belly and under one of my arms). He was just wonderful and was very close to Meowmy. He loved sleeping in the funniest places like on plates and on top of file boxes. He was very sweet and affectionate.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your family?

Our family has been through so much… it would be a story in itself! Just know we are all fighting to stay together and we love each other very much! Our family bond is stronger than anything imaginable and love will save us all!


Toly, always in our hearts
Toly, always in our hearts

This article is dedicated to the loving memory of Tolstoy.

Fly free little one.


Author’s Note: Many thanks to Ginger & Mishka for answering the questions and wanting to be interview. Many thanks to their wonderful mom for helping with the questions about Toly. You can visit Ginger & Mishka on their Facebook Page the Travelin Trio. You can also visit Omni on her Facebook Page Omni-Cat & her Great White Whisker. Ninja B can also be found on Facebook under Ninja B’s Wellness and he was also interviewed.

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Black Cat Appreciation: Meet Jack brother to George the handsome deaf & blind cat

Hello!  Thank you very much for this interview.

How old are you?

I am 6 years old, a couple of months older than my famous George.

Where did your name come from?

My name? I’m not so sure I want to admit this but….. the mom named me after a tv character, Jack O’Neil, from Stargate SG1. How embarrassing.

How did you come to live with George?

You know, it was sort of how George came to live with me! The mom wanted a younger cat to help exercise her lazy old boys, Sam and Coal. She loves black kitties and fell in love with me the moment she saw me at the shelter. While the adoption was going through the approval process she came back to visit me and saw George and his sister Callie. So all three of us came home with her!

What are your favorite toys?

My favorite toys are those someone else wants to play with at the moment. MOL!!  But seriously, I love the long nip kickers and the cat dancer is pretty cool, as long as you dangle it so I can reach easily as I lay in my side. MOL!

Where do you like to sleep?

I really enjoy sleeping on the tippy top of our old cat tree, on George’s gel pad on the couch, and more recently I’ve been sleeping at the foot of the guest bed (George sleeps at the top).
Jack being pensive

Is anyone scared of you because you’re a black cat?

You know, I’ve never known anyone to be scared of me because of the color of my fur. Most people think I’m super cool when they meet me because I’m really friendly and you can pick me up and flop me around and I won’t mind! Oh wait, there was one incident. A guest stayed over and I decided to lay on her chest as she slept. She must have felt something and when she opened her eyes, she saw my eyes staring back at her. The woman screamed and sent me flying as she jumped out of bed!  Now in the darkness of the night, any cat would have appeared dark so I don’t think it was because of my black fur. I do think that the mom has to better screen potential overnight guests and only allow those who understand us cats!

Do you get to go outside?

I am an indoor cat. The mom tried a couple times to let me enjoy the upstairs deck but I had a twinkle in my eye for the trees nearby so no more deck for me!

What would you like to say to the people who are worried having a black cat may bring them bad luck?

People still think a black cat will bring them bad luck? How silly. The mom’s first cat, Coal, was black and white and she said he brought her nothing but love and happiness. All cats are wonderful, no matter what their color. Black fur will blend in nicely with your black dress or yoga pants. Black town cars are used for business executives. The black cocktail dress and black tux are considered classy and timeless. So many black things are considered good so why should a black cat be viewed differently? We go with everything!
Jack and polly

Anything else you would like to share about yourself or your furry family?

Hmmmm our family? It changes over time. We lost Coal a few years ago to cancer and Sam had to leave us just a couple of months ago. Polly joined us almost a year ago and the mom said no more additions because it was so stressful for George. So this is our family- me as the eldest, George and Callie, and spunky Polly. We’re a good team!

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Jack for answering the questions. Pictures were used with permission. You can find Jack on his brother’s page George the Handsome Deaf & Blind Cat, also check out his brother’s interview.

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Black Cat Appreciation: Meet the Five Kitty Brothers

First may I ask you to introduce yourselves… Name, age, favorite toy & sleeping spot

Mr. Chance being handsome
~~Hai! IM CHANCE and I am 16 yearz old…. I not play so much anymore, but whenz I do, I likes de fuzzy mice. Mostly I sleep on Mommy and Daddy’s bed. Dey make a nice spot for me between der heads. Sometimes through de day I sleep way up high in the tv center.
Mr. Socks at your service
~~Hello, Im Socks and me iz 13 years old. I like to try and catches de red dot, but never seems to get it. Hrumph. I also like my YEOWW cat nip fishie. Iz my favorite. I like to sleep on Daddy’s chair and in de windows. The sun is always nice.
~~Hi. My name is Kato. Im eleven. Im very shy and like to sleep under the bed and behind the tv center. I likes to play with the red dot too, but my favorite toys are daddy’s earplugs and straws. MEW!!!
~~HI!!!!!! I am BOOBOO!! I gots my name cause I had a bad boo boo when I waz dopted by mommy and daddy. I likes to play with balls and micies and I sleep under the desk in de bedroom and on own BIG cat tower. MEOW!!!
Whiskers in the box vs daddy wanting to throw it away
~~I iz Whiskers and I like to play zoomies around de house..I likes to cause mischief and love to meow all de time.. MOL. I likes de fuzzy mice and I likes to sleep in my round Garfield bed… no one better get in my bed cause den I go SWATS  MOL…..  OH I am 9 years old.

Second, is there a leader of the group?

Well, I finks dat Chance is de leader of us. Cause he bosses us around…. ~~ Socks
I DO NOT!!~~ Chance
Yesh you do!! ~~ BooBoo

Who is the cuddler of the group?

 Dat would be, well, Whiskers and me.. Whiskers iz always on Mommys lap and I likes to be there too.. MOL!~  Socks

Kato & BooBoo, can you tell me a bit about how you came to live with your forever home?

Well, Mommy and Daddy already had Socks and Chance and just wanted one more. So they looked on like at some rescues and saw BooBoo, and read dat he had a brufur…. ME…. so they said they separate us, cause we been through so much and dopted us together. We waz found in trash bin… mew.. and very badly beaten and took us awhile to trust our mommy and daddy. But we lubz dem sooooooo much. ~~ Kato

Whiskers, I read you are a hero, would you like to share how you became one?

Whiskers the hero

Nah…. I no hero.. I just got all skeered when I smelled sumfing funny in de house. So I kept jumping on Mommy and Daddy, trying to wake them up. I even bited mommy’s nose. She got up and smelled sumfing called gas… Daddy quickly opened all de windows while Mommy called de gas people. When she told em what I did they waz like WOW and said “Your cat saved your lives”  I waz proud..  MEW and so was Mommy and Daddy.

Socks, do you need to visit the vet after because of your heart murmur?

Oh Yesh, but I only haz a low grade one. Nuffings too serious.

Do you need any additional care or can you run and play like everyone else?

Nopes, I can play, I jus not play as much. I get tired easy. But I iz fine.

What would you like to say to people who are worried about taking in stray cats?

Well, mommy tooks one look at poor little Chance out on the street and herz heart melted. She had to take him in. You should not be afraids to take in a stray or rescued kitty. We haz been through so much, which why we can be so much more loving of a good home. When youse to fight to stay alive, it is scary and sad for us. But when we gets in to a home, it may take us awhile, but we iz more grateful then you know. You see, we never forget where we came from. We came from abuse, neglect and pain. And now we are loved, cherished and cared for. Nos be afraid to help stray kitties. Dey need love too. Mew…………

Chance, how long did it take for you to be a healthy kitten after being found?

Well, the vet wanted to put me to sleep, so to speak, but mommy say no.. she fought really hard and dat first week waz really tough, but after about a month I was running around and acting very much like a kitten.  MEW

Anything else you would like to say about your family?

Well, I finks Mommy should answer dat one..  and she says.. family is not what we are, it is who we are. And jus cause we iz kitties, does not mean we are not her children. We iz a happy and loved. We are, simply put, a family. Yesh… we are.
Christmas stockings from last year
FIVE Kitty Brothers.

Many thanks to the Five Kitty Brothers for taking time out of their day to answer the interview questions. You can visit them on Facebook page called the FIVE kitty Brothers. . Pictures were used with permission.

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Black Cat Appreciation: Meet Missy


How old was Missy when he came into your life?

Missy & Noel
Missy & Noel

My Missy was about 8 weeks old when Raul brought him home to me.

  It was sometime in June of 1993 that I was home in our apartment in beautiful Oceanside, California when Raul came home with a huge surprise for me. It was Missy!! My beautiful little Miss Moo!! Raul was always surprising me with flowers but Missy was my best surprise ever. He had gone to the store this one evening to pick something up and that is where he noticed Missy sitting in a box outside the grocery store. There was an older woman who looked pretty raggedy, sort of homeless like and she had 6 kittens that she was trying to give away.

There were many people around holding the kittens, except for Missy. He heard the woman say that the kittens had not been to a veterinarian yet and they had not had their shots. Raul’s first impression of these tiny little kittens was that of them possibly being born outside or something because of their appearance. He noticed when peering into the box that Missy had fat feet. He in fact had 6 toes on all four paws. He asked the woman what was wrong with Missy and she replied to him that he could have been the runt of the litter. I later found out that Missy was a Polydactyl.

Missy & Delilah
Missy & Delilah

He continued to go into the store and pick up a bouquet of flowers and when he returned back outside he saw that Missy was the only kitten left in the box. Raul saw people walking by, staring and making comments about Missy’s appearance so he decided to take him home. He didn’t have the heart to leave him with the raggedy old woman and not knowing what would become of him. He was
absolutely beautiful with long black fur and his little fat bear paws.

Nine years passed and we found out that Missy had feline diabetes. We had no idea what that was, how to manage this disease, thinking that a shot a day and everything would be fine. That was far from the truth. I began researching feline diabetes and we immediately started home testing to make sure that his blood glucose didn’t fall into the danger zone. Missy was such a trooper with
the testing, the shots, hospitalization, everything.

Six years later he was diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure; CRF, which is the deterioration of the kidneys. Missy was my “Brave Little Toaster” and he fought CRF for 3 year. He was such a good boy and my inspiration to write a book on his life.

In the end, it wasn’t his diabetes that failed him, it was the CRF and the diabetic nueropathy; loss of muscle mass, that comes along with it He had a difficult time getting up sometimes and his eating started to slow down. We looked into each others eyes and talked and I asked him if he was ready to become whole again at The Rainbow Bridge and he winked at me. Missy’s doctor came to our home and his passing was very peaceful as I held him in my arms as we peered into one anothers eyes. This was the hardest thing I have ever had to do, to let him go.

It is because of my baby boy that I, we, wanted to give back to other forgotten & unwanted animals the way he was unwanted, but so very much wanted by me!! Missy, my inspiration for writing a book on his life as a diabetic and starting our non profit organization, Missy’s Friends in his memory and his honor.

*Where did his name come from?

I thought Missy was a girl when he first came home to me.  I actually called him Lil Miss.  It wasn’t until about 4 months later  when I had noticed that he had a little private and off to the vet we went.  The doctor said his private took some time coming down. So Missy’s name stayed.



When did you realize he might have diabetes?

I noticed that Missy had peed right outside the litter box a few times and that wasn’t like him so I took him to the vet for a checkup.


What is CRF?

CRF stands for Chronic Renal Failure.  CRF happens as a result of the kidneys not being able to filter waste products from the blood causing the body to actually poison itself.  Increased thirst (polydipsia) and excessive urination (polyuria) are clinical signs of CRF. As the condition progresses, your cat may experience loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, weight loss, poor hair coat and emaciation.


How did you help maintain his blood sugar levels?

We learned from the vet how to test Missy’s blood sugar by using a glucose meter.  I was always afraid to test him for my fear of blood and Raul was the only one who gave Missy’s his shots because I hated needles.  One day Raul didn’t give Missy his shot and I knew I had to.  I was so afraid that I would hurt him or even worse, kill him but after a very long time sitting with him and trying my hardest to not fear my worst fear, we did it together.  Missy was such a good boy waiting for me, he was so patient.


What would you like to say to people who are worried their cats may have diabetes?

Diabetes is not a death sentence but it is also not an easy disease to not take care of.  The biggest downfall is that people don’t home test their cats before giving them insulin.  That can kill your cat right if you administer too much insulin causing him to go into a hypo fit.  Hypoglycemia is when the blood sugar falls below the normal which can cause seizures and sometimes death.

Missy and his stocking
Missy and his stocking


What are some tips you would give to guardians of cats that already have diabetes?

Don’t allow your vet to give you instructions to go home and give 2 units of insulin twice a day.  Learn to test your kitty’s blood because if you do not, you are placing a death sentence on him.

Does Missy’s Forgotten & Unwanted Feline & Canine Friends take donations?

Missy’s Forgotten & Unwanted Feline & Canine Friends is our legal IRS name although we DBA (do business as) Missy’s Friends and yes, we do take donations.  Every donation goes toward the wellbeing and medical care of animals in need.  Only recently we have gotten into rescuing and fostering with a dog named Kelly.


How can people donate?

You can visit our website at and go to the “How You Can Help” tab and locate the PayPal button.

Do you have any auctions coming up?

We are hosting one for Kelly, an EPI dog at Cosi’s restaurant in my town.  Paws for Causes is holding one currently now to raise funds as Kelly’s previous owner surrendered her over to Missy’s Friends.


Is there anything else you would like to share?

Missy was the love of my life and after he left me on September 19, 2011 my heart broke and it hasn’t fully healed.  2 weeks after he left me I started Missy’s Friends and became legal with the IRS and a 501©(3) non profit organization.  Because of Missy’s diabetes, he has taught me so much and because of him I have been abe to help 3 diabetic kitties by getting them into remission and 1 diabetic on a better road to regulation with home testing and a no carb diet.

Missy's Friends logo and quote
Missy’s Friends logo and quote


If there is anything else you would like to add?

It is because of my Missy that I have been able to give back and help so many kitties and doggies in need.  He is a true angel!!



Missy, the angel that started it all
Missy, the angel that started it all

This article is dedication to the loving memory of Missy. Fly free sweet angel.

Many thanks to Miss Noel for answering the questions about Missy. You can visited Missy’s Forgotten & Unwanted Feline & Canine Friends on Facebook or the Missy’s Friends website. Also please stop by the auction page which is Paws for Causes. There is also a Support Group & Resources for your diabetic pet group page on Facebook that has information about caring for your diabetic pet.  Pictures were used with permission.  

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