Pets that Blog: Bailey Boat Cat

Author’s Note: Bailey’s post was lost at sea, it was recently found, dried and gently posted. Many thanks to Bailey & his parents for answering the questions. You can find Bailey on his blog sharing his love for the Nocturne here or on facebook here 

Introduce yourself:

Hello my name’s Bailey and I’m a boat cat!


Bailey Blue


I’ll be 2 on the 9th of July

How you came into your parents lives:

My humans adopted me when I was 10 months old because the man that originally had me couldn’t give me a furever home.

Why do you blog?

Because I love it! I love sharing my adventures and following all my friends experiences!

What is your favorite post?

Hmm that’s a tough one…. I think I’d have to say Fish are Friends ( because its from the day I caught my first fish and we made friends!

What post do you like the least?

This one ( ) because it shows how stupid my humans can be!

What is your favorite thing about blogging?

Making such lovely new friends and sharing happy times together.

What to you dislike about blogging?

That sometimes the humans take the computer, and I don’t always have as much time as I would like to comment and reply to my friends!

Sneak peek on future posts?

ooo We will be sailing away again soon and I have some very exciting news but I’m sworn to secrecy at the moment!

What blogs to you read that you would like to share?

Some of my besties in blogland are:

Sammy from

Misaki from

Nylablue from

Sundae from

Teddy from

I’m lucky to have lots of other pawesome friends too but I couldn’t list them all unfortunately.

What are you thoughts on spaying/neutering?

I’m neutered it didn’t hurt too much and now I feel much more chilled out than before. I hear there’s many other benefits too.

Anything else you want to add about you?

Just that I adore my beautiful Nocturne and I can’t wait until we sail off on our BIG adventure. Hopefully I can sail to meet lots of my blog friends too!

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Bailey and his parents for answering the interview questions. Photos were used with permission and belong solely to Bailey Boat Cat.

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Opt to Adopt: Guest Post

Author’s Note: This guest post is from the wonderful Miss Connie from Tails from a Foster Kitten


Hello, my name is Connie and I have been fostering kittens for over ten years with my local humane society.  When Christina asked me to guest blog for her “Opt to Adopt” theme, I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

Unfortunately fostering got in the way.  I ended up taking a litter of kittens that had some health issues that not only impacted them, but also every other cat in my household to some degree. Fortunately it ended well for everyone in my household, but two of the kittens in the litter of five died, one died in my hands after I was so sure it was going to make it.

Why do I mention this?  Because all too often people white wash the facts and the truth of the over population of companion animals in this country.  Either we see those cute puppies and kittens in advertisements or we see those heart string pulling TV ads with the heartbreaking songs playing in the background, but people rarely talk about it.  I doubt there is a person in this world who has not heard the tag line ” help control the pet population. Have your pet spayed or neutered” but yet they still do not.    I fear we have come to have a blindness to the true horror of the over population.

A co-worker of mine recently decided she wanted a puppy.  I did not want to become that obnoxious co-worker who harassed about adoption, and fortunately another co-worker brought it up first.  She warned about the dangers of puppy mills and I tried to give her options for adoption, shelters, rescues, breed specific rescues.. pets already in this world in need of homes, but she will not hear it.  I think we were able to get through on what to look for in a good breeder, so at least she will not be supporting backyard breeders or a puppy mill.  But even after all the conversations we have had, she still was shocked that dogs were put down simply because they were black..

We need to do a better job educating people about the pets that are already here.  That there is a pet over population issue.  That unless you have long involved conversations with the owners, and can see the parents of the animal you are taking home you are part of the problem.  “Buying” an animal from a pet store or from an online add more likely then not came from a puppy or kitten mill and are no more special or likely to have less health issues then one from a shelter.  There are even AKC registered organizations that are puppy mills.

We also need to do a better job explaining just what ‘over population’ actually means.  Sadly it is so much more than the animals sitting in shelters or advertised in ‘free to good home’ ads..   Every year thousands of animals are adopted and thousands more wait to be adopted but it is estimated that 3-4 million animals are killed in the US for the simple fact that there are not enough. Not enough homes, not enough time, not enough money.    Such a strong statistic, but what does it mean?   Breaking it down it is almost 11,000 animals per day and maybe something that is more relatable it is  220 per state every single day.

It is easy to say “Adopt, don’t shop” but it is often harder to do. People selling animals want to make it as easy as possible for people to hand over their money.  They are open extended hours, they don’t ask any questions other then can you pay, and they make sure they have a wide range of ultra cute (often too young) dogs and cats at any given point in time.  They go where the people are.  They are in shopping malls, they are advertising in popular magazines and they are willing to ship dogs all over the country.  Shelters are often at an extreme disadvantage for so many reasons.  They are under funded, they are over worked and often have their hands tied by old adoption policies that many people say are more stringent then they should be.

Opting to adopt is more than just getting your next pet at a shelter.  It is making sure you do not contribute to the problem. It is making sure your pet is not adding to the over population by having then neutered.  Even “just one litter” adds to the problem.  It is making sure your pet is in good health and not spreading disease.  It is not purchasing pet supplies from stores that sell animals. It is making sure that if you have to have a specific breed pet that you find a reputable breeder or a breed specific rescue. Do your home work on the breed before hand so you don’t find yourself in a situation weeks or months down the road where you can not handle the animal and need to turn it into the shelter.    It is also supporting your local shelter with time or money.   You would be shocked at how much of a difference even a small donation can make.    I once brought in some popsicles to my local shelter on a hot day.  It was such a small thing, but it made such a difference to the staff, and made it a little easier for them to smile doing their difficult job.

Opt to Adopt is not only a choice, but it can and should be a way of thinking.


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Pet Product Reviews: Kitty Collage Products

Collar Bandannas Made by Kitty Collage


First off, it is important to note  that all proceeds from every crafty cat item created by the artisans at Kitty Collage benefit Kitties in Need.

We have featured products made by Kitty Collage in a prior article, here on P,L &W, so we thought we’d test their latest useful, homemade cat item—a bandanna which attaches to a cat collar.

Our test subject, Dodger, does wear a collar, and to make things a little more difficult, her collar utilizes several bells.


Dodger wears a collar because I needed something to attach bells to. Dodger needed bells because she was harassing the birds I feed in my backyard, and I thought the birds needed fair warning that she is out and about.

All was great in our backyard, until Dodger learned to walk on eggshells, or walk very daintily, sneaking up on the birds, without the bells so much as touching each other. So I added more bells. I got 7 bells to fit on one collar. (She has to have the worlds’ record for number of bells on a cat collar!!! If this didn’t do the trick, I was going to add a small cowbell I saw at our local feed store.)

One day I found a package in my mailbox from Kitty Collage, and upon opening it, I discovered a bandanna. A note inside instructed me to slide a cat collar through the slot in the bandanna and reconnect the cat collar onto Dodger.

The fabric was new and stiff, so the collar WITH the bells slid easily through the slot in the bandanna. It took all of 15 seconds to attach the Kitty Collage bandanna to the cat collar, and another 15 seconds to readjust the collar, so it wouldn’t choke Dodger. That was it. The process was very quick and easy.

The fabric is thick because it is two different patterns sewn together, so I knew it would take up all the slack I had in the collar, and that I needed to readjust it. I was right.

Dodger wondered what this new thing was, and she wasn’t sure about it, but I reassured her she was a fashionista, and that she looked cute. She thought rubbing and crawling on the carpet or grass was going to get rid of it, but it didn’t. By the time she woke up the next morning, she was used to it.  She’s been wearing it now about 3 weeks, and she doesn’t even notice it anymore. And she does look cute in it!!!!


The best thing about OUR collar bandanna is, that it’s bright red (with little kitty paw prints all over it), and it alerts all of our visiting birds as to Dodgers’ exact whereabouts. Even if she’s lying in tall grass, that red stands out. She may have outsmarted me on the bells, but the birds and I won with this handy dandy red collar bandanna!!!!

Another useful purpose I have found for our collar bandanna is that it helped build Dodger’s confidence. For cats who lack self-esteem, are scared/fearful, or smaller in size, these should help boost or build their confidence level too. Somehow these bandannas give cats the feeling of security and power. They work like the thunder shirt or tight wrap blankets some people use to wrap around their dogs. Animals feel more secure if they are “swaddled” like a baby. So now Dodger thinks she’s invincible

These Kitty Collage collar bandannas are the perfect size for any and all cats, and they look and fit like a bandanna, as opposed to a cape. These bandannas also accommodate breakaway collars and adjustable collars.

Dogs can get away with a bandanna tied around their necks, but cats are classier, and thus the collar bandanna is a perfect alternative for cats, and they look classier than run-of-the-mill dog bandannas. You can see the difference, just by looking at them.

The onkittycollageban2ly drawback to the Kitty Collage Collar bandanna is, if your cat roams, and loses its’ collar, you lose the bandanna, too. We had that happen, but luckily we found the assembly in our backyard.

These collar bandannas are also washable, though we haven’t tried that yet. You can feel the quality of workWOMANship, as well as their durability the second you first touch yours. In fact, this was my first thought, as I pulled mine from its bag. You just can’t get this kind of quality at a retail store.

Kitty Collage offers a pretty good assortment of printed cat related patterns to choose from, and they make custom orders. We just got lucky with the red, which also matches one of our Kitty Collage catnip pillows we received as a Christmas gift.


If you are already familiar with Kitty Collage products, you can  place your phone order by calling 1-609-513-6072.

If you want to know more about Kitty Collage, here is their facebook link:!/KittyCollage?fref=ts

Here is a link to a short video explaining the purpose of Kitty Collage and the cats behind the company:

If you want to view Collar Bandannas, here’s a link showing various bandana fabric and patterns:

This is a new online store where all products will be featured, once it is up and running. They’re target date is July 4th, 2013. Right now it only features collar bandannas.

If you are interested in reading our previous reviews of Kitty Collage products, please click here .

Author’s Note: This pet product review is the sole work of Miss Sharon McDermitt, she was not compensated in anyway for her review.  You can read more of her reviews here, also her cat Neptune is the subject of a book that was just written, you can purchase the book here or you can follow Neptune & Mr. Moo & the rest of the furry family on facebook here.

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Happy Tails: Fisher the cat


Losing a ‘Heart’ Pet

Guest Blog by Jobi Harris

Jun 7, 2013

After well over a year, the last piece of the puzzle concerning my relationship with my cat, Fisher, came to me at the 2013 BlogPaws Conference. I had a few real ‘ah hah’ moments as I listened to some extraordinary speakers. Each spoke lovingly of a cats or dogs in their lives, and each fought back tears over one particular cat or dog, introduced in their slide presentations. It did not matter how many years had passed since losing that pet. I learned a new phrase – ‘heart cat’, or ‘heart dog’. I understood.

Everyone who has ever loved a pet also endures grieving at the loss of his or her pet. Many of us will say it is the worst thing we ever go through. Adopting a new pet is never an act of replacing a lost pet. Some people will adopt another pet after a short time, and some will wait a long time. I have had many wonderful cats in my life. I loved them all dearly and mourned the loss of them. After a short time, I adopted a new kitty – except once.

The story of Fisher and me began just after one cat went to the Bridge, and I had one cat left at home. It started with a dream. Like many dreams, the details quickly faded, but I will never forget the simple message: A black and white kitten will find me and I will name her/him Fisher. I just had to be patient.

Months later, I was at work in Colorado and decided to take a break. I stepped outside on a mildly cold winter day. I was the only person out there. I began to hear a kitten crying and instantly thought of my dream. Something wonderful was coming my way and I “knew” what it was. This was the longest break ever – just me, in the cold, staring at the parking lot. The stage was set and time stood still. I had to find the kitten.

I was getting nowhere. The cries were constant, loud, and honestly, quite demanding. I did everything but crawl under the cars. I would walk down one row, stop, switch to another row, and listen. Is it getting louder? Nothing was going to stop me.

Finally, the cries were louder. I knew I was getting closer, stopping now at every car. Excitement crept in with each step. This is it! I am, standing in front of an old worn out car and a kitten is screaming at me. I was doubled up bent over looking under that car, and if I had an ounce of athleticism in me, I would have done a handstand. My kitten was under the hood of this car and I just needed to find the owner.

She was easy to locate and I asked her to come out and open the hood of her car for me. She was a terrific employee and quickly recovered from her shock as I explained the situation. As we walked to her car together, she told me she lived 40 miles away, out in the country. She had seen a cat and some kittens under a bush near her driveway, and this kitten must have crawled under the hood to get out of the snow, find warmth, and find me – and she did. Dreams do come true, you know.

So began our many years together: writing our blog and advice column, and learning together, always in harmony. Oh, the stories I could tell – not now, though, and not here.

After almost 17 years, the time came for Fisher to go on to other adventures. We had long silent conversations in the days before, each assuring the other that we understood and we would be all right. She passed peacefully in my arms.

My life went on hold. I was in such a fog I could not see any clear path to take and just did nothing. We all know many crazy cat ladies, but how many are CRAZY? Am I? Little by little, I started to get back to myself. Suddenly after months, I started to see visions of Fisher. She waited until I was healthy enough before letting me know she is still with me. When she knew the time was right and I was in a good place, the visions stopped but her presence in my life will never stop. Fisher is my heart cat.

Jobi Harris, proud to be a crazy cat lady.

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Miss Jobi for sharing the story of Fisher, you can find the facebook page and Miss Jobi also runs the Tampa Bay Pets Online facebook page which has a running list of pet events going on in the Tampa Bay area. 

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Happy Tails: Chaps the Tuxedo Cat

How old are you?

14 yrs old.

Where did your name come from?

They named me Chaps because when you look at me from the side angle, I look like I am wearing Chaps! …and hey! This is Texas!!

Do you have any toys you play with?

My favorites are my huge assortment of catnip mice. However, if you accidentally drop an ink pen on the floor, I will steal it! No worries, I don’t eat them. I like to bop them around and see how far I can knock them. Ha! I shoulda been a soccer star! MOL.

Where is your favorite place to sleep?

In my mewtiful black and white bed that looks just like me. Its soooo comfy. Santa brought it to me last Christmas. (there are several pictures on my FB page of me in it.

Do you live at the vet’s office or do you have a forever home?

Yes, the Vet office IS my forever home. I am an extra lucky kitteh because I have 20 mommies and a couple of daddies!! …and 5 Veterinarians at my beckoning call.

How do you greet visitors to the vet’s office?

I jump up on the front counter, so I am eye to eye with them, so I can get some petting and head scratching from them. I’m easy to reach that way. And I give them kisses too! Of course, I am totally sweet and irresistible to them <3. If its a 4 legged visitor, I walk around them and smell them and then we are usually instant friends 🙂

Do you tell the scared cats and dogs it’s going to be okay?

Absolutely. I tell them how nice and sweet and gentle the Vets are and it usually puts them at ease. I will also sit with them before the doctor calls them into the exam room.

Can you tell if one of the staff is stressed or upset?

What do you do to cheer them up? I give them kisses and head bonk them. Sometimes I do something silly to cheer them up, like hiding in the bathroom and then jumping out to surprise them when they come in to use the bathroom. he-he, I’m sneaky that way.

Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself or the staff?

I was picked up as a stray by the Animal Control Officers near the animal hospital where I live now. They had to close their building because they were moving, so I was brought to this clinic to live at / or be adopted out. Well of course, they fell in love with me and decided to keep me. I have a paw some life! I am never alone – they are here 7 days a week. I have come a long way from running the streets scavenging for a scrap of food to eat, to this wonderful place I live now. My favorite thing to do is greet the clients at the front counter as they come in. As a matter of fact, my title is the Official Greeter! I always make them smile & feel comforted… and gets lots of love, kisses, and head rubs. I truly have it made. All the Vets and staff give me so much love and attention. Life-is-good!

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Chaps and his “staff” for letting me bug them with interview questions. You can visit him on his facebook page

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Happy Tails: Mr. Peabody

Mr. Peabody

How old are you?

I’ll be five years old on the fourth of July!  I’m an all American kitty!  Actually we don’t know when my real birthday is, due to the circumstances that I was born into, but that’s the date my veterinarian, Dr. Lisa, gave me when Meowmy took me in for my first check up.

Where did your name come from?

My Meowmy’s ex-boyfriend named me after a doggie in a comic strip who was very, very smart.  He said that I was the smartest kitty he ever met.

What are you favorite toys?

I have a catnip newspaper that my Fiancee, Princess gave me that I love, and I also have a length of plastic tubing that Meowmy uses for the air pump in the aquarium that I love to toss around.  Meowmy thinks I’m pretending that it’s a snake!  I have lots of other toys but those two are my favorites.

Mr. Peabody keeps watch
Mr. Peabody keeps watch over his presents

Where do you like to sleep?

I always sleep with Meowmy in her bed at night and during the day I have a fluffy white bed here in her office where I take cat naps.

How did you come to live with your forever family?

Meowmy had just retired from her job as a Vocational Counselor, working with homeless veterans due to illness.   She was still pretty sick and weak when her oldest kitty, Tequila Marie passed away at the age of 21.  A former client, a young man named Tony, helped her bury Tequila.   About six weeks later, there was a big labor day party at Veterans’ Haven where Meowmy had worked.   Tony was still in residence there.   My sister and I were born to a Feral Mom on the grounds there.   We smelled all the wonderful food so we went to investigate!   A man grabbed my sister right away and fed her some hamburger….Tony grabbed me and did the same.   The man showed my sister to his wife who started crying….her kitty had passed away recently and my sister, a little brown Tabby, looked just like her…they decided to take her home.   Meanwhile, Tony called my Meowmy who was out at the local farmer’s market at the time,  and said that he’d found a cute little kitty and that he KNEW that Meowmy had room for me.   Meowmy said “no more kitties, Tony”.   Sooooo….he took my picture and sent it to her cell phone!    She took one look at my tiny little self and called him back and said “okay, meet me at my house”.   Tony stuffed me in the saddle bag of his motorcycle, and rushed me there!  That was pretty scary, but we all lived happily ever after.

Mr. Peabody wants thumbs
Mr. Peabody wants thumbs so he can open and eat his Fancy Feast

Do you have any fursiblings you live with?

Oh yes!  There’s my brother, Smarty Jones, who has his own Facebook page just like I do, he’s a  chef!   He’s just turned 7 years old, and came from our local feed store, where a mother cat wandered in and had kittens.   And I have a much older sister, Osama bin Kittie, terrorist cat (now retired) who turned 20 years old last September.  She is also the offspring of Feral cat from Michigan, who was born on a farm and adopted by a dear friend of Meowmy’s.   Circumstances arose that prevented her from keeping Osama, so she asked  Meowmy if she would keep her since she’d been staying with Meowmy a lot of the time, and Meowmy said yes!

How did you meet Princess?

I met her on Facebook, when we started visiting each other’s pages.  I never thought that I could win the heart of such a wonderful Ladycat.  She is so very beautiful, inside and out!  I’m a lucky mancat!

Mr. Peabody and Princess
Mr. Peabody and Princess

Are there any wedding plans in the future?

Not as of right now.  We are enjoying our engagement so very much and are so happy now that we’re in no rush to marry.

What advice to you have for gentlemen cats for winning the hearts their lady friends?

Always be a Gentlecat!   Open doors, bring presents, and don’t be afraid to let your Ladycat know how much mew love her!

Smarty and Mr. Peabody
Smarty and Mr. Peabody sharing their mom’s lap

Anything else you would like to add about yourself?

Princess was also a rescued kitty, having been dumped at a shelter simply because she was in heat!   Can mew imagine?   We both, and I feel I can speak for both of us, wish that all kitties and doggies could have the same happy ending that we’ve had.   We work diligently, paw in paw to raise funds for Fuzzy Hearts Animal Rescue in her hometown of Clearview Bay Arkansas.   They are wonderful people who help doggies and kitties with a spay/neuter program, a food pantry for pets and foster homes for unwanted doggies and kitties.  They operate on a shoe string, strictly on donations, and we try to do all that we can to help them.

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Mr. Peabody, his mom and family for letting me do the interview. Photos were used with permission. You can follow his adventures on his page Fans of Mr. Peabody.

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Happy Tails: Rosie, Amelia & Chamille

Please note these beautiful girls already have a forever home.

Ladies, can you please introduce yourselves?

Chamille: Hi i am chamille, this is my sister amelia!

Amelia: hi! and this is Rosie!
Rosie: ZONK

How old are you?

Chamille: we are 9 weeks old! we are little babies still!

Where did you name comes from?

Chamille: mama was gonna call me chamolean but it was too hard to say, so dad said how bout chamille?
Amelia: i like to explore! so i got named after amelia earhart!
Rosie: gramma named me, she looked at me and said, you are just a rose!

How did you come to live with Midnight?

Amelia: well a friend of dads from his work found us.

Chamille: our mama had left and we were very tiny and hungry.
Rosie: yeah, it was very sad.
Chamille: so then dad said he would take one of us in, and one of use would go to gramma.
Amelia: that didnt work tho, cuz mama and dad saw us and didnt want to seperate us.
Rosie: and then i went to live with gramma, but then she got real sick and i had to go live with my sisters again.

What are you favorite things to do?

Chamille: my favorite thing to do is to chase my panfur!
Amelia: i love to explore things and get into trouble!
Rosie: climbing! leaping! jumping! zonking!

Miss Rosie, what exactly is a “zonk”?

Rosie: come real close and i will tell you. ZONK! its like that!

Amelia & Chamille what do you really think of Miss Rosie?

Chamille: oh we love her!
amelia: yeah, rosie is awesome!

Have you ladies been working on your roars for Midnight? If so, can I hear them?

Chamille: ROooAooaaarrr!

Amelia: rawrs!
Rosie: ror. Zonkers!

Anything else you two would like to add?

Chamille: we are so happy to have a furrever home!
Amelia: and we love our panfur, midnight the rescue panfur!
Rosie: i can climb the curtains!

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Miss Amelia, Chamille & Rosie for doing the interview. You can find these beautiful girls at their page Panfurs Angels or on Midnight the Rescue Panther‘s page. 

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Pet Product Reviews: Greenies Canine Dental Chews

Greenies Canine Dental Chews


I’ve seen the green toothbrush looking dog chew every time I enter my pet specialty store, but never gave much thought to checking it out or even purchasing one.

I procured one recently, and called the toll free phone number on the package for more information. Most of the writing on the package is microscopic, and of that 2/3 is in French. They do offer ingredients in English.


Sweet potato, green tea extract, peas, potato, dried tomato and apple pomace, are some of the flavors mixed in, while also offering Vitamins A , B1, B5, B6, B12, C, D, and D3.

The wrapper also promises that Greenie Canine Dental Chews cleans your dogs teeth and also freshens its’ breath. What dog owner doesn’t appreciate fresh breath from our canine companions?


However, there is nothing mentioned about how often Dental Chews should be offered and used by our dogs. I also wondered if they were designed to be chewed like a raw hide, in that it is long lasting, or are they like normal snacks/treats which get wolfed down. My dog did the latter, it was literally gone in 60 seconds, and he seemed to enjoy it and wanted more.


So I called their toll free phone number and a product specialist answered very quick. She said they were designed for dogs to chew up all at once, and that the dog needs to chew for 60 seconds to get the full benefit of Canine Dental Chews. She added that it is recommended as a daily dose.


They make different sized bones, based on a dog’s weight. My dog is 93 lbs, so he got the 50-100 pound size. I’m not convinced he got maximum value or cleaning, since he wolfed it down, but it makes sense that over the course of a week, every accessible surface of every tooth would get cleaned.


A problem I have is convenience. Greenies are only sold by A) specialty pet stores–my local outlet is not close, is hard to get to, and once I get there, its hard to get out (one way streets); B) veterinarians—This is a slightly better option and location, and its easy in, easy out; C) online—great convenience and easy price comparisons.


Prices ranged from $1.99 for one chew, to a tub or bucket for $29.00 to $32.99. Shopping around online is the best way to compare prices, and some sites offered free shipping if you bought a tub. Pet Specialty box stores carried these in singular packages, as well as bags and tubs.

For Greenies Dental chew coupons, you can visit:


For basic general info:

 I found this site to be chock full of much better information, such as care instructions, helpful info, study results, and other types of help:


There is a Greenies Smart Treating Program you can sign up for on the Greenies brand page, as well as liking them on facebook, so you can receive alerts about new products, sales, and coupons.


I hope your canine companion enjoys Greenies Canine Dental Chews as much as my dog did!!!!

Author’s Note: This pet product review is the sole work of Miss Sharon McDermitt, she was not compensated in anyway for her review.  You can read more of her reviews here, also her cat Neptune is the subject of a book that was just written, you can purchase the book here or you can follow Neptune & Mr. Moo & the rest of the furry family on facebook here.

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Small Pets:Meet Oreo & Cinnamon

How old are you?

Oreo is 2 and Cinnamon is a year.

Where did your names come from?

Oreo……it is pretty simple….he reminds us of the cookie with his fur color. He also so darn sweet.
Cinnamon…..Our little Cinnamon bun…..another sweet name for a sweet bunny.

What type of bunnies are you?

Oreo is a mix. He is lop/Rex  His fur feels like velvet. So I am thinking he has some more mix to him.
Cinnamon is a Mini Lop
Our two new rescue buns, Mr. WB and Simba are both Lionheads

How did you come to be at your forever home?

I had never had a bunny growing up. Never thought about it. Knew nothing about bunnies. One day my kids and I were getting lawn supplies at a feed/lawn store. They had bunnies in a box and the note said clearance. They were right next to the snakes. I had such a horrible feeling that I left the check-out stand and went back and told the lady I would take Oreo. Very random but my heart told me to do it. That day was a life changing moment. We went and bought a big outdoor hutch and supplies. I didn’t even know bunnies ate hay. I thought it was bedding. We get home….started unloading the hutch….and I could not put Oreo outside. I looked at his little sweet face and just knew he wasn’t a thing to leave in the yard. I brought the hutch in and put in the living room…..he didn’t last long in the hutch…he pretty much owned the whole house in a few weeks.
Cinnamon came from the same place. She was another bunny that was dumped at the feed/lawn store. The lady actually saw me at the store and asked me if I would take her…..and of course I couldn’t say no.

Do you have any other siblings? If so how do you all get along?

Yes. We have a house of 4 humans….2 mini schnauzers…..2 hamsters….a lizard…and two more bunnies….Mr. White Bunny….and Simba.
All animals hang out and are happy. It is so funny I will come downstairs and the two dogs will be laying on the pet bed with two bunnies curled up next to them. We do have a little issue with Oreo and Mr. WB. Two boys that want to be in charge. We are working on it and I see small steps everyday. Considering the mix of all of us….I think we are very lucky.
Mr. White Bunny and Simba are two bunnies I rescued from a Craigslist ad. Mr.WB was going to be left at a shelter if he had no takers by a certain date. He has been with us for about 6 months. He is such a funny character and always busy. That is why he is named after the bunny in Alice in Wonderland.
Simba….came from HORRIBLE conditions. She was in a tiny cage. She lived up in the mountains behind a barn. She had very little human attention. Even forced to have babies as a baby. The person had put her cage by the road with a sign for takers. I saw this roadside pic on Craigslist and I couldn’t get to her fast enough. She was a four hour drive away. I was very lucky and talked the person to meet me half way….for the right amount of money.
When Simba first came home she didn’t want to come out of the basket I brought her home in. I put her in a bathroom so she could come out when she was ready. Just the site of us would send he into hiding. I would sit on the floor with her and just talk to her. Slowly she made her way out. It has been about 4 months now and she is a changed girl. I remember her first binkie. She slowly found her way into the living room. I was laying on the couch watching her slowly build the confidence to look around. All the sudden she does a little run and jump. It is very cheesy to say but I just felt blessed to be able to witness that. A bunny that came from such a horrible and painful past shared a moment of pure joy with me. Just an honor.

Were there bunnies at the house before you?

If not what did your parent(s) have to do to make things bunny proof?

We had no bunny knowledge. We have learned as we go. Thankfully I have found bunny friends online and bunny pages to help me. Facebook and Bunspace have become Bunny Bibles for me. I can find how….why and peace of mind talking to other bunny families.

Do you have any advice for someone thinking of adopting a bunny?

Do you support any shelters or rescues?

Well….I would say that if you are looking to adopt. Remember this is a new family member. Treat a bunny like you would treat a child. You don’t leave your children outside all day and night…don’t leave your bunny out either! You will need to bunny proof. You can’t love material things too much if you are going to be a bunny parent. I have chairs and walls that have a bunny love chews on them. I have learned to laugh at bunny chew marks. It is just stuff. I can say the love you get back is far more valuable than material stuff. A MUST is connecting with other bunny families. 

I donate to and

These two charities are run by two of the most wonderful women I have ever come across. They give their heart and soul to the bunnies. I could only hope to be as a good of a bunny parent/person as they are. 

Anything else you would like to add?

I have noticed a lot of bunny parents have come from broken backgrounds. A lot of life challenges. I had no idea when I first made friends that this was the case. It was in speaking and opening about that I have learned this. I know animals heal emotional wounds. Just something about bunnies is so special. You must earn their trust and love. You must be calm and peaceful to be close to them. They are so fragile and you have to respect that. That energy comes to back to you. I am a changed person since my bunnies came into my life. I would definitely say a better person because of them.

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Oreo & Cinnamon’s mom for doing the interview, please visit their facebook page. Pictures were used with permission. 

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Happy Tails: Mischief


How old are you?

Since I came from the streets my age and birthday are not exact but they think I am around 11 months old right now and my birthday is 6/18/2012

Where did you name come from?

My name? Initially mommy wanted to call me Sheba or Athena. My human sister said “You know kitties that have long tails are supposed to be a lot of Mischief.” So they started calling me Mischief and it stuck!

How did you come into your parents lives?

Mommy had just put down her baby boy of 6 years. She went to get his ashes and asked daddy if they could stop into the shelter “just to look”. Both mommy and daddy saw me and fell in love. Mommy has always wanted an all white kitty with blue eyes so she swooped me up before anyone else had the chance,

Did they know you were deaf in the beginning or did they figure that out?

Mommy had read that kitties that were all white with blue eyes were prone to being born deaf. She did a little experiment when she brought me home. I was sleeping on the couch and she dropped my litter box in the hall way on the floor. She noticed I did not jump or move. She then ran the vacuum right next to where I was sleeping and I still did not wake up. From there she determined I was deaf.

What changes if any did they make to accommodate your deafness?

It has been a real learning experience for everyone. Mommy still talks to me as though I can hear and I have learned to feel vibrations. I have also learned cue and hand signals. The only thing really different is that my family has learned they have to be careful not to sneak up on me. Not being able to hear I scare easily.

What advice do you have for people who are hesitate to take in a cat that is deaf?

We are kitties just like other kitties. We need a family and we need love. It can be a challenge but it is not impossible. You may have to make some changes but not anything major. We still eat, play and do everything a normal kitty does.

Anything else you would like to share with the reader about you?

I am not only special because I am deaf I am also a registered service pet! My mommy has me registered as an ESA (Emotional Service Animal). I have learned how to walk on a harness and leash and go lots of places with her. I have also learned hand signals. I know how to sit, come and fetch.
Please adopt kitties and doggies. Right now there are so many that are in need of homes. (Oh and follow me on Facebook MOL)

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Mischief for taking the time to be interviewed. There will be an auction on the Peace, Love & Whiskers facebook page to benefit Missy’s Friends.

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